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Default Re: Squirtles in Cinnabar

This my first story and I’ll enter it in that legendary pokemon contest.
Squirtles in Cinnabar
Chapter 1: Training for battle

By Leman000

I’m Leman, a proud resident of Cinnabar Island. Seadra and I have lived here for all 14 years of our lives. I am tall, dark skinned, and I am a pretty experienced trainer, not the best though. Seadra was a smaller Seadra than average, and had a different color than the other Seadras. He enjoyed destroying and ruining things and loved to make other Pokemon faint. Sometimes wondered if Seadra was evil; he always had that glint in his eye, but that was impossible, Pokemon aren’t evil.

Seadra and I were training in the port. The scenery was breathtaking. The ocean sparkled in the setting sun and the refection made the sunset look amazing. There were even a couple of Squirtle and Wartortle basking on the surface a few meters away. Eventually Seadra and I were going to challenge Blane, the leader of the Cinnabar Gym. I had set up a bunch of cardboard targets that looked like different fire Pokemon.

“Use Water Gun on Houndoom, ” I called out to Seadra. Seadra shot out a blast of water from its tube like mouth. It hit the cardboard Houndoom who flew back and hit the wall of a nearby shop, startling a Pelipper.

“Sorry,” I yelled in apology as it soared off into the distance.

“Back to training,” I told Seadra, “Now, use Twister on the Marcargo.” Seadra sucked in air and blew out a vicious tornado that ripped up the cardboard lava snail. Seadra looked quite pleased with himself, almost laughing at the makeshift Pokemon. It then shot Moltres a fierce look that said, “You’re next. Get ready to die.”

“Great Job!” I exclaimed and tossed Seadra a pokeblock, which he gobbled up greedily. “Now use Hydro Pump on that Moltres,” I commanded.

Seadra sucked in air and then shot out a gigantic, high-pressured stream of water that slammed into the legendary bird of fire. It was shredded, soaked, and reduced to a small pile of wet paper. I stood there, marveling Seadra’s amazing Hydro Pump. I did not know that he could pull that off; I was pleasantly surprised. Seadra was also looking immensely pound of himself also, obviously wanting another treat.

“Wow,” was all I could say, still completely bewildered.

Seadra deserved a reward so I threw him another pokeblock.

“O.K. Try Hydro Pump on Magmar, Flareon, Entei, Arcanine, and Charizard. You know, the wooden pokemon.” I instructed Seadra.

These pokemon were wooden unlike the previous ones, which were cardboard, and these were all in a line.He did as he was told, sucking up air and shooting out and amazing blast of high-pressured water, which impressed me once again. The river of water collided with the wall of pokemon. The pokemon were pushed back a couple feet and water sprayed everywhere, soaking nearby citizens. It reminded me of a dog shaking off all the water on it when it gets wet. Unfortunately, for Seadra and me, one of the people to get wet was Eizen.

Done: 8680

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