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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

“Han Cheh, halt.”

Whirling around, I saw a short Oriental person walking in, wearing a long plain robe. To my surprise, my psychotic attacker immediately kneeled down.

“Sensei, I do not understand your actions.” the attacker muttered.

“Han Cheh, did I not teach you to study your opponent before striking?” the sensei scolded him.

Mouth slightly askew, I looked back at Han Cheh. I didn’t think he would enjoy being talked to like that… but, surprisingly; Han Cheh flinched, like one would do if someone had cracked a whip in front of his face. I couldn’t help but gape.

“I am ashamed, sensei.” Han Cheh mumbled.

“Do not make the same mistake twice.” the sensei hissed, walking off.

I was in shock. The aggressive person who had confronted me before had been turned into a cowering, submissive student. Wow…

I asked, “What just happened?”

Han Cheh got up, and brushed himself off. “My name is Logan, otherwise known as Han Cheh. Here’s a little bit of advice.”

I took a deep breath. Obviously, Logan wasn’t as bad as he acted.

“Don’t talk to me.”

Ah, well. You can’t be friends with everyone.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

I looked around, confused as to the origin of the noise.

“What?” I merely said blankly.

I heard a beating of wings from above- it was Melody, who was appearing to ride a cloud.

“Oh, it’s you, Melody.” Logan sneered, casting an amused eye over her dragon Pokémon.

I was so angry! Part of me wanted to bash Logan into a pulp, but the dragon trainer was strong and fast. Despite it being what I wanted to do most, it was a stupid decision.

“Oh, hi.” Melody replied unenthusiastically, sneering back at him.

Logan scowled. Bad choice, Melody… but the scowl turned into a smug grin.

“What kind of weak Pokémon is that?” Logan laughed, eyeing Melody’s Pokémon with an amused look in his eyes.

Once again, anger coursed through my system, and I wanted nothing better than to jump on top of him and send punch after punch into his smirking face.

“It’s an Altaria… Swablu evolves into it.” Melody retorted- evidently, Logan was unpopular with many people.

“Are you sure they’d allow THAT in the temple?” Logan scoffed. “It doesn’t even look like a dragon.”

I could almost feel the anger emanating from both Logan and Melody, as they stared at each other angrily.

“Are you stupid, or what?” Melody smirked. “Of course Altaria’s a dragon.”

“I don’t believe you.” Logan growled, reaching for the Pokeball on his belt. “And I’m not stupid.”

“Okay… have it your way.” Melody laughed. “Altaria, go!”

Logan looked angry, knowing a Pokémon battle was happening. He smirked.

“You wanna battle? Fine with me. Flygon, go!” Logan roared.

A loud sound came from above, and I jumped, looking up. What on earth was that?

“Meet Flygon.” he smirked, the large Dragonfly Pokémon lowering in front of him.

Wow! I gasped at the amazing Pokémon, wondering how Melody’s Altaria could beat it. Logan’s Flygon lowered its head, and he climbed on. A few metres away, Melody did the same.

“Hey, come over here!” Melody called.

Me? I looked over to her, and she was beckoning with her finger to climb onto Altaria as well.

“Um… okay.” I replied hesitantly, running over. Altaria lowered itself, allowing me to climb on to its blue body.

Cloudy wings either side of me, I gulped, not knowing what would happen. The wings began to beat loudly, and, slowly, Altaria ascended into the air to face Flygon.

“Ready?” Logan yelled, his Flygon ready to strike.

“Yep!” Melody and I replied in unison.

“Flygon, Bite!” Logan bellowed.

“Altaria, Dragonbreath!” Melody ordered.

In the morning sun, the Dragon Pokémon attacked- Flygon darted forwards with superior speed, opening its mouth, revealing a row of teeth. Wings streamlined, it continued to fly, ready to latch its jaws into Altaria for a damaging hit.

“Dodge, Altaria!” Melody said calmly.

Altaria easily soared further into the air, spinning several times. Wind rushed through my hair, and I struggled to hold on to the Altaria, but I managed- Melody knew what she was doing.

“Now, attack!” she called.

Zooming downwards with incredible force, Altaria summoned mystical energy, launching it from its mouth in the form of a magical blue flame. The flame surged towards Logan and his Flygon, who swerved to avoid Altaria’s onslaught.

“Flygon, Sandstorm!” Logan grinned. “It’s my secret weapon!”

Swinging its short wings wildly, Flygon began to fling dust over the courtyard- the dirt combined with the wind from Flygon’s wings started a devastating sandstorm.

“Altaria, watch out!” cried Melody.

I yelled, the gusts of wind threatening to throw me off Altaria. Visibility was very low, and all I could see was Melody and Altaria. Dust blew into my eyes, and I resisted the urge to knead my eyes with my knuckles.

“Taaaaria!” Altaria screeched, hit by dust particles.

She took heavy damage by the mid-air particles, beginning to descend. I continued to yell, the wind winning the battle to stay on Altaria. Melody was also screaming. Suddenly, an inexplicable gust caused me to fly off Altaria’s back.

“NO!” Melody shouted, trying to redirect Altaria downwards to catch me, but failing.

Arms flailing wildly, my hand brushed against the only thing I could touch- one of Altaria’s fluffy cloud wings. Grabbing it tightly, I held on for dear life as Altaria screeched again, erratically moving.

“Flygon, Hyper Beam!” Logan’s voice rang through the loud sandstorm, striking fear into my heart.

I could hear Flygon charging the immense energy inside him, as he cried his name. Running out of options, I was beginning to climb Altaria’s soft wing- until it tried to throw me off.

“Hey!” I shouted.

Fear ran through my body like mercury through veins. I couldn’t see, and my body ached from the constant attacks from the dirt. I was going to die!

“Hang on to my hand!” Melody bellowed, holding a slender, pale hand down towards me.

I grasped onto her hand, willing myself to hold on. More dust particles slammed into me. Also, a beam of light began to rocket towards us… was nothing going right?

“Hyah!” Melody shouted, lifting me up onto Altaria.

I landed roughly on Altaria’s back, cloud-like wings beating either side of me. As the Hyper Beam closed in, Altaria gracefully ascended further upwards, out of the sandstorm.

“You okay?” Melody asked me, concern in her majestic azure eyes.

“Yeah…” I answered absent-mindedly, sitting on Altaria properly. “Is this how battles are fought?”

She grimaced- obviously, such things were not uncommon in the temple.

“It’s rare,” she admitted, “but not unheard of. Anyway, Altaria, Dragonbreath!”

I watched as she expertly got back into the battle, long blonde hair trailing behind her in an almost beautiful way. Blinking, I watched as Altaria once again charged up a mystical energy, combining it into a powerful flame, which slammed into Flygon with astonishing force. Flygon let out a shriek of pain, and began to plummet.

“Flygon, pull up!” Logan ordered sternly- but the paralysed Flygon didn’t listen.

The sandstorm subsided, and I wiped my eyes. In front of me, Melody was smiling gently.

“Are you okay?” she asked anxiously.

“Yeah. One thing, though… I never want to see Sandstorm again.” I moaned, as Melody let out a relieved laugh.

Looking past Altaria’s cloud-like wings, I saw that Flygon was lying on the ground, barely moving. Its green chest was heaving up and down. Concerned, I pointed downwards.

“Is his Flygon okay?” I asked the blonde dragon trainer, who nodded.

“Just fainted,” Melody replied. “It should be okay, with some healing.”

Altaria turned around, and began to descend. The wind blew my hair back, hitting my face like a cold shower. I breathed in deeply, savouring the natural air. Soon, we began to slow down, and Altaria glided to a steady stop in the courtyard.

“Time to get off the Altaria Express!” Melody joked.

Laughing, I stepped off the powerful dragon Pokémon, gazing at it. Power could come in many different forms, each of them less obvious than the last.

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