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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 02-14-2006, 11:31 PM
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Default Pika57

Name: Pika57
IM: pika57yo AIM
Current Money :$2,950
Record: Win:106 Loss:71 Draw:0
Rank: Former Rustboro City Gym Leader, Former Story Grader, Former Ref, Formerly Active, Winner of an FFA on Dec 17th 2005(I was really excited about this at the time. GO ROSELIA!)
Houndoom: Female

Ability: Flash Fire/Early Bird
No. Battles: 65
TM/HM:Hidden Power(steel) TM SolarBeam, TM Sunny Day, TM Rest

Grunge the Steelix:Male

Ability:Rock Head/Sturdy
No. Battles: 39
TM/HM:Earthquake TM Toxic TM Breeding Move Rockslide, Tm Rest, TM SleepTalk, TM Taunt, BM Explosion


Ability:Nature Cure/Poison Point
No.Battles: 17
Tms/Hms: Protect, BM Spikes


Ability:Thick Fat/Ice Body
No.Battles: 42
TM/HM: Ice Beam TM, TM Sleep Talk, TM Rain Dance, HM Surf, Yawn BM, Curse BM, TM Earthquake

Forretress: Female

No.Battles: 6
Breeding Move: Counter

Pinsir: Male

Hyper Cutter/Mold Breaker
No. Battles: 19
Tm/Hms: Flail BM, Endure TM

Togekiss: Female

Serene Grace/Hustle
No. Battles: 27
TMs/Hms: TM52 Head Butt, TM72 Shadow Ball, TM100 Flamethrower, TM90 Water Pulse, TM44 Rest, TM62 Snore, TM33 Reflect, TM96 Light Screen, TM64 Protect, MT Seismic Toss, BM Psycho Shift, TM56 Zap Cannon, TM73 Mud-slap, TM50 Substitute, TM45 Thunder Wave

Bagel the Salamence: Male

No.Battles: 29
Tms/Hms:Earthquake, Brick Break, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace

Exeggcute: Female

No. Battles: 7

Atrophy the Magikarp: Female

Swift Swim
No.Battles: 0
Tms/Hms: None

Items:3xEarthquake TM(Used) Metal Coat(used) Toxic TM(used) Thunderbolt TM(used) ice Beam Tm(used) Protect TM(used) SolarBeam(used), Sunny Day(used), 2x Rest(used), 2x sleep talk (used) Taunt(used) Surf, Endure(used), Arial Ace(used), Flamethrower(used), Brick Break(used), Mud-slap(used), Zap Cannon(used), Shiny Stone(reused-jk), Substitute(used), Thunder Wave(used), Shiny Stone (used), Life Orb, Leftovers, Cell Battery, Red Card
No Badges Currently Obtained
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Former Rustboro Gym Statistics

Gym Rules: 3 vs 3 - 6 vs 6, No Items, Coliseum Format, Desert Terrain, Sleep Clause

Gym Prizes: 1xStone Badge 1xTM48 Rockslide

Gym battle record:6 Win 0 Draw 18 Lose

Certified Trainers:Phoenix004, King Zark, Magare, Loyal Arcanine(quadrice), Pokemaster Lan(second), Iredar, Finglonger, Fenix, Gun6, Dark Gardevoir, Neo Pikachu, whoever Akobodobo is on the forum. IT, Link, Chase

Defeated Trainers: Defense.2, Pokemaster Lan(first), Yami Zidane, Espeon Rinage(twice), Player Slayer


Things I've learned in WAR RPs- War is Hell.

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