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Default [forum] 5 battles

ATF vs Leoblaze

ATF with Bellsprout and Leoblaze with NidoranM. NidoranM could have won if it weren't paralyzed.

ATF wins and gets $1000.
Leoblaze loses and gets $500.


Reign-of-Dreams vs SiberianTiger

ROD with Jumpluff and ST with Lairon. Jumpluff tried Sunny Day and Solarbeam, but she was beat by Lairon's Iron Tails.

ST wins and gets $1000.
ROD loses and gets $500.


xxxSakura vs Poltergeist

Sakura with Skitty and Poltergeist with Chinchou. Skitty was fully paralyzed the entire match.

Poltergeist wins and gets $1000.
Sakura loses and gets $500.


Syas vs Robert

Syas with Tyrogue and Tyrogue and Robert with Elekid.

Robert wins and gets $1000.
Syas loses and gets $500.


Killik vs Espeon

Killik with Cyndaquil and Alakazam and Espeon with Magby and Manectric. Cyndaquil was substituted out and Alakazam took over. Raises Special Attack and Special Defense, Alakazam finished the others.

Killik wins and gets $1000.
Espeon loses and gets $500.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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