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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

I was training myself in Lavaridge Town, located at the foothills of Mt. Chimney. It was really cool that the town had an active volcano! I tracked up onto Mt. Chimney, as there are many famous hot springs sites situated there.

I managed to find a great spot for resting, as I took off my clothes and jumped into the hot spring. The water was very warm, at least tepid enough to take off my stressfulness.

Without noticing, I embarked on pondering on my upcoming Gym Match with Flannery, the leader of the Lavaridge Gym. I grasped the fact that I only had three Pokemon.

Firstly, my starter Pokemon was Crobat; it is Poison and Flying-type. Secondly, I had Roselia, caught near Mauville City, also Poison-type, but in addition, have Grass type characteristics. Lastly, I had Metang with me. It is a hardy Steel-type Pokemon, but my friend traded it to me. Steel-types are really weak against Fire, but its half Psychic-type can make up for it. However, since it’s traded, it will only obey me sporadically, unless I get enough badges.

I am really in a dilemma here. I will have an exceedingly ball-buster time with Flannery if I only have these Pokemon. If truth were told, in point of fact, I need another Pokemon, hopefully a Water-type, to douse the Fire Pokemon. On the other hand, how can I find Water-types Pokemon here in Lavaridge Town, where Fire Pokemon inhabits here instead?

I apprehended with the intention of asking people asking if there was any pond or lake nearby, by putting on my clothes, setting out to solicit people around.
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