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Old 11-19-2007, 04:20 AM
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Default Super Mario Sunshine 2: Island of Un-Parallel Dooms

Storyline:Mario and company(Toadsworth, Toad, Peach, and Yoshi) are saying their final goodbyes to the Piantas and Nokis. Whilst they are setting up for departure they see a television broadcast. Peach says:"Oh Mario, look at that". Mario and company glares at Tv. In Mario's P.O.V he's blindfully shocked by his illusion of fruits. Broadcasting is an advertisment of an Island that is just off the coast of Isle Delfino. The Horaj reporter says:"Welcome to the wonderful Island paradise called TropicalShore Island. We are finally opened for tourists. This Island brings you the delight of the yearly-sun, cool spring breezes, Spas, Hotels, Buffets, Restaurants, Beaches, and plenty more. So come on down and enjoy a Tropical Fruit Punch as first-time visitors". After hearing about food, Mario eccentrically runs to the plane with all of his belongings without his farewells to the Piantas. So after everyone has finished their farewells, they all boarded the plane and left off in a hurry. On the plane, everyone was zoning out wondering on what they shall do first once they arrived to the luxious Island. After a long relaxing flight, they have finally reached their destination and got off without a huff...

Plot:Unkowingly,Bowser and Bowser Jr. lurks in the shadows of the Island. To Mario and his co-horts suprise, Bowser is devising up a plan that surpasses all of his previous plans. Due to his many losses, Bowser has discovered Mario's huge flaw.....FOOD! After a long time of hiding and sneaking, Bowser has finally decided to make his move. Bowser has opened up a shop called "Lava Cookies Extravaganza". Due to Mario being blistfully unaware of things when it comes down to food, he hovers over to the shop with little hesitation. But once he got there and tried a cookie from the mysterious shop owner, he took his bite. Once his food was swallowed....He fell down due to fatigue(the cookie caused this). Bowser finally appears in broad daylight and smacks him witha painting that's a tad bit larger than Mario. The Painting is a vortex to another dimension. Mario now finally begins his journy...In The TropicalShore Island.

Mario-He, obviously, plays the leading role in this game.
Peach-Although she's rarely seen she still plays an important role
Toadsworth-The father of all toads, he will be seen in the beginning and end of the game
Toad(s)-They are seen mainly throughout the whole game
Yoshi-He will be seen in many of the courses and will guide Mario through his quest
MagiKoopa-This special guy helps Mario out as well by filling up his trust magic meter.
Birdo-She will play a role in the game, because in some cases...Yoshi will get kidnapped. So in these Stages, she will play an important role being a fill-in for Yoshi in his absence.
Bowser-The main villain of nearly all Mario games. He's back with a vengeance
Bowser Jr.-Here comes Bowser Jr. He's an annoying villain who always plans on taking down Mario
Giga Bowser-After the Final Clash between Mario and Bowser, Bowser has a crystal that's a purplish color and swallows it. This causes Bowser to be 2x as Powerful, 2x as much speed, and 2x as much stamina.
Shadow Mario-Wait, but Bowser Jr. is already a villain in various couses! Can it be possible that Shadow Mario really does exist?
Petey Pirahna-Boss of Course 1, Stage 3
King Boo-Boss of Course 4, Stage 6
Wiggler-Boss of Course 2, Stages 3 and 7
Lemmy Koopa-Boss of Course 3, Stages 2 and 5
Mecha Bowser-Boss of Course 5, Stage 3
Mecha Bowser Jr.-Boss of Course 5, Stage 2
Sparse the Chamelleon-Boss of Course 6, Stages 2, 4, and 7
Bowser-Boss of Course 7(Final Destination)-Course 7
Giga Bowser-Boss of Course 8(Clouds of Unparallel Doom), Stage 1

Course Names-
Course 1:Shining Blades of Tombs
Course 2:Island Cloud Dive
Course 3:The Amusement Park of Frights
Course 4:King Boo's Valley
Course 5:Mideaval Times of Unpending Wonders
Course 6:The Trench of Wandering Mysteries
Course 7:Final Destination
Course 8:Clouds of Unparallel Doom

Graphics-The side map on the bottom-right hand corner of the game screen, the characters, the FLUDD types, the geography of the land, and your health meter(the top-right hand of the game screen). The FLUDD will probably play the second most important part of the game. Since it will be virtually impossible to get the through the missions without him. Next in importance would be the geography. This is really important in most games. A nice geography catches the gamer's eye and interests them in such a delight.

Item Names and descriptions-
1)Plasma -This particular item will allow you to pick it up and hurl them at enemies. This item is very accurate and has an immense power.
2)Rocket FLUDD V.2-The rocket FLUDD has the name that says it all. This item is with you later on in the game and allows you to reach great heights.*This volume of the Rocket FLUDD allows you to go approximately 20 feet higher.
3)Hover FLUDD-This is the exact same verion as the one in the original Super Mario Sunshine.
4)Star-These items will make you invincible for brief seconds and kill enemies(excluding bosses) with no effort at all.
5)Pogo Stick-This item will be very useful, and helpful, in the beginning of the game when you haven't obtained the Rocket FLUDD.
6)Force Field-This item will protect you for up to 5 hits and vanish into thin air once those 5 hits have been received on to the shield.
7)Mushroom-This type of s will make you 2x the height as usual and with 2x as much stamina(damage given to you will be halved).
8)Poison(Toxic) s-This item will do the complete opposite as s.
9)1-Up ss-These items will give you an extra life once you've obtained them.
10)Bowser's amulette-This item will be used towards the end of the game when you will have to face Bowser.
11)Millenium Crystals-These are the key to winning the game. Just as Super Mario Sunshine focused on Shine Sprites, this game is focused on Millenium Crystals. You'll have to collect 120 of these to get to face Giga Bowser.
12)Mideaval Key-This item will be used when you reach up to Course 5: "Mideaval Times of Unpending Wonders".
13)Phantom's Tomb Key-In one Stage you'll have to guide a silhoutte, which has a strange resemblance to Bowser, to his Tomb so he can finally rest in peace after his 2,000 years of haunting. This course is: "King Boo's Valley"
14)Crystal Coins-These special coins allow you, once you've obtained 100 of them, a Millenium Crystal
15)The Phantom's Flute-This flute will be used in the Stage where you guide the silhoutte to his tomb. You will need this to summon him.

Gameplay-Unlike the previous RPG Mario games, in this one...You can actually swim to various locations instead of being blocked by imaginary walls like in Mario Sunshine. This game will be allowed the use of the Wii Remote, Gamecube controller, and/or the Classic controller.

Magic and Elements-In this Mario game, it will allow the use of magic. When I mean magic, I mean his Fireballs. Just loke in Legend of Zelda, he will have a Magic meter telling him how much magic is left. You will need to see MagiKoopa in order for your magic to be filled up.

Enemies and Bosses-
[Boss]King Boo-He is very big and powerful. Good luck in defeating this colossus!
[Enemy]Boo-These guys are not as bad and scary as the King.
[Boss]Bowser-He will be one of the toughest boss you will meet in the game.
[Boss]Petey Pirahna-This pest returns in the second version of Mario Sunshine...Oh look! It seems he has some henchmen with him.
[Boss]King Bob-omb-Just as in Super Mario 64, that will be the concept on how you kill him.
[Enemy]Bob-omb-These little guys have a short fuse...Literally! If you get in any range within them, you will have to run as fast as you can.
[Mini-Boss]Spiny Koopas-These guys are large, but slow enemies. In order to defeat these guys, you'd have to ground pound the ground and flipping them over will be the result. Stomp on their soft belly 3-5 times.
[Enemy]Shy Guy-These young fellows will constantly hover above your head and steal your head. With each 10 seconds that pass by, you will lose pne health bar.
[Enemy]Goombas-These annoying little-tikes will be small minor obstacles that you will unfortunately have to deal with throughout the majority of the game.
[Friend; Partner]Pink Bob-ombs-Just like in the other games these guys participated in, they will help you out on your journey whether it be from giving you magic or giving you a 1-Up .
[Friend; Partner]Crystal Bob-ombs-These guys are rarely seen, but if you so happen to see them and reach them...They will transport you to a secret course.
[Enemy]Cheep-Cheep-These guys dwell in some seas of the game. Be careful with them, they can get very vicious and ly. They attack you in packs. There is no way to defeat them but you can be protected from their attacks.
[Boss]Mother Cheep-Cheep-She is the queen of the Cheep-Cheeps. She is 3x is ly as all of them put together.
[Boss]Mecha Bowser-He will play the same role as in Super Mario Sunshine. He is strong and very dangerous.

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Old 11-19-2007, 04:20 AM
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Default Re: Super Mario Sunshine 2: Island Paradise

I will be needing a team of Graphic Desginers, Map Designers, Music Coordinator, and Producer/Organizer.

Graphic Designers-Graphic Desginers will be helping out with the creation on how the character looks and their clothes. They will also help with the creation of the geography of the courses.

Map Designers-Map Designers will help with the creation of the maps that will be used during gameplay.

Music Coordinators-These special group of people will create original music that will be used for the game.

Producer and Organizer-The Producer and Organizer will help in the creation of the game and help organize things so that things will run smoothly.

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Old 11-19-2007, 04:21 AM
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Default Re: Super Mario Sunshine 2: Island Paradise

My team of specialists.

Graphic Designers:

Map Designers:

Music Coordinators:


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