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Default Hidden Truths: The Story of a Dragon Trainer


WARNING: This story contains violence and a heck of a lot of text. It will be split into five parts, and each of these parts will be graded separately and therefore officially five different stories.

Also, these stories are, as you may have guessed, non-canonical. These will not be connected to the games, manga or anime in any way. While some characters from these things do appear in the story, they will most likely be completely different. Thank you for your time.

My tired mind began to click into motion, dusting away the cobwebs that had built up while I had been out cold.

“Uugh…” I mumbled, clutching my head with shaky, sweaty hands.

Jolts of pain shot through my head like hot knives. Various images span in front of my eyes, but I was far too tired to observe them. Groaning, I collapsed on the rock, my head still thumping painfully. I couldn’t think straight- it was as if I was observing myself from afar.

“Where am I? Who am I..?” I whispered.

Looking around, I saw a full moon, shining onto the water in a beautiful display of white light. It hung high in the pitch black sky, providing the only source of illumination visible to me. A fluttering shape cut across it, but I made no effort to observe what it was. I managed to smile weakly, despite my current state.

A gust of wind picked up, flying right into me. I shivered, suddenly feeling cold and scared. Looking up at the sky, I once again saw the moon. Bright and unmoving, it seemed to taunt me. Raising a bloody hand, I pushed it against the ground, raising my body off the ground. For a moment, I stood unsteadily, wavering and shaking like leaves in a winter wind.

“I must get out of here.” I announced boldly.

“You’re not gonna get very far without hiking boots.” a feminine voice remarked from behind.

I jumped, surprised. Nervously, I looked around at the voice that had startled me so badly. A female, about my age, stood there. I couldn’t see any features of hers properly, because a cloud had covered the moonlight.

“Is that a neophyte? Why are you dressed like a peasant?” she asked.

Casting an eye over my dull brown robes, I shrugged. Of course, I was terribly confused- I didn’t know this girl. Ignoring any doubt, I decided to talk to her, knowing that was my only option at this moment in time.

“Uh… do I know you?” I asked.

The girl looked at me oddly. Her stare sent shivers down my spine. What on earth was going on here?

“Maybe we should get you back to Sensei,” she sighed, grabbing my arm and pulling me along. “I’m surprised you haven’t caught pneumonia yet in this chill.”


The mysterious girl sat down next to me in front of the warm fire as I drank my hot soup gingerly. She threw a blanket over my back.

“Drink up,” she recommended lightly. “I think it’ll make you feel better.”

For the first time, I got to get a better look at the girl who had found me. She had pale skin, accompanied blonde hair that cascaded down her shoulders to about hip height. Her hair barely disguised deep aquamarine eyes and a small, cute nose. I felt a blush creep up my face.

“Is that soup too hot?” she asked quietly.

“Um, no, it’s fine…” I mumbled awkwardly, determined not to look at her face.

Suddenly, she laughed.

“Oh… I haven’t introduced myself! My name is Melody, but I’m known around the temple as Zhu Yan.”

I gazed her in her deep blue eyes, taking a sip of my soup. Curiosity overwhelmed my silence.

“Which temple are you talking about?” I asked.

Melody laughed softly.

“This temple; the Badr al Din.” she explained simply.

Once again, I was curious of the inner workings of this temple. Sipping some more of the refreshing soup, I tried to remember anything that had happened before my arrival, but my mind was blank.

“How did I get here?” I wondered aloud.

Gazing up at the ceiling, I thought harder still, but the migraine from before was still kicking.

“Sometimes the spirits leave us a new warrior,” Melody explained. “I believe you may be one of those cases.”

I was watching her intently, deep in thought. Whatever life I had had… was gone. Whichever friends I had had… they were lost. This was my life now, and I had to adjust.

“So, what’s your name?” she asked.

Once again, I tried to think back, but without success. Whatever had wiped my memory clean had done a good job. Feeling rather helpless and embarrassed, I shrugged.

“Usually that’s what happens anyway.” Melody sighed. “Well… you’ll get a name tomorrow; sorta like mine.”

I nodded, fatigued yet interested.

“You should get some rest… the first day is always hard. Sensei may be wise, but he is ever unforgiving.”

I got up, laying the now-empty soup cup on a table next to me. Tiredness overcame me, and I yawned uncontrollably. Melody, too, yawned.

“Isn’t it funny how when one person yawns, it starts a sort of chain reaction?” she giggled, as I blushed.

“Yeah, it is kinda interesting…” I mumbled absent-mindedly.

I followed Melody down a few corridors. Moonlight shone through the temple as I stuck close to her. Once again, a shiver went down my spine. Faint roaring echoed from far above. Shaking, I poked Melody on the shoulder.

“Uh… so is this a martial-art temple?” I asked her quietly.

She laughed, revealing pearly white teeth. Butterflies flapped in my stomach, and my face turned a bright red colour.

“No… it’s a dragon training temple. We choose from several types of dragon Pokémon… you’ll get your Pokémon tomorrow.”

Gazing out into the stars, a picture went into my mind- one of a dark-haired girl with hazel eyes and a green t-shirt. Shaking his head, he thought hard. Who was this girl?

“Neophyte… you get your own small room. Actually, it’s tiny, but you don’t really need many things here at Badr al Din.”

I continued to follow her down the corridors, her laughter echoing in my ears like a blessing.

“Here we are.” Melody whispered.

She suddenly stopped, and so did I- we were in front of a dark wooden door. Melody grabbed the handle in her slender hands, rotating it and pulling. With an eerie creaking sound, she pulled the heavy door backwards, beckoning for me to go through.

“You have your own little room,” she informed me quietly. “There should be a blanket, and stuff… good night.”

Waving cheerily, she grabbed my arm, pulling me along until we reached a little cubicle with a sleeping bag, a small shelf and an alarm.

“This is a room?” I muttered, raising an eyebrow sceptically.

She giggled, and I blushed- why was I so nervous around her? I’d only known her for about an hour… oh, wait… she was pretty much the first person I had known in this life.

“Eheheh, sorry, there are a lot of monks here.” she whispered, careful not to wake the other dragon trainers.

Nodding, I tiptoed over to the “bed” and lay down in it, pulling a blanket over my form. Looking to my right, I saw a mirror. Picking it up, I looked at myself… I had matted brown hair, green eyes, and slightly tanned skin.

“You should get to sleep early, because you need to be up early tomorrow. Good night… sweet dreams…” Melody whispered from behind a curtain to my right.

I lay back in my bed. My mind was starting to absorb the shock. Maybe it’d be nice here? I hoped so. I closed my eyes, allowing darkness to claim my field of vision.


I yawned loudly, rubbing the sleep from my emerald eyes. A golden sky greeted me. It was really beautiful, in a bright and almost blinding kind of way.

“Hey, wake up!” Melody cried.

I looked to my right- Melody was kneeling down beside me, long hair glistening in the sunlight. I blushed slightly, looking away.

“What time is it, Melody?” I asked groggily.

Melody stood up, gazing down at me. I looked back up at her.

“Uh… well, I’ve got to go and get trained, see ya!” she cried, sprinting out of the room.

I watched her go. What on earth was her problem? Shrugging, I looked up at the clock, which read- five in the morning? What?!?

“MELODY!” I yelled- why did she wake me up so early?

Meh… anyway, I got up, and got dressed, and was about to walk out towards the courtyard when…

“Hey… who are you?” a voice sneered.

I looked around- standing in front of me was another boy. He had pale grey eyes which sent a shiver down my spine, and; he was staring at me like I was some kind of insect… back off!

“Uh… hello.” I muttered, holding out my hand so he could shake it.

He glared at me, apparently not believing my story. This guy was rude!

“Who are you?” he growled, hands balling into fists.

I couldn’t see his expression through his long black hair, but I could guess it was nothing short of outraged. However, it was plain to see that his patience was wearing thin, judging by his furious scowl.

“Get out of here!” he roared, lashing out with his fist.

He struck me across the face, as a dull sensation of pain swept through my head. I span around, falling onto the red brick floor. Breathing heavily, I thought hard of how to stop such a psycho. Alas, nothing came. As he attempted to punch again, I rolled out of the way, stopping near a plant pot. The dawn sun shone into my eyes, limiting my vision, but the shadow of my attacker stood tall. I threw myself to my feet, breathing heavily.

“Bad move!” the psycho shouted, charging towards me.

I jumped to the right, and he matched my moves perfectly, swinging a fist in front of my face. I bent backwards, accidentally tripping. For the second time, I hit the ground. He walked towards me slowly, the smile of a victor on his face.

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