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Old 03-22-2009, 02:17 AM
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Default The Hoenn Prophecy


THIS IS A HOENN, RUBY/SAPPHIRE/EMERALD FIC. DEAL WITH IT. I'm basically ready to re-start this. I deleted the old thread, and am ready with something new, and yes, the next "Chapter" is almost finished (after several months, lol), but this time I'm ready. I actually started this in July, but then quit with only once chapter, and now I'm back.

Anyways, besides that, I've wanted to do this for a VERY long time, but I never actually put much effort into it. Yes, its based off of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. HOWEVER, I plan to make as many changes to the plot as possible, you'll find out from reading. Anyways, I hate describing things, but I tried to do so the best you can in this. And if you have a problem with that, then screw you, because go read a goddamn book and notice that no author devotes an entire 999 paragraphs just to describe what someone/something looks like. YOU KNOW WHAT A MUDKIP LOOKS LIKE, GODDAMMIT!!!

Also, if these Pokemon ever appear in this Hoenn fic, I'll gift them with speech:
Alakazam (Because his Pokedex entries say that his IQ = 5000)
Kadabra (I'll say that it can talk a little bit)
Abra (I'll say that it can speak occasional words)
Dragonite (They say Dragonite is smarter than humans)
Slowking (I think it talks in one of the movies)
Chatot (Self explanatory)
Arceus (Obviously, but Arceus sucks anyways)

And of course, I want you guys to point out anything that could improve, as I know this first chapter is not perfect. And rating? I really don't see much reason, seeing as nobody here is really under 10 years old, and just because you have a few asterisks in your Fanfic shouldn't mean, "OMG, ITS PG-99!!!" I really don't care at all. This contains some occasional swear words with 'alternate spellings', but I will only censor the "bad" bad words.

And yes, I'm calling these Entries, not Chapters. And I have no lame, "Arceus" prologue like most OT fics these days have. At the end of every entry will be a visual representation of what you just read, as soon as you see the picture than that means its the end of the chapter. This is done just for coolness (lol) and to help visualize the chapter/entry/whatever.

Entry Index:
1. Entry 1: Academic Issues
2. Entry 2: "Hey, is that a lightsaber?"
3. Entry 3: The Cloning Disaster...YOU WASTED 20 MINUTES!!!
4. Entry 4: Learning The System


Entry 1: Academic Issues

As final exams go, Brendan did not study at all (usually that's case). School was always considered a drag to him and as an excuse, he claims to have a learning disability. And of course, at the start of the last year of school, they’re all each given “study” Pokemon for students to study extensively. But what angered Brendan is that they were all limited to the Pokemon of the Hoenn Pokedex. Brendan was stuck with a Seedot, and many other kids had rather "un-cool" choices. Brendan remembers the shock of choosing Pokemon that were REALLY LAME. Seriously, nobody cares about Magikarp or Oddish. Everbody wanted to study Pokemon from other regions.

Brendan Birch was quite a fan of daydreaming, as school to him really has no point to exist. Well, that's what most people think. But besides that...

At the moment, Brendan was finishing up his final test. Most of the people had already finished, and were already playing outside. Brendan couldn't help but to look out the window at what he could be doing. With this in mind, a pale, bony hand trembled as he tried to bring himself to right down the final answer to his graduation test. What would be the answer to a question like, “Every region has their own PokeDex numbering system. The Pokemon include legendary Pokemon that are still unconfirmed to be existing or not. Based on our extensive studies, name one Pokemon in the Hoenn region Pokedex that has not been confirmed to exist.” Since all he had to do is answer these questions, he'll supposedly graduate, so it shouldn't matter what the answers are. Brendan wrote down on his paper, “Whismur. Because they’re loud and fat. Kinda.”

Brendan, now having the satisfaction of completing his final exam, yelled out,
“Ms. Roxanne, I’m finished.”

A young woman approached Brendan with an expression of clear doubt. She looked over Brendan’s answers, then spoke to him with a voice indicating failure, “Brendan, it's quite obvious you don’t put any effort into your answers, and your grade here is straight out F. Because can easily foreshadow what I am going to give you on this test, I don’t think I can allow you to graduate. I can tell you that your grade will remain an F, and you can’t pass this course.”

"What does F stand for?" said Brendan, daydreaming.

"FAAAAAAAAILLLL!" taunted one of the few students left.

Brendan, suddenly more aware, replied with, “Um…could you PLEASE not fail me? My parents are going to be so mad…and everybody else is going to graduate while I get left behind? I can’t go through another year of this!”

“Well then maybe you should have actually made an effort to pay more attention in class. I hope that you are aware that I have access to your academic records in the past. For the last six years, your grades have been very poor. I know that you're a capable student, everybody is. And because of that, unless if you can redo the test and achieve at least an A-, then your grade will stay an F. If you can get an A-, then I will bring your grade up to a D, allowing you to pass. If you do choose to redo the test, you have until the end of next week, the day before graduation. Seven days is clearly a lot of time to study, since everybody else is passing with only one day. So which will you choose? Will you redo the test or keep your current grade?”

Brendan, his voice now having a small hint of hope, said, “What are the circumstances for each choice?”

“If you don’t retake the test, you will fail, and you will have to go through another year of this. You will not receive your Trainer Card, and I will be notifying your parents about this. Seeing as your father is a researcher, he will be pretty disappointed if you do choose not to redo the test. If you do choose to redo the test, there is a possibility that you may not fail, and may graduate and receive your Trainer Card.”

“I’ll retake the test...asswipe.” said Brendan with new-found confidence.

“Once everybody leaves, I’ll give you the test, and the materials you need to study. You have until next Friday to turn it in. I've left all the materials you need on my desk.”

Once Ms. Roxanne was done with her lecture, she left the room. Brendan thought of what his friend Wally would think if he were to fail this class. Brendan brushed all those bad thoughts out of his mind: Wally would always be his friend no matter what. At least, he hoped...

It took several minutes for Brendan to be fully aware of what was actually going on. After daydreaming, everybody had left, and now there was nobody in the room except Brendan. Now feeling sheepishly, he quickly rushed to the teacher’s desk and grabbed his test. He did not prefer to walk from Rustboro to Petalburg, so he usually used his father’s old, rusty, half-broken bicycle.

Brendan was already at the age of 14. If he started school earlier, then he would have already graduated by the age of 10, but he liked it because he thinks its "lame" how 10-year old people think they can go around the Hoenn region and beat Gym Leaders. He always wears a cloth around the top of his head, and a black sweatband (with the red PokeBall logo) to keep his cloth on, and mainly to cover his forehead. Being neurotic, he claims to have a big forehead, and is rarely seen without his sweatband. Nobody knows this, but he hasn’t got a haircut in a long time. If he were to remove what he does to hide his face, people may mistakenly refer to him as, “emo,” or, “headbanger”.

What’s quite odd is that in many different places, people wear the same clothes everyday. Not the same individual pair, but all the clothes being the same design. Onlookers from foreign places who bother to break this rule think of what most kids say, “It shows our personality and stuff!” As for Brendan, he had recently received new clothes for his (possible) graduation. They were simply a pair of almost-black pair of pants, along with a black shirt with red designs. Clothes consisting of only being red & black, apparently he was, “trying to look cool and dark”. His worst fear is if he happened to meet somebody wearing matching clothes. Don't ask.

Brendan’s friend Wally never cared about the clothes he wore; they just usually consisted of a plain white jacket and fading jeans. As for Wally, he was an innocent child cursed with asthma. It was the only extreme case to exist, so much that the medication he had to take temporarily turned his hair green. Every day his illness slowly fades, and Wally very thankfully retains his shade of light-brown hair.

Though Wally's true home was in Petalburg, his childhood mainly took place in Verdanturf, as he had to constantly be exposed to the fresh air. Ideally his parents would have had him stay in Fortree, but that was too demanding so he had to stay with his relatives in Verdanturf for most of his life. He knew his friend Brendan was struggling academically, while he had to suffer physically. Often Wally would lock himself in his small, enclosed room, and stay for hours of heavy coughing. Occasionally Wally would be moved back to Petalburg, both where his neighborhood friend Brendan lived.

Currently at this time, Wally was living in Petalburg, a calm city with a rather low population level, where nobody wakes up in the morning until a screaming Tailow tries to fly. For everyday that Wally went to Petalburg from school during his few times living there, he would always offer Brendan a ride on his father’s exotic Kanto breed Pokemon (apparently to Wally and Brendan, it was some fat bird called, “Pheero”). Pokemon from different regions never had appealed to Wally, even though most other kids would love to see one. To Wally’s disgust, he found out his father’s fat bird was actually called, “Fearow”.

Later that day in the flower meadows of Petalburg, Wally and Brendan were simply just, “hangin’ out”. They watched over the highest point of Petalburg where the ocean could barely be seen, and as the sun slowly disappeared into the horizon in front of the pink sky.

“Wow, I’m surprised she actually let you do that!” said Wally in shock, after hearing Brendan’s graduation dilemma.

“Well it’s not like it’s an easy task.” Replied Brendan. “I mean seriously, I HATE school. Ms. Roxanne is an asswipe.”

“Well I hate school too, Brendan. But I’m not letting myself slump down."

"Well, it doesn't matter, I have a whole week. Tomorrow, I'm just going to sleep. Come to think of it, I've never had a grade higher than a C..."

"My grade is actually a B-. Only girls seem to achieve an A…and the teacher is always praising them.”

“Wally, this is serious. For me, anyway. I can finally become independent if I graduate. These people that are only 10 years old, traveling, thinking they're tough, is pretty gay. Think about it, these days the most common people to get sexually assaulted are 10-year-old Pokemon Trainers. I want to travel too, and find a new place to live. ”

“Trying to be a ‘Pokemon Master’ I think is really stupid. Do you really mean you want to be one?”

“NO!” Brendan shouted in disgust. “Those wannabe people have way too high expectations. I just want to, you know, walk around.”

“Hey Brendan…can I ask you a question that you might think is personal?” asked Wally in a voice indicating caution.


“Well…you really haven’t made any friends at all. It’s just me. Wally. The weird kid that used to have green hair.”

Brendan, clearly annoyed by this fake question, left the scene, while proudly displaying a rather rude hand gesture, thus angering Wally, and leaving the two friends on bitter terms.

================================================== =========================

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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy SOMEBODY GIMME A GODDAM REPLY!!!

Well hello there, you seem to be a dedicated writer and I like the fic so far. I think you should carry on writing cause you got me hooked.
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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy SOMEBODY GIMME A GODDAM REPLY!!!

Hurry up with the next chapter lol. I really think this is a really great fic. Apart from the sexual assaulting of 10-year old trainers lol!
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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy SOMEBODY GIMME A GODDAM REPLY!!!

Originally Posted by elliot1395 View Post
Hurry up with the next chapter lol. I really think this is a really great fic. Apart from the sexual assaulting of 10-year old trainers lol!
I finished the next chapter a week ago, and I actually posted it, but nobody replied anyway, so I deleted it. And now, I will re-post chapter (Entry) 2!!! And yes, this next chapter isn't what it was meant to be originally. I wrote Entry 1 in July 2008, and I wrote Entry 2 last week.

Originally, Entry 2 was supposed to have Brendan studying for his test in his father's lab (Prof. Birch's lab), and while he was studying, some girl (May) would barge in and they would get in an argument, then the girl's Torchic would burn Brendan's test. But I deleted that months ago, so I wrote a new Entry 2, and pretty much changed the entire beginning storyline. I've already started on Entry 3 btw.

Anyways, here is Entry 2, the chapter that I should have posted months ago in the old thread but never did, and as a result I re-wrote the entire chapter after deleting it.


Entry 2: "Hey, is that a lightsaber?"

As morning passes onto noon, the cloudy gray sky overlooking the flower fields of Petalburg, lays a hopeless teenager procrastinates through his first day on a one-week deadline. Lazy Brendan, refusing to ask help from his only friend Wally because of an, “incident” that had occurred the previous night, Brendan slept on a dirty, moss-covered wooden bench, overlooking the flowery meadow.

The only thing he wanted to think about was worries...

Suddenly out of nowhere, he feels a vibration in his right pocket. It’s his cell phone, apparently someone had just sent him a text message. The message was from his father, reading, “we have some serious stuff to discuss…go 2 my lab in littleroot asap.”

Brendan answered with, “sorry cant use wallys pheero…kthxbai”, then proceeded sleeping.

Only minutes later, his phone vibrates again, this time the message reading, “ask a trainer to borrow their flying pkmn”

Brendan got up with a groan, noticing the moss stains all over his clothes, looked at the flower field below him, and started by realizing that the quickest way to get to Petalburg’s city area is to roll down the hill, then sprint through the flower field. He knew that since it had rained an hour ago, the wet grass would maybe help “clean” his clothes to be more presentable to his father.

After placing his phone in his pocket, he then dropped and rolled down the wet grass hill. Once he started, he realized that his clothes will get completely wet, and the possibility of someone him looking like an idiot rolling down a wet hill. And, he was getting dizzy while gaining speed. He could feel his clothes get colder and wet as he gained momentum. Now, everything looked like a blur of the grass, the gray sky, and the rainbow flowers.

The actual roll down the hill only lasted about 13 seconds, and as Brendan predicted, the grass was wet. Once he stopped moving, the blurriness of his vision remained from dizziness. From fatigue, he now felt really tired; his surroundings seemed to be spinning around him…

Looking up at the cloudy gray sky, slowly rain began pouring. “This f/ucking sucks.” Brendan cursed.

Ultimately, he was now "defeated" by nature, so he decided to try and sleep, ignoring his soggy clothes. Resting, half-sleeping, letting the rain drench him, he opened his eyes and a high pitched, piercing scream out of nowhere occured, “IT’S ALIVE!”

“The f...” Brendan caught himself muttering.

“You looked really stupid rolling down the hill.” Said the voice that apparently just screamed.

Confused and drenched, Brendan sat himself up to look at the person to see who it was. The person he saw was a she, wearing dark blue pants, and a red and white jacket obviously matching Brendan’s clothes (if they weren’t stained all over).

Brendan felt embarrassed that this person saw him rolling down the hill, and to him, what was more embarrassing was the fact that his clothes matched that girl’s. Then Brendan quickly glanced at his own clothes and noticed that they were soaked and stained, so she shouldn’t be able to notice. "I gotta get new clothes..." he thought.

A long awkward silence occurred. The rain had stopped, and the sun had stopped hiding. The silence was suddenly broken by Brendan, who realized what he needed to be doing.

“Listen, do you have any Pokemon that can fly? I need to get to the research lab at Littleroot as quickly as possible.”

The other girl, ignoring his question, said, “Hey, we go to the same school! I’ve seen you around. And hey look, our clothes ma-“

“ANSWER MY QUESTION!” Brendan interrupted

“Er…sorry, I wasn’t listening. Oh, look, a rainbow!”

Brendan, annoyed at how short the attention span this person has, and realizing that he doesn’t want a, “romantic rainbow moment” with some girl he doesn’t even know, broke out into a sprint as fast as he could. He didn’t know which direction lead to the city area, so he kept running across the flower field to wherever it took him.

The girl that Brendan had left behind, was now confused at why he had suddenly ran. She noticed that there was a cell phone where he was. “Probably fell out of his pocket…” she thought.

She picked up the cell phone, considering if she should run after him. She looked at the flower field ahead of her, and could barely make him out running in the horizon of the now blue sky, complete with the rainbow.

The girl decided to add herself to this cell phone’s contacts. Checking the list, she saw, “Wally, Mom, Dad”. Instantly, she thought, “Either he just got this phone, or he has no friends…” The girl then added her number to the list, now reading, “May, Wally, Mom, Dad.”

“Ha! Now this guy will know not to leave his stuff lying around!” May thought. Then, an evil thought occurred that May should read Brendan’s text messages. She knew it was rude, but she could pretend not to; but instead she dismissed these thoughts and tried thinking about returning the cell phone.

May then put the phone in her own pocket, and tried to run towards the rainbow like Brendan before her. Like Brendan, May didn’t know where she was going, but she knew she was following Brendan.

Meanwhile, Brendan had successfully made it back to the city area of Petalburg. This part of the city resembled a larger community than Littleroot, where his father worked. There weren’t any tall buildings and such, but there were hopefully enough people that one of them would be kind enough to let him borrow a flying Pokemon.

Brendan approached a rather shady looking guy, thinking it was some older teenager trying to be cool. He was wearing torn blue jeans, a black and white striped shirt, and a blue bandanna with a proud, white “Aqua” logo.

“Hi sir. I’m assuming you’re a trainer judging by the PokeBalls on your belt. Do you happen to have any Pokemon that can fly that I can borrow?”

The shady guy seemed to struggle as he talked, his pale face appearing frozen.
“Are you that stupid that you think people are going to go and let you borrow there Pokemon just to run a few errands? I bet you’re gullible, too. F/ag.”

“Er…sorry then.” Brendan carefully replied.

“Hey, how old are you?” the shady guy asked.

“14. I’m 14.” Brendan replied.

“Do you have any siblings? Are you living with anyone?”

“Well…my father is the professor that runs the Hoenn Region Institute in Littleroot. My mother doesn’t have a job, I have no siblings, and I think I’m about to become a Pokemon Trainer. Well, I might graduate but my test scores aren’t so good.”

“Yeah, well you just proved how much of a gullible f/aggot you are.” Sneered the shady guy. Then, not giving Brendan any chance to react, he took out an odd stick-shaped metallic object.

"Hey, is that a lightsaber?" Brendan jokingly asked.

"You nerd..."

Without any thought, the shady guy nearly stabbed Brendan in his ribcage, now shocking Brendan with electricity. No, it wasn't a lightsaber, it was a taser.

His vision seemed to blur, unable to tell what was going on. The pain felt like somebody was literally stabbing him in his ribcage, the silent electricity was becoming unbearable…


The person who KO’ed Brendan reached into his right pocket, and took out an odd, disc shaped device. Pressing the blue button in the center, a hologram of an even more questionable figure appeared. The person represented by the hologram appeared to be wearing a hood that encased the upper half of his face in darkness, but was proudly displaying a black suit.

“What did you want Merek?” the hologram spoke.

Merek, the guy who we previously referred to as the shady guy, replied with a shaky, “I’ve encountered some teenager who tried to…er…um…steal our research data.”

The hologram on the device angrily spoke back, “How? Tell me who that person looked like?”

“Well…er…it was a male teenager, and er…he asked to…to…”

“To what? What did he do?”

“He tried to steal one of our Pokemon. I think.”

“Well, what did you do?”

“I killed him. I think. Or maybe I temporarily made him unconscious, I don't know. ”

Before fading away, the hologram spoke one last line, “Take him to the closest Aqua base, and I’ll deal with him. I don't think you've killed him since I don't assign people of your rank weapons that can kill. Yet.”

================================================== =======================================

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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy

Can I please get some feedback on the second chapter? I know that both of these are really short, but I assure you that the next chapter will be much longer.
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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy

The story as a whole is very interesting, but everything is laid out a bit imformal. Sometimes, I can't tell if you're making fun of the game or not. But the May scene was actually done very well, IMO. I hope this version of Brenden turns out to be the kind of person who develops from someone I'd like to punch in teh face to someone I'd wrap an arm around and hit the pubs on a weekend night.

I know you details, so if you just put the writing more... formally, this story will be very interesting. I also think you're letting your view of the Pokemon world show a tad too strongly, though I think it adds to teh humor in some parts.

There's my comments. Now give me the 3rd Entry, F/ag! lol
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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy

Originally Posted by Pickleboy View Post
The story as a whole is very interesting, but everything is laid out a bit imformal. Sometimes, I can't tell if you're making fun of the game or not. But the May scene was actually done very well, IMO. I hope this version of Brenden turns out to be the kind of person who develops from someone I'd like to punch in teh face to someone I'd wrap an arm around and hit the pubs on a weekend night.

I know you details, so if you just put the writing more... formally, this story will be very interesting. I also think you're letting your view of the Pokemon world show a tad too strongly, though I think it adds to teh humor in some parts.

There's my comments. Now give me the 3rd Entry, F/ag! lol
Er...about the Pokemon world. I think its stupid how other people always call you, "kid" in the games, such as, "beaten by a kid!" or "Huh? It's just a kid!". And I hate the anime. So I tried to make fun of the anime, by saying that 10-year-old trainers get sexually assaulted the most, LOLOLOLOL.

Er...forget I said that. I'm working on the next entry, it will be much longer than what I've posted so far.
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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy

Seems fairly solid, for the most part, but try too minimize the times you capitalize shouts. Not that it isn't allowed, just most reviewers tend to frown upon it (at least on other sites they do).
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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy

Alright, Entry 3 is finally here. This chapter is much longer than the others, that it exceeded the max character count in a post! Therefore, this chapter will be in two parts. And I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with a Wingull that knows Ice Beam...mwahahaha!!!

================================================== ======

Entry 3: The Cloning Disaster...YOU WASTED 20 MINUTES!!!

“God I’m stupid…” was the first thing Brendan thought when he realized that he just became a hostage of these “shady guys”. He was unable to move, suspended in the air by chains from his ankles and wrists. The room he was dimly lit by the blue lights emitted from where the chains linked to. The lights looked “wavy”, such as when light reflects off moving water. On the door in front of him, he could see a white logo that resembled resembled a disfigured letter, “A”.

Unable to move, and completely confused at what was going on, Brendan was completely helpless. He figured that since he was a hostage of these “shady guys associated with the letter A” people, one of them would check on him…or do other things that he didn’t want to worry about.

And Brendan’s guess that somebody would come was correct. The disfigured A on the round door in front of him glowed a deep blue, then the entire door shattered into millions of pieces. No light came through where the door was. There stood a man in a black robe obviously too large for him, included with a hood shadowing his entire face.

The hooded figure pressed a button on the ground (the button was invisible to Brendan because of how the room was lit). As soon as the button was pressed, the chains shattered, and Brendan fell on the ground, hitting the debris of a broken door and chains.

“Oomf,” Brendan mumbled in pain.

A sound seemed to come out of the hooded figure. “Don’t show your reaction. Letting others know how you feel is like letting others know your weakness.”

Brendan, still on the ground, stared at the hooded figure.

“Stand up.” The hooded figure spoke. His voice came out, low, and hoarse.

Struggling from the pain caused by the fall, and the pain on his ankles and wrists from being suspended, Brendan slowly stood up, daring not to make a sound.

The figure spoke once again. “I suppose you would like to know where you are.”

“Er…yes I would.” Brendan slowly said.

“I never told you to answer my question. Once again, you’re showing me how you’re feeling. That is not a smart thing to do. You’re letting others know your weakness.”

Brendan said nothing.

“You have a lot to learn. Tell me your name.”

Brendan said nothing. Again.

“If you choose not to answer my question, you would not be happy at the situation I will put you in.”

“B-Brendan Birch.” Brendan spoke.

“Birch? Your last name is Birch?” asked the figure.


“Are you associated in any way with the research institute in Littleroot?”

“Well…my father works there. As a professor.”

“Follow me.” Pleaded the hooded figure.

“I can’t see…” mumbled Brendan.

“Once again, you’re telling me what your weaknesses are.”

Brendan proceeded with following the cloaked man down the invisible black hallway of doom! Just kidding.

Brendan proceeded with following the cloaked man down wherever he was going; it was too dark to see, so he figured he should be safe as long as he stayed with whoever the hell this guy was…

Suddenly without warning, they were in a large room that was well lit. The walls were all windows…then Brendan thought he’s in an aquarium. Well, there were all kinds of different aquatic Pokemon behind the glass walls, which made Brendan realize that he’s either in an aquarium, or some hidden underwater base.

Answer: He’s in some hidden underwater base.

The only people in the room was Brendan, and the weird guy wearing the robe and hood…the latter turned to look at Brendan, walked backwards a few steps, then spoke.

“I am now going to tell you all you need to know right now. Earlier today, one of my minions -yes, I have minions- told me that you were trying to steal his weapons.”

Brendan, confused, was about to speak, but was cut off by the hooded figure’s low, hoarse voice, “And so as a defense manoeuvre, we do whatever we can to make sure the person who opposes us is unconscious. Then we have the decision of letting that person die there, or we take him/her hostage, and then I decide what I do to our hostage. You, Brendan Birch, are my latest hostage.”

Brendan was now bored at this long speech of whatever he was talking about…nobody cares…

“I can tell that you aren’t listening to me.”

Brendan then made an effort to listen to this crazy guy.

“Now, I’m sure by now that you are wondering who we are. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is, tell me what you know about the CCI.”

“The what!?” Brendan confusedly asked.

“The Cinnabar Cloning Institute. CCI.” The hooded figure said sincerely.

“Never heard of it.”

“Well then you might be of use to us. You are young. Your mind is still clean, it hasn’t been poisoned…anybody who isn’t an adult still has a pure mind.”

“And you’re a crazy son-of-a-bitch f/aggot!” Came out a voice from seemingly nowhere.

“What was that?” Brendan and the hooded figure spoke in unison.

“I said that you, hoody, are a crazy, SON OF A BITCH F/AGGOT!” An old man, gray hair on his sides, partially bald, with a Wingull came from the hallway opposite where Brendan was standing.

“I find it amusing that you brought along your weak Peeko.” The hooded figure spoke.

Brendan realized that the hooded guy and the crazy old guy must know each other.

“Peeko! Use Ice Beam on the crazy son-of-a-bitch f/aggot!” the old man commanded. The Wingull beside him opened its orange beak, then a stream of ice shards came out of it’s mouth.

The hooded figure, performed a somersault to avoid the beam of ice, and then sent out took out a PokeBall of his own. By now, Brendan was hiding behind a wooden crate, watching the battle.

The hooded figure released his PokeBall, and revealed a Sharpedo. “Sharpedo! Kill that bird with Crunch!”

“Peeko! Freeze his mouth!” the old man yelled.

The Sharpedo, almost 6 feet large, charged (floated) towards the Wingull, the Wingull not moving. As Sharpedo opened its large jaws, revealing layers of spear-shaped teeth, the Wingull opened its tiny beak, and shot large amounts of ice shards directly into the Sharpedo’s, throat, leaving scars wherever the ice struck.

The old man spoke to the boy behind the wooden crate. “Get out of here from where I came from while I take care of this crazy son-of-a-bitch f/aggot!”

Brendan crawled towards the black hallway, then got up and stood there, motionless, confused. Where the hell was he supposed to go anyway? I mean, seriously, he some crazy guy wearing a hood tells him about some cloning stuff, and then suddenly some old man with a Wingull that somehow knows Ice Beam pops out of nowhere, and then the hoody guy takes out a Sharpedo (the Sharpedo is getting owned by Wingull pretty badly), and now the old man is telling him to escape. Where?

By then, the Wingull had completely knocked out the Sharpedo, and as Brendan looked back, he noticed that the hooded guy was now completely encased ice.

“Er…” Brendan spoke, but the old man with the Ice-Beaming Wingull walked past him, gesturing him to follow.

“What the hell are you doing here anyway?” the old man had asked as they walked toward wherever…Brendan didn’t know.
Brendan, confused, responded with “Er…some guy took out a lightsaber thingy and then I woke up, and I’m floating in mid-air.”

“That’s some pretty crazy-ass story I must say.” The old man replied.

Brendan then thought of what was actually happening, and realized that this old man was helping him. “Hey, why are you helping me?”

The old man, ignoring Brendan’s question, said, “We’re at a hidden base located at the bottom of the river on Route 103. Apparently, you’ve been missing for 2 days, so your parents tried finding out where you are, since they told me that they have a microchip implanted into your ass.”

Brendan stayed silent. Who was this old guy? Did his parents know him?

“So according to the data your microchip sent back to my computer, you were at the bottom of the river on Route 103. Your parent’s thought you drowned or something, but…I knew something else. “

“What did you know?” Brendan asked.

The old man and his Wingull resting on his shoulder, once again ignoring his question, took out a PokeBall and released a small, green bird; a Natu.

“Podi, teleport us to my restaurant.” The old man spoke, his Natu giving a nod.

Instantly the black darkness around him disappeared, and suddenly they were on solid land. Brendan took a look at his surroundings. He could see…the ocean. Many ships, labs, factories, and a lighthouse. The sky was a dark blue, indicating that it was rather late in the day, but not that late. There were people with their own concession stands -trade markets-, closing their stores. Right in front of him was a sign in bright, neon letters, “BRINEY’S DOCK!” Behind the sign was a rich-looking restaurant, and the old man already heading in before him.

Brendan assumed he should follow him, and he did. Inside the restaurant, Brendan thought he was walking into a mansion. The wooden floor was highly polished, reflecting his every move. Marble pillars stuck out from the ground and ceiling to help distinguish where the main path was. There were paintings hung on the wall, some were paintings of fruit, and some were paintings of Pokemon. Once particular painting that grabbed Brendan’s attention was a painting depicting a massive, green dragon, looking like as if it was smushed into the picture frame, bending everywhere.

Aside from the paintings, there were of course, round tables, with people wearing tuxedos and dresses dining, heavily clashing in contrast to what the old man was wearing. Brendan drooled as he hadn’t had food in over two days. The windows depicted the ocean and the night sky’s horizon.

Brendan kept following the old man down the hallway, and felt slightly embarrassed at what he was wearing, the fact that apparently he hadn’t taken a shower in 2 days after getting shocked with a “ligthsaber”, and even worse: the man he was following.

The old man abruptly stopped, so Brendan followed suit. The old man took out a bottle of a clear, but thick looking substance from his jeans, and handed to Brendan.

“Drink this. It will satisfy your hunger and thirst needs, considering you haven’t had food for a while.”

Brendan did what he was told, and slowly drank the thick, clear liquid. It tasted awesome…Brendan wanted more…but continued following the old man ahead of him.

As the end of the hallway came approaching, the old man reached out his wrinkly hand to open a door, revealing a much smaller, much less polished room. The carpet was smudged with dirt, and four couches placed on all four sides of the room. Two of the couches were occupied by two familiar faces. One was Wally, his friend whom he hadn’t talked to since that ‘argument’, and another was…the girl who had saw him rolling down the hill that one day. The one who wore matching clothes.

The old man motioned Brendan to sit down on an empty couch, and the old man sat on the last unoccupied couch. Brendan felt uncomfortable as his couch was opposite of the girl, as Brendan HATED how his clothes ‘matched’ hers.

By now, Brendan was completely confused at what was going on.

Inside, Wally was relieved to see that Brendan is still alive, but didn’t want to speak because of the ‘argument’.

And the girl, May, her name still unknown to Brendan and Wally, kept trying to catch Brendan’s eyes, so she could show him his lost cell phone.

After several seconds of uncomfortable silence, the old man broke the silence with, “Alright, on to business. Now you kids, er…I’m sorry. Now you teenagers are wondering what is going on. First of all, have any of you guys met before? I know that you guys all go to the same school in Rustboro.”

Wally spoke first, saying, “I’ve seen the girl at school, but I don’t know her. I know who that guy is” Wally pointed at Brendan “and…yeah.”

Brendan then said, “Er…yeah, Wally knows who I am, and I know who Wally is. And…I have never seen that girl in my life. Never.” The girl raised her eyebrows at this.

“You’re just too afraid to say that you’ve met me just because our clothes match, and I saw you rolling down the hill.” The girl calmly said.

Brendan’s thoughts at this was, “OHSHIT. She notices our clothes.”

The old man spoke once again. “I am Mr. Briney. You can call me Captain Briney, or you can call me Edmond. Everybody, introduce yourselves, even if you already know each other. “

“I’m May Noall.” The girl across Brendan spoke.

“Walter Harper. Actually, just call me Wally.” said Walter Harper.

“Er…I’m Brendan Birch.” Mumbled Brendan Birch.

“And I’m Edmond Briney, but I already introduced myself, so it doesn’t matter!” the old man cheerfully spoke.

“Anyways…” Mr. Briney continuted. “I’m sure you guys are all wondering why I’ve brought you here. I found out that you guys all go to the same school, and have some previous encounter with at least one of two evil organisations. Is that correct?”

Wally, confused, calmly spoke, “Mr. Briney, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“But you said you’re a friend of the guy who got kidnapped, which in this case, is Brendan Birch.”

The old man, Mr. Briney, looked at Brendan, and said, “Brendan, do not worry, as I’ve contacted your parents and they know that you are safe.”

Brendan nodded, realizing that being gone for two days, and gave a sigh of relief.

Mr. Briney spoke once again, this time slowly rotating his beady brown eyes to the three other teenagers in the room. “I’m sure you guys are all wondering what organisations I speak of. But, I have to tell you the whole story to make sure you understand it. Now…”

Mr. Briney cleared his throat, and began speaking in a story-teller like voice. “Seventeen years ago, there was a mansion located on a faraway island. That mansion contained a secret laboratory, where an organisation was held. This secret organisation was called the CCI, which stood for the Cinnabar Cloning Institute.”

Brendan interrupted Mr. Briney with, “You know the guy you kept calling a son-of-a-bitch f/aggot? He asked me if I knew about the CCI.”

Mr. Briney put on a rather surprised expression. “Oh really? Hm…I’m surprised that he would…never mind. ANYWAYS, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly the name ‘Cinnabar Cloning Institute’ meant. Cinnabar, is the faraway island that the mansion was on. Cinnabar is not an isolated island, as it is part of the Kanto region. Besides that, the ‘Cloning Institute’ part is kinda self-explanatory.”

“You’re saying they cloned…life-forms?” May asked.

“At first, they didn’t, May, but they eventually came to it, as that was their original goal. The Cinnabar Cloning Institute wanted to seize control of a life-form so powerful intended to protect the Kanto region. Or at least, that was the original intention.”

Mr. Briney let a moment of silence to allow Brendan, Wally, and May think about what he said, then cleared his throat, and broke the silence again with, “The CCI realized that the only type of life-form that humans can control the growth of are…Pokemon. But in a way, Pokemon are like us, they have feelings and emotions, and if a human wouldn’t want to give up their life to become a slave, then a Pokemon wouldn’t either.”

Wally then asked, “So then what conclusion did they come to?”

“I’m getting there.” Mr. Briney said assuringly. “The conclusion they agreed on, was that they were going to create a Pokemon. They tried to make this the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Once that task was done, the CCI wanted to clone it, but I will get to that later.”

May then said in a rather suspicious voice, “How could you create a Pokemon? It wouldn’t have any emotions, and if it did, it would be cruel, knowing that it’s a slave.”

Mr. Briney frowned upon that, but abruptly smiled. “The Pokemon they ended up creating was quite a ways to go compared to what they planned. They tried to create the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and so once that project was complete, they called it, ‘Porygon’.”

May raised her eyebrows at this, knowing that Porygon was a Pokemon being manufactured by a different company in Kanto, as May was quite knowledgeable. But this time, she chose to stay quiet.

“Now…” Mr. Briney continued. “Porygon was a failure. But one of the designers dropped out of the CCI, and took Porygon with him, and then submitted the design to Silph Co, which they approved. The one who took Porygon claimed that it was entirely his own creation.”

May struggled to remember the name of the person who had apparently claimed to have created Porygon.

“Wait, how are there multiple copies of Porygon? Wouldn’t that mean they’re all clones of the original?” May asked.

“Er…they cloned Porygon by utilising what I call, the ‘Copy & Paste’ function…”

“After the failure of Porygon, the CCI settled got a new idea: Finding a powerful legendary Pokemon, then cloning it and alter it’s genes to make it even more powerful and listen to whatever they instructed. And so for the next two years, the CCI set out all around the world to search for the most powerful legendary Pokemon they could find.”

Once again, Mr. Briney let a moment of silence take place, allowing Brendan, Wally, and May to think. In reality, Mr. Briney was truly making sure if the remaining CCI had kept this secret all these years. If Brendan, Wally, or May had prior knowledge of this, then that means the CCI had failed.

But luckily for Mr. Briney, they said nothing. So Mr. Briney continued his story. “After a long two years searching for the most powerful Pokemon they could find, they were on the verge of completely giving up. But then, to one of the searchers, they found an ancient Pokemon that wasn’t even confirmed to exist, as it was depicted only in murals. The CCI captured the legendary Pokemon, and began the experiment to clone it.”

Brendan abruptly asked, “Wait, what does all of this have anything to do with the evil organisations you were talking about?”

“Just wait.” Mr. Briney assured. “As I was saying, they spent an entire year cloning this legendary Pokemon. The Pokemon they found was…Mew. And so they officially decided to call the work-in-progress clone, Mewtwo. They created a new embryo, mimicking how Mew looked like, and placed it in a large incubator to try and mimic a baby’s growth during a mother’s pregnancy. Technically, Mew was the mother and the father, and Mewtwo was the baby. “

Wally was about to ask a question, but May indicated him to stop with her index finger, because she knew Mr. Briney was just going to say, “I’ll get there!”

Mr. Briney continued his story. “As the year ended, the clone, Mewtwo, was revealed that there were many crucial mistakes done to the embryo before hand. Mewtwo was horribly disfigured compared to his clone predecessor, and was much larger. Unfortunately, Mew was also dying, so one of the scientists, Mr. Fuji, the only one who didn’t turn greedy as a result of this project, left the CCI completely and took Mew to a faraway island where Mew could stay alive. Mr. Fuji then left the CCI, saying that these people were planning on using Mewtwo for pure power and greed, and feared that they were trying to take over Kanto rather than protect it.”

Wally then said, “Did…did Mew die? What about Mewtwo?”

“They both lived. Mew was never seen again, as nobody knows where Mr. Fuji took Mew. Mewtwo however…”

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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy


Mr. Briney cleared his throat for the third time. “Once Mewtwo’s mind developed, so did his emotions. Mewtwo realized that he was some sort of failed experiment, so he destroyed his own incubator that he was growing in, then set fire to the entire mansion, killing everybody there, EXCEPT four people.”

Mr. Briney put on a weary look now…”Now let me explain who the four scientists that escaped were. One was Giovanni. He left the CCI, and somehow was strong enough to become one of the Kanto Gym Leaders. Now…I this might not be true…but…I think Giovanni started his own organisation…I’m not entirely sure, but I think they go by Team Rocket. But since they’re in Kanto, they’re none of our business.”

Mr. Briney continued, “Another is…I can’t tell you who that is. I’ll leave that person anonymous, I’ll tell you when the time comes. But what matters to us, the Hoenn region, are the other two people that didn’t get killed by Mewtwo. Their names are Archie, and Maxie.”

The three teenagers were happy that Mr. Briney had seemingly come to a conclusion, and yet angry that he had wasted all this time with a bunch of 'Mewtwo cloning crap'.


Mr. Briney looked rather angry at this comment. "This knowledge will be useful to you in the future, I assure you."

Mr. Briney then looked at Brendan and said, “Now Brendan, I’m pretty sure the cloaked, hooded man you encountered was Archie, that crazy son-of-a-bitch f/aggot…”

He cleared his throat for the fourth time. “ANYWAYS, Archie and Maxie left to the Hoenn region. They’re both here, and they both found out at the library at the Cinnabar mansion that there are two legendary Pokemon said to represent the true power of the land and the ocean. Not only that, but they think there are two ancient artefacts that have the power to control them. Archie and Maxie are both on a quest to find these legendary Pokemon, and use them for the same reason why they wanted Mewtwo…at least, that’s what I think.”

Surprisingly, Brendan asked a question, “Wait, where is Mewtwo? Why aren’t Archie, Giovanni, Maxie, and Mr. Fuji still after it?”

Mr. Briney then said “Brendan, I don’t know what happened to Mewtwo…Giovanni might be looking for it, however. But if it’s anywhere, it’s probably in Kanto, far away from us. Fuji wants to pretend that he was never involved in the experiment…”

Mr. Briney then concluded his story with, “Now that I know that you three are the oldest kids to graduate from the Rustboro Trainer’s school, so you three are naturally the most mature out of all young trainers. I know that all three of you are planning to try and beat the Hoenn Gym Leaders, and so if you’re really going to travel around Hoenn, then you guys are the ones who can find out what they’re truly after.”

Brendan, May, and Wally all put on a disapproving look. They wanted nothing to do with an evil organisation, and wanted to only have fun.

May, the smartest out of the three, began having the impression that Mr. Briney was making them do his ‘dirty work’ for him, as she and the other two trainers-to-be could hardly care for whatever Archie and Maxie were doing. May once again chose not to spoke, ultimately letting Mr. Briney have the impression that they all agree on what he had said.

By now, Brendan was unaware of the fact that he was somehow without his cell phone, May forgot that she was carrying Brendan’s cell phone, and luckily, Brendan and Wally weren’t angry at each other since the events that had occurred a few nights ago.

Mr. Briney titled his head to his left, and looked at Brendan. “So Brendan, I don’t think I’ve told you where we are. We’re at my restaurant in Slateport. In case you haven’t noticed…” he then looked at nobody, assuming what he was saying was directed at the three young teenagers. “Like I said, all of your parents know where you are, and we’re going to be sailing for the next few hours on my boat, back to Petalburg. All of your parents or guardians or whatever will be there, and you three can prepare for whatever you plan on doing. We should arrive there by 9:30, if that isn’t too late.”

And so, the old man and the three teenagers followed him out of the restaurant, now having less people as night comes closer. Stars began to slowly pop out in the sky as the night sky began taking shape. Our three teenagers prepared themselves for the voyage that lay ahead for the next couple hours, trying to absorb everything Edmond Briney had said.

Far away at the peak of Mt. Pyre, and old couple sat before the marble shrine, deeply immersed in meditation. A voice from either one of them spoke, “I fear history may repeat itself.”

================================================== =======================

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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy

Alright, so I finished this chapter I'm about to post almost 2 months ago, but I never posted it because nobody gave me any feedback at all on the previous chapter. Anyways, I'm probably going to cancel this, and move on with another fanfic because this hardly got any feedback.


Entry 4: Learning the System


An arm emerged out of the pile of blankets, pressing the button on the alarm clock. The curtains were closed, but sunlight shone through the window nonetheless. The arm retreated back into the pile of blankets, and stayed there forever…

…until nine minutes had passed, and the, “BEEPBEEPBEEP” had resumed. This time instead of an arm emerging from the pile of blankets, instead a body rose. She was wearing blue striped pajamas, and had long brown hair reflecting the sunlight all over the room from a single mirror on the wall. She stomped on the alarm clock, and the BEEPBEEPBEEP ceased.

Several minutes later…

Sunlight shone through the living room of the Noall family, the room well lit without any actual lights due to the glossy, polished wooden floor.

As the girl emerged from her room, a man with dark, thinning hair was eating whatever his breakfast was, laying down on a recliner, while watching Gabby & Ty’s Trainer Lookout on television.

“May! I’ve never seen you up this early! You must be really excited!” the adult with dark, thinning hair spoke.

“Well…today’s graduation day. I can finally become an individual. Of course I’m excited; this is the only time I’ve actually wanted to get up early to go to school!” the young teenage girl spoke confidently.

The girl that was wearing the striped blue pajamas earlier was now wearing a red velvet short-sleeved jacket, and black shorts. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, this is May Noall.

“Well…er…can we go? Now?” May asked.

The man eating his breakfast, who was May’s father, spoke with a food-muffled voice, “Wait. Lemme finish watching this battle.”

On the television screen showed a double battle between a Whismur and Magnemite versus a Numel and Zubat. The Whismur was screeching an Uproar, it’s large ears flapping wildly from the force of it’s own sound waves, magnified by the Magnemite’s Metal Sound. The shockwave is shown clearly blasting out on the Numel and Zubat, knocking them out.

Then a lady with dark hair, cut short appeared in a box on at the bottom of the screen, saying, “This trainer had some skill, but apparently didn’t know how to make his Pokemon work together! As you can see, Ty and I clearly showed teamwork in this double battle, but the Numel and Zubat were completely independent of each other!”

May’s dark-haired father then spoke in response to what was on screen, “Now May, that is how I want you to learn how to battle. Watching other battles is part of what makes you a better battler. You learn from your own mistakes, and you learn from other’s mistakes as well.”

“Don’t worry dad. At school they sometimes test our knowledge of battling by giving us Pokemon to battle with other people.” May answered.

“Heh…you’ll learn more from experience than what you’ve learned at school.”

“I’ve never lost a battle.” May added quickly.

“Wait to you get out into the real world…” her father said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, then turned off the television.


Two days ago, in a not too far away town from Petalburg, there was a small town called Littleroot. It was merely a quiet community, but also had a Pokemon research lab. The owner of the laboratory, a middle-aged man referred to as professor Birch, who happened to have a son, named Brendan. Six days ago, his son had been kidnapped, and his son had claimed to have been knocked out conscious by some weird thing called a, “lightsaber.” His son had been found and returned the next day, by some old sailor named Edmond Briney.

Edmond Briney had not informed professor Birch fully about what had exactly happened, so in the professor’s lab, he had been trying to seek the information of what had happened from his son, Brendan Birch.

“So what did you say happened?”

“Well…I wanted a quicker way to get to Littleroot when you texted me, so I asked some random guy if he had a flying Pokemon, and then he took out a lightsaber, and then all of a sudden I’m in the middle of darkness, and then a man comes, then an old man comes, and then they start battling…oh, and the old man had a super badass Wingull that could use Ice Beam. He totally owned the man’s Sharpedo. Then the old man got me out of the dark place, and took me to some fancy restaurant in Slateport. At the restaurant, we met up with Wally and some girl I don’t know. Then the old man started telling us some long useless story about some legendary Pokemon named Porygon, and…I forgot. Oh, and we sailed back to Petalburg.”

“ENOUGH! I still cannot make sense at all of what you said.”

“Let me say it again. I asked some guy if he had a flying Pokemon, and then he took out a lightsaber-“ Brendan was cut off by his angered father,“What the hell is a lightsaber?

“Oh…actually it was a taser.” Brendan sheepishly replied.

Brendan’s father then spoke in a much calmer tone of voice, “Well…at least your safe. You do realize that being kidnapped is not some average thing.”

“Neither is being a ten-year-old Pokemon Trainer getting raped. Seriously, that makes up 70% of all news stories…”Brendan thought in his mind.


Two days later was the day Brendan’s make-up test was due, and it happened to be the last day of the school year in mid June. Once again in Littleroot, this time professor Birch and his wife were getting prepared for the event that was supposed to take place that day, when their son Brendan would finally graduate Trainer school, since he had started four years late.

“But anyways, today is finally your graduation day. Don’t worry, we’ll be heading to Rustboro pretty soon, I’m sure Mr. Briney will be there so I can ask him what really happened to you.” Brendan’s mother spoke with a calm, assuring voice, but the calm, assuring voice had quite a different effect on Brendan’s thoughts.

“OHSHIT.” Brendan thought in his mind, realizing that he hadn’t studied at all for the entire week, and that Ms. Roxanne probably wouldn’t let him graduate at all. Of course, it wasn’t entirely his fault, seeing as apparently he had been held hostage for two days. He had a feeling that his father knew about the test he had to make up, and he’s assuming that that’s why he wanted him to come home immediately moments before he got kidnapped. With that in mind, he looked out the window watching little children play in their backyards, and let his mind not worry about his academic issues.

Wally’s paranoid mother got him to school as soon as possible, and as a result they were the only people there other than the teachers working there.

“Mom…it’s only 8:30 in the morning…the ceremony doesn’t start ‘till 10:00.” Wally whined to his mother.

Wally’s mother was a woman whose eyes looked like they had seen such terrible events that shouldn’t have been seen at all. The only thing she cared for now was her only son Walter. She refused to talk about her dead husband to Walter, and had put up with being a widow for ten years, and while trying her best effort in properly raising her only son, who unfortunately has had health issues in the past, some still remaining.

“Walter, you’ve heard the news stories about what’s happening to those poor ten-year-old Pokemon Trainers. I don’t want that happening to you, so its best we headed out here early while most people are still asleep.” Wally’s mother had spoken with an overly worried tone of voice.

“Mom, I’m fourteen. Oddly enough, that kind of stuff only happens to ten-year-olds, not fourteen-year-olds.”

Wally and his mother leaned against the walls of the empty school hallway, with occasionally teachers walking by giving them a smile. As they talked, they eventually started seeing people other than teachers enter the school doors, indicating that the ceremony would start soon.

Wally’s teacher, Ms. Roxanne, had walked by, and told them to follow her to the gym where the graduation ceremony would be held. Wally’s mother gave a sigh of relief as she was told, Wally blushing slightly by his mother’s overly worried demeanour.


The school gym was filling up with lots of people, mostly parents and their ten-year-old children. There were three children that looked noticeably older then all the others were Brendan Birch, Wally Harper, and May Noall, all fourteen years old. Most children were conversing with others, while the three teenagers in the room only spoke to their parents. The large room was well lit, and was quite noisy from all the conversing.

A tall man whose face was obscured with large sunglasses, wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt and shorts walked appeared on the stage, and mumbled an AHEM into the microphone to get everybody’s attention. All of the people in the room was now facing their attention towards the man that had walked on stage.

“All parents and students! Welcome to the graduation ceremony for year 6 students! My name is Scott Morelli, and I’m a Pokemon Trainer that graduated from this school 20 years ago! I know what it feels like to know that you’re finally going to become a Pokemon Trainer! First off in the ceremony, we’re going to give every single student a free Pokemon to start off! And of course, we have your Trainer cards ready, and they’re already activated by the Ever Grande Council. Finally we’ll have a special guest from Ever Grande to explain what activities you can engage in as a Pokemon Trainer, and after that, all of you students are officially Pokemon Trainers!”

The crowd of adults, teachers, ten-year-old kids, and three teenagers erupted into a big WOOO, and then settled down as the man on stage began reading off a list of names. As the names were read, one by one, a ten-year-old kid walked up to the stage and accepted a PokeBall from the teachers on stage.

May looked at the stage and smirked, looking at the ten-year-olds getting excited over receiving common local Pokemon, such as Zigzagoon and Tailow. She laughed at one kid’s excitement over getting a Magikarp. May looked around, and saw Brendan and Wally conversing, and tried to get their eye contact, but didn’t work. As she looked, she noticed one of the teachers, Ms. Roxanne, had walked up to them and appeared to be informing them of something. As soon as the teacher had walked up to them, Brendan’s facial expression obviously showed fear. After Ms. Roxanne was done talking, Brendan appeared to yell, “FUCK YEAH!”, getting angry glares from other parents.

As May looked back towards the stage as the children receiving their Pokemon and Trainer cards, she felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around, and saw Ms. Roxanne behind her.

“Hi!” May said, happy that she finally had something other to do than look at children’s enjoyment of Pokemon that could have easily been caught in their own backyard.

“Hello May. I’d like to inform you that you will be receiving your first Pokemon from someone other than what the school has provided, since you and the two other fourteen-year olds deserve better than local Pokemon.” Ms. Roxanne said in her usual casual voice.

“Interesting. So we won’t be getting Zigzagoons and Magikarps?” May jokingly mocked.

“Oh, no, no. The three of you will be getting much better Pokemon, and they were all supplied by one the other’s father. It was…oh! Brendan’s father. Do you know who Brendan is?” Ms. Roxanne had asked.


“Yeah, well his father works in Littleroot, and has apparently bred three Pokemon more suitable for battling than the local Pokemon around here.”

“WHAT!” May said in shock. She then giggled thinking that all those other people were getting local Pokemon, while the three of them will end up getting something much better.

Ms. Roxanne walked away and disappeared into the crowd, and her parents laughed. “Well May, you’ve got quite the deal now, huh?” Her father said.

“I wonder…” May mumbled to herself.

After several more minutes of children getting excited over receiving local Pokemon that could easily be found, the man known as Scott Morelli then said another AHEM to get everybody’s attention. The man spoke into the microphone once again, “Alright! And now, welcome our special guest, Drake Pig, from our very own Ever Grande council!”

Instead of a big round of applause, the crowd laughed at the last name, “Pig”, as another man, supposedly Drake Pig, began walking on stage. As soon as the crowd saw his dark facial expression, the laughing ceased. He was wearing a black sailor’s hat, and had dark black hair with strands of gray sticking out under his hat. His jeans were torn, and the same with his dark blue coat. He walked towards the center, as Scott backed away. His mouth moved as words echoed in the room, amplified by the microphone.

“I find it disturbing how you kids decide to laugh at my last name.” Drake Pig spoke in a dark, annoyed voice. All of the children now had serious facial expressions.

Scott, who had his own microphone, then spoke, “Er…let’s look past that, and go on please?”

Drake Pig then shot a quick glare at Scott, then resumed speaking. “Alright then. As you know, my name is Drake. I raise Dragon-type Pokemon, and I am the leader of the Hoenn Elite Four, and I am also head of the Ever Grande Council. It is to my knowledge that all you ten-year-olds are about to become Pokemon Trainers, right?”

The crowd was silent.

“RIGHT?” Drake spoke angrily.

The crowd uttered a sheepish yes, and Mr. Pig resumed speaking.

“Alright. Now it is to my knowledge that some of you wish to challenge the Hoenn Elite Four, also known as the Pokemon League. Well, you’re probably never going to do that anyway, so it is completely useless for me to explain what I am about to explain, but I will do it anyway. First of all, there are eight Po-DON’T YOU DARE CONVERSE WHILE I AM TALKING!”

The crowd was silent. Two kids that had been talking then looked really sheepish.

“Ahem. First of all, there are eight Pokemon Gyms. A Pokemon Gym is a place where trainers come to train their Pokemon, and to further their journey to facing us, the Elite Four. In order to face the Elite Four, you must collect all eight Ever Grande Council badges, and then you are given permission to challenge us. In order to obtain an Ever Grande Council badge, you must go to a Pokemon Gym and defeat the Gym Leader there. A Gym Leader is a powerful Pokemon Trainer. We, the Elite Four, choose our Gym Leaders carefully. You can challenge the Gyms in any order you want, however, the strength of the Pokemon the Gym Leader uses depends on how many Ever Grande Council badges you have. That way, there is no Gym Leader that’s harder than another, and each Gym is always difficult. Once you have collected all eight Ever Grande Council badges, you will be allowed to enter the boundaries of Ever Grande, and then challenge us, the Elite Four. Any questions?”

The crowd was silent.

Scott broke the silence with, “Mr. Pig, I think you might have been scaring our students a little bit. AHEM! Does anybody have any questions regarding the Ever Grande Council Badges?”

A few hands in the crowd went up, obviously less intimidated by Scott than Drake.

“Yes. You over there.” He pointed his hand at a ten-year-old boy in the back of the room. One of the teachers walked up to him and handed the boy a microphone.

“Uh…what Gym should I challenge first?” the boy’s high-pitched voice asked.

Drake responded, “I said, it doesn’t matter. But the most logical choice would be challenging the closest Gym near you, which is the Gym in this very city.”

“Any more questions?” Drake asked.

The crowd was silent. Again.

Once again Scott broke the silence with, “Er…alright. I guess this ceremony is over. Oh! Looks like Mr. Pig has one last thing to say.”


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Default Re: The Hoenn Prophecy


The crowd was silent.

But this time they were silent because of the questionable way Drake Pig had ended his speech.

The awkward silence slowly broke as people left, the crowd getting smaller and smaller. Slowly people left home, the ten-year-old kids jumping for joy with their new Pokemon.

Now you’re probably wondering about Brendan’s deal with Ms. Roxanne. Brendan yelled, “**** YEAH” because his teacher had let him skip the test because of the trouble he just went through. With that in mind, Brendan is allowed to graduate.

Anyways, once everybody had left, the only people remaining were Ms. Roxanne, Brendan and his parents, May and her parents, and Wally and his mother. The three teenagers all expected to finally receive their Trainer cards and their first Pokemon.
“Soo…” Brendan’s father, professor Birch spoke. “I’m sure Ms. Roxanne here has told you that you three, the oldest students here, will be getting something other than a local Pokemon. Well, yes, that’s true.”

The three teenagers, their parents, and Ms. Roxanne all looked at Brendan’s father expectantly. The professor then laid out his suitcase, and opened it, revealing three PokeBalls, and pink underwear with red hearts all over.

“Er…” The professor quickly took out the PokeBalls and closed the suitcase, then blushed a tiny bit. “Forget what you saw.”

“What do the PokeBalls have?” May had asked.

“Well! Each one is a rare Pokemon native to this region. There’s Treecko, a Grass-type Pokemon, Torchic, a Fire-type Pokemon, and Mudkip, a Water-type Pokemon.”

The professor laid out the PokeBalls on the ground, letting the three teenagers choose.

“I want Torchic. MINE!” May quickly said, snatching the middle PokeBall.

Brendan just stood there, and so Wally walked out and picked the left PokeBall, which contained Treecko.

To tell you the truth, Brendan didn’t really care what he got, so he went on and took the last remaining PokeBall, Mudkip.

“Happy with your choices?” Professor Birch had asked.

Brendan nodded, Wally mumbled a, “Yep.”, and May squealed, “YES!!!”

Ms. Roxanne then spoke, “Well. If you three decide to challenge the Gym in Rustboro first, you’ll be in for quite a surprise…” Ms. Roxanne giggled, over exaggerating so that her brown pony tails bounced as she laughed evilly.

Brendan then said, “Nah, I live in Petalburg so I’m going to challenge that Gym first.”

“No you won’t.” May and her father spoke in unison. May’s father then spoke, “Sorry, but the Gym Leader of Petalburg wishes that you wait a while before challenging him…he said….er…um…get four badges first.”

“How do you know what the Petalburg Gym Leader says?” Brendan asked.

Ms. Roxanne, May’s father, and May began laughing together, as if Brendan and Wally were unaware of something.

May’s father stopped laughing, then spoke, “Well, let’s not talk about that right now. By the way, Brendan, I think you’re wondering where this was.” May reached into her pocket to reveal a pink cell-phone.

“What the…how did…” Brendan muttered.

“When you were childishly rolling down the wet hill, and when I spotted you, you left your cell phone. Then you apparently got kidnapped, so I had to keep this for several days. You should be happy that I never lost it.”

“Why didn’t you give it to me when we were at Briney’s?”

“Because his story was long and useless. And boring.”

All tension settled down, and everybody was talking amongst themselves.

Wally’s mother, who hadn’t spoken at all yet, said, “Why don’t you three let out your Pokemon?”

Wally opened up his PokeBall, and a beam of red light shot out, forming a small green creature. “Bupupupaaap…”The Treecko uttered it’s cry, and then climbed aimed it’s yellow eyes at Wally. “Ehehe…I’ll name you…Geico. can save more money on your car insurance!”

Please ignore Wally’s bad joke.

Geico the Treecko then leaped up a great distance, then landed on Wally’s face. Immediately Wally’s mother let out a stream of, “Ohgodnopleasedont…infectiongod”, and pried the Treecko off of Wally. “Mom, it’s okay. I’m not allergic to Pokemon.”

“BUPUPUPAAAP!!!” The Treecko yelled while in Wally’s mother’s hands. Geico leaped out of her hands, and lay down by Wally’s foot.

May giggled, then opened up her PokeBall. The red light released from it materialized a small orange bird. “Chirp…chirp…” the Torchic chirped several times, then looked up at May.

May looked at the Torchic, then began feeling tense as the Torchic apparently froze while looking at her Trainer. “Er…” May mumbled. She bent down and patted the Torchic on the head. The Torchic still kept looking at May, and hadn’t moved at all.

May then said, “Whatever. Pokemon don’t need names.”

Geico then slowly crept up to the Torchic, and began poking it. Out of nowhere, a small blue creature walked up to the Torchic and followed suit of Geico.

Brendan had let out his Mudkip, which was now poking the frozen Torchic with his front paw, the Treecko poking the Torchic with it’s hand.

Brendan viewed himself as a very smart, creative person. Especially when it came to naming things. Or at least he thought.

“I’m gonna name you Zomg! It seems perfect!”

Geico and Zomg continued to poke the apparently frozen Torchic, when suddenly without warning the Torchic ran towards May. “Awww…does wittle Torchic not wike Geico and Zomg?” Brendan mockingly said. May stared gave a O-o…

Let’s just pretend Brendan never said that.

Geico and Zomg began chasing the poor Torchic around the entire gym, hopping all over P.E. equipment (and breaking them in the process). Everybody laughed, all except Wally’s worried mother. The three teenagers then tried chasing Geico, Torchic, and Zomg, all of them running around the large room. Wally’s mother gave a smile, realizing that everybody was having fun.

Everybody was having fun. For now.
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