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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Cancelled,decided to write a better story so lock this.

Felix's Pokemon

Tooth the Male Totodile.Felix's first and strongest pokemon.It's personality is joyful and plays with all pokemon.

Alpha the Male Aipom.Alpha loves to play pranks and it tries to play a prank on Tooth but Tooth never fall for pranks.

Sunset the Female Butterfree.Sunset is a shiny because it has whitish orange on it's wings,a black body,and green eyes.

Vibrate the Male Vibrava.Waiting to be graded.Vibrate is Felix's fastest pokemon and it's the calm type.

Mantessa the Female Mantine.Main pokemon in story.

Felix rides a ferry to Sinnoh but trouble strikes when Felix's ship is getting attacked by Wailord and Wailmer. The ship sunk and Felix was just drifting there in the ocean but a Mantine came and saved Felix. Felix and his pokemon were the only survivors of the sunken ship found. The others died or dissapeared. The Mantine dropped Felix off at a uncharted island which is full of crazy jungle pokemon. Felix was about to challenge the Mantine for a battle but then a group of grass pokemon chased Felix. They then used razor leaf and the Mantine was forced to go away. Felix then meets a mysterious and familier person on the island. Felix now needs to survive on the island, find out what caused the Wailord and Wailmer angry and sink the ship, and capture the Mantine. Will Felix survive on the island?
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