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Default Re: Chris's Pokemon Trivia Game

Originally Posted by Matthew
1. Sableye and (I can only find one...)
2. Ludiculo
3. Eevee--->Vaporeon
4. Pikachu
5. Persian

and just to clarify, when you say nuetral... do you mean offensively or defensively? And can you make you questions more clear next round?
Neutral means the attack does x1 damage.... (x.5 not effective, x2 super effective). And in what way was I unclear?

2, 3, 4, and 5 are all correct. 20 points to Matthew.

Current Standings:
Matthew - 46 points
boltAge - 2 points

round three coming up.... (with question 1 from round 2 still counting)
My Current FR/LG Team:
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