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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

The Macine of Liflessness
Chapter Six: The Professor's Tale

By Leman000

It took thirty minutes for Gyarados to reach Pallet Town. When we got there, Gyarados lowered its head and we jumped of, onto another, sandy beach. I put Kingdra back into the Pokeball. We walked up the sandy beach, into the small town.

“How do we find him?” I asked Tongo.

“I know one man who can tell us everything,” said Tongo.

Tongo started walking up a road into the west edge of the town. Pallet Town was a tiny town, and there were many people riding bikes on the side of the road. It was a smaller version of Cinnabar, except there were no docks at each edge. Instead there were forests. Tongo took me to a hill over looking the town. On top there was a large white building with a Pokeball on the roof. The hill was large and grassy. When we reached the top we could see the entire town. We saw the true extent of the town it was maybe five miles wide and seven miles long.

A man came out of the building. He was old and had a white lab coat on. He seemed surprised to see Tongo, Swellow, and me here.

“Tongo!” he exclaimed, “Long time, no see. What brings you here?”

“Hello, Professor,” replied Tongo. “Leman, this is Professor Oak. I believe he can tell us about this cloaked man.”

“Nice to meet you Leman,” said the professor, “Come inside.”

When we entered the lab I saw the most of it was one large room. I only saw two doors, one on the left, and another at the far end to the lab. On the right of that door the entire wall was made of glass, and there were Pokemon in the back. People in lab coats were studying a group of Growlithe feeding on some Pokefood. The scientists had clipboards and were taking notes on them. A number of other people were standing next large and complex machines and fiddling with them. Others were logging data from the clipboards into computers.

The professor took us to the door on the left, and we found ourselves in a lounge. The professor motioned for us to sit down. The room had to long red couches and a bright green, squashy chair. There was perch nailed to the wall, and Swellow flew onto it. I also noticed a pool in the corner. On the right there was a large bookshelf, with hundredsof books in it. The wall furthest away from the wall was glass and there was door leading outside. There were pokemon outside here also. I didn’t recognize the pokemon here, but they were large brown birds with two heads, and yellow beaks and no wings. Professor Oak flopped down onto the squashy chair.

“So, before we discuss this cloaked man, I would like to see your pokemon, Leman. I run this laboratory, by the way. All the Pokemon here belong to Trainers, who sent them over, after they got six. I wonder which pokemon you will send over to me,” said Professor Oak.

I took out two of the Pokeballs and tossed them into the air. Eevee and Wartortle appeared side by side in a flash of white light. I took out Kingdra’s ball and threw that over to the tank. He appeared in that, and started to swim around in circles.

“A powerful Kingdra, and Wartortle, and an Eevee,” said Professor Oak.

“I also have a Spinirak, but she was stolen, by a cloaked man,” I told him.

“Spinirak are quite rare in Kanto. Where did you find it?” asked Oak.

“In a dumpster,” I replied.

Oak laughed. “How can I be of assistance?” he asked.

“Well there was this cloaked man, who came to Cinnabar and took Spinirak, and then came to Tongo’s Island and left with his Beedrill,” I explained.

The professor then said, “Well, which pokemon was he riding?”

“A Sharpedo,” I said.

The professor’s eyes lit up.

“I know who you are talking about,” he said, ”There is only one trainer with a Sharpedo, and his name is Anyunkoko, AKA the Pokenapper. He runs an organization much like Team Rocket, except that Anyunkoko believes in Dark Magic that had been created after Groudon and Kyogre’s fight, thousands of years ago. This magic was invented by an evil man, as a way to make money, saying that there were certain ways to reawaken Rayquaza, Groudon, or Kyogre. The magic told people to drain the life out of certain Pokemon to get them. Anyunkoko created a machine that can literally drain everything out of a Pokemon, leaving nothing, but an empty shell. In one of the passages in the book that this evil man wrote all the spells down in says,”

The professor paused to take book down from the case and read a passage from it, “‘Take a Spinirak and Beedrill, and harness the energy and transfer it into Dratini. But that is not all! Tallow and Zubat are needed for speed, and Mareep for power! Though Mareep is not powerful, its fleece has the electricity to give your Pokemon power. Move all of this power into Dratini and Rayquaza will bestow itself upon you.’ Anyunkoko is going try and get Rayquaza through this, but fail miserably killing Spinirak and Beedrill in the process! His headquarters is in a shack outside of Saffron City. All the other Pokemon he has are stolen also, or kidnapped from the wild!

”The Mareep he has, was taken from this very place. He used three Pokemon: an Alakazam, Arcanine, and Sceptile. All three are dangerous, so go with caution to this place.”

“How do we get to Saffron?” I asked.

“There is a train station the city north of here. It will take you straight to Saffron. The train leaves tomorrow at eight AM,” said Professor Oak.

“Then we should be going,” I said.

I recalled all of my pokemon and headed out the door. We were about to leave the lab when Professor Oak called out.

“Wait,” he said, ”Tongo I have the Pokeballs you wanted.”

Tongo, who hadn’t said a word since we got here, took the balls and thanked him. He handed six to me.

“I only need four, man,” he explained.

Swellow was sucked into one.

“Good Luck, Leman!” called Professor Oak, and we were on our way.

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