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Default 10- The Moving Tree

One minute later.


Now it was annoying. “You have to be kidding.” This is the straw that broke the camels’ back. o O (If I try any water attacks, it will just run away and eventually come back.) O o “Come on out Vulpix.” Vulpix pops out, in a playful mood. “Ready to play, huh? Go after that Sudowoodo with Flamethrower.”

Sudowoodo is blasted by the onslaught of fiery heat of Flamethrower. But it still stands, still trying to give Jack a hug. Sudowoodo charges at Vulpix with a Slam attack, crushing Vulpix with its larger body.

Jack gasps at its strength. “It’s strong, so use Confuse Ray.”

Vulpix’s eyes turn purple as the purple-ish ray soars over and covers Sudowoodo. Nonetheless, Sudowoodo’s eyes also turn purple and a purple-ish ray comes from it and hits Vulpix. “Aw man, I forgot about its Mimic attack. Snap out of it.” Vulpix shakes her head around, trying to shake away the confusion. Sudowoodo charges again, this time at Vulpix. It slides on the ground and runs into Vulpix hard (Rock Slide pun). Vulpix yelps as her confusion is knocked away. But why hasn’t Sudo been effected by Vulpix’s Confuse Ray? Vulpix runs around Sudowoodo trying to find a weak point. Sudowoodo begins to dance.

“Sudo.........woodo....sudo.........woodo.... ”

“I need to use a water attack but it will run away the second Gyarados comes out. Hmmm........” Jack thinks and thinks and thinks and finally snaps his fingers. “But if I prevent Sudowoodo from leaving....” Jack pulls out Vulpix’s Pokeball. “That’s enough Vulpix, you did great. Come rest.” Vulpix is recalled into her ball. Jack quickly selects another Pokeball and throws it out. Spinarak pops onto the ground.

But Sudowoodo surprises Jack. It is hugging him. “Arg... Spinarak, a little help here.”

Spinarak wiggles towards the tree Pokemon and jumps on it, wrapping his legs around its bark waist. Spinarak begins Leech Life. Sudowoodo shouts out and lets go of the Trainer. It runs around trying to remove Spinarak from its back, but with no luck. Sudowoodo then runs backwards toward a tree.

“Spinarak, jump off now.” The spider lets go just as Sudowoodo hits the tree. Spinarak looks at Sudowoodo and sends out a purple ray from its eyes called Night Shade. Sudowoodo tries to block it with its arms but it still hits. “Now you need to use Spider Web to trap it.” Spinarak stops Night Shade and prepares the web in his mouth. Sudowoodo’s legs shake rapidly. Spinarak lets the Spider Web out and watches the perfect web cover over Sudowoodo and keep it there.

“Great. Just what I want.” Jack pulls out Gyarados’s Pokeball. “Spinarak, come over here. And come on out Gyarados.” Spinarak joins Jack’s side as the massive Gyarados comes out once more.

Gyarados looks around from his new height and spies Jack with a determined look. “I hope it remembers me!” Gyarados shouts out in the happiest way a Gyarados can. Gyarados loved the attention it got as a Magikarp. Most people think of Magikarps as weak but not Jack. If you work with a Pokemon long enough, it will become stronger.

He smiles, “Ok Gyarados, that Sudowoodo is back. Hit it with Water Gun.” Gyarados sprays out a steam of water that covers all over Sudowoodo and weakens it by a lot. Sudowoodo panics wildly. So wild that it beaks the Spider Web it was entrapped in.

“Ah! Cancel the Water Gun, Spinarak, web its feet together.” Spinarak rushes from Jack’s side closer to Sudowoodo who is running around in circles, panicking insanely. Spinarak shoots out threads of String Shot, occasionally hitting it. In time, Sudowoodo slows down remarkably with many sticky treads on it. It stops and points its right arm at Spinarak and shoots out its own String Shot. Spinarak is surprised by the attack and is covered quickly.

Jack pulls out Spinarak’s Pokeball. “Spinarak, return.” The spider goes back.

Sudowoodo calms down and slowly moves at Gyarados. It then Low Kicks the big fish. Gyarados screams out and about to use Water Gun...

“No Gyarados, water will make it panic or run away.” Gyarados stops to see that Sudowoodo had already started to slowly run away. It couldn’t run too fast because of String Shot still covering part of it. “I know, how about Hyper Beam.”

Gyarados opens its mouth a little wider and a ball of energy forms in the opening. Sudowoodo slowly turns around and sees the oncoming attack and widens its eyes. Gyarados fires the beam of pure energy and hits the stalled Sudowoodo directly. The blasting explosion of the ground around it causes dirt to fly everywhere. Jack covers his face so no dirt gets in his eyes. The dust clears and Sudowoodo is lying on the ground, still covered in String Shot. Gyarados could be seen breathing heavily, recharging from that Hyper Beam. Now that attack can really take a lot out of a Pokemon.

Jack looks back up and notices Sudowoodo isn’t moving. Maybe he had weakened it too much. Is it even alive?


Yep, it’s alive. Jack sighs in relief and takes out an empty Pokeball from his pocket. “I could leave you here but you might follow me some time in the future. So the only thing to do is to catch you.” Jack throws the Pokeball at the lying down Sudowoodo and watches it become sucked into the Pokeball. Jack impatiently waits for it to either catch it or fail. He needed to hurry and find Marty and Stantler to save the worthless piece of rye bread. Gyarados lies down on the ground also waiting. The Pokeball, with Sudowoodo in it, wiggles and wiggles and ...

Original Post: January 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Sudowoodo Caught!


Looking back, I think Jack became friends with Marty too quickly and for not a great reason. Oh well. Just one of those plot-holes I don't bother explaining! So, now we learn a bit more about who Marty is and create an excuse to evolve some of his Pokemon. I stole the Mini-healer machine from the Pokemon Center in the games, where it heals your Pokemon in 10 seconds. We don't learn anything about Jensen 'cause butlers are cool when mysterious.

Tuna fish sandwhich + cinnamon is tasty. Now, Sudowoodo was initially a comedy side quest, but became too annoying that the only way I could be rid of it would be to catch it (either before or after Stantler). Don't ask why it liked given hugs, I don't know- I just thought it was a funny concept.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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