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Almost instantly, 17 pokemon of varying species sprang out of their pokeballs. They too knew the situation and were ready to take off at a moment's notice.

Harry himself, quickly released his Charizard. The pokemon landed heavily on the sand, his face troubled with worry. But there was no time for words. In a quick second afterwards, Harry leaped Harry glanced at his watch. Based on their calculations, the escort would be passing in around three minutes. Three long and anxious minutes.

Already, a bead of sweat had formed upon his forehead. Perhaps from the heat or his jog, but he believed it to be his own nervousness. His tongue lay parched in his dry mouth and he flickered his eyes between each of his three troops, wondering and waiting for the action.

He glanced to Matthew. Like always, the teenager remained calm, his eyes never flinching from the road. Harry knew that although Matthew's family was still alive, he had seen countless friends suffer under the curse of the Alliance. Unfortunately, it drained his soul of all emotion, destroying the child he was. A cruel fate for anyone. Now, all he lived for, was fighting the enemy. Sadly, a feeling felt by many others in the Rebellion.

He turned his eyes to Jamie. Like a nervous Kecleon, her glances darted around the desert. Although new to the Rebellion, her skills with pokemon gained her respect and she soon advanced up the ladder of success. Even in her eyes, Harry could see the twinkle of innocence. She had never killed a man. But she would, and by then, her youth would leave her like Matthew.

And finally, Vex. Like Harry, he too suffered from grief. His family, had been slaughtered, mutilated at the hands of the Empress herself. They had been leaders of the Rebellion, but now... Vex understood what it felt to loose everything important. Everything you cherished. He joined the Rebellion to kill Catriona, and now, perhaps he would have the chance.

He glanced down, a minute left.

In a moment, the act shall be completed. The wicked Empress will be either dead or alive and their mission would be decided all on that. The time of judgement was at hand..

But not today.

In a instant flash of time, a giant explosion befell them, striking near the center of their hold. The sound of it was loud enough to pierce Harry's ears, and they rang with shock and pain. A mass of dust and sand flew up, choking everyone positioned. Already, Harry could see panic in the eyes of Vex and Jamie, and could imagine a similar look in his own eyes. Because, what shocked him was that they had been discovered.

However, in this confusion, lay a sea of calm. Daniella, probably the person closet to the attack, had managed to keep her cool. Seconds after the incident, her voice managed to choke out over the radio, "Retreat... Everyone, to the air!"

In an instant, upon hearing the order, several sets of hands reached down and grasped the pokeballs. The team had trained for this outcome and new precisely what to do.

from the ground and landed upon the giant pokemon's back.

"Let's go!" he commanded and the large creature acknowledge by taking off.

Making sure he was secure upon Charizard, Harry glanced around him to spot the other team members. Unfortunately, the sand thrown up by the cursed attack still zipped around him and he was unable to see a thing.

For seconds, he lived in anxiety, fearing for his friends and comrades. Fearing that they had been captured. Everyone knew that Cat would punish rebels severely, especiall rebels targeting her life.

Slowly, the pokemon and the Commander cleared the dust bowl, climbing high into clear air. Scanning the skies, he noticed several others, bursting forth from the cloud like himself. As if automatic, they slowly grouped back together, tailing General Daniella on her Dragonite. Although he couldn't see her face, Harry knew she pulsed with anger, her very movement and words expressed it.

"Waste!" she fumed indignantly,"All of it for nothing! How? How did they find out? We prepared, spent hours on the plan, and yet they found out!"

Suddenly, realizing that the entire team was listening to her, she changed her attitude and regained her posture.

"Commander Kim, report!" she sternly asked.

"Ma'am. All present and accounted for."

"Thankyou Mr. Kim. Now let's go home and figure out what we did wrong."

A chorus of "aye's" went around the group and then Daniella sped forward into the air with the rest following.

During the entire trip, no one spoke a word.
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