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Default Beware! Fake English Versions of Fire Red/Leaf Green on Ebay!

Beware! Fake English Versions of Fire Red/Leaf Green on Ebay!

Here we go again, more fakes of Pokemon games on Ebay.

English versions of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green fakes have been recently spotted on Ebay. Not only are these games not released in English yet, thereís not even a release date for Fire Red/Leaf Green in the US. There are two different versions of the fake images, one set of both Fire Red/Leaf Green that are poorly made fakes. And a second version of a Leaf Green fake image that is much better made.

Version 1.0 - Not Very Well Made Fake Images
The sellersí claim the games are in English, and has an image showing what seems to be an English version of the game. Not so fast. First off, the Fire Red version fakeís image is simply horrible, it used the original Red versionís design (same Charizard design), poor quality image, you only see about half of the image, and you can barely see the word ďfirered.Ē The font of the word is also done poorly, itís a simple bevel and emboss technique found on Adobe Photoshop (an image editor). Same goes for the Leaf Green version, but there has been second new fake image of Leaf Green, that is much more convincing.

Example auction from Ebay: Pokemon Fire Red

Version 2.0 - Much More Convincing Fake Image
This version fake Leaf Green image looks exactly what you would expect from an official game. One of the main sellerís of this fake game comes from Hong Kong, which is not a good sign, considering the fact that Hong Kong highly known for its piracy. And obviously, add that to the fact that the English version of Fire Red/Leaf Green hasnít been released yet. And not surprisingly, several other Ebay accounts selling the game have no feedback on their account. And a few of those new accounts with no feedback, yet again, are sellers from Hong Kong. With this new image, seller's are obviously using this one instead of the first fake image of Leaf Green. This new image would undoubtedly fool many people, it's well made (unlike the first ones), but definitely a possible task to make by a person with the skill and proper tools to do so. Currently, for Fire Red, sellers are still using the first badly made one.

Example auction from Ebay: Pokemon Leaf Green

Of course, all of these are bad signs for any product (especially one that hasnít been released). So beware of these fakes products. Itís not known what the sellerís would actually send to those that buy it, thatís assuming if they even send anything at all. In the past, the most famous Pokemon fakes has to be Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Jade versions that were available on Ebay, those are obviously fakes. Those games were actually a game called Keitai Denjuu Telefang (never released in the US), the games was hacked and badly translated into English and make it seem like they were Pokemon games.

For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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