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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

I sauntered around when I caught a glimpse of an old lady on Mt. Chimney.

“Hi, do you know of any lakes or pond nearby, as I need to catch some water Pokemon?” I posed the question politely.

The old lady looked at me, “No, there are no lakes or pond nearby, but I do have a water-type,” as she grinned at me.

“Really!” I asked impatiently.

“Yes, and I don’t really want them since I love fire-types, my husband gave them to me when he felt bored of water-types, as a result, I have one water-type,” she responded immediately.

“How about giving them to me since you’re not interested in them?” I requested hoping that she might permit.

“Are you crazy? It's totally ridiculous giving you two water Pokemon, there's no free lunch in the world!” She retorted instantaneously.

She’s a exceedingly shrew woman for her age…

“Then, tell me. Tell me how can I get those Pokemon?” I asked a little annoyed.

“How about battling me to a Pokemon battle? If you win, you will have the water Pokemon.” She inquired wearing a smirk on her wrinkled face.

“Sure, but how many Pokemon shall each of us use?” I queried.

“We will use three Pokemon each, if you win, you can have my water-type Pokemon, if you lose, then I will take one of your Pokemon, agree?” She roasted me.

I better win, or else, I am dead meat.

“Okay, I accept, let’s go!” I declared.
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