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Old 11-02-2008, 08:14 PM
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Default SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells. Chapter 2 is up!

Welcome to my hopefully 1st real fanfic. The first 2 suddnely got lack of motivation. I am sure I will make it through this. Anyways, to give you the rundown:

This story is a mix of my URPG chapters and chapters I made solely for this.

I will get the prolougue and 1st chap up soon! ^^

Edit: Sorry for the shortness and lack of description in the prologue and first chapter. I swear it will get better later on ;P

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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells.

Prologue AKA The adventure begins.

Darkness aroused the home of Albert Patterson. Everyone was tired and worn out from the party last night. Mr and Mrs Patterson had just thrown an expensive party for their newborn son, Albert. Weighing in at exactly seven pounds, he was the perfect son for the couple. Everyone went to their respective bedrooms for the night. Little did they know, a burglar was breaking in.

The burglar was following the rules of the burglar handbook. Break glass, get in, steal stuff, and cause havoc. He was dressed as a usual burglar would. Black clothes, black balaclava. He smashed through two windows to squeeze himself into the living room. Fortunately, Mrs Patterson started walking down stairs with curiosity.

“Honey! Get down here quick!” She screamed. Mr Patterson quickly ran downstairs. This had only just begun.

“Hand me the money!” A man said in black shouted.

“No! Money should be earned, not stolen. What do you want it for anyway? Go get a job, and stop being a lazy Munchlax!” Said a Mr Patterson

“Just leave us alone! What do you want with us?” Shrieked Mrs Patterson, obviously very scared.

“I want your lives!” Said the man wearing black.

The man in black had quite enough. He pulled out a large pistol from his pocket. He aimed it at the two adults, and pulled the trigger. Screams were heard, lives were lost, and money and Pokemon were stolen. The worst day in young Albert’s life.

Police soon arrived. Luckily the burglar had fled. Albert remained unscathed. The police brought him to a care home, where he would be brought up and raised.

Ten years later…..

“Farewell all! I am leaving for my Pokemon journey!” Albert, now ten, called to his foster parents.

“Good bye honey!” His foster mother said, holding back a few tears. We will miss you!

Albert turned around and headed towards the Pokemon site, where he would get his first Pokemon and license.

He got their. The place was squeaky clean, like a dentist’s. He sat down, waiting for his name to be called.

“Albert Patterson?” The receptionist called to him. Albert stood up and walked inside a room, where a man in white clothes with black sun glasses sat.

“Name?” He asked.

“Albert Patterson.” Albert replied.



“Pokemon of choice?”


“Very well Albert, here is your Poliwag.” The man handed Albert a spherical orb, which was red on top and white on the bottom.

“Thank you very much!” Albert happily replied, snatching the orb from his hands. He stood up to go, to have a great journey.

Too bad his journey wouldn’t be great.

Hooray for prologue! What will happen next? New chapter up tommorow, it's kinda late where I am right now.

Edit: Feel free to ask the characters' questions! ^^
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Old 11-03-2008, 04:37 PM
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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells.

I see, still no new posts. =/ Meh, it's only the prologue up. Expect chapter 1 to be up today.
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Old 11-03-2008, 05:07 PM
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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells.

Hey, it's finally time for Chapter 1. Sorry about the un originality of this chapter, but it was ,my first URPG chapter. As Lati-Chan said, enjoi ^^

BTW, at the end of every URPG chapter, I will put what the mods actually said and edit the story to fit that, as if Albert is being watched. This chapter was edited to make it better, and to make it fit in with the story. Without further hast, I present you!


1) That’s Poisonous! 1)

After obtaining his new Poliwag from the starting trainee site, Albert decided to go and start on his journey. Albert had a big build; he was a bit on the fat side. He was at an age of about 14. His Poliwag was in its PokeBall, as too much heat would daze and faint it. Albert was out the very edge of town. This was the way out into the wilderness. “One small step for Albert, one giant leap for poke-kind!” Albert thought to himself, quoting the time when Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong had successfully landed on the moon and caught a clef airy. Although this part of the story about catching clef airy was a myth, they truly did land on the moon. Albert took his first step into the wilderness. The grass was wet, obviously covered with dew. This was the perfect place to let Poliwag out, it wouldn’t overheat.

“Poliwag, go!” Albert yelled, while chucking the red and white orb into the dewy grass, while flicking a strand of string from his red hooded shirt away from him. A tadpole Pokemon with legs emerged. It had a black swirl in the middle of its stomach and had a long white tail with a blue stripe in the middle. Albert didn’t know much about the Pokemon, so he whipped out the Pokedex his foster mother packed for him.

“Poliwag, the tadpole Pokemon.” It beeped. “Poliwag prefer cool climates. They die if there bodies dry out. Poliwag skin is transparent in the stomach. Its skin is also very flexible, so some attacks bounce right off it.”

“POLI!” The Poliwag said in excitement.

Albert smiled at his favorite and new found Pokemon. He also had a love for Pokemon, especially water types, but this one he loved the most. Albert and Poliwag skipped merrily through the field. Albert stopped when he came to a nearby tree. There was a yellow bulge with a hole in the middle on the tree. Albert had no idea what it was, so moved on. Albert continued through the long grass when he came across a Pokemon.

“WEEDLE!” It boomed. Albert tore his Pokedex out of his pocket.

“Weedle, the poison caterpillar Pokemon.” It began. “Weedle have an extremely toxic barb at the top of its head. Caution should be taken when approaching this Pokemon.”

The bug was yellow, and had many segments to its body. It had a red nose that covered most of its body, and had many red feet. Its most distinguishing feature though, was the shiny, sharp, toxic barb at the top of its head. Albert was eager to catch this Pokemon. The bug was just flopping around on a dirt patch by a lake, so this was the perfect time to make a sneak attack.

“Poliwag, use your bubble attack and try to trap Weedle in the bubble.” Albert whispered to Poliwag, trying not to disturb the Weedle.

“Poli!” The Poliwag replied, and released a spray of bubbles at the Weedle. The Weedle didn’t know what hit him. A few moments later it was slowly floating away in a bubble. The Weedle had a backup plan however, when it pointed its poisoned barb at the walls of the bubble. The bubble gave a quiet “Pop!” and the Weedle gently landed on the wilderness floor. Now it was angry. The bug Pokemon released a spray of purple barbs at Poliwag. This attack was known as poison sting. The poor tadpole Pokemon had no time to dodge, and was hit by the barbs, injecting Poliwag with small amounts of poison, but not enough to be fatal.

“Poliwag, use a Double Slap attack!” Albert shrieked.

The Poliwag waved it tail about, readying itself for a Double Slap. However, the Weedle lowered its head, and painfully stabbed the tadpole in the tail. Poliwag yelped in pain. Toxic was inserted into the tadpole’s body, so Albert knew he had to finish this off.

“Poliwag, use your strongest water gun!” Albert screamed.

Poliwag squirted a jet of water at Weedle. The bug Pokemon was forced backwards and as a result, knocked into a nearby tree. The Weedle was down, but not out. With the last urge of strength, it released more toxic barbs. Poliwag was seriously damaged. There was nothing else Albert could do, except maybe one thing. He wiped the sweat from his brow away from behind his black sunglasses and reached onto his belt, pulled out a red and white orb and tossed it at the weakened, orange bug type.

“POKEBALL, GO!” Albert yelled, while throwing the PokeBall. It started to shake.




Lati-Chan: Weedle Captured! Enjoy the little bug. Just make sure to think of more creative plots when aiming for harder Pokémon. ^^ Enjoi!

Albert smiled and gave his thumbs up to Lati when his Mod that was grading his performance stated that the Weedle was his. Albert bent down to reach the now dusty sphere on the floor that contained his Weedle.

“Poli…” His Poliwag cried. Its tail had turned a musky purple color. It was whimpering in pain, jumping around on the spot. Albert realized it was the poison, and could get dangerous. He recalled it and quickly ran towards the next town. His Poliwag’s life was in his hands.

Will Poliwag survive? What will happen next? Am I ever stop going to ask these questions? Find out next time, when the Darkness Dwells!

Authors Note: Again, I apologise for length and unoriginality. But the next chapter isn't from the URPG and it will go more into depth with Poliwag's poisoning.

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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells. Chapter 1 is up!

Wow, I had real fun writing this chapter. More lengthy and exciting, Enjoi ^^

2) Hanging on a thread Part One 2)

Albert now had to rush. He would not risk losing his Poliwag over one battle. His Pokemon’s life could be over after one hour. The nearest Pokemon Centre came into site. The wet ground was slippery, so Albert skidded along the ground and into the automatic doors of the Pokemon Center. This room was squeaky clean, just like the one in the starting trainers site, with the floor decorated in a PokeBall pattern, a big gold and silver ball in the middle. Albert noticed a pink hair lady in a white apron standing at a counter. She seemed pretty, so Albert went up to the counter, starting to act all cool.

“What’s shaking?” He asked.

“Umm, hello, welcome to the Pokemon Centre, we restore your injured and tired Pokemon to full health. Would you like to use our service?” came the reply.

“My Poliwag is badly poisoned, can you help him?” Albert asked.

“Maybe, just pass his PokeBall over here and we will get him checked out.”

The nurse took Poliwag’s PokeBall and asked Albert to wait by the chairs with the magazines. Albert picked up a magazine titled ‘The Weekly World’ and started to read.

“Pfft, global warming? Bigfoot? What the hell is all this crap? Albert muttered to himself. However, someone was in earshot.

“Excuse me, I am the editor.” He said.

“No offense, but this isn’t Bigfoot, it is just an Abomasnow painted brown. And this so called ‘Global Warming’. We all know it has to do with Groudon being awakened and will die down when it fall back asleep. Duh.” Albert replied.

“How stupid are you?” He asked.

“I dunno.” Albert said. “The test results haven’t come back yet.

“Are you mocking me?”

“Nah, it’s just Bigfoot knowing on your head.”

“You’re lucky I don’t have a Pokemon on me.”

“You’re lucky I do.”

“PSYCHE!” The editor shouted. He sent out his Scyther in a flash of light. As the name suggests, they have razor sharp blades on the side of each arm. Scyther was a mantis Pokemon, with green bodies.

“Weedle, it’s up to you!” Albert called, tossing the needle bug Pokemon’s Poke Ball on the floor. The orange Pokemon with the big red nose emerged on the hospital floor, ready to fight.

“Scyther, slice and dice!” He shouted. The Scyther and the trainer had a killing instinct. Scyther charged at Weedle, and sadly, chopped the end of it’s tail of. Yellow fluid flew everywhere. Weedle fainted with a big reaction. It just thudded onto the floor as if it had no life left. The nurse was immediately alerted to this, as if it was a sixth sense. Albert just bent down to the floor, in tears.

“Why? First Poliwag and now this.” He said, tears filling his eyes. The nurse lifted Weedle onto the stretcher, telling him to wait by the chairs again, and asking the editor to leave.

Twenty minutes passed, then Albert was called to the counter.

“Bad news, I am afraid. Poliwag is injected with duo poison.” She said, albeit sadly.

“What is that?” Albert asked.

“It is the fusion of two Weedle’s poison. Apparently your Weedle had a fight with another Weedle, got poisoned, it’s poison mixed with the new poison, infected your Poliwag, and now there is the chance that both might not survive this.”

“Don’t you have the cure?”

“We usually would, but this poison has become so common that stocks have run out. I am afraid you need to go collect them, and that is not an easy feat.”

“What are the ingredients?”

“Tongue of Charmander, eye of Zubat and a feather of Spearow.”

“Wait, I thought Zubat don’t have eyes?”

“They do, rip their heads open, you will find them.”

“Am I the right person for this? Sounds kinda gross.”

“Don’t worry, Roger will come with you and make sure you do things right.”

A very fit man at the age of about thirty came out behind the double doors behind the nurse. A Wartortle was walking behind his heel, copying his every move. In case you didn’t know, Wartortle were blue turtles with a fluffy white tail. The pattern on their stomachs and tails show their age, and how viciously they fought in battles.
“Roger McDonald at your service!” He said, saluting Albert.

“So, you can really help me find these ingredients?” Albert asked.

“Oh yeah, done it tons of times before.”

“I’ll leave you two to it.” The nurse said, walking off.

“Shall we get going then?” He asked. Albert nodded, and they ran outside of the Pokemon Center through the automatic doors.

Albert and Roger came to a mountain. It was snow capped; slate filled and looked inside out. As if the grass was on the inside and the rocks were on the outside.

“And here.” Roger said “Is where we get our tongue of Charmander.”

“Here?” Albert asked. “Why would Charmander live in conditions this cold?”

“Follow me.” Roger whispered, with his Wartortle strutting behind him. Albert followed him. Pretty soon, they came to a cave. Albert felt snug. It felt warm and fuzzy inside. Now he understood why a Charmander would live here. They continued through the cave, and soon saw firelight. It was too dark to see, but they instantly knew what Pokemon was in front of them.

“Mar.” It said, in a calm tone. The thing fired flames at loose sticks on the floor. The Pokemon became full visible. It was a Magmar, evolution of Magby. Magmar looked quite humanlike. They were cloaked in flames and had yellow tinged ears.

“This could be dangerous, Wartortle, douse that Magmar!” Roger yelled. Wartortle sprayed more forceful bubbles than Poliwag, causing the Magmar to steam. The Magmar started to panic, and fled down the cave.

“Most of the Pokemo in hear are fire type and should be no problem for my Wartortle!” Roger explained. Albert nodded and smiled. Roger picked up one of the sticks that Magmar lit and used it to guide them through the cave. Eventually they saw another flame flicking in the inky black cave. This time it was Charmander, wagging its tail as if it was happy to see us. It would never think that about humans again.

“Wartortle! Pin the lizard to the ground!” Roger yelled. The Wartortle bashed the orange lizard with a fire lit tail to the ground. The lizard couldn’t escape and gave up struggling. Roger pulled out a knife and start hacking at the poor Pokemon’s tongue, to Albert’s disgust. He quickly looked away, with Roger yelling “I’m done!” when it was over, with him waving a gory tongue in the air. The Charmander wasn’t dead, and Roger assured me it would grow back. Roger looked in his backpack for a gas lantern, but the Charmander surprisingly fired flames all around the cave. The cave exploded. Albert and Roger screamed in shock.

“Albert, we gotta get out here quick, we are standing on a hot geyser!” Roger explained.

That is when Roger, Albert, Wartortle, the wild Charmander and twenty tons of rock got flung into the air, through a hole in the mountain.

How will Albert get out of this one? Isn't cutting a Charmanders tongue of gross? Am I annoying? Find out next time!

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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells. Chapter 2 is up!

I am gonna begin writing the next chapter, whether anyone wants it or not.
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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells. Chapter 2 is up!

Pat 2 of Chapter 2 can now commence ^^

2) Hanging on a thread part two. 2)

That is when Roger, Albert, Wartortle, the wild Charmander and twenty tons of rock got flung into the air, through a hole in the mountain.

Albert fell for what seemed like an age. The g-force on him would definitely be enough to crush his bones when he landed. He looked at Charmander, who seemed to be wincing in pain, as blood dripped out of its mouth from where it’s tongue had been cut. Albert then noticed the white glow around Charmander’s body. In a flash of white light, two wing had sprouted from Charmander’s body. It seemed a lot stronger too. Roger shouted to him.

“Charmander didn’t evolve. Scientists call this Matrix Mutation, where the Pokemon tries to evolve that it ends up failing to evolve, but taking its evolutions traits. It would have evolved into Charizard, which is why it has wings now!” Roger explained. Charmander swooped underneath Albert, Roger and Wartortle (Who was hidden inside it shell, by the way.) and started to gently descend to the ground.

“Wow Charmander, you really saved our asses.” Said Roger.

“Char!” It said, in a deeper voice than before. Roger pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it at the Charmander. The shiny sphere wobbled slightly, however, Charmander was released from the Pokeball, was startled and flew off with its newly mutated wings.

“Damn.” Roger cursed. “I am working with scientists to collect more data on Matrix Mutation Pokemon. This one was obviously too strong to be caught.”

“Why do you want data on Matrix Pokemon?” Albert asked.

“That my friend is confidential, now lets go!”

With Charmander’s tongue safely in Roger’s coat pocket, the group proceed to find their next ingredient, eye of Zubat (even though they seem to not have eyes.) Albert expected to go to another cave, however, he was taking somewhere quite unexpected. Albert was lead to a lake, where Surskit and Masquerain roamed the water topped plains. Unexpectedly, Roger dived into the lake. His head soon bobed up with what seemed to be, a light blue Zubat.

“Why the heck is this Zubat blue?” Albert asked.

“Another form of Matrix Mutation, they change colours while trying, and failing to evolve.” Roger said. “No if you don’t mind me.” Roger thrust his arm into Zubat’s face, revealing what appeared to be a yellow eye.

“Won’t he need that?” Albert asked.

“No Albert, Zubat are completely blind regardless of the number of eyes they have, haven’t you learned this in medical school?” He replied.

“I don’t go to medical school.” Albert said sarcastically and grumpily. The ground suddenly shook and a Milotic burst out of the lake. Roger dropped the crystalline Zubat which flew off.

“GYARA!” It screamed.

“Gyara?” Albert thought. “Isn’t that the sound a Gyarados makes?” Meanwhile, Roger was dodging the angry Milotic’s water attacks.

Milotic were incredibly beautiful Pokemon. They had long red and blue tail with creamy coloured scales. They appeared to have long red hair from either side of their head.

Roger quickly dived into the lake, with Milotic giving chase. Roger jumped out with three Poliwag, struggling to break free from his grasp. He tossed two to Albert.

“They have the ability ‘Water Absorb’.” He said. “They will protect you from any of Milotic’s attacks.”
Dead wrong, as Milotic fired a beam of ice at the three Poliwag. They immediately froze, dropping to the ground.

“We are gonna have to peg it Albert, run!” Roger yelled. They got so far as the trees, when Milotic dived under the water again.

“He he, I forgot it’s a fish. It doesn’t wanna be fish out of water.” Roger chuckled. Water suddenly splashed on his neck. He turned around. Behind him was a angry Milotic in a neighboring lake.

“Remarkable.” Roger breathed. “It seems there are underwater tunnels in which aquatic Pokemon can travel from one lake to another, incredible.”

“I don’t think now is the time to be speculating doc.” Albert said. There was no way out, all seemed bleak, that is, until Charmander came, scooting underneath Albert and Roger, taking off and ultimately, saving them from death.

“Charmander, we really owe you. That’s, one.. two… three… four asses you have saved today!” Roger shouted. The Charmander dropped them in an open field, flew off, never to be seen again.

“An incredibly Pokemon.” Roger said, waving the Charmander off. One ingredient left to find, the feather of Spearow. Shouldn’t be too hard, considering there were Spearow not too far off. Albert and Roger stealthily walked towards them, but the leader detected them.

“Pidgey!” It scrreched.

“Are all the Pokemon here demented?” Albert asked. The flock soon came flying over, pecking the two travelers.

“Warty, let’s go!” Roger said, releasing his Wartortle for battle.

“Hydro Pump!” He said. Wartortle released an incredibly strong pulse of water towards the Spearow, which got incredibly weakened and wet.

“How is your Wartortle so stong?” Albert asked. Roger winked at him, to continue the massacring.

“Use a powerful Rapid Spin.” Roger commanded. The turtle span many times and launched it self at the red headed birds. There was a lot of commotion, the flock finally flew off, many feathers were dropped by the birds. Roger recalled his Pokemon, coolecting many of the feathers.

“Shall we get going then?” He asked, and trudged back towards the Pokemon center.

When they finally got there.

“Your Poliwag and Weedle are fully healed and should be in tip-top shape for battling. The nurse explained.

“Thank you!” said Albert, who waved, then left for the winding road ahead.

“He seems nice, but he will definitely will have more troubles ahead of him.” The nurse said, sprouting and evil smile. People watching nearby expected Vampire fangs to sprout from her gums, but went back to daily life.

Albert continued into the field, to make good haste of his journey.

What up with the wacky Pokemon and the creepy nurse? Will we see more of Roger? Will I ever stop asking questions? Find out next time, when the Darkness Dwells!
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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells. Chapter 2 is up!

Well, I've only read the first two, but it's pretty good. May I suggest stretching your sentances, it gets a little annoying when it goes like this: Tray walked. Tray ran away from the Groundon. Tray was stomped by Groundon. I'm not saying that's what you used, but try that. And maybe you'd better make the tounge\eye\feather artifacts, that might help.
I'm baaaaaack. :3
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Default Re: SAGA 1: The Journey Begins, The Darkness Dwells. Chapter 2 is up!

Originally Posted by TheDarkEevee View Post
Well, I've only read the first two, but it's pretty good. May I suggest stretching your sentances, it gets a little annoying when it goes like this: Tray walked. Tray ran away from the Groundon. Tray was stomped by Groundon. I'm not saying that's what you used, but try that. And maybe you'd better make the tounge\eye\feather artifacts, that might help.
Yay, for first poster! *Adds to hall of fame.* Thansk for the advice, chapter 3 will be coming soon!
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