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Default The Mysterious Magik Monster Pt. 3- Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future!

Ok, I'm attempting to capture Magikarp in this one. 8,200+ characters.

The Mysterious Magik Monster

Evan gazed down at the lake with a sigh. He moved the Electrode bobber around in the water, causing ripples to move across the surface. A small splash of water sprayed water droplets over him, soaking tiny spots in his white T-shirt and blue shorts. He removed his black glasses from his head, gently wiping the lenses with his shirt. He placed his glasses back on his head, while smoothing down his short dark brown hair.

"Today seems like a miserable day..." he sighed, growing tired of fishing. He stared up at the overcast sky through a tall tree with red, gold, and brown leaves. He thought of the rumor going around town, and sighed. There had been people saying that they had seen Lapras around these parts, as well as some other rare Water-type Pokemon. "I really wish that something like that would happen to me. I really want a Staryu... or a Lapras, or-"

Immediately, as if granting his wish, there was a sharp pull on the fishing rod. "Finally!" Evan exclaimed, standing up in a split second. He pulled the fishing rod with anticipation, wondering what could be at the other end. He gathered all of his strength into a single forceful tug, and pulled the thing out of the water.

"Another big black boot... great. People really need to stop discarding shiny new boots in lakes." Evan said, carelessly flinging the dripping wet boot over his shoulder, where it hit the rocky slope and bounced into a pile of boots. "Good riddance." He casually casted the line into the pond, but little did he know that a pair of eyes were watching him through the water. The eyes quickly averted their gaze to the lure.

"This boy just wont give up, will he?" the creature thought to himself. It quickly swam to the murky bottom of the lake, scanning the muddy bottom. "Ah hah!" it exclaimed to itself, quickly snatching a algae-covered boot from the depths of the lake. It swam towards the surface, and masterfully attached the boot to the hook, giving it a sharp tug. Immediately, the boot was fished out of the pond, and the creature chuckled as it heard a scream of rage above the water.

"That's it!" Evan shouted, forcefully throwing the boot and fishing rod at the pile. "I am going to catch a fish even if I have to grab it with my bare hands! Go, Jynx!" He tossed a red-and-white Pokeball from his blue backpack. Out of a red and white flash, a purple human-shaped Pokemon appeared. Jynx looked very much like an obsessively cartoonized woman, with a red dress and long blonde hair. Her eyes questioned Evan, and her thick red lips parted to say "Jynx, Jynx?" (What is it now?).

"Jynx could you please freeze the surface of this lake with a Powder Snow?" Evan asked, pointing to the lake.

"Jynx!" (Sure!), exclaimed Jynx. She closed her eyes, and the air around her grew colder by the second. Snowflakes started to form as the moisture in the air condensated. A thin layer of ice started to form at the edge of the lake, creeping towards the other side. It began to creep faster, going from a slow crawl to a walk, then from a walk to a run. Soon, the small lake was completely covered with a layer of ice.

"Thank you Jynx. Return." He said, pulling out her Pokeball. He pressed the shiny silver button in the center, and she vanished in a flash of red. "Go, Electrode!" A sphereous Pokemon, with white on the top half, red on the bottom half, and a gigantic grin appeared.

"Elec, Electrode?" (Whatchya' need, Evan?) it said, staring at the Electrode bobber at the end of the cast away fishing rod.

"Electrode, I need you to use Sonicboom to blow a hole in the ice, and attract curious fish to the surface. Got it?" Evan said to the Bomb Pokemon.

"Elec." (Okay.) It said, immediately zipping to the other side of the lake in the blink of an eye. A tremendous "Boom!" occured within seconds, and it shattered a gaping hole in the ice, which was close to the shore. It then rolled back, at a slower pace, to Evan's side of the lake.

"Ugh, this kid is getting on my nerves." Thought the mysterious lake creature. "I guess I'll have to settle this my own way." It grabbed another boot with its fins, and swam straight to the surface. It splashed out of the water, and launched the boot at the back of Electrode with its tail fin.

"Magikarp-karp!" It exclaimed, splashing back into the puddle as Electrode was smacked in the back with the rubber boot. Magikarp glared at Evan, and chuckled to itself. "This is going to be fun."

"Wha-what? What was that?" Evan shouted, shocked to no end. "Was that... a Magikarp throwing a boot at you, Electrode?"

"Elec...trode." (Ow... yes.) groaned Electrode, wincing from the pain of the Magikarp's "Rubber Boot Throw" attack.

"Well then, let's teach that sissy Magikarp how to fight!" Evan shouted, "You know what to do! Swift!". "Well, you don't see a boot-throwing Magikarp everyday, huh?"

Electrode fired glowing white stars at the Magikarp, who seemed to evade every one by cleverly leaping into the air and landing on the ice. It immediately splashed over towards its opponent, using the kinetic energy from its landing to perfect use. Electrode tried to move, but got clipped by Magikarp and was sent into a spin on the ice. Magikarp smiled, and splashed towards Evan.

"Electrode! Use Rollout and get this useless thing away from me!" Evan shouted, angry at how this pathetic fish was making a fool of him and Electrode. Electrode launched towards the flopping fish, taking advantage of its own spinning. It collided with the Magikarp and sent it flying towards the shore. It landed on the rocks behind the shore, and immediately flip-flopped down the rocky slope towards the pile of boots.

"Electrode, use Spark! Fry that fish!" Evan smirked, thinking of how this was going to end rather soon. It charged up, and released a deadly bolt of lighting towards the poor fish.

"Not so fast..." Magikarp thought to itself, scowling at the challenge. It quickly dove into the pile of rubber boots and was protected by the insulating shield around it. "Let's see how you like this!" It thought, throwing a boot at Electrode with its tail fin. It speedily repeated this action, creating a barrage of boots that pelted Electrode. "Hehehe... I'm not such a sissy, now am I?"

"Electrode, Mirror Coat! Deflect those boots!" Evan shouted in an instant. It immediately was shielded by a metallic grey barrier that the rubber boots bounced off of. Electrode grinned at the Magikarp with an expression that seemed to say, "Two can play at that game".

"It's run out of ammunition! Strike it now with Spark!" Evan shouted, seizing the opportunity to strike while it's weak. The confident ball Pokemon began charging but was interrupted by one last boot. Magikarp splashed towards it, leaping into a Tackle attack. It quickly set up a Light Screen in front of it, which Magikarp, in a daring feat of agility, splashed off of towards the ice.

"Now, Electrode! Finish it off with a Spark!" Evan shouted, fury blazing in his brown eyes. This fish might be clever, but he'd still defeat it, no matter what it would take. Electrode began to charge up while Magikarp flopped into the air, preparing for a Tackle attack. Magikarp closed in on the gap quickly, seeming to slice through the air like a warm knife through butter. It was close, the common carp closing in at a seemingly impossible rate while Electrode was moments away from releasing the ending blow. The red-and-white ball quickly released a Spark attack at the Magikarp, which was badly injured, while it still traveled at an extreme rate. It collided with Electrode, and fainted it.

"I-I can't believe it... I got beat... by the most useless Pokemon of all..." Evan said, collapsing to the ground. "Huh?" Evan mumbled, hearing a soft buzzing noise. Electrode was glowing white, and Magikarp was right next to Electrode. It tried to crawl away on its battered fins, but to no avail.

"Yes... Electrode's Explosion!" Evan smiled, his hope renewed. "Maybe this Magikarp won't get away after all!"

Magikarp gasped, and gave a pathetic flop, trying to escape from its oncoming doom, but to no avail. Electrode Exploded, heavily cracking the ice. Evan quickly recalled his loyal Pokemon, as the ice shattered, thanking Electrode for what it had done. Evan quickly grabbed the fishing rod, and in a desperate attempt, attached a Pokeball to it. He cast it out towards the slowly sinking fish, hitting it with the Pokeball. He felt wiggling at the end of the line.

"1... 2... 3..."

Ready for Grading.

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