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Old 08-12-2007, 04:19 AM
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Default The Neverending Battle

An Eternal Pokemon Battle
Use any Pokemon, Even Made up ones!!!, and you can even use yourself as a last resort
Don't say I used tackle, now ur dead, You can even Catch wild ones...and if your bored you can catch other people

There will be Chapters, each one is finished when someone PWNZ them all

The First Chapter is:
The War of Time

You CANNOT get these pokemon:

Srry if you liked those

Be Resonable with your stats, and all Pkmn are at lvl 100
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Old 08-12-2007, 03:33 PM
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Default Re: The Neverending Battle

Fine I'll be Vainbow a Psychic/Water type.

War Team: DOGD

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Old 08-12-2007, 05:02 PM
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Default Re: The Neverending Battle

i shall be scythachu(my avi)
he's a pikachu in a scyther suit.

3 types of them
electric, bug, flying

hyper beam

he can mix 2 moves together ie, hyperslash, thunderslash,thunderbeam etc...
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Old 08-16-2007, 02:06 PM
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Smile Re: The Neverending Battle

I Be Mikachu (Me-ca-chew)
Thunder Its always a rainbow type/ Eletric
Iron Tail No Plate ELetric Fighting Steel
Pichu-Pikachu + Shiny stone to Mikachu
Thunderstone riachu

Volt Tackle

Lvl 100on plate
Abilty 1 Steel Armor Critcal hits dont effect it
Abilty 2 Static Has a 40% chance
Abilty 3 MultiType Changes type depending on plate
abilty 4 Multiabilty can have as many abiltys as wanted
Abilty5 ComeBack has a after faint life to atack
Abilty 6 Spescail Cambo Can Mix 2 moves together

Hatch: 533
Pikachu: 578

Done: 818

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Old 08-17-2007, 01:15 PM
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Default Re: The Neverending Battle

I'll be Dianite

Dianite's Stats

Abilities: Wonder Guard, Air Lock, Bad Dreams

Type: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Angelic (Made Up) (Super and Weak Against Dark)

Moves: Holy Arrow (Angelic), Rising Dragon (Dragon), Lightning Spear (Electric), Celestial Slash (Fire)

Extra Moves: Cruel Drop (Water), Hurricane Stab (Flying), Soul Crush (Dark), Drill Kick (Fighting), Wrath Of Heaven (Angelic), Wrath Of Hell (Dark), Galaxy Beam (Water), Omega Ice (Water), Omega Wind (Flying), Omega Fire (Fire), Overlord's Wrath (Normal), Dragon Raid (Dragon), Xenon Dance (Normal), Lullaby (Normal), Gigaton Bomb (Normal), King Of Beast (Fighting), Instant Death (Fighting), Big Wheel (Normal)
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