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Old 10-26-2008, 04:28 PM
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Default Fading Light... [PG-13 Mild Language]

Fading Light

+ Prologue +

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I groaned and turned restlessly; Waking up was not on my list of things to do today. I opened my eye half way and looked at my digital clock on my night stand... Oh my God! It was 9 AM, I was late for my job!
I had one of the world's worst jobs, but it was all I could get right now; I was the daily newspaper boy.
I jumped out of bed and pulled on my dirty jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of some band on it. I grabbed my bag with my cell phone, Pokeballs, wallet and bus pass in it and rushed out the door. My mom would still be asleep at this hour and my dad was somewhere in Central America.
My footsteps echoed on the wooden floor boards. Our house was rather large, well actually very large. This house was given to my mother by my great grandfather in his will. I liked the tall ceilings and the big floor boards. The house was rather empty since we didn't have enough money to furnish it...
I ran recklessly down the long and bog flight of stairs and grabbed an apple on my way out the door. I pulled my bike keys out of my pocket and unlocked my old, red bike and walked it down the driveway. I hopped on it and started on my way to my first stop... It was about an hour round and the first house was five minutes away, I was in a hurry since the people should have had their newspapers by now. I didn't especially enjoy my job as a newspaper boy, but the pay was OK and it wasn't that bad. I looked down at myself. I was dressed in dark jeans, as always and my green t-shirt was crumpled. It was quite loose and so were my jeans, but I really didn't care. I was one of those people who didn't care what other's thought of them.
I myself am fourteen. I am apparently quite good looking, because I have had several girlfriends, I didn't like to date really, but everyone said that I should. So I had asked out my best friend, we hung out all the time, so it wasn't really much different until she had asked me where things were going... Ugh, Women!

I was around the corner from the first stop when a car came speeding around the curb. My eyes grew wide. My bike seemed to go faster... The wind blew through my long red-brown hair. For a moment I thought I had stopped breathing. The car saw me, but didn't stop; it swerved to avoid me. But my back wheel caught on the wheel of the car and I jerked off my bike. I literally flew off my bike, I was terrified, I knew that this could happen, but I had never planned on it happing to me. I landed safely in the field next to the road. That wasn't too bad, a little scary, but not all that bad.
I looked up and the car rushed off. I just brushed myself off and got on my bike, not phased. Then I started thinking... My house was the only one down this road, odd...
I turned my bike and raced down the road, I turned the last corner to see nothing...
Odd, there were no other roads leading to the house and there was nothing surrounding us besides fields on one side and a forest on the other. I walked up to the house and opened the huge six foot door slowly; it creaked ominously.
I walked briskly up the stairs and knocked on my mothers door, I opened it without waiting for a reply. I looked in her room, she had a large bedroom with a canopy bed in the middle. She was lying there reading a book.
She looked up and smiled, "Good morning, Jazz" she said, oh yes, me name was Jackie. But everyone, well; my mom and friend called me Jazz.
"Morning Mom," I replied, smiling, she was a really lovely person, kind, sweet and very beautiful. She put her book down stretched, getting out of bed. She put her gown on and walked over to me.
"Have you done your rounds today yet?" she asked me.
I looked guiltily at her and said, "No, I woke up late and a car bumped me slightly on my way there," I said, "But I am fine now!" I hurriedly added when I saw the worried look on her face.
She started at the door and said, "Okay, as long as you are fine the newspapers can be skipped for today I guess, people can just watch TV," she said, "Oh and honey, Your dad is going to get back tomorrow..." she smiled, "Get some breakfast and we can go for a walk in the forest."
"Okay," I said, smiling back, then added "Why don't we pack a picnic, then we can eat there?" I loved walking in the deep forest that I knew like the back of my hand.
She smiled again and replied, "Sure, that sounds fun, and can you please bring the umbrella as well, it might start to rain..."

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Old 10-30-2008, 04:43 PM
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Default Re: Fading Light... [PG-13 Mild Language]

+ Chapitre Un +

I walked slowly, it was rather a lot to take in at first, but I had gotten used to it. The birds were singing softly and I could hear a waterfall off somewhere... My mother was walking a little way ahead of me. There were trees on either side of me, they were a deep dense green, like it was engulfing us into itself.
We walked on... there was a big open area with a huge tree in the middle, there were Pokemon around. They were bug Pokemon, like Ladyba and Heracross. There was a fresh breeze in the air and I knew that it would be a lovely day. I sat down on the soft luscious grass and opened the picnic basket and took out a sandwich, I unwrapped it and took a big bite. It was cucumber and salt. It tasted nice; food outside always did...
I reached into my bag and got out my Pokemon, "Come on out, Snorlax!" I shouted, and threw the Pokeball into the air.
It landed on the grass a little way off and my Snorlax popped out. It was a rather large blue and white Pokemon which looked like an oversized teddy bear! He waddled over to me and plonked itself down. I fed it some Pokefood, which it greedily devoured.

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Old 11-05-2008, 01:36 PM
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Default Re: Fading Light... [PG-13 Mild Language]

*continuing here*
I loved my Snorlax. It was large, but oh so cute.

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