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Default Re: Squirtles in Cinnabar

Squirtles in Cinnabar
Chapter 6:The Final Fight

by Leman000

Yes, I was hopping to find this Squirtle.

“Kingdra, Twister!” I said.

Kingdra let loose a vicious Twister that flew straight at Squirtle. Unlike Seadra, Kingdra did not have to suck in air every time it wanted to attack. Squirtle countered the powerful dragon attack with a Water Gun. They collided mid-stadium spraying water. Squirtle put it s head down and started to swim quickly towards Kingdra.

“Go under water and use a Hydro Pump on it,” I yelled.

Kingdra dove underneath the water. Squirtle missed and crashed into the wall headfirst. Before it could brace it self a large jet of water blasted out from beneath the waves sending Squirtle soaring into the sky. Kingdra came up to se what his Hydro Pump had done.

“Hit it with a Twister before it lands, Kingdra,” I said.

Kingdra shot the swirling winds at the Squirtle, but missed barely. Squirtle, then, while it was falling, shot out a gargantuan blast of high-pressured water straight at Kingdra. The Hydro Cannon attack hit it’s mark and Kingdra was thrown to the back wall. Squirtle then used it’s withdraw attack, which absorbed most of the shock from the fall.

Almost as soon as he hit the water Squirtle was speeding towards Kingdra in another attempted Skull Bash attack. This time Squirtle didn’t crash into the wall and hit Kingdra. Kingdra yelped in pain.

“Water Gun, Kingdra,” I said.

The Squirtle was pushed back by the squirt of water. Squirtle shot out a blast of water, which was smaller than the Hydro cannon but still deadly. Kingdra, who had now gotten its sense back, dodged the attack.

“Ice Beam attack. Now!” I yelled.

Kingdra shot out a beam of freezing air across the water at Squirtle. It hit him and he was frozen solid. Squirtle was and ice cube.

“Use Hydro Pump to make sure that it is weak enough to be caught,“ I told him.

Kingdra shot out one more, large stream of water. Squirtle flew back and the ice shattered. Squirtle staggered up and shot out a weak water gun that did not make it half way to Kingdra and me. It started to swim closer and then it collapsed. I decided that this was enough and threw a pokeball at it. The Pokeball sucked it up in flash of red light and sat atop the water. I jumped on Kingdra who swam near it. The Pokeball was wiggling with Squirtle inside.

Done: 8680

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