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Old 06-22-2009, 09:34 PM
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Default Ok, Here Is My Reasoning.

So, this is my farewell to the battling center. If you have not noticed I quit battling and this is here to explain it all without answering 1,000 Pm's/Vm's (Teo/Jack/Other Mod's you may lock this, I just want people to see what happened). I have been battling on these forums for god knows how long, I believe almost three years now. Now, non-stop battling for three years has to get old some time, and that time is now for me. Also, seeing the same stuff used in the metagame's are no fun any more. In standard OU play all I see is Heatran/Celebi/Latias/Scizor/Mence and in UU I see everything like Shaymin whored. How is this supposed to be fun for me anymore? I just honestly do not see the point, which is why I traded in all my pokemon games INCLUDING Platinum. I don't see myself coming back anytime soon due to xbox live being more entertaining with a wide variety of games. Now, just letting you guys know I will still be around these forums, just not for battling anymore. Don't cry, or be too happy, because I can still talk to you all. Now here are some notes I would like to say to my friends.

Big Lenny's: My best friend I had made around here. Everyone hated him but I was cool with him. We made battling fun for each other and made it nothing to serious which is what I wanted out of the game.

Fierce Deity: Alonzo, we go wayyy back. Although we don't really talk much I just thought you should be in here because you have been a good friend. I'm glad we have never gotten into any serious fights and always had a good time when talking/battling.

SaviorSephiroth: Where can I even start? Nicest dude I have met around here, one of the most skilled battlers I have encountered, and over all one of the most well managed members here. Your a great friend and always help out everyone in your AMAZING clan. Hope you stick around here man, Pe2k Battling Center needs you more then anyone.

Trinity: Oh Ken, once again where do I start. The most hard core battler I have met (Lawl) and yet one of the coolest kids I have met around here. We started a kick ass clan that went 10-0 until we had our little arguments, but we got past that and are still friends which I am glad of. Once again, the Pe2k Battling Center needs you ALOT.

Mcash7: Haha I know your long gone dude but I knew I should add you here because you are one of my best friends around here.

Broderick: The most recent friend I have made. Good kid, great at battling, over all you make it fun which I love. Keep it fun kid.

Ryan Nissan: Nothing much to say, you have just been around and we have been good friends for awhile.

fullmetal: No explanation needed at all <3

KageryuEX: Nicest, and most respectable person I have met. <3333

Honerable mentions: Wildfire1313, Niro, TrIpLex.

Stay classy Pe2k Battling Center ;]
PO Username: cucumber.
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