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Default A Trainer's View

If the flyers aren’t helpful, then the lounge is a great place to find other Trainers and learn information or make battle challenges. However, these battles usually take place directly outside in the street and the police don’t much like that.

Down the hall in the lounge heading back are the bathrooms and sleeping rooms for Trainers to stay the night, and it’s free. Usually all the sleeping rooms are not filled up because many people like the experience to sleep in the wild with the Pokemon. The rooms aren’t anything special either, only a bed and small dresser next to it. If a Trainer wanted royalty, they can choose to stay at a hotel. However, if the Pokemon Center is busy, a Trainer is allowed to spend two consecutive nights then they are kicked out to let others have a chance.

At the end of the hall are two rooms, one a bathroom and the other a laundry room. These two rooms are like luxary to a Trainer that's been out in the wild for a while.

Pokemon Centers are completely funded by the Stoplek League, which means they are the official healing centers of the league. Some residents of the league are upset that their tax money is spent on these Pokemon Centers but without the league system, most people would go bankrupt. Their main argument is the fact that a Pokemon Center doesn’t charge a Trainer for the time and use up taxpayer money.

Every Center has at least one Nurse Joy and one partner Chansey. They both have the same nurse experience but Nurse Joy has human experience and can multi-task. A nurse Chansey is only taught how to deal with helping around a Pokemon Center. This is good because the league doesn’t have to pay a Chansey money to work, so to speak. Plus this Trainer-Pokemon bond is cliched all the time and people think both Trainer and Pokemon are perfect for each other. The nurse is the boss and Chansey only does what it is told to do, there is no mutual relationship behind the workstation. But, when they are off work, that is a different story. Because Chansey has great healing abilities, one of the friendliest attitudes, and can manage machines, they have become the ideal Pokemon for a Trainer to see helping them in a Pokemon Center.

This particular building doesn’t seem very busy. Those two Trainers that were in line have left and no one is in the lounge or waiting room. Maybe at a certain time of day the Pokemon Center will be busy. But for now, Jack is alone.

“I hope Pidgey is ok.” Jack unhooks his pack and drops it down next to a bean bag in the waiting room and pulls out his book, Pokemon Moves. He flips through and glances at the Pokemon to help familiarize some more and waste time.


Jack is still in the waiting room as night draws in. At around five o’clock it is busy but he pays no attention to it; all he can think about is how Pidgey is feeling. Even though it isn’t his Pokemon, he still must wait to hear the diagnosis. He brings up his three Pokeballs with Pikachu, Bulbasaur and his first caught Rattata and envisions what they could mean to him. He must have dedication and understanding and most importantly, caring. If he cares this much about a wild Pokemon, he must care more for his own.

The red light for the ER turns off. The door open as Chansey walks out followed by Nurse Joy. Neither one has an expression on their face, just blank looks of concern. She spots Jack in the waiting room and approaches him calmly. She taps his shoulder. “Excuse me.”

Jack flinches from his concentration to see Nurse Joy above him. He is quick to respond, "Is Pidgey going to be all right?"

She smiles and points him to the door behind the desk. “Follow me.” She leads Jack to the door and around the corner. They walk down a long hallway of doors and white walls which reminds Jack of a human hospital; even the exact same rectangular lights above. On the right Jack spots a room marked 'Healing'; it must be where they take the Pokemon to be checked and healed properly. They turn right to another hall, only shorter in length. On each side are windows and the one on the right is where Pidgey lay. It’s a small room with Pidgey by itself, surrounded by electronics on all sides. Pidgey lay still in one of those see through plastic box containers for protection from the surroundings and proper ventilation of air. Its right wing and both feet are bandaged up in the traditional white gauze.

"Pidgey will be fine. It will have to stay off flying for a while though. The right wing bone is fractured and it’s not too well. What happened for it to be in this condition?" Joy looks a little annoyed thinking this Trainer might be the cause.

"Well, I found it limping in the forest before I got to town. Then I brought it here for you to heal." Jack looks at Pidgey. “I don’t know what happened either.”

Joy comments back. "It must be the Model Plane Club again.”


“The Model Plane Club. They always fly their planes in the air and chase any flying Pokemon they spot. They call it 'catching Pokemon' but I say they are ruining the Pokemon habitat and population. You hardly see any flying Pokemon near here, they all got smart and flew away. But this Pidgey, it looks like it was hurt sometime today.”

Jack recalls the sound of a plane leaving the scene. Annoyed, “People with planes hunting Pokemon, that can’t be legal.”

“Unfortunately, they get away with it. Every time is a new excuse so no one bothers to question them anymore. Someone should do something but everyone is too scared of them. I’ve seen my share of injured flying Pokemon here and it’s very depressing.” Nurse Joy goes sentimental. “Years back, I helped a Hoothoot for two weeks and finally let it back out. A day later that same Hoothoot came back, injured again. I can’t bare that pain so I release the injured Pokemon I receive as far away from here as I can go, hoping never to see that Pokemon injured in my Center again."

Jack stands there watching Pidgey and listening to Joy at the same time. He is angry that some people can be so insensitive to the Pokemon of these lands and wants to meet the Model Plane Club people. Although he doesn’t know the whole story, Jack knows he has to do something about it.

"Nurse joy, where do these people meet for their club?"

She looks down at Jack, "They meet at a house not far from here, on the southern end of Keadrill.”
“That’s where I found Pidgey. I must go talk to them.”

“Oh. But I don't suggest you go...."

"But I have to go.” Jack’s voice turns to ambition. “They have treated Pokemon wrong I will see that they stop. It's my duty to see that all Pokemon are treated with care, as stated in the Trainer’s Code. An innocent Pokemon being mistreated is the worst of all crimes against Pokemon. I may not know everything about Pokemon yet, but I do know what is wrong. Plus you should not have to go through the pain of another hurt Pokemon."

They both look back at Pidgey whom had awaken in the time he was talking, facing them and looking at the Trainer that cared so much. Pidgey realizes that if it weren’t for this Trainer, it could be a lot worse.

Jack backs off the glass window to think. "I would go now but I should probably rest and wait for better daylight. Tomorrow would be a better day to go." Jack turns to look at Joy, who is still looking at Pidgey move around. "Is it all right if I sleep here for the night?"

Joy looks at Jack and smiles, "Sure, you can stay. Pokemon Centers are meant for Trainers to spend the night. And while you stay here, my Chansey will periodically watch over your Pidgey during the night."

“My Pidgey?” Jack whispers to himself. It never crossed his mind that he actually caught this Pokemon and it was his. But I caught it unfairly, do I have the right to keep it? I don’t want to force Pidgey to be my Pokemon, that’s not fair.

Nurse Joy leads Jack around the Pokemon Center, through the lounge, down the short hallway and opens a room with her keys. He thanks her for all that she has done and she goes back to work. Jack steps in and closes the door, alone again.

The bed is half the size of the room and this is definitely not a Master Bedroom. He puts his stuff down by the bed, drops his hat on the small wooden dresser and throws his sunglasses and anything in his pockets in the hat. Then he changes into his back up clothes and lay on the bed. Staring at the blank ceiling, he thinks about tomorrow and what he might do as he fades...fades...fades... to sleep.


The next day arrives and Jack is moving down the not-very-busy street. Keadrill is only a size larger than Pine Valley with mostly houses and small stores but one section in the northern part is loaded with the business market; taller buildings and corporate bigwigs run the show there. But Jack’s path doesn’t lead that way; his aim is south of town to the Model Plane Club. Nurse Joy warned him about visiting the club but Jack wouldn’t listen. Such treatment of Pokemon must be challenged.

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