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Default A Trainer's View

A long walk later, Jack decides to take a five minute rest under a tree. Of all the things he learned, he never thought that walking would much of a burden. Apparently, he forgot he would be carrying a pack of Trainer goods. But this is fine, it takes some time getting used to the feeling of walking around.

He sits against the tree, laying his pack next to him. Looking around there are trees and bushes but it doesn't look like a forest, more like a park. Not one person has been seen during his walk but that is fine; he doesn’t want to run into a Trainer yet until he has caught his first Pokemon. In this break, he takes his book out to memorize the moves of Bulbasaur and Pikachu.

While Jack is looking in the book, a Rattata sneakingly comes over to his pack from behind. Seeing that the inside is reachable, Rattata hops under the flap and jumps in to look for food.

Jack looks up from his book, then to his pack where the rustling noise is coming from. Jack jumps up and pulls a Pokeball from his belt. "Alright come out of my pack whatever Pokemon you are!" Jack watches as a Rattata jumps out, holding a cracker in its mouth and runs away into some bushes ahead. He puts the Pokeball away and sits back down again. “Rattata, eh? Guess I should be more careful about my belongings.” Wild Pokemon are ruthless, most only worry about their own survival and they must do what they can to achieve that.

A couple minutes later he picks up his pack and stands ready to go. Suddenly that same Rattata jumps out of the bushes it had run into, only this time beat up. Jack stops to see the Rattata run towards him. He looks at his belt and pulls off a Pokeball, pressing the button to enlarge it, but before he can look up the Rattata is at his feet holding on to his shoe. Jack looks up thinking some Pokemon is after this Rattata. “Did something attack you?”

“Rat...” it nods with fear

Maybe when it was eating the stolen cracker, it was surprised by another Pokemon. Whatever the case, Jack swore to help all Pokemon in need. Helping a Pokemon or Trainer in need is part of the Trainer’s Code, a list of guidelines from the Stoplek League officially stated that Trainers should follow. Among that list is to help Pokemon in desperate need of assistance. Jack believes in the codes and stands ready to watch what might come out of the bushes.

Rustling starts behind him and he quickly jumps around seeing a long purple Pokemon jump at him. Jack ducks down and turns back around to see what it was. He looks at the injured Rattata. "Is that the Pokemon that is attacking you?" The Rattata runs behind Jack with a slight nod as he checks it out. "Hmmm, an Ekans. They are of the poison ability. I mean type, poison type."
The Ekans stands tall and glares with its slender eyes at Jack then at Rattata.

"Oh no you don't Ekans. If you want to hurt this Rattata, you have to go through me first." Jack is now determined to defend Rattata at all cost. It might have been his cracker Rattata stole that caused this problem and Jack must fix it.

Pikachu comes out as the Pokeball flies perfectly back to Jack. Before he can say a command, the Ekans leans back then forward, sending a barrage of poisonous needles at Pikachu. Pikachu, not hearing any commands, jumps to the side which causes the attack to miss.

Jack watches, a little scared, but chokes up and yells an attack, "Pikachu use Thunder now!" His first attack.

Pikachu twists its ears as if to say ‘huh?’

“Oh,” Jack nervously smiles, “must not have learned that. Try, uh, Thundershock then.”
Pikachu responds to this command, glowing brightly as a ray of golden-yellow heads towards Ekans with tremendous speed. With no time to get away, Ekans is shocked and slightly falls to the ground hurt. This can be the opportunity to catch Ekans but no, Jack wants to run.

"Return Pikachu" Jack recalls Pikachu in that blinding red beam, shrinks the Pokeball and places it back on his belt. Not sure if more Ekans will appear, Jack picks up the hurt Rattata and runs.

Soon, they stop at a little stream. Jack puts Rattata down, sprays some super potion on it and feeds it some crackers after that. Rattata sighs from the potion spray but loves the crackers, feeling a lot better now.

“I wonder if all journey’s start this way.”

Rattata snaps up and jumps around, happy as can be. “Rattata rataa.”

The joy lessens as the ground begins to shake and a Pokemon jumps out from out of the ground. It's the Ekans again.

“An Ekans can dig holes?”

Jack jumps up thinking about this, seeing the Ekans and reaches to grab a Pokeball. Ekans takes the first shot. Poison darts barrel at the unprepared Jack and he is too slow to move out of the way. Rattata digs its feet into the ground and leaps at the human, knocking him to the side, narrowly avoiding the poison.

He stumbles on his feet and reflexes from the hit and gains control. “Whoa, thanks Rattata.” Jack moves to his belt ready to send out a Pokemon, instead Rattata jumps out to attack. "Rattata, what are you doing? You got hurt the last time." Jack looks at Rattata seeing it was in the same battle stance as Pikachu.

Rattata moves forward with a front attack but misses the slender snake. Then Rattata leaps into the air, avoiding one of Ekans poison attacks. Once it regains ground stability, Rattata moves again with a tackle to Ekans with the same results of missing.

“The Ekans is too fast and limber. You have to be faster and more accurate.” Jack opens his backpack to find his book and look up the attacks of Rattata. He will help it win this battle.

But while Jack is nose deep in the book, Ekans wraps Rattata in its body and proceeds to squeeze the stuffing out of it.

Jack gasps as he sees Rattata trapped. He quickly thinks and knows a good attack to use and he says it without confirming his book. "Try a Scratch attack."

For one thing, Rattata don’t really have claws to scratch with. For another, Rattata doesn’t learn it as an attack. But being squeezed by Ekans, the scratch attack won’t be very strong. On the plus side, the little claws moving around actually tickle Ekans’ slender body. Nonetheless, the attack works and Ekans lets go just enough for Rattata to jump out.

With the Rattata page of moves in front of his face, Jack calls out, "Alright, now use you Bite attack."
Quickly jumping to the tail of Ekans, large teeth sink in and clasp the tail in a sharp and painful bind. Ekans squirms around, bending and moving in all angles. Ekans jumps into the air and heads face down into the dirt to dig away. The Ekans digs away just as Rattata lets go.

"Rattata, jump off..." he stops his sentence to see Ekans gone and Rattata safely on the ground. “Heh, guess I need to be a little quicker.”

Rattata then runs to Jack with a smile on its face. "Rrraattata.”

They wait a couple minutes but no Ekans resurface. Jack feeds Rattata some more crackers. “You know, you’re pretty strong for a little guy. And it says in my book that you frequently take food from Trainers. I wonder if that is because you don’t get enough food from the wild.” He looks at Rattata oddly. “How would you like to come with me Rattata? I’m sure both of us could use the company and you would get to eat more."

Rattata nods and replies, "Rrraattata!"

“That’s great. Welcome to the team.”

Indeed, this is his first capture and one without struggle or a need to battle for weakening. Jack has never liked the idea of battling and capturing Pokemon because it forces them to obey the Trainer. He only wants Pokemon that want to come with him. What he doesn’t realize, the job of a Trainer is to catch Pokemon and train them regardless of likeness. A true Trainer can train any Pokemon caught at any time.

Now, with his first captured Pokemon on his belt, he has accomplished the hardest part to starting as a Trainer. This is something to be very proud about. With only a little bit to go, he heads off to the next town, with three Pokemon already in his lineup.

Let the adventure begin.

End Episode 1

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