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Default Re: The Machine of Lifelessness

The Machine of Lifelessness
Chapter Seven: Anyunkoko takes two more

by Leman000

We headed out of the lab, down the hill, and back into the tiny town. If the train left for Saffron tomorrow, then we would have to leave for Viridian City very soon. We stocked up on Potions, food, and stuff like that. Tongo also insisted on picking up Gyarados. So we went down to the beach and Gyarados came up with a splash, roaring powerfully, and some people were a little intimidated. Small children screamed and ran behind there parents.

One bold kid, around 17 years old, the same age as Tongo, came up to us looking angry. He was wearing a pair of black swimming trunks, and had a great tan. His hair was brownish red, and he had a long, blue surfboard in his hand.

He started yelling, “Who do you think you are, calling up your Gyarados and scaring people? Huh? I want you to get you and you ugly fish out of here before I put a hurt onto you.”

I stood there, dumbfounded, because of this guy’s nerve to insult a Gyarados. The way he spoke also told me that this guy had no education, or slept through his English classes.

“Fine,” roared the obnoxious guy, “That’s the way you want to play wise guy? Go! Swampert, Rhydon, and Gengar!”

Three round Pokeballs flew into the air and the pokemon burst out of the balls. The first one, which I assumed was Swampert, was blue, and had orange fins covering its body. It roared fiercely and shot a mighty blast of dirty, brown water into the air. The second Pokemon, Rhydon, was as large as Swampert, and was made out of rock. It had a large grey horn, which was like a drill, and twirled it ferociously. Gengar was a purple, floating ghost. It was smaller than the other two, but it was probably just as strong.

I took out my Pokeball and sent out Wartortle, and Gyarados was on its side ready to battle along side it. Despite the enemy Pokemon’s size, Wartortle did not seem intimidated. Tongo threw his own ball in the air and Swellow came out in a brilliant flash of light, and it looked like we had a three-on-three battle on our hands.

Swellow had a big affect on the surfer dude. As it came out of the ball, the guy muttered something, and then started to wail.

“Tailooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooow!” he wailed.

Fat tears started to roll down his face, and his Pokemon just watched him. I ran up to him and tried to comfort him. After he stopped crying, I asked him why he was crying, and he replied,

“I once had a Tailow, you know, the pokemon that evolves into that pokemon, four days ago, the unthinkable happened.

“It was a day like today, but there were barely any people on the beach. Tailow and I were training. A man on a shark rode up to us. He was wearing a cloak, and he demanded me to hand over the Tailow.

“I said, ‘Why don’t you make me moron?’ Well he was a guy in frikin’ trench coat, how can you be intimidated by him?

“Then he says, ‘Fine, have it your way.’ His voice was all deep and evil like now, so I was a little scared. Tailow was terrified. So, I let out Rhydon, Swampert, and Gengar to protect me, and sent out an Alakazam, Sceptile and Arcanine. These Pokemon were strong man. Evil strong. Their eyes glowed with hate and power. The Arcanine, singed Rhydon, and KO’d him in one move. Alakazam, somehow took control of Gengar, and threw him all over the beach. Sceptile defeated Swampert with a leafy slash move, and Swampert collapsed. The three evil pokemon neared me threateningly, so I had to give Tailow over, I just had to! If I didn’t they would have killed me.”

“That man took my Spinirak, and his Beedrill. We know where he is going,” I told him.

The guy said, “Where is he going?”

“Saffron,” I replied.

“OK, then I will meat you there,” he said.

And then he jogged away, and his three pokemon were following behind him.

“That was weird,” I said to Tongo.

We all recalled our Pokemon, and headed up north. I no time at all we had crossed the town and were in the short route between Pallet Town and Viridian City. The rout was very bland, the ground was covered in brown dirt, the grass was brown, and the Pokemon were brown. Everyone who passed was wearing brown. Tongo and I were the brightest things around. That must be why nobody stays around here very much. After an hour, something broke the complete brownness.

It was a girl, around 14 years old; my age. She was short and wearing a red t-shirt, and blue jeans. Her hair was black and she was calling to someone.

“Zu-zu,” she called, “Zu-zu, where are you?”

She came up to me and said, “Have you seen a Zubat? I lost him. He was here last night, and then this morning he was gone. Have you seen him?”

“No,” I answered honestly.

“Oh, ok then,” she turned to leave, but remembered something.

She pulled a paper out of her pocket and held it up to my face.

“Do you know this guy?” she said.

The piece of paper was a note and the girl was pointing to person, who signed it. The note read:

Dear poor owner of this Zubat,

That pokemon is gone, and don’t go looking for it.

The Pokenapper

The note was short and to the point. The Pokenapper, as Professor Oak said was Anyunkoko. He had taken this girl’s Zubat.

I told her this news, and she started to cry. To comfort her I told her that Anyunkoko was going to Saffron, and we were tracking him also.

“I’m going to Saffron City!” she declared.

And she ran off. We kept going, talking about our Pokemon, and discussing battle strategy. After a while, we reached Viridian City, putting an end to all the brownness. We didn’t se most of the city, but the from the edge of it we saw that it was large and bright. There were many Pokemon and people in the city. There were sky scrappers as high as an Onix and as wide as Snorlax. We saw the girl from the brown route and the boy from the beach. The girl waved energetically, while the guy mad no signs of recognition at all. We went into the train station that was near the entrance of the city.

The inside of the large station, was jam-packed. There were hundreds of people running around trying to get form one station to another. The walls were a sage green color, while the carpet floors were a mellow yellow. There were four stations, each leading to a different city. I hadn't heard of any of them. The ticket that Professor Oak gave us said platform 28. We headed over there, and the clerk at the entrance quickly checked us in. We got inside, and the train had arrived, but it was not boarding. We sat down on a bench near the end of the platform. The train was long, blue and sleek and it looked like it would be very fast. The ticket said the train would be leaving in one hour and arriving in Saffron about three hours later.

We sat down on a large brown bench, discussed Anyunkoko's actions. We thought that he already had the Dratini, form some poor trainer. Then we realized that Anyunkoko had all the pokemon he needed, and he would kill them very soon.

Done: 8680

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