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Exclamation Team Righteous Strikes Back!!!! [Friend Rescue Spot]

Yes we are back. After completing my pokemon ranger game in 2 days, im back to complete PMD. My team seriously needs training, and you friend rescue request will help.
Im available on all dungeons, except the special event ones, since im too lazy to download the code XD. I hate level 1 dungeons but will do it if you seem REALLY desperate.

My Current Team:
Julian the Pikachu Lv.73 ::Under Training::
Lizardon the Charizard Lv.50 ::Under Training::
Poliwrath Lv.50 ::Under Training::
Aerodactyl Lv.25 ::Under Training::
Mewtwo Lv.40 ::Help Out In Lv.1 Dungeons Only::

My team can handle all types of dungeons, so bring it on!!!

P.S. I accept all rewards as donations, no reward also okay.
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