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Default AirwaY and his stats

General Information

Name: AirwaY
Age: 15
AIM: RaxXors
Jobs: Trainer, Team Aqua Member

URPG Stats

Money: $6400

Battle Stats

Wins: 9
Draws: 0
Losses: 19
Total: 28

Gym Badges
Kanto: N/A
Johto: N/A
Hoenn: N/A
Total: 0


Items: None

Stones: : Used

Hold Items: None

Techinal Machines
Bold indicates USED
Hidden Power, Attract

Hidden Machines
Bold indicates USED


Ninetales : Jade : Female

Ability: Flash Fire
Battles: 14
TM's: Hidden Power (Steel), Attract
HM's: N/A

Donphan : El Rolo : Male

Ability: Sturdy
Battles: 12
TM's: N/A
HM's: N/A

Fearow : Ace : Male

Ability: Keen Eye
Battles: 8
TM's: N/A
HM's: N/A

Winner of the Paint Bucket Contest 3!
Orath the Breloom - Level 100 @ 306
Current Forum Stats: Open - Currently: Making Profile Icons
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