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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 08-28-2009, 05:04 PM
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Default Ranger Trial

This is just me and Neo doing a random run-through thing, pay no mind to it unless you wanna learn or something lol.


"Gah!" I cried, watching as poor Char was sent flying after delivering his attack. He'd struck too soon, and I briefly wondered why he had attacked before I'd ordered him to. Maybe he'd just wanted to prove that he was the better Pokemon, the better serpent. Whatever the reason, he was now lying on the other side of the pool Milotic had come from. He hit the sandy ground hard, sending a plume of the fine grains into the air. They settled on him a moment later as he lay there, obviously stunned from both Milotic's attack and the blow from his landing. Warily watching Milotic as it thrashed about, I skirted the pool and rushed to Char. I knelt beside him and ran my hands over his warm body, trying to get his attention. A weak hiss came from him after a second, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Char, forget attacking for a moment, you need to recover," I told the large snake. "Take a moment to use Stockpile, then Swallow. Once you've recovered, we'll start attacking from a distance. When you're healed, show Milotic how strong you are and use Earthquake to shake it up!"
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