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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 36
One Must Fall
(PG 13)

I stared strongly into the eyes of my enemy, and at the same time, he glared into mine. A bitter rush of hate and anger had filled the trenches dug within our hearts, and now it had all come down to this final, gruesome conflict. Blood was going to be spilled, and one of us was going to die. As a harsh and violent wind had blown past us, a flash of lightning had lit the sky. I refused to fall to my adversary…

Having already killed thousands of righteous Silver Rebellion soldiers, Vorox was not going to resist taking the life of my own. And as a loyal leader of the Silver Rebellion army, I certainly was not going to resist taking the life of his…

With that, our gruesome clash had initiated…

Tychal had extended his wings, and then burst toward us in full speed. I tried to concentrate on his flight pattern, but even with all my focus and concentration, Tychal was still flying at an excessive speed, faster than I had expected. I watched in anxiety as Vorox readied his sharp scythe, and prepared to slash upon us viciously.

I had no time to attack, and instead just wanted to evade as soon as possible. I beckoned for Latias to ascend upward, and she had surged into the air, just as Vorox had sliced the air next to us. Moments later, Vorox and Tychal had flown past us, and now Latias and I were above the two of them, glaring at the two again.

I had felt a hot burning sensation in my side, and when I had gone to look, I grimaced at the sight. Vorox had cut my side, and a small trickle of blood was running down. It wasn’t fatal, but if we had been any slower, that cut would have been a whole lot deeper…

And as I turned around, I saw Vorox, licking the end of his scythe…

“My, I never knew the blood of the Gold Rider was so tasty.” Vorox sneered with glee, “I need more… Much more…”
“You enter Hell today, Vorox!” I shouted at him angrily.

I then pointed my rifle at them, and aimed for Tychal instead. I then focused and pulled the trigger, and my Vulcan rifle spat fire and carnage as the metal rifle shook with recoil from the blasts. Regardless, Tychal was extremely fast. I tried to follow his flight pattern and aim ahead of him so he would run right into the bullets, but he still managed to catch on and dodge the attack. Then, he curved around and headed right toward us, and Vorox prepared to attack again. I was hoping the closer he was, the easier it would be for me to shoot him, but that wasn’t the case…

Latias and I had dashed away at the last second, and Vorox had swiftly sliced the air furiously. We had flown from the two and dashed away as far as we could, at least several hundred feet away from Vorox and Tychal. When we had stopped, I could hear Latias whimpering, and it didn’t take me long to figure out what was wrong.

Like me, she had been cut in the side, and it was bleeding as well…

“How can we… expect to beat him?” Latias said softly, still in pain.
“They aren’t invincible.” I reassured her, “No one is. We need to find a way to fight back, and we need it now…”

And then, Vorox had seen the cut in Latias and had only laughed. My anger was only growing worse.

“What’s the matter Juno?” Vorox laughed in amusement, “Am I too fast for you? I really expected much more from the famous ‘Gold Rider.’”
“It is prophecy.” I told him strongly, “We cannot fail…”

Again, I had aimed my rifle at the two, this time I was going to shoot at Vorox, knowing it wasn’t him who was controlling Tychal’s flight pattern. Vorox and Tychal were fighting as two minds. I now realized what his weakness was…

Tychal knew nothing of how Vorox was going to attack, and I was going to use that as my weapon. Again I had opened fire, but it wasn't long before the Vulcan rifle had stopped firing, and all that came out of it was a click. For a moment, I was shocked when the cartridges had fallen out and I realized I was out of ammunition. And then again, I had taken the metal rifle, and threw it toward the ground. I didn’t need it any more. I had my own weapon…

Vorox was grinning when he realized my rifle was empty and I had tossed it away. Tychal had flown toward us furiously, and Vorox had prepared to swing his scythe again, thinking I didn’t stand a chance. As I saw him closing in, I concentrated and my red cheeks flared brightly with electricity. Tiny bolts of thunder had surrounded them as Vorox prepared to swipe the air. Now, Tychal could not predict my method of attack, for he could not see me clearly from his angle.

Vorox’s scythe was in feet of preparing to strike, and then I focused my charged electricity not on Vorox, but on the scythe itself. I sent a thrusting surge of thunder for his arm, and when the intense voltage had hit it, the power was enough to cut right through his skin, and evidently slice off the scythe itself.

Suddenly, the intensely sharp scythe had spiraled off his arm only inches in front of my face, but it had missed, and then lowly fell toward the rooftop of the prison. I saw the severed scythe lay on the metal rooftop of the prison. Now, Vorox had one less weapon to use against me.

“There will be no dawn for the Crimson Stars.” I told him with a firm voice.
“You may have won a few victories, Juno.” Vorox replied, setting aside the fact that his arm was cut off, “But it’s not over yet. I still have plenty of chances to kill you.”

I immediately saw Vorox signal Tychal to pull back from the conflict. Then, I realized what he was going to do.

“Dragonbreath.” Vorox ordered his Flygon, “Focus hard and firmly.”

And then, I got a sickening feeling as Tychal closely watched every single one of our moves. I needed to give Latias power she could obtain from none one but me. I needed her to have that strength now, and I concentrated hard, even to the point of shutting my eyes. Then, for some strange reason, I was able to see what Latias was seeing, as if I was her…

Cyber Dragon Slash Attack…

Blaze. That was all I could use to describe the speed that she was moving. The air was blasting past us to the point of burning, and we homed in on our enemy. The raging, bitter fire that was blasting from Tychal’s mouth had no chance of hitting us from the excessive speed we were traveling. With the claw of Latias sharp and ready, I prepared to bury it into Tychal, and deliver as much suffering to him as I could. Faster and faster I traveled toward him, and when we were suddenly close enough, the claw of Latias had thrust its way into the green underside of Tychal, and tore with such fury and anger to the point of incinerating the cut with fire. Within seconds it was over with, and the two of us had pulled upward, and I opened my own eyes again.

Tychal had let loose a horrible shriek, beating the flaming cut with his wing and still attempting to keep afloat in the air. When the fire was extinguished, I could see the vicious tear in Tychal’s underside, bleeding very badly.

And in pure, uncontrollable rage, Vorox ordered Tychal to attack again, and Tychal with its last bit of strength flew toward us in a frenzy, desperately desiring to tear the two of us into ribbons.

Again, I had shut my eyes again, and Latias flew with a blazing fury toward Tychal. Seconds later, we had arrived at Tychal’s under side, and with Latias’s sharp claws ready, she tore another gaping cut into Tychal, blasting his skin with raging fire and slicing his flesh with claws as sharp as surgical knives.

We had flown right past them, and I had watched as Vorox screamed desperately as Tychal spiraled toward the metal roof top, unable to control his flight. Moments later, Tychal slammed into the roof of the prison, rolling over several times before stopping and lying on his stomach. Tychal lay lifeless, with his wings folded over and his head lying motionless as a pool of warm blood had surrounded it. I had signaled Latias to head toward the roof, and we flew swiftly toward it. When we had arrived, I leapt off of Latias, and looked at Tychal’s dead body. I had wondered if Vorox had been crushed by Tychal’s dead body, but then I saw something rise up, and I realized Vorox wasn’t dead…

He had jumped off of Tychal’s body, and landed on the metal floor of the prison, still armed with his left scythe. It was certainly more than enough to kill me.

“No one…” Vorox growled in a murderous tone, “You murdered my precious companion. You will suffer for that… suffer great!”

Then, in uncontrollable fury, Vorox rushed toward me with all the anger and fury in the world, blasting toward me with extreme speed, holding his left scythe in the air and ready to send it ripping into my body. I had no time for an electrical attack, and he knew that. There were only seconds before he would get the chance to bury his scythe into my flesh.

I had stepped back for a moment, and I felt my foot step on something firm and hard. When I looked down to see what it was, I saw it was Vorox’s severed right scythe.

And in those critical last seconds, I bent down and picked up the scythe, and held it firmly in my hand. I then put my foot firmly on the ground, arched my hand back and vigorously threw it forward, aiming right for Vorox. The sharp scythe had violently spiraled through the sky, slicing the air as it spiraled toward its target.

Suddenly, the sharp scythe had buried itself right into Vorox’s face. It had sliced right past his nose and was now half-buried in his head. He had stopped short, and had shook and trembled with pain. Then, he had fallen to his knees, laid down his arms, and collapsed onto the metal roof.

Vorox, the leader of the Wind Strikers was dead. The ruthless days of his onslaught upon the Silver Rebellion were over. Never again would he rise to challenge them.

Or challenge me…

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