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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Smile Harvesting Darkness chapter 1

Please rate this first chapter of my story

It was a dark night in our home, I had just been sent to bed by my parents because I had school in the morning, it was a Sunday... How I hated Sundays… I lived in a quiet house hidden by woods… That night, A light so bright that it was burning my eyelids had appeared outside of my window, I had ran at top speed with my eyes shut into the storage room of my house and fell on the work station onto the floor, I was scared because I was just a little kid, I had not known what this phenomenon was, I had not seen such things before in my life…
Once I had found a way to open my eyes without going blind, I took the risk. I had to get to my family. I didn’t waste a second but panicked and froze up when I noticed blue gas from behind me, I turned around and found myself puzzled because I had found the very monster behind this havoc, the monster I have come to known as “Vortech”, He was a mix between machine, and several alien parts. A beast controlled by his demented master, “Gorch”. Gorch used Vortech to fight for him, Vortech being under Gorch’s control and all, He had no clue. They had tooken me away to their legion known as Algor!
I was terrified because they looked so scary and were so big. I was so little and thought I was doomed at the time, until I found a power of my own after several years of sitting within a prison cell. A power only I knew of, a power I could use against them, and a power that could save us all. But it was not ready to be used, it was too weak and needed practice. I promised them I would work for them if they gave me a place to become stronger, I used my time I had to become stronger and train my power to use it to defeat them once and for all. Though in the meantime, I had to kill innocent people. People with families and children. I killed 30, maybe a little more. But only 30, to me that is better than an entire planet full of people.
My training didn’t stop at strength, Did I mention that the monster wasn’t the only one I had to fight if I were to stop this? No? Oh… Well, I had to defeat an army, and I had to defeat it alone. An army of monsters that had the strength to lift earth and throw it into mars, run around Earth 22 times in one second and to top it off, they had skin like titansteel and there armor was like rocks on planet Treston. I was pretty outmatched anyway you slice it. But I would be receiving the same training they would, I was not sure if my human body qualified but I was willing to give it a shot if it meant a chance to save the world.
After awhile, I felt stronger. I was able to keep a eye on my battle buddies and I had improved in strength by 20 points, I had been in for a long haul, A month got me 20 points, I was at 689 points when I begun the training. The strongest member of my platoon was at 22,000. I heard the mastermind was ten times as strong, I felt about ready to give up because that meant I needed to have 220,000 strength points, and then the big question of it all is if I really have enough battle experience by the time my training is complete to face him. It would take years of training and lots of bodies to do this, He might even stop me before I get that strong…
After my long thought that night I fell into a deep sleep and got that energy boost I needed for so long… It was 6am when I had awoken, My battle “buddies” were still asleep so I slipped down to the river and got washed up, washed my clothes in the river with a brush I had on me and then pinned my clothes on a clothes line I made out sticks and a few threads of string from my uniform. Hiding myself completely until I had been dressed and ready to return. When I was, I got back and the commanding officer had asked me where I had been, I didn’t reply. I simply walked passed as if he wasn’t even there, I could tell he was angry, because later on he punished me by making me clean out the bathroom. Everyone hated that one specific job, it was a nasty job. But I did it and carried out his orders throughout the day, I spent the rest of my time training for the big showdown, nobody else had known that I was working against them. It was my dirty little secret, so to speak.
That night I had a dizzy spell, there was no image, in fact it was if I went blind, and there was just a voice… “He… Trustsss… Yoooouu…” said the voice, Then I was fine, I had returned to my cabin to get settled. I was not sure how much time had passed, three? Four months? Who knows? But I will certainly return when I can, I promise you, but for now I must carry out the master’s will and hope that I can get enough strength that I can save us.

“..WAKE UP, RUNTS!” yelled General Husan, He could fly so he shouted it over the recruit’s cabins, “TODAY, WE START WEAPONS TRAINING, I WANT YOU ALL TO THE HALL BY TEN!” and then General Husan flew off. This meant we only had an hour to get ready… 560 soldiers, 200 showers... We would each take 15 minute showers we all agreed. When I was ready, I didn’t wait for anyone. I raced down to the hall, if I were going to carry out this plan, I was going to have to stay on their good side. I saw General Husan, Commander Cloak and the Champion of Algor. They were all fierce and were not to be messed with, but they were not my target, it was Gorch, The mastermind behind this whole thing. If need be, I will fight them to get to Gorch when the showdown begins. Whatever the cost, this tyrant will not be left to conquer.
When we had all gathered they had opened the gates and we had went in, They had set up a wheel-like device with images of weapons on them. I saw a soldier go up and try it at the approval of the Champion. “Alright, so it landed on daggers, so now your weapon class shall be daggers. That is pretty much how it works, it’s all about chance.” said the Champion.
“Yes sir, But what do I do now?” the soldier insisted. “You wait, Go to the right side of the room since you already have your weapon chosen.” said the Champion. The soldier nodded his head and walked towards the right side of the room, He seemed disappointed. But who can blame him? There were Lasers, Guns, Explosives, Swords and all he got were two lousy daggers. Eventually it was my turn, I had stepped up and spun the wheel… I had gotten “Arcane”, I had no clue what that was so I just carried out the process... Took my note and walked to the other side. “All those who got arcane follow me!” said an old guy in a robe. Seventy-four soldiers followed him including me, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. He had brought us to a place that contained white sparkly crystal like substance in the walls, jars and well... everywhere! He called it the arcane room. It was where new recruits came to learn to bend there arcane magic into offensive and defensive spells to use in combat. Most had the ability to use arcane magic, some didn’t. The ones who didn’t had to go back to the wheel, there was a brief test to see who did have it, and I was one of the ones who did. Sixteen went back, and that was it for today because it was just testing to see if you’re right for what you got. I went back to the cabin since we had nothing to do at the moment, I thought on the battle two weeks ago, by now I had killed over one hundred people. I did a quick little prayer for those who got killed by me before my roommates returned.
My roommate Romar rushed in “We need you now! There is a fight going on!” he shouted, I took off out the door and we ran for it! I had used my basic tactics, my attacks actually mattered this time and I didn’t have to play avoid and evade. By now, I had gained a sufficient amount of strength. We had defeated the invaders and several higher-ups had flown off to their civilization, to destroy it I assume. But it didn’t matter to me, what mattered to me was earth and only earth.

“What a waste of time, these guys were nothing. They’re going after a civilization that means nothing when they can be training even more of us to conquer…” Romar had said. I nodded, but I really didn’t care at all. I had made my way back to the hall and I spent even more time training, I found as I got more stronger it was taking less time to gain more strength, But I still needed every ounce of strength I could get. I knew at this point, I alone would not be enough. But I was afraid to ask around for help, of course if I asked the wrong person to help me defeat their leader whom they respect, they will wreck my plans. I was stuck, so I continued training throughout the night until 12am and I returned to my cabin for some sleep.
In the morning we had our first basic arcane class, we learned our 3 magic blasts. We first learned the arcane blast, which was a small diamond of energy that we conjured and smashed into the enemy then it exploded, second we learned a move called frostbolt, which didn’t go to well when I froze General Husan’s right arm... He was mad alright… But then we learned to unfreeze his arm with a fire blast, our final move of the day. It took eight, maybe nine hours. But we did it. We had then gone to the hall for dinner and most had gone to their cabins, I returned to the training hall for even more training. I had now been strong enough to take out three soldiers at once, I was so excited but this is not it. There is still more.
After I cleaned my clothes in the room and shutdown the training hall for the night, under the command of General Husan. I walked back to my cabin when I was ambushed, a man with a green sword jumped down from the trees above where I was walking and held his sword next to my throat then quickly tried to run off with me but I had used what I had used in class, the arcane blast. I got into my stance, waiting for his next move but he didn’t make one. Instead, he stood there in his stance as well. He finally ran towards me, as I braced for impact he threw his gray cape and black hat to the ground, he charged me with everything he had but I didn’t budge, instead I tossed him to the ground. While he was lying there in shock I asked him “Who are you?” and “Why are you after me?” He replied that he was a hero and that this was his destiny, and that he attacked me because I was a part of this group of dirtbags. Should I have told him the truth? It didn’t even matter anymore, I killed him without a second thought, with my Fire Blast. It was over, I threw his charred corpse into the woods and kept walking. And besides, what if by chance he told them what my real purpose was? I would’ve been finished on the spot.

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