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Old 04-08-2007, 09:11 PM
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Wink The Mewi League

In the vibrant mewi islands a boy named Sapphire and a girl named Ruby were taking part in the league. It was now the preliminary rounds where trainers were allowed to use only one pokemon. Now Ruby was against Mark a water pokemon expert from Cerulean City. Ruby used her walrein and Mark used kingdra named Ribella. This match was being held in an indoor stadium with a large pool in the middle.

“Use icebeam now on the water,” said Ruby.

Ribella quickly jumped into the air and used dragonbreath on walrein. Walrein was now paralyzed and Ribella was now rushing with a headbutt towards walrein.

“Do you think you could beat me?” boasted Mark.

Then in a flash walrein used iron defense which reduced the attack significantly. Walrein was now released from its paralysis. So it used body slam which was still not enough to defeat Mark’s experienced kingdra.

“Hydro pump,” yelled Mark “now!”

“Icebeam,” Commanded Ruby.

The two attacks collided together flying each pokemon at least 12 feet away from their trainers. The field was now crowded in smoke and the spectators were anxious to see what was going to happen next. The smoke cloud quickly vanished and walrein was still energetic but Ribella had crashed into an ice pillar causing her to faint.

“That’s all,” said the announcer, “the winner is Ruby."

Ruby was now on her way to stadium 3AS where Sapphire was now battling Tarina. Tarina’s yanma was almost defeated but Tarina was not going down without a fight.

“Yanma use solarbeam,” said Tarina.

Manetric used spark at full speed. Before the solarbeam attack could finish yanma was hit by powerful attack which made it collapse. Sapphire and Ruby had now made it to the qualifying rounds which will be three double battles. Meanwhile Sapphire was using his pokegear and heard that his friend Emerald had just won his battle. Sapphire decided to go into the woods to train while Ruby remained at the pokemon center. While he was racing his sceptile a trio appeared in front of him.

They were none other than Jessie, James and meowth but this team rocket only wanted to improve on their training rather than steal pokemon. Sapphire accepted to challenge Jessie on a three on three single battle. First he sent out sceptile and Jessie used arbok. Arbok used a poison tail but it was evaded and was hit with a leaf blade from sceptile. Arbok now used poison sting which had a direct hit on sceptile but sceptile ignored the attack since it was charging for a solarbeam. Sceptile quickly unleashed the concealed power but arbok was unable to dodge causing it to faint instantly. Jessie recalled arbok and Sapphire recalled sceptile. Jessie removed a special pokeball from her pocket; it was black covered in yellow stripes.

“GO salamence,” said Jessie.

Sapphire now sent out his manetric. Salamence used a hyper beam and manetric quickly leaped for safety still receiving 20% damage. Manetric used thunder but salamence just absorbed the attack and used dragonbreath which immediately knocked out manetric. Sapphire then used his noctowl which was very fast. Salamence attacked with tackle which did heavy damage. Noctowl then used hypnosis which put salamence to sleep and with a series of peck salamence fainted. Jessie now used saviper.

Noctowl used peck but saviper burrowed into the ground. In less than a second saviper surfaced the earth and gave noctowl a poison tail which made the bird collapse. It was now down to the last pokemon sceptile and saviper. Saviper rushed towards sceptile with poison tail but sceptile leaped into the air and then attacked with quick attack but it was too late. Saviper had already burrowed into the ground and sceptile was now vulnerable for a dig attack.

BOOM sceptile was hit by a dig attack and soon after hit by a powerful poison tail. Sceptile only chance was a solarbeam. Sceptile began to absorb sunlight but saviper was coming in for the kill. At the last moment a devastating solarbeam drove saviper backwards causing it to collide into a rock. Unfortunately saviper had no energy left and Sapphire defeated Jessie. Jessie then said that maybe Sapphire will battle James in the league since he is participating. After that Sapphire went back to the pokemon center where he would rest for his next big match tomorrow.

It was now 6am and Ruby decided that she should get a head start since her match was at 7am. Sapphire was still fast asleep and had the room where they resided for the night. Ruby was now running to the Aqua Simulator which was a place made for trainers to train. As she entered she was amazed by the wonderful technology and decided to do some simulation training. She approached the machine which looked like an arcade game and placed the light blue helmet on her head. The game asked if she would face a gymleader, elite four, or registered trainer. She said registered trainer and a long list of names appeared on the screen in a queue. She chose the option random and the names begun to scroll down quickly until it stopped on Diamond. He was a tall brown haired boy who disliked losing. His profile said that he was from the Sinnoh Region and used all sorts of ancient and rare pokemon. Before the battle began the game said to release her pokemon in the pokeball case so she could use them. She agreed and the match against simulated Diamond was about to begin. Diamond threw out his aerodactyl which was an ancient flying rock pokemon. Ruby sent out her blaziken which was a top notch competitor.

“Ancient power!” exclaimed Diamond.

But blaziken was to fast for aerodactyl and dodged the attack while hitting aerodactyl with a sky uppercut. That was a devastating attack but aerodactyl quickly recovered and used a take down on blaziken. Ruby could feel the impact as if she were bounded with her beloved pokemon. Blaziken was now injured and it was up to Diamond to take full advantage. Aerodactyl was now rushing in for another takedown but Ruby ordered blaziken to use dynamic punch. The two attacks collided causing a massive explosion. “Could it be” exclaimed Ruby. The field was now cleared and blaziken had fainted but aerodactyl was still soaring through the air. Now Ruby could only use one more pokemon since it was a two on two battle. Ruby glanced at the simulated character and saw him chuckle.

“What are you chuckling at!” shouted ruby forgetting that he was just a simulation.

“I’ll give you something to laugh about,” chuckled Ruby, “come on out walrein.”

Aerodactyl quickly rushed towards walrein but walrein used ice beam which froze aerodactyl in its tracks. Then walrein used body slam on the frozen aerodactyl which caused aerodactyl to faint. Diamond sent out his electabuzz which he got from his father as an elekid when he was only 11. Electabuzz used swift but walrein used iron defense which made the attack seem useless. Walrein then used ice beam but electabuzz countered with thunder but electabuzz thunder wasn’t strong enough to hold off the ice beam. Electabuzz then flew through the air after being hit by ice beam. With no time to recover it was plunged into the ground with a body slam from walrein.

Ruby was the winner and she was confident she could win her qualifying matches. She quickly removed her pokeballs from the machine and hurried to the stadium since it was now 6:30am. It will be a tough competition thought Ruby. Meanwhile Sapphire was heading to stadiumW32 where he would have his first match. Now Ruby and Sapphire will have to depend on their pokemon and skills if they ever have to make it to the finals. Sapphire was now in stadium W32 where he would take part in his first battle of the qualifying rounds. As we know the qualifying rounds is where a trainer has three battles and if he or she loses one they are out.

The battle listings for Sapphire, Ruby and emerald were as follows:

EMERALD first battle: Mileena second battle: Pearl third battle: Ruby

SAPPHIRE first battle: krane
second battle: Tate third battle: James

RUBY first battle: Gary second battle: Leon third battle: Emerald


Sapphire was now about to begin his match against Krane but the rules had changed. Instead of having a double battle they would have a three on three single battle.

“GO Noctowl,” he said in a loud voice.

“Come on out, Sally,” said Krane.

Sally was a beautiful pidgeot who had a lot of experience from training in harsh winters.

“This battle will be performed in the air,” said Krane. Noctowl used hypnosis but it was evaded by Sally.

Sally then flew high into the air leaving both noctowl and Sapphire confused.

“Fly attack,” commanded Krane.

In a flash of light noctowl was hit by a powerful fly attack but that did not threaten noctowl. Noctowl now used peck which looked like it was useless. Sally was now glowing in order to do a sky attack but noctowl used hypnosis which sent Sally to sleep. Sally was now crashing into the ground and Krane could only watch helplessly as his beloved bird fell to the ground. Sally was now on the ground and had suffered tremendous damage from falling from such height.

Noctowl now gave Sally a tackle which dealt a great deal of damage. It all looked liked Sapphire had the advantage but as soon as noctowl was about to use tackle again Krane sprayed awakening on the field which awakened the sleeping pokemon. Then Sally used quick attack which collided with noctowl’s tackle. The attack took a great deal of energy from both pokemon but they both hung on. This caused a bitter explosion and no one could see the field due to all the smoke.

Krane confidently said, “use fly out of that cloud."

Everyone was surprised when they saw Krane’s pidgeot fly up in the air. The smoke was now cleared and noctowl was unable to battle. “You think I’m gonna let you win” said Krane with confidence.

“We will see about that,” said Sapphire.

He now sent out sceptile who everyone thought was a bad choice but he knew his sceptile was strong. Sally was now about to use aerial ace which trainers called the flash attack or aerial finisher. Sceptile was now charging energy for his attack; his tail began to glow as sunlight was being absorbed. Sally was now flying at high speeds towards sceptile and in less than a second sceptile was hit with a powerful aerial ace.

“SOLAR- BEAM,” screamed Sapphire but Krane commanded Sally to use quick attack towards sceptile.

Everyone was surprised was this trainer out of his mind but he was not. For he knew if he could just give sceptile a little more damage he could have the advantage. Sally was now diving into the solarbeam and it looked as if it was receiving no damage. Sapphire’s expression quickly changed as he saw Sally’s quick attack hitting sceptile. Sceptile was driven 2 feet backwards but immediately after the attack it collapsed costing Krane to lose one of his pokemon. Krane sent out his beloved luvdisc which he got from his girlfriend, Erika. Luvdisc used rain dance which was a perfect move since its special ability is swift swim.

Sapphire quickly ordered sceptile to use quick attack, “Yes, it was a direct hit,” thought Sapphire.

But Krane made luvdisc counter with ice beam which sent sceptile flying. “Oh no!” said Sapphire while holding his head. It was too late to think of a plan, Krane had already ordered luvdisc to use quick attack. With luvdisc speed doubled due to the rain, the move was unavoidable and made sceptile fall into the ground.

“Amazing,” shouted the announcer, “it looks like sceptile is still in!"

“Sceptile use sunny day,” Said Sapphire. “So that’s sceptile fourth attack,” whispered Jessie in the crowd.

Luvdisc use quick attack but sceptile countered with solarbeam. Luvdisc had received devastating damage but it still had some energy left. Luvdisc was now using ice beam and sceptile was using solarbeam. The two attacks collided together causing a huge explosion, the both pokemon had fainted and the battle was just heating up.

“Go Meganium,” said Krane, “Go Hitmonchan” shouted Sapphire.

Meganium used reflect which would weaken all physical attacks by half. Hitmonchan was using ice punch but Meganium used earthquake which made it hard for it to move while weakening it.

“Body slam,” commanded Krane but before it could have an impact Hitmonchan, he used sky uppercut which sent Meganium soaring through the air.

With no delay Hitmonchan rushed towards Meganium with an ice punch which dealt a lot of damage. Meganium recovered easily from then attack using synthesis but Hitmonchan was now using focus punch. Meganium countered with body slam which caused Hitmonchan to be partially paralyzed. It was all looking bad for Sapphire.

Meganium used earthquake but Hitmonchan countered by using focus punch on the ground. Hitmonchan rushed towards Meganium with ice punch which froze it to the ground. Hitmonchan was now rushing in with a sky uppercut and Krane could only watch helplessly as his pokemon was going to be KO’d. The focus punch had a direct impact on Meganium which immediately made it faint giving victory to Sapphire.

“Hey” said Krane, “you are very good.'

“Thanks,” replied Sapphire who was now on his way to stadium 4D where Ruby was battling.

Ruby battle had already begun. Both she and Gary had already lost one of their pokemon which were her walrein and his blastoise. She now had her blaziken on the field which was one of her strongest pokemon but she was going to need more than strength to win this battle. Meanwhile Professor Oak was watching the league from his home and was surprised by how much Gary had grown.

“GO umbreon,” shouted Gary.

Umbreon attacked with a powerful shadow ball but blaziken used flamethrower to negate the attack. Umbreon was now using quick attack but blaziken just stood there and wait. As soon as umbreon landed its attack, Blaziken used a furious sky uppercut which was super effective. Umbreon was still in the game and was not willing to go down any time soon.

“Hyper beam,” shouted Gary.

“Flamethrower,” commanded Ruby and in less than a second the both attacks collided causing a struggle between the two pokemon.

Finally the hyper beam was too much for blaziken and over powered its flamethrower. This attack drove blaziken backwards and caused it to lose a lot of energy.

“Now,” said Ruby in an overconfident voice, “use sky uppercut while he is weak and vulnerable.'

This looked it was the end and the attack was very powerful which made Gary even more anxious to show umbreon’s power.

“Wow tough umbreon,” said Ruby.

“Thanks,” said Gary, “but I am not through with you.”

Umbreon was now using shadow ball which had a direct hit on blaziken. Blaziken was now using flame thrower and umbreon dodged while using a quick attack on blaziken. Everyone in the crowd was now thinking how a dark type could take on a fighting type with such confidence. Blaziken gave umbreon its third sky uppercut which caused the pokemon to collapse on the ground. Gary now had one pokemon left which he caught on a research expedition in sinnoh.

“GO ELECTIVIRE,” shouted Gary.

Ruby pointed her pokedex at Electivire since she knew nothing about it but her pokedex said pokemon unknown.

“Use mine,” said Gary “thanks” responded Ruby.

“This pokemon is the evolved form of electabuzz and is said to have summoned lightning three miles away,” said the pokedex in a robotic voice.

Blaziken was now charging with a sky uppercut but electivire countered with thunder punch which made blaziken fall to the ground.

“Go Altaria,” said Ruby.

Altaria now used dragonbreath which was dodged by electivire while using thunder punch. The thunder punch did minimal damage but managed to paralyze Altaria. With Altaria paralyzed electivire used focus punch which had a great impact. Ruby commanded Altaria to fly high into the air but that was still not the best dodging method. That was easily countered with thunder which did not bother her. Altaria was now charging at electivire and gave him a full fly attack. Electivire was now charging focus punch but Altaria stopped him with dragonbreath.

“Hyper beam,” commanded Ruby which gave electivire a lot of damage.

But Gary was focused and confident which gave him an edge in the battle. Electivire rushed with focus punch and immediately used seismic toss to end the match. But Altaria had gripped on to electivire causing him to crash into the ground with her. Both trainers were now worried and as the field cleared the referee announced that both electivire and Altaria were unable to battle and the match was a draw. Ruby wanted to win but a draw was okay because it was only if you lose one of your three battles you are out of the league.

Ruby was now leaving the stadium when she met Sapphire. Sapphire explained why it was critical to win in the qualifying rounds. He said that 0 points are awarded for a loss, 1 point is awarded for a draw and 3 points are awarded for a win. He also reminded Ruby that if she lost one of her games she would still have to play the rest.

“Why are points important?” asked Ruby.

“Because they determine who you are going against in the victory round,” responded Sapphire.

“How” answered Ruby.

He said that trainers with 3 to 6 points who did not lose a match will go into the weak group and trainers with 7 to 9 points will be in the strong group.

“Here is the freaky part, people from the weak group will be randomly being chosen to battle people from the strong group!" said sapphire enthusiastically.

Meanwhile Sapphire was distracted from a call from his friend Emerald who said that he won his battle against Mileena and is looking forward to his battle with Ruby.

“This will be interesting,” thought Sapphire as he remembered the battle he had earlier.

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Default Re: The Mewi League

Um... Bad grammar and this needs to be moved to Pokemon Fan Fiction.
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Default Re: The Mewi League

Originally Posted by SunshineWingull View Post
Um... Bad grammar and this needs to be moved to Pokemon Fan Fiction.
What he said.
It's also intimidating to the readers when it all just a huge block of text and not put into seperate paragraphs. O_o

yeah yeah yeah
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Default Re: The Mewi League


It's painful to read. So... chunky... @_@
Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
I suffer from some desease where I just don't feel like catching a pokemon unless it's rare, which ends in me never catching com mons.

I finished Gold with a pokedex of 6.

Oak's Rating: "Congratulations! Looks like you've learned how to use a pokeball!"
Originally Posted by Charbok View Post

Haagen-Daz is an ice cream company, dumbass.

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Default Re: The Mewi League

Thanks for your replies and your comment. Look out for the new chapter.
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Default Re: The Mewi League

So you didn't pay attention to what they said? You should fix the first one before posting a new one.
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Default Re: The Mewi League

*Moved to Pokemon Fan Fiction.

I recommend fixing up that first chapter before posting another one. The formatting is quite bad...

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Red face Re: The Mewi League

Originally Posted by Kayden Javlaíakín View Post
What he said.
It's also intimidating to the readers when it all just a huge block of text and not put into seperate paragraphs. O_o

Actually, I'm a she...
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Default Re: The Mewi League

Originally Posted by SunshineWingull View Post
Actually, I'm a she...
it doesn't matter, Neo called me a 'he' thrice.
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Default The Mewi League 3

Sapphire was just waking up from bed when he heard the radio say that all matches will start one hour earlier. He knew that he would have to get ready now if he was ever to make it on time. He quickly grabbed his pokemon belt, put on his shoes and left the pokemon center as fast as possible.

“Where are you of to?” asked Nurse Joy worriedly.

“Just a big pokemon battle,” responded Sapphire.

Sapphire was now running towards Grand stadium which was the largest battle stadium in the mewi league.

“Looks like I’m going to have a grand entrance,” thought Sapphire.

Sapphire was just 3 steps away from the entrance when he heard that he had one minute before battling in the large stadium. He quickly ran inside and then put on his gloves and chose his pokemon so that he could enter in style.

“COME ON OUT TATE AND SAPPHIRE!” exclaimed the announcer.

The two boys came on the field excited and energetic to have a match that the crowd would enjoy.

“COME OUT SOLROCK!” shouted Tate.

The crowd was already going wild since Tate was widely known for being a gym leader with his sister Liza.

“I choose you, Espeon,” said Sapphire. In less than a second Espeon was dashing towards solrock with iron tail but solrock used confusion which stopped it dead in its tracks and drove it 14 feet backwards. As we all know cats land on their feet and Espeon was no exception, so it took a light landing and used psychic. That gave solrock a nasty hit but the damage was not very effective.

“Flamethrower now solrock,” commanded Tate.

“Shadow ball,” shouted Sapphire.

The both attacks collided and created a huge explosion but finally the shadow ball cut through the flamethrower. Before the field could clear from the dust and smoke Sapphire commanded an iron tail. Everyone thought this boy was mad even the reporter who had seen this was shocked and thought the attack would miss since the battle field was now totally foggy. With espeon’s speed solrock was unable to determine the angle of attack and in less than a second solrock was struck with a powerful iron tail. Tate was still not giving up and ordered solrock to use headbutt, it was so powerful that espeon was now gasping for air and had received a devastating critical hit.

The field was now clear and mostly everyone from johto, kanto, hoenn and even few from sinnoh were cheering Tate on. Tate was now desperate to win and in this mood of desperation he ordered solrock to use sandstorm which would have a lasting effect. Espeon was now being buffeted by the sandstorm and it was also losing accuracy due to the thick coat of sand now completely covering the field. Solrock was rushing towards espeon with headbutt which completely took espeon off guard. Sapphire quickly requested a shadow ball from espeon which landed a perfect hit on the opponent. It looked like solrock was fainted but that was not the case, it used a sharp confusion but the attack missed. As soon as solrock was visible in the thick sandstorm espeon used psychic which landed directly on its weak spot.

“That’s it,” said the announcer.

Solrock was now defeated but that was ok for Tate because he knew the sandstorm was perfect for his plan. His next pokemon was claydol and it was just as strong as solrock.

“Use swift,” thought Sapphire since that is the only move that would have perfect aim.

The swift took claydol rapidly but claydol quickly used earthquake which had a massive impact on espeon which caused it to faint. “

Come out,” said Sapphire, “sceptile.”

“OH!” said Tate surprisingly, “that’s your next pokemon.”

Claydol quickly used psychic but sceptile dodged it and used sunny day which eliminated the sandstorm. Claydol was now completely exposed without the cover of sandstorm. Sceptile was now running towards claydol but claydol used earthquake. Sceptile anticipated the attack and leaped at full force into the air and unleashed a solarbeam. It was so powerful that it overwhelmed claydol’s defense and made it fall to the ground.

Sceptile was sending another solarbeam towards claydol but claydol countered with psychic but the solarbeam wasn’t enough and the psychic threw sceptile at an accelerated speed towards the wall which was enclosing the stadium. Immediately after hitting the wall the crowd awed in disbelief. Even if they were still cheering for Tate, they could not help feel sorry for sceptile. Sceptile was now getting up, struggling with pain at every limb.

“Earthquake,” said Tate.

This made sceptile completely immobilized but sceptile used solarbeam which required no charging because of sunny day still in effect. The solarbeam had a direct hit but claydol’s special defense was so powerful that claydol completely shielded with its body. It then used confusion but sceptile dodged the attack and was now speeding with leaf blade. The leaf blade had a direct effect and was more effective since it was close range. Claydol quickly recovered from the hit and used confusion which not only dealt damage but confused sceptile. Claydol was now used hyper beam which quickly fainted sceptile.

“Oh no,” said Sapphire, “I can only use one pokemon.”

Sapphire threw the pokeball into the air and released his beloved noctowl. Noctowl immediately fired a hyper beam which had a direct hit on claydol which immediately caused it to faint.

Tate chuckled and said, “That noctowl is toast.”

Sapphire just laughed and said, “In your dreams.”

This time Tate took out a blue pokeball marked with a black lightning bolt. The pokemon seemed to be a flygon and the crowd was shocked since Tate never used it in the gym. Sapphire ordered noctowl to use tackle but to his surprise the move was faster and shaper than ever before. Before the attack could land flygon used dragonbreath which paralyzed the bird in mid-air. Sapphire then realized the move used earlier was takedown and noctowl had forgotten tackle. Noctowl was falling to the ground and Sapphire could only look helplessly as his noctowl fell to the ground. In the last second noctowl saved itself from the devastating blow but its worries were not over.

Flygon was now rushing in with an iron tail and since noctowl was flying in slow motion there is no way it could evade the attack. Sapphire decided to defend and used hyper beam which totally missed target then the iron tail finally hit which plunged noctowl into the ground. The dust had risen from the ground creating a fog on the field temporarily distorting the spectators view. Everyone was waiting for the field to clear so that noctowl’s fate could be decided.

Sapphire said, “Noctowl, hyper beam.”

The beam had a direct hit and immediately cleared the field from the dust but flygon just brushed the attack off and used ice beam which hit noctowl and did tremendous damage. Noctowl was now gasping for air and was almost done for until it used hypnosis which sent flygon falling into the ground. Flygon had crashed into the ground and was now vulnerable to attack. Noctowl was now using takedown which dealt a critical hit on flygon.

“WAKE UP FLYGON,” shouted Tate, “I NEED YOU!”

Flygon woke up slowly as if it had awoken from a very deep sleep. Flygon used ice beam and noctowl used hyper beam which created a huge explosion that caused both pokemon to faint simultaneously. It was over and both Tate and Sapphire was enlightened by their performance. They both shook hands and turned towards the crowd.

“This has been a classic performance,” said the announcer, “maybe next time they perform even better and one of them may win”.

Meanwhile Liza was in the crowd cheering her twin brother on and also enjoyed watching her brother become better than her. Sapphire was now outside the grand stadium when he met is friend emerald.

“Hey there,” exclaimed Emerald, “long time no see.”

“Nice to see you too,” responded Sapphire.

“I am on my way to stadium W32 where I will be battling earl,”said Emerald

“Do you want to come,” asked Emerald, “to see me win.”

“NO” answered Sapphire, “I need to find Ruby first.”

“See you later,” Said Emerald, “and don’t forget to tell your friend Ruby, I will be awaiting our battle.”

Sapphire was now at the pokemon center where he refreshed himself and his pokemon. On his way out, Nurse Joy asked if he heard of Ruby’s awesome victory but he responded no. After leaving the pokemon center, he immediately used his pokegear to listen to the radio.

“GOOD DAY,” said the news reporter, “this is the daily relay show.”

“Today was excellent; the match between Leon and Ruby was a masterpiece.”

Ruby’s finisher was a sky uppercut which she used on Leon’s Mightyena.

Sapphire was now rushing towards stadium W32 where Emerald was now having his battle. On his way, he met Ruby who gladly followed him to see what she was going up against in her next battle. They were now in seats way above the battle arena’s level and visibility was now lessened. Emerald and Pearl were now down to there last pokemon and both were fully energized. Emerald commanded his swampert to use hydro pump and the attack had a direct on Pearl’s staraptor. Staraptor was now glowing and swampert was immobilized.

Staraptor was now using sky attack and swampert used dynamic punch but the attack missed and swampert received a powerful shot which dealt enormous damage. Staraptor was now using aerial ace but Emerald countered with hyper beam which only dealt 50% of the intended damage. Only a second after that move swampert was hit by a powerful aerial ace. Staraptor immediately used quick attack which was so fast that not even the referee could see it. Swampert now used a dynamic punch which did little damage but confused Staraptor on contact. Swampert used hydro pump which smashed staraptor into the arena’s wall. The crowd was now gasping with disbelief.

Staraptor tried to get up but
crashed into the ground due to its confusion. The match was now over and it looked as if Emerald could not be beaten but Ruby swore that she would not allow him to defeat her. The match ended and Ruby and Emerald got know each other better and decided that they together with Sapphire could all Visit the Grand stadium tomorrow, since they had no matches. The next day was as bright as ever and Ruby and Sapphire was ready to leave the pokemon center when they got a call from Emerald. Emerald was in some trouble and needed the two trainers to meet him right away at lighthouse point. Ruby and Sapphire was on the beach running towards the lighthouse when they saw Emerald being held by Team Aipom. Team Aipom was the ruthless gang of the Mewi islands who liked nothing but ruining fun.

“Hey you two,” shouted Ruby “let go of him.”

The leader of Team Aipom along with his Apprentice challenged the two trainers. The terms were if Team Aipom won Emerald would have to give up his pokemon but if the trainers won then they release Emerald and stop harassing trainers at the Mewi League. The battle rules were one pokemon to each of the four trainers and when the both trainers of a particular team pokemon faint the battle will be over.

Angel (Team Aipom’s leader) sent out a mamoswine and his apprentice, Lan sent a girafarig. Ruby used her blaziken while Sapphire used his sceptile. Sceptile used sunny day which intensified the heat. Girafarig now used a psybeam on Blaziken which did a lot of damage but blaziken shook it and used sky uppercut on mamoswine. The attack was perfect and mamoswine used earthquake which dealt damage to all pokemon including girafarig.

Sceptile and Blaziken both attacked mamoswine with solarbeam and flamethrower respectively. The attack was too much for mamoswine and it fainted instantly. It was up to girafarig who used psychic on blaziken which completely threw the pokemon off balance and caused it to faint instantly. Sceptile now used solarbeam and girafarig countered with psychic. The conditions at the lighthouse were now unbearable because of the collision of the attacks.

Finally the psychic overpowered the solarbeam which sent sceptile fly across the sandy ground. Sceptile had now caught its grip and was standing firmly on the sand. Sceptile used solarbeam but girafarig countered with psychic. Before the psychic could overpower the solarbeam, sceptile leaped into the air and unleashed a solarbeam which took girafarig by surprise.

The attack was now unbearable and girafarig could not help but faint. The battle was now over and Emerald was released from the clutches of Team Aipom and they swore they would keep their promise. Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire were now heading towards the battle stadium where they were assured a great battle.

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Default Re: The Mewi League

ummm.... did you even read anything that anyone else posted???
you really need to separate it into sections/paragraphs .... it hurts my eyes to look at it....

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Default Re: The Mewi League

*comes in*...*looks at giant blocks-o-text*

.....MY EYES!

Anyway, I got about halfway reading through the first block before I gave up. Its just too hard to read, and it doesn't seem like you took the other's advice.


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Default Re: The Mewi League

I want to read it but Cant.....Paragraph!!!!
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Default Re: The Mewi League

Please can someone tell me how to separate the text. DON'T BE MEAN
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Default Re: The Mewi League

i am having trouble thats why it is so chunky.
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