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Old 09-03-2006, 11:46 AM
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Default Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (PG...?)

Remember Pokemon 3: The Movie? This fic is supposed to be a sequel.

Summary: A mysterious force has been kidnapping and abducting the people of Hoenn. Wallace, the Sootopolis gym leader, is sent to try and retreive the hostages. On the way, he meets Brendan, an immature boy of 12 years, and together they venture into the labyrinth of the Unowns. What do the Unowns have in store for them? Read the fic.

EDIT: I know it's bad in the beginning, but trust me, it gets better!

Prologue: Review on the third pokemon movie

What were the odds? thought prof. Birch. How could it be that 2 people vanished off thin air in Oldale and 2 people in

Mossdeep, with no traces at all? It had, after all, been investigated for 2 months and returned nothing. How could it be that a

few years ago, perhaps five or more, the same thing had happened? What had happened last time was completely insane, he

thought. In the Johto region, a professor had been held hostage by some weird force, and her daughter, for a time, had

severely missed her single father.

Then, something still uncomprehendable to Birch happened- the girl, according to news, had been given a world of her own by

a new father, strangely not human, but pokemon. This pokemon obtained a mother for the little girl Molly. By coincidence or

careful planning, the pokemon picked the all-famous kid Ash Ketchum from the Kanto region's mother, Delia. In an attempt to

save his mother, Ash had wound up, with his friends, into Molly's world. The imaginary world was destroyed.

What had caused that episode? Prof. Birch was still thinking when a nauseous feeling came over him. He looked up at the

ceiling just before he passed out; justin time to see a circle, a vague ring of black objects, circling round and round him,

stealing his consiousness...

Chapter One: New Sootopolis

Wallace stared at the towering mall in front of him. He looked through the automatic doors and the shop-loving people inside.

He turned around and looked out at the skyscraper-ed city that used to be Sootopolis. A wave of mixed feelings splashed

through Wallace. He realised he liked the old Sootopolis better.

Five months before, Wallace had suggested a change in Sootopolis. He had visited the urbane Celadon city, and when he came

back, he had mentioned it to the mayor's berry planting daughter Kiri, incidentally his crush, and the construction began

before he could object. The girls in his gym left and he was stuck with old people to train with, and the Greece-like city was

torn down and replaced with skyscrapers. Wallace had never expected this.

"But I guess I'm gonna have to live with it," he said to no one in particular. He picked up a glinting item that had caught his attention. "Hm.. Half an eyeglass... this looks exactly like the mayor's.."

Chaper One and a Half: Abductions and Phenomenoms
"Mom, my pokedex isn't working!" Brendan frantically tapped at the beeping machine. He went downstairs. Brendan's mom

was watching the news. "Electronic devices, excluding TV, have been disabled in Littleroot, Oldale, and Petalburg due to

strange ultrasonic force fields hovering over the area. It is likely that the force fields will spread over hoenn in the next few

days. Also, more people have disappeared and halves of items were discovered scattered around Hoenn. With so many

strange events happening, it is hard to tell if any are related to each other." Mom turned off the TV. "Ask Birch to fix it for

you," she said. "Good idea, i'l come back after lunch," said brendan.

The professor's room was empty. The helpers had somehow left without Birch seeimg them. Birch himself was, of course,

gone. Brendan walked to Birch's desk and wrote a note that said: "Could you fix my dex? It's kinda got a problem. Thx."

Taking out his cell, he phoned up his date, Lass Haley.

"Hey sweety," grinned Brendan.

"I thought it was a morning date. It's 12 o'clock!" Haley obviously wasn't as pleased.

"Sorry, that's why I got us a kool restaurant! It's in the sootopolis mall, pretty far, but you have a Flying, right?"

"Does zigzagoon fly?"


"Darned! Zigzagoon's an HM slave! Why can't he learn fly?"

"He doesn't have wings."

"Alright. i guess i have a taillow in my PC."


They arrived at Sootopolis Mall.

"Sootopolis has changed so much since I last came here!" Brendan said. "This must be the most modern city ever!"

They went into the restaurant, McDonalds. The first to open in the pokemon world, Mcdonalds was freaking with people. Brendan had booked seats, so there was no problem for them. They sat down.

The date was not going well. There was no mistaking, to Haley, that Brendan was not her type. She told brendan she was going to the bathroom, thinking surely she can get out.

Running through the huge mall, she looked for an exit. After a short while, she really had to go to the bathroom, so she went.

Washing hands after she finished, she looked down, down into the sink, swirling... was it just her, or was the world really

swirling? Head aching, she looked up to the ceiling to find the air around her swirling with black objects. She collapsed to the

floor, then disappeared, as the objects headed on to the berry garden...
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return


It's a great idea! (Though it's hard to imagine good old Sootopolis becoming a metropolis...) Wallace is my favourite gym leader, he's got blue hair! You can tell, my Kyogre's named after him!

But there's a titchy problem: BRENDAN'S MIIINE!!!! *kills Haley and laughs at her stupidity* Okay, that's over! (And MacDonalds...? That's just weird, though...)

It love the story so far, its amazing and here's hoping we'll see more in the future!

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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

tthanks wlnc! Here's chapter two.. shorter..

Chapter Two: Mystery Berry and a Mission

Sitting in his private study in his gym, Wallace looked at the berry in his desk. He remembered Kiri's words when she handed

the berry to him: "This is an Uno berry! It's been grown in strikingly small number, but somehow I mixed up the breeds and

came up with it. It's worth millions, so it seems right that i give one just for u." It had been a priceless gesture to Wallace. He

was still daydreaming when his pokenav beeped. Tgere was a message for him. It read: "You're required for a mission. Get

over here to the Barboach-Shroomism meeting office."

Wallace knew perfectly how to open the hidden staircase. Just show 10 gorebysses to the barboach man and 5 oddishes to the

shroomish man. He just didn't have a clue on what his mission was. He extracted the gorebysses and oddishes seperately,

and "got down there".

"Wallace, you have no idea why you're here." That sure was true, thought Wallace. "Well, I'd better give an explanation. The

mayor and his daughter Kiri have been abducted and she left this for you." The old guy handed Wallace a note. "Get Wallace.

He has what they want." "Strange thing is," continued the old guy, "she didn't seem to disappear as suddenly as the others.

She may have even communicated with whatever took her. As far as the note implies, you have what they want, so yuo are

now officially on a mission to get her back."

"How should I know what they want?" said Wallace.

"I have no idea, but just carry around anything you might consider special, I think that the kidnappers want a hefty ransom.

That way, when abduction takes place, you have the item," said the old guy. "But you might have to do something extra. They

might not return the humans even for the thing they want. May I suggest you bring your pokemon. They will be a great help."

Chapter Three... Remember, This is fiction, imagination, nothing to do with the anime. I know perfectly that Brendan isn't a dumb kid.
Chapter 3: Popular guy and a Dumb Little Kid

Walking out of the Barboach-shroomish room, Wallace thought about what the old guy said. It was like the second pokemon

movie, only this time HE was the chosen one, and it was to peace out strange, unidentified abductors and retrieve the people.

He went to his study, and half an hour later, returned with all his precious stuff, including his suitcase full of gym badges to be

given, unsurprisingly filled, his jewelry, and his book on one-type battling success. As he opened the suitcase filled with Rain

Badges, he thought about the only thing he couldn’t part with – the Uno berry from Kiri, thinking surely it was the last memory

of her. A “DUDE! Give me one of those!” broke through his thoughts and he looked up. “10 Dollars! What do you say?” said a

nerd-looking kid with extreme height loss. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but who cares.)

Wallace knew the kid. He had made a big-time introduction before he fought Wallace, and lost spectacularly big-time too.

Brendan didn’t recognize him, though. Without his white uniform and hat, Brendan had just addressed him like any street kid.

“How’d you get to have so many? Are those fake? They must be! Will they get me past the E4 Doors?” continued Brendan.

“Go away, kid. Want the badge, beat me fair and square. No, these are not fake and don’t even try to get a counterfeit Rain badge ecause first, they find out and second, if you aren’t good enough to beat me then forget the E4,” said Wallace in a bored tone.

“OK, show your pokemon and let’s fight, I’m invincible!” Brendan laughed. Still haven’t figured me out yet, thought Wallace. Well, I’ll pwn him again, it feels good anyway. Might cheer me up. He threw his premier ball. “Go, Milotic!”

The serpent popped out of the ball. Brendan gaped at the 20-foot thing. Then his mouth closed into a smirk. “Sissy thing, eh?

Well, I’ll show you something more manly,” he said. A pokeball – one of those 200 Yen pokeballs – went into the air. And out

came – Yeah, that’s right – a Zigzagoon.

Wallace started laughing, and couldn’t stop since the last time he fought Brendan, the zigzagoon had not changed besides its level. It still had that cowardly look to its dumb eyes, unlike anything in his determined Milotic.

"Rrrr.... *whimper*..." Zigzagoon looked back at its trainer, as if hoping he would call it back and be easy on it.

"Looks like it’s afraid of you, Mil. Why don’t you calm it down like in your dex entry, and make it love you instead?" Wallace laughed. "Use Attract! Sissy as it is."

Milotic obeyed, and hearts bounced out from Milotic and fell over zigzagoon – Brendan stared as zigzagoon’s eyes, once dumb, turned to hearts and its walk became trance-like.

"Get back, loser! Don’t make me lose my Fake Rain Badge!" Brendan screamed, shaking the raccoon who was still tranced. ("I see he still hasn’t seen Wallace in me, eh?" thought Wallace.)

"Don’t have a Red Flute? Or are you too cheap to buy items? Even though red flute doesn’t cost anything?" Wallace mocked.

"Grrr…." (zigzagoon is immobilized by love!)

"Milotic, Water Pulse! Show this dude what drowning is like." Milotic released a stream of ultrasonic water from its mouth. As the spinning waters hit ziggy, it rolled its eyes, the first sign of confusion.

"NOO! Don’t Hurt Yourself!!! LOSER!!!!!!" Brendan mouthed a f***. (It hurt itself in its confusion)

“You better give me an apology for messing with me or your dead ziggy gets a pounding,” said Wallace. The words seemed alright for someone who was trying to obtain a fake rain badge, he decided.

“I never lost to any street kid,” Brendan mumbled, head down. “Guess it was just destiny to meet with a replica-badge hater.”

“Heh, you beat every street kid in Petalburg all right. But not the Sootopolis Gym leader, right? Not even Tate and Liza, I think,” Wallace said with a clear sarcasm.

“How did you know I didn’t beat the gym leader here? He flattened me! Like, his Milotic… Hey, you have one too! Then you know how strong it is… How did you know?”

“Cos I aint no street kid,” said Wallace, finally stating his identity. He put his uniform hat on. “Next time you wanna whip a street kid, check if he’s a GYM LEADER.”

“OMG! That’s the gym leader! Get his auto!!!” A group of girls speeded from the mall and accelerated at amazing speed toward them. “Kid, keep up. We need to run!” The two jumped up and headed towards the gym. They bolted the door and entered Wallace’s study.

“Here are some battle guides that might help,” said Wallace, showing a book called Diverse Pkmn Battle Guide. “15 dollars a book. What do you think?”

“Uh… what I think is that my zig is gone.” Brendan had already started looking. After a while, there was an “AAAAHH!!” and Brendan turned.

The shout was from Wallace. Zigzagoon had somehow got into his desk and bitten three-fourths off the rare Uno berry, which Wallace had considered priceless. He now had the zig by the throat, and was going for Brendan’s. “Can’t…you even….keep this thing…in one place…” He threw the zigzagoon to the floor.

“He couldn’t help it, he has the pickup ability,” said Brendan. “Calm down, it was just a berry. Here, have an Oran.” Brendan picked up the zig.

“It…was Kiri’s… Its rare like h*ll… I’l never see her… AAAA! AAAAHH!” yelled Wallace but suddenly stopped, as unmistakably something was happening.

It was the black objects. Swirling, swirling… The pain inside their head was very real… They collapsed to the floor, with Brendan still holding the zig… and felt themselves vaporize… abducted.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

The chapters are like the size of a my pinky. They're shorter than a review I could give. Seriously! Make them longer!

Also, you should only post one chapter per post.

And wow... what a idiot, Brendan. McDonalds for a first date? ROFL

How about describing things like normal fics do and not having a mix of script fic and regular. So describe attacks and what everything looks like!


As for the plot, I have no clue what it is because nothign is described. Describe it and I'll probably figure out what it is.
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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

thx for the advice! Hey... 4 word rule...
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]
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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

It's been a long time, but i'm missing my writing.

Chapter 4: Hoenn Feels the Cold

Brendan’s mom was getting worried, so to calm herself down she turned on PNN. “Lately

someone has been send on a mission to retrieve the abductees of the unidentified

kidnappers. The person, as expected, is nowhere to be seen now.” I’m lucky that my son

isn’t one of the crazy sort as to volunteer for stuff like that, she thought. “Also, there has

been some sort of cold wind current blown over Hoenn, so although it’s summer, it looks

like it’s gonna snow so prepare some long-sleeved clothes.” Brendan’s mother looked at

her watch. 5:30 PM. Brendan should be home by now. Weird. She went out of the house

and decided to ask Prof. Birch. When she entered, she realized the professor and his

colleagues had all been abducted – there rarely left the lab. Also there were halves of

stuff scattered everywhere. It was also then that she realized the unwanted truth that was

hanging around – had Brendan been abducted too?


“Hm…m..ah?? Where’s this??” Brendan had woke up – into a crystal world. The crystal

flowers fields glistened in the crystal sun. There was a sorta crystal stream which was just

liquid enough to flow slowly. Somehow the crystal seemed to be spreading – everything it

touched turned to beautiful, icy crystal.

"Dude!! Wake up and get a load of THIS!" Brendan exclaimed.

"You..can’t…seeeeee…me..what?? Sorry, just dreaming."

"About John Cena? Gimme a break. (mumbles) I always thought he was gay."

"I decided to ignore that." Wallace had heard the comment but figured it wasn't worth it to argue. "So can anyone tell me

what’s going on here?"

"Don’t think so, we’re the only ones here.. But wherever we are, it’s WICKED!

Crystal world! Grab a load, and get on home! We’re RICH!"

"Problem is, how are we supposed to 'get on home'?"

He has a point, Brendan thought. There doesn’t seem to be any exit. Was I too excited by a new world? ……No way outa here???????


"Gosh.. aint no need for that kind of panic. What’s your problem anyway?"

They got up and walked towards the fortress, a strange, crystal (duh!) transparent fortress, which they had both somehow seen before….


The Unowns were still scanning the rows and rows of hostages. All of them were

unconscious and weren’t lucky enough to land outside of the fortress.

B: I don’t think any of them have what we want.

X: Shut up and keep searching. Besides, we need a spokesman. Like, translating for us. Nobody yet understands unownish. We could speak through them.

A: Well check out this guy! (points to mayor) He looks prof enough…well?

Y: Doesn’t work. He’s old. I hate old people. (B: AGEIST!) Shut up, B.

C: B’s right, that is ageist, but I don’t think the mayor works. (sees Haley doubled over

beside the wall) oh look, hot babe. Let’s try her. (picks her up) Hey look, I’m a hot babe

with. – ooh, angelic voice. Whaddya think? Y?

Y: You’ve got her, C. Now get on with business…


The auto-seeking fans had finally smashed through the door with 52 rock blasts. Scaling

the ice steps, they entered the secret study – with no one inside. “Come out, you and the

kid. We know you’re in here!” But searching for half an hour (as it was a small study),

they were pretty sure no one was in the room.

Fan B: They must have slipped out somewhere. What other explanation is there?

Fan A: Dude, they must have been ABDUCTED! (laughter)

Fan C: Taking advantage of the news is soooo low.

Fan B: (voice suddenly unnatural, airy and floaty) So you think the kidnappings are a joke? Do you think so?

Fan A: What, you think they’re real? It’s just someone doing a joke and hiding the evidence. Halves of things don’t… what? Chill out.

For fan B wasn’t laughing, unlike the old friend she used to be. She looked dead serious…

to say the truth, she wasn’t looking at anything at all. Her face was blank as a sheet.

Taking off before she could stop herself, Fan A whipped out her cell and dialed the police….


Wallace and Brendan were still trying to figure out what it was about the crystal fortress

they had seen before. Suddenly, Brendan got it.

"A movie! I saw in a movie that this place was built by some black letter thingies,

Entei and a little girl, Molly," said Brendan.

"Movie’s aren’t real, dork. What’s Entei anyway?"

"But srsly!" Brendan insisted. "It looks exactly the same."

"Cut the baby talk and let’s get on. OK, there isn’t any entrance, we, oh wait, I

gotta blast a hole in this thing," Wallace said.

"Hey!" complained Brendan. *gets watery eyes* "I’ll tell you what entei is."

"Oh god. Okay okay, WE. Happy, (whisper) loser? And, I know what Entei is, it’s a

burger. I’m not stupid."

Wallace was right. About the entrance, that is. It was completely sealed by jagged

stalagmite-like crystals, looking really strong for something made out of crystal, except

for a little patch in the third floor wall that looked like a burn. (Charizard did that in the

3rd Pkmn movie.) The bad thing was that neither Wallace nor Brendan had a fire

pokemon to burn through the crystal. So they looked for alternatives…

"Hey, does your zig know hyperbeam?"

"Hyper beam? What the hell?"


"Try Milotic’s Water Pulse."

"Ok. Go Milotic! Use water pulse…. Hard."

Milotic sprayed the wall with 3 waves of ultrasonic water, and it melted a jagged hole in the wall.

Brendan: DUDE! That’s UBER PWNAGE MAN!

Wallace: Kid, we aren’t on the internet, and will never be if we don’t get out of here. So

don’t expect our stories to be posted on some website and stop speaking internet slang.

Brendan: Chill. Look, the hole’s closing up. We gotta get in!

They both climbed through the hole – Wallace first, of course.

EDIT: I bolded the names of the speakers in the script form to make it easier for u ppl to read.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

Well guys, i've made a decision. I'l stop using script form in a mix and just type quotation marks. I'm sacrificing my fingers, so you better comment. Jay Kay ^^"

Chapter 5: Wallace’s change of mind

Brendan and Wallace stepped through the jagged hallways of the huge, translucent crystal

splinters coming up from the floor. Everything seemed, in some way, unreal. The light

coming through the walls split into the 7 color spectrum as they hit the crystal splinters.

The ceiling seemed a bit too high, the floor looked like it would crack at any moment, and

yada yada yada. There was also the chirping sound that sounded like a radio turned real

low and on real low reception. You get the idea…


The Unowns were still scanning. Suddenly S shouted out.

"Hey! You guys! Some hostage here has DIED!"

"Oh crap!" muttered Y. "We don’t want people to think we’re murderers."

"Throw him out the window," said X briskly.

"There isn’t one."

"Ok fine, just throw him to the first floor. Hey, why have the hostages stopped coming in? Q and K are slacking off…again!" X radioed Q. "Stop slacking off and abduct more people! Where the hell are you?"

"We’re in McDonalds," said Q through the radio, "but we’re not finished with our Enteis yet. Can’t we get a break?"

"No! I told you, 250 hostages for a 20 minute break. There are only 248 here."

"Yo Q…" said K. "I think we dropped the last two outside the hizay."

"WHAT?" yelled X. "Crap. That’s serious. We gotta take action!"


Meanwhile, Brendan and Wallace were sitting on the floor because Brendan complained

that he was tired. In an unexplainable way, Wallace didn’t feel that annoyed. And he didn’t

try to convince himself that the kid was just slowing him down and that he should ditch

him and get out of here. Strange, he thought. Maybe I was confused by that Water Pulse.

But he had his doubts about that too when he didn’t get annoyed when Brendan jumped

up screaming “I got pricked in the ass by a crystal!”

Suddenly, a bang, or more like, flop, sounded as a body, not breathing, fell on the floor

just in front of Brendan’s “stool”.

“GAHHHHH!” he screamed, totally forgetting the crystal splinter in his ass.

“Holy crap!” he whispered. “The abductors must be fierce and dangerous… killing hostages

before the rescuers come? They’re sick murderers!” he said, ignoring the fact that the

person did not have any signs of struggle and was about 95, which is kind of old to be

spinning around and transported to an alternate world.

“Well, just leave him, we’d better move on. No, it’s NOT scary. Cmon!” Wallace was

annoyed once again, which relieved him. For a minute he thought he actually wanted to be



“Hello?” shouted Fan A into the phone. She had to shout because the wind had inexplicitly

gotten so huge that it was hard to hear the other side of the phone. “Oldale Police Station?


“Who is this? Why do you need assistance?” The police officer’s voice could hardly be

heard. “Sorry we’re on low reception, but a snowstorm is brewing up over here.”

“What?? Uh, two people have suddenly gone missing, then a friend of mine turns psycho!” Fan A yelled into the speaker.

“Abduction? They’ve been happening a lot. Psycho friend, call a doctor,” the police officer hollered.

“NO! You don’t understand! They didn’t leave halves of stuff around!”

The police officer gawped behind the phone. This must mean they have what the

abductors want. “Hold on, young lady,” he shouted, “I’ll make a rep – “ But before he

finished the word, reception was cut off.


“You guys, check out what I was just watching,” J turned off the TV.

“What?” asked the other unowns.

“I was watching PNN!”

All the Unowns groaned. Some of them started laughing their heads off.

“Cmon. You know only those gay humans watch PNN,” remarked Z. “So what’s on it?”

“They say one person has been sent to try and retrieve the people. But somehow he picked up another guy and now there are

2 on the mission,” said J. “Do you think that’s the two people accidentally dropped outside?”

“It’s unlikely,” said Y, “and anyway what, really, can those humans do to us?”

“I know,” said J. “It says the original guy is around 18, but he picked up a 12 year old, so they can’t be that good. I mean,

we’ve been here thousands of years. Until.” J glared at the ground furiously.

“Oh, I know. I’ll send you, J, and you, Z, to find the two guys and pwn them with your hidden powers.” Y glinted evilly. “Stupid

humans. You brought along your own destruction by banishing us. And now you think you can try and take back what you did.

I’ll teach you fools a serious lesson.”


“Where do you think they’re keeping the hostages?” Brendan whispered. His voice shook

slowly, as did the rest of him, as he clung to Wallace’s shoulder, quivering.

“How should I know? That’s why we’re here,” snapped Wallace impatiently, yet not as

before. “And Jesus Christ, stop whimpering and grabbing. GET OFF MY BACK! You’re 12

years old. Grow up. Gawd.”

“I don’t wanna die! I DON’T WANNA DIE!” Brendan’s pleas could be heart echoing

throughout the second floor. He sniffled, that which also bounced off the hard crystalline

walls, and came back to the two in an eerie way.

“THEN FOR CHRIST & MY SAKE STOP SHOUTING!” Wallace yelled. Even he was getting

worried. How long will this fear-of-mass-murderer thing last? How long could his back

endure the weight of a twelve-year-old? And most importantly, he thought, Will Brendan

be all right?

He gasped and stopped short, sending Brendan bouncing off his back. What made me

think that? He’s a total loser. A wimp. Immature. An imbecile. Why the f*** would I care?

He looked for an answer in his head. It must be the ultrasonic waves. I’ve gone kookoo.

What else?
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Talking Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return

This Fanfic is Soooooo good!!! Keep up the great work!!! Funny too.

Credit To Anjoola For The Awesome "Trainer Banner"

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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return (mild language)

Thanks to Arceus. Is there anything I need to work on tho?

And Here's my next chapter.

Chapter 6: Woah.

J and Z were floating around, looking for the two “fugitives”, unfortunately to no

avail at the moment. They exchanged random comments like “This is really getting

boring”, but it wasn’t until 10 minutes of searching that J began a conversation.

“Remember last time?” said J.

“Last time? Which last time?” asked Z. It had probably forgotten, since it had been a

quite a long time.

“The time we worked with Entei.”

“Oh yea.”

“Don’t you reckon the storyline is kinda similar to this one?”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean, last time, we abducted that guy, Hale, because he discovered us. Entei

abducted Ash’s mom Delia to be Molly’s mom. Then the other humans, Ash and

friends, come to try and interfere.”

“And your point?” Z didn’t really get it.

“It’s always this kind of story. We abduct, the humans come. The humans win, too,” J

added dejectedly, after a pause.

“Oh, yeah. I hope that’s not the way this will turn out.”

“Unlikely. I wonder why we’ve always been weaker than humans.”

There was an awkward silence.

Z gave a point. “Last time it was because they discovered us. This time it was because

they got rid of us. Both times, we created alternate worlds. The first time it was for

Molly, for compromise. This time it was for us, a temporary home until they give the

item for The Restoring.”

“So there are actually a number of differences after all.” Both Unowns nodded in


“We’d better keep looking. You never know when they could turn up,” said J.

They rounded the last corner of the second floor.


Brendan and Wallace continued walking. The former had calmed down stayed

relatively quiet, while the latter constantly muttered to himself about how the mission

wasn’t as fun as he expected and such. If I was confused by those waves, he thought, I

should be acting demented by now. But I’m not.

He turned his mind to other thoughts. When I was outside, sitting with all those stuff,

they didn’t abduct me. Why was it that they abducted us right after I picked up the

zigzagoon? Why did they abduct people in the first place? And WHERE have I seen

this place before? A thousand questions (or 7, to be precise,) were crammed inside his

head. Why I say crammed is because they felt like they actually had a link to each

other and it was hard to make out the actual answers to all of them. The main question

was no longer ‘How do I get outta here? Alone?’ but ‘What exactly is going on here?

I’ve gotta find out.’

With question in Wallace’s head and fear in Brendan’s , they rounded the last corner

of the second floor.


“Woah. Bullseye. Right on the target.” J and Z gaped at the two guys.

“Just have a little, patience,” sang Z in a whisper.

“Patience ain’t Unowns’ point of expertise, but it worked,” grinned J.

“Woah! Check out those cute little things,” said Wallace.

“The Unown!” exclaimed Brendan. “The little letter thingies! From the movie!”

“Uh!? They know our names?” sputtered Z.

“Duh! Remember last time? Hale discovered us! Probably tattled to the whole world

about it. What’s more, ‘last time’ was made into a movie, I think. It showed on PNN,”

said J glumly.

5 second silence for the Unowns.

“Hey you know,” said J slyly, “that guy with the blue hair is actually pretty cute.”

Z glanced at its partner uncertainly. “It’s these things that make me wonder if Unowns

actually have gender or not.”

“What’re they saying?” inquired Wallace.

“Uhhh…” Brendan tried to translate. “Hmm… cheep cheep cheep?”

“Makes sense to me,” agreed Wallace.

“So what’re we supposed to do?” asked J.

“Um, Y said ‘pwn them with your hidden powers’, not sure what that means.”

“Oh, Hidden Power.” J nodded in understanding.

Both Unowns shook violently and without warning, sent fluorescent red balls flying at
the two guys.

“Ouch!” said Brendan, frowning. “Bad Unown.”

“Well,” said Wallace cooly, “whaddya know. They want a battle.”

“Our first battle in here,” smiled Brendan. “Kickass!”

“They’re not pwned?!?!?” J and Z were shocked.

“I thought Y said those humans were weak!” complained J.

“They want a battle!” gasped Z. “What NOW?”

“Just accept it. We’re bound to win. I hope anyway.”

“And now they’re saying..” Wallace looked at Brendan.

“Cheep chip-a-cheeereeep.”

“Oh-kayyyyyyyyyy… Go, Luvdisc.”

A flash of red light lit the corridor as Luvdisc, the rendezvous (whatever that means)

fish pokemon, bounced happily out of the pokeball, looking entirely innocent and

unready for a fight.

“Go, Ralts!” shouted Brendan determinedly. The Psychic pokemon tumbled out of the

pokeball, green mushroom-like head first. It stood up meekly and glanced up at the


“GAHHH!” screamed both of the Unowns.

“They’re going to pound us! I know they are!” Z sobbed uncontrollably.

“Ok, Luvdisc, use Bubblebeam on the J-shaped one. Hit hard,” ordered Wallace, or

rather, droned. He obviously wasn’t taking it seriously. Powerful, jet-speed bubbles

rushed out from Luvdisc’s mouth, slamming into the helpless J, who was scared stiff.

The momentum flung poor J to the wall while it struggled to float back up.

“Ralts!” said Brendan, clearly more determined and serious than Wallace. After all,

this looked like an easy battle. “Use Confusion against Z! And try to critical hit, since

it’s the same type as you.” Ralts focused all its mindpower and glared into the eye of

Z, sending powerful violet mind waves shocking Z and its squinted eye.

“Ow…” groaned Z. “I think I broke my leg.”

“Hang on,” pleaded J. “Don’t leave me. Please.”

“I never realized they would be this strong…”

Suddenly, they found a rush of energy surging inside them. Perhaps an instinct of

Unowns, but more likely, the urge to win. “Cmon, Z,” whispered J. “I can feel it.

Come with me. We can escape before we faint and fail the task.” Both Unowns, with

their final, sudden surge of energy, propelled into the air simultaneously and sped

away from Wallace and Brendan.

“Look!” shouted Brendan. “They’re running away.” With a subtle grin, he said, “If I

could catch one of those creatures… I could find out their secret. I could be a

billionaire.” He started running towards the two escapers.

“No! That’s retarded! Don’t do it! They can’t be captured…” But Wallace’s warnings

came too late – the twosome had separated. One kept his wits, while the other went on

a wild goose chase. And separation was the last thing they needed.
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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return (mild language)

Chapter 7: We Do it Again

“How’re you doing?” gasped Z. The two Unowns were zooming high speed through the

fortress to find safe, human-free ground.

“Not too good,” muttered J. “That stupid bubblebeam cut me to low yellow HP.”

“I’m going to be OK,” said Z. “I have low green hp. You have to catch up to me, because

I’ll be faster.”

J nodded and peered over its shoulder. “Goddammit!”


“That kid’s following us!”

“Yeah…. So?” Z replied easily. “Unowns can’t be caught. I thought you knew that by now.”

“I knew that,” snapped J. “But what if he picks a battle with us again? We’re on low hp and

we ain’t standing a chance.”

“Don’t worry. You can tell from his eyes he just wants to catch us,” said Z.

“Obviously good at body-language, huh Z?” joked J weakly.

Suddenly, a crystal came into view and J slammed right into it with a sickening crack.

“Crap…” groaned J. “It’s turned red.”

“Your hp?” asked Z.

“Duh. Unowns don’t bleed. I thought you knew that by now,” retorted J cynically.

Both of the Unowns were a good distance away from Brendan. But even though he was

far behind, Brendan had a clear vision of the Pokemon. And when he saw that one of

them had slammed into a crystal and fallen, he also saw his chance.

“Gotta catch em all,” he shouted decisively. Seeing that the Unown had red hp, he figured

he should directly throw a pokeball and see how that went. He grabbed a spare pokeball

around his belt (the universal n00b way of getting a pokeball. Keep spare pokeballs in

your bag.), tossed it up and down several times (even more n00bish. The pokemon could

run away easily.), and kicked at it.

“WHA!?!” croaked Brendan in astonishment. ‘You missed the pokemon!’ His pokedex said.

It’s red hp. How can I miss it? Just then the Unowns propelled back into the air and away

from Brendan. “Right,” he muttered. You forced me to be nice. Well, that’s over. It looks

like you Unowns need another Confusion straight to your brain.

“Cmon!!” squeaked J. “He’s still after us!”

“Yeah, and I can see he’s plotting to faint you,” said Z worriedly. Suddenly its face


“Oh,” said J in realization. “I know that face. The great idea face.”

“You got HIGH red hp, J?” asked Z.


“Use all your power. Try and connect your mind with mine,” commanded Z.


As the distance between them and their ‘persecutor’ decreased, a light blue shield slowly

began to form over the two unowns. It shimmered with an ethereal luster and soon there

was a light blue bubble-sphere fully protecting the pokemon from Brendan.

“Nice plan, Z!” shouted J. “I almost forgot we had that.”

Brendan was right behind the Unowns. “Just one more burst of energy…” He suddenly

lunged forward, trying to take them by surprise. In the few seconds of his ‘takeoff’, the

blue shield came into full view. His head bumped into something flexible, but hard at the

same time. Landing on his ass, he sat and gaped up at the two Unowns taking off into the

far distance. Realizing he was far from any kind of humanity, he began to cry.


The Unowns reached home plate. I mean their base where they were keeping the


“Did you get the Restorer?” asked Y, obviously without hope, considering the condition of

the two unowns as they floated through the door. Beat, battered, tired, and Shielded. It

was an Unown fact of life that Shields should only be used in emergencies.

J and Z, however, were very angry. “You told us they would be pwned by our hidden

powers!” they said, facing Y. “They pwned US!”

“What? How COULD you?” exclaimed Y. “They’re HUMANS! Filthy, Unown-banishing


“Yea. Sure. JUST humans,” said Z as it rolled its eye.

“Humans aint weak, I tell you,” said J, pointing to its head. “See that scar? That’s a mark

of a Bubblebeam and a dominating Luvdisc.”

“Wha…you lost to a LUVDISC!?” whispered Y incredulously.

“And look at Z. It thinks it has a broken leg. But it doesn’t. That’s the result from a

Confusion. I tell you, that Ralts is powerful! Confusion is just that, it confuses,” continued J

breathlessly. As it reached the word ‘confuses’ though, it could tell that Y’s complexion

was turning a dirty green and seemed to be choking on something. It was, actually. It was

choking on humiliation.

“WHAT???” Y finally managed to yell. “YOU’VE DISGRACED THE RACE OF UNOWN!


“But it pwned us!” cried Z.

“AND YOU TOO, Z.” Y was now purple with anger. “That Ralts is the same type as you.

And you lose to it and run away JUST LIKE THAT?”

“Shut it, Y,” said C. “Give ’em a break.”

“Our humiliation for a break. Give ME a break. And YOU don’t tell me to shut up. Who

made you boss here?”

“I was about to ask the same question about YOU. The first day you came you just took

over everything. We didn’t even have a say.”

“Okay, let’s not start a flamewar here,” said P reproachfully. “As Wallace said, we aren’t

on the internet and will never be. Let’s just find another way to deal with all this. We’ll

eventually get the Restorer, right?”

Everyone nodded solemnly. P was always the kind one who tried to make the best of

everything. Even Y didn’t try to disappoint it.

“So. Everyone, I’ve got an idea. It’s a good one, but a bit far-fetched. You tell me when

you don’t follow,” said P.

“Sure. Like you’re the boss here,” commented Y rudely which all the Unowns responded

with a ‘SHHHHHH!’, except C who slapped Y on the face and snapped “B**ch!” Then all

Unown was quiet.

“We’re going to do it again.” P read the six words as if from the declaration of


A 30 second silence for the Unowns.

Finally Q asked, “Do it again?”

“You guys. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

5 second silence.

“Yeah, we forgot,” replied Y. “So? It’s not like it’s a good idea.”

“SHUT UP, Y! B**ch!” This time all the unowns spoke together.

“Okay. You following? Right. Remember last time? With Entei.”

5 second silence. Then the whole “auditorium” sounded with an “Ohhhhh!”

“Which part?” asked Q. “It was so filled with excitement, I remember.”

“Molly wanted to be a pokemon trainer. Right?”


“Entei and us, we helped transform Molly into a teenager and gave her pokemon.”


“And we made battle arenas for her. The underwater one and the beach.”


“May I interrupt for a second,” said Y.

“No you may not,” answered the Unowns.

“Yeah, sure. Well, sarcasm’s my middle name. Um, what exactly does this have to do with

the Restoring?”

“Maybe not much, I’m afraid,” said P.

“Then ‘Y’ we bother?” joked Y. “Get it? Y? Haha. Heh. Uh.”

“This plot is to do with confusing the humans,” snapped P. “So stop interrupting.”

“YEAH,” agreed the rest.

“We did all that for Molly. Now we have to do it for ourselves.”

1 minute silence took place as the Unowns thought about this.

P broke the silence. “I happen to know,” it said, “the weaknesses to the two guys. Wallace

likes girls, and Brendan is immature for a 12 year old. We target those weaknesses,

challenge them to a pokemon battle, in a snazzy arena of course, and win.”

“We’re going to be Unowns who keep pokemon in their belts?” asked H. “Unown don’t

even have belts.”

“No,” said P. “My point is. We’re going to turn OURSELVES into HUMANS. Just like we

turned Molly into a teenager.”

Y groaned. “You’re NOT turning me. Oh no. Oh no no no. NO WAY.”

“Yea yea yea, whatever,” replied P icily. “As it happens,” it said with an evil glint, “I kept

the biggest and most important job to YOU, yes you, Y. That’s the price of complaining.”

All the Unowns cheered. Especially C.

“Now you’ll see what it’s like to keep all the pressure to yourself, you crak-ed,” laughed

C. “Maybe you’d be easier on your ‘subjects’. F*** off.” The auditorium burst into laughter.

“No, not yet,” said P. “I’m going to assign you your JOBS. You’d better listen up, because

whatever goes wrong in this is going to be ONE person’s fault. So everyone do a good job

and come over here.”

This chapter ends with a wail of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” from Y.
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Default Re: Mystery of a World Long Gone - The Unowns Return (mild language)

You read my story, so i thought it good manners to read yours, and I have to it! I love the unowns, they intrigue me, but the chapters should still be longer imho ,maybe you could just join a few of them together to make less... but all in all, great idea! well done!
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Default Re: Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (mild language)

Thanks, Pinecone.

Chapter 8: The Battles Begin

Boo-hoos floated creepily through the walls of the fortress. It was, of course, Brendan

crying for his mommy. The second his head bumped into the bubble shield, he realized he

should have never left Wallace. (Ew, now that I say that it sounds pretty gross.) Left him

to catch the Unowns, I mean. But of course, once one does something there’s no turning

back. That’s a human fact of life. Unown too, probably. And that’s exactly what Brendan

was thinking. The human part, anyway.

“How could I have been so stupid?” he said to himself. “Where am I? No one’s around…. I

WANT MY MOMMY!!” he cried. “Where’s everyone else? Aren’t there supposed to be

hostages here? HELP!”

Suddenly there was a shimmer of light in the air. A green halo of light slowly took shape

in front of Brendan. A “Wha?” escaped Brendan’s lips and suddenly he couldn’t say much

more than “Toys…”

What was lying in the center of the green halo was toys, largely pokemon action figures.

There were clefairy dolls with twinkling umber eyes, realistic rubber Arbok models for

wrestling with, countless “Ash and his Pikachu” figures. Brendan sat and stared at the

mountain of molded plastic, his eyes growing wider every second… then…

“OMG! OMG! I’M THE LUCKIEST BOY EVER!!” He was totally ecstatic. Then his gaze turned

ambitious. “If I could get hold of all those toys… I’d be the most popular kid in school!”

And of course, off he went at the massive hummock of toys. Grabbing a handful, he threw

them up into the air, leapt onto the mass, and celebrated with a “HIP HIP HOORAY!”

“You’re such a genious, P!” exclaimed N, peering into the surveillance screens, watching

Brendan celebrate over his toys. “How in the world did you know all about them?”

“Careful observation of humans,” replied P. “Unlike that prick over there that completely

refuses to have any interaction with those ‘lowlife homos’.” It gestured to Y, who was in

the corner banging on the wall.

“I’m gonna kill you one day, P,” it was seething as it banged its head on the wall

repeatedly. “I swear to God I’m gonna kill u…”

“Chill out. You’re having this job, no matter what. So no use making yourself injured,”

answered P. “Oh, by the way, the term ‘homo’ is the prefix for Homo sapiens, but it

doesn’t mean ‘human’. It actually means ‘gay human’.”

“Yea, whatever, Word snot,” grumbled Y. “I guess I’d better get going. I don’t want Big

Boss P to get mad at me, do I?”

“Y,” said a bored M. “Why in the world are you such a prick?”

“That’s just the… WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

“You said you’d get going. Now scram,” G shot back. And Y did. With more grumbles.

“Well,” said P calmly, “A is under the toys, and is probably attempting to abduct now. We

just have to wait for a success signal.”

“I’m the luckiest boy ever,” crooned Brendan to his toys. “Don’t you realize how happy

you made me?” The toys did not answer. “Cmon, talk!” Brendan chided. “You can do it.”

“Well well well, I guess you thought wrong, kiddo,” thought A out loud. “Toys don’t talk.

Face the real world.”

“Who’s that?” said Brendan, alarmed. He didn’t hear clearly what the unknown voice said,

so he stopped thinking about it, continuing to swim in the toys.

Seeing an easier way to abduct, A took the chance. “I know how to find your momma,” it


“Huh!?” This time Brendan heard what the voice said. “How?”

“Put the Growlithe slippers on your feet.”

“Yeah.” He picked up the orange footwear from the pile and slipped them on.

“Now close your eyes and count to 5, slowly. Wish that you were back at home, in Hoenn.”

A snickered. This human’s gotta have watched Wizard of Oz a thousand times. And he

even believed it. Later I tell him I’m the tin man, and he’ll get a heart for me. Which I do

lack, it thought, literally AND emotionally.

“One…” counted Brendan.

A floated out from under the toys.


A concentrated its mind with Brendan’s. It could see the innocent, sincere wish of going

back home inside his head. It could see images of Brendan and his mother. It suddenly

occurred to it that it had never seen such loving mother-and-sons after they were twelve.

A felt a twinge of guilt for a split second. Then his mind switched back to business.


The light blue bubble-shield glistened in the sunlight from outside, at the same time

enveloping Brendan.


A floated upwards, bringing the bubble with it. “Ooof. Kid’s so heavy…”


But when Brendan opened his eyes, he was no longer on the ground. The mound of toys

was getting smaller and smaller. “What the…” But he wasn’t hallucinating. THEN he got it.

“Oh yeah! I wished to go back to Hoenn! And now I’m flying away from here,” he

said. “Well, pity to have to leave those toys, but at least I’m seeing mommy soon.” He

brightened and looked up at the walls of the bubble. “At least I won’t see those gol-darn

Unowns again. I’m leaving them in this place. They can’t follow me and

GYAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” He had just spotted the Unown carrying the bubble. Duh.

“Well,” grinned A. “You’ll never escape from US. Never. Not with Officer A’s professional

abducting you won’t. Not even in your dreams. But of course, your dreams will still

happen in Da Hizayyyy.”

Wallace had stopped on his mission and sat down on a flat crystal. Of course, he tried to

convince himself that he was tired. But as you, the reader, probably know by now, there

was a certain area in his mind that kept piping messages like “You KNOW you need a real

friend. He is one,” and “Don’t deny yourself all the time. He’s your friend, and for the last

time, YOU’RE GAY” into his consciousness. Now it was saying, “You do know that without

him the mission is boring, right? And that’s why you stopped. Not because your ass is

sore. How can walking make your ass sore?”.

“GOD DAMMIT You’re giving me a HEADACHE!” shouted (thought) Wallace to his inner

voice. “Just stop it and let me rest.”

“No,” countered the voice. “You have to learn to stop lying to yourself. Until then, I won’t


“Okay. You’re gonna have to learn the hard way, I guess,” threatened Wallace to the

voice. He faced a jagged crystal shard. “I wonder if you’re afraid of sharp things?”

He then proceeded to bang his head on the crystal.

But the voice didn’t cease. “What? Are you mad? You actually think physical force can hurt

me. It’s courage and capacity that really snaps me in half. And you’re hurting no one but

yourself by smashing your head.”

“Yeah? You can’t last forever. You’ll see what I mean,” snapped Wallace.

“I think I won’t see,” stated the voice solemnly.

“YEAH?? Then F*** OFF!”

Wallace was already in a state of semi-dementia, driving himself crazy with his own

thoughts. He carried on until there were visible stains of blood on his white uniform cap.

Then his vision fuzzed……….

And when it cleared, it was evident that he was in a different place. He was standing on a

white, pristine beach that stretched over the land like a blanket. Another reason why it

looked like a blanket was because of the waves billowing and crashing onto the rocks in

the far left. He was facing the sea, which looked startlingly real; it sparkled in the (no

longer crystal) sun like an aquamarine. The waves were lapping the shore gently, more

liquid than anything Wallace had seen in the whole Unown place. Everything looked so

clean, untouched, unpolluted, without the stain of human existence. Almost hard to believe

it actually existed in a crystal wasteland. Or did it?

The abrupt change of setting so mystified Wallace that the voice in his head took a break.

Am I hallucinating? he thought. That would be plausible as the cause… But nothing had

ever seemed so real… Either way, everything had a cause; and he knew he had to find

it. “Guess it’s time to explore the place,” he thought out loud. The rocks on the far left

echoed his voice across the sea. “At least better than head-banging.”

He looked behind him. There was no sign of any entrance or exit. Then he took a step.

The sand felt dense, but soft at the same time. The air was relatively warm, but as he

continued walking, he could feel a slight yet cold breeze in the direction of the sea. Really

strange weather, he thought. Maybe this IS still the Unown place. He kept walking until he

reached the end of land and the beginning of water. AKA the shore. He could easily see

his reflection as he peered into the clear, shallow water. Sitting down on the sand, Wallace

carefully ran a finger through the water, which felt surprisingly like liquid ice. He splashed

his face with a bit of water to test for hallucinations – but when he opened his eyes again

he was still on the beautiful, pristine beach. It confirmed that he wasn’t crazy. It was all


He stood up and continued to stroll along the beach. The sand seemed to stretch to infinity

on the sides. In the distance, Wallace could see a faint shadow of something. It was too

far to see clearly, but it was certainly the first object Wallace had saw in the place besides

from rocks, sea and sand. And in the end, curiosity won over apprehensiveness and he

made his way towards it.

It seemed like time was slowing down as he walked toward the mysterious object.

Everything seemed to be playing in slow motion. At first, he thought it was a block of

wood – but there didn’t seem to be any wood in anywhere near. And soon he could see

that another thing was perched on the object, about five sixths the length of the thing

underneath it.

As he closed up on the object, he halted to a stop and rubbed his eyes. No. It couldn’t be.

His mind was in a fuzz, and his breathing was hard. NO WAY. On impulse he ran to the

water and splashed the icy liquid on his face. Then turned around. STILL THERE.

No! It couldn’t be! But there it was, quite clear. No mistake. No.

A girl.

“What’s going on?” demanded Brendan to the Unown. “What’s with the bubble?”

“P, send in the translating apparatus,” said A into its walkie-talkie.

“Affirmative,” said P.

“Well,” A said through the machine. “I’m afraid you’ve been tricked, kiddie.”

“Huh? How?” asked Brendan.

“You actually believed the Wizard of Oz stunt. That’s laughable,” jeered A.

Brendan’s face lost its confused look as it took on a disbelieving, furious one.

“WHAT? You let me outta here. RIGHT NOW. You liar. Cheater.” Brendan thrashed around

in the bubble, to no success.

“Ahahaha. Better get used to life. Adults lie. Right to your face, dude,” grinned A. “Oh, and

that bubble’s the result of psychic connection, so try as you might with physical force and

all you’ll accomplish is a cramp in your you-know-where.”

“Grrr….Go, Marshtomp!” shouted Brendan, throwing a ball to the walls of the bubble.

Marshtomp, just evolved, burst out of the ball and glanced at Brendan, confused.

“Aw. You want a battle,” said A in sarcastic sweetness. “Well, I guess I just have to...” And

with a flash of light, they were in a vast, green prairie dotted with magenta and indigo. A

mansion eerily resembling the Unown fortress stood in the distance. A, however, was

nowhere to be seen. In its place stood a tall boy about 14 with shocking violet eyes and

spiky red hair.

“Meet Allen,” said the boy. “And I accept your challenge. Not that I would call it that,” he

added with a noted “A” tone of sarcasm. “Go, Tropius!”

As the pokeball burst open, a dinosaur-like cry was heard. A dinosaur-like pokemon was

seen too, as Tropius flew out. Literally flew out. Then it landed with a deafening crash.

“Marshtomp!” yelled Brendan. “Mud-slap!”

Allen stared for 5 seconds and then he keeled over, laughing. “Oh my god! AHAHAHA!

N00b! Let’s pwn some n00bs! GAHAHAHAHA!” He couldn’t seem to stop, especially when

the message “It doesn’t affect Tropius” came up and Brendan looked appalled.

“hic-Tropius!” giggled Allen uncontrollably. “chk-chk-Magical hic-Leaf!”

Tropius roared fiercely and flew up in the air, beating its wings. Razor-sharp, fluorescent

leaves whizzed through the air, cutting into Marshtomp before it could dodge them.

Marshtomp let out a cry and fell over onto its back.

“Oh nooooo!” cried Brendan. “Come back, Marshtomp! Go Ziggy!”

The 200 yen pokeball, then the cowardly raccoon; it was all routine. Pretty funny, if you

were there to watch. And of course it cracked up Allen. If I typed out all his laughter and

jeers, I would fill up a page. So let’s continue.

“gasp-hic-Tropius!” choked Allen. “s-s-s-Stomp! GAHAHAHHA!!!”

Tropius brought its foot down on the little raccoon with a CRUNCH, and you could have

sworn it laughed. A loud, rough guffaw. Really. Just then, Brendan caught sight of the Uno


“Ooh!” he said, and picked it up. “It’s not eaten after all.”

“Tropius! It flinched – stomp again!” commanded Allen.

Tropius obeyed, and the battle came to an end as Zigzagoon fainted and Brendan begged

for Allen to stop.

“Well then, Brendan,” said Allen. “You’ll have to black out. Willing to do it?”

“Definitely,” groaned Brendan. He obviously had been feeling Zigzagoon’s pain.

Allen grinned and blacked him out. Then he created the mind bubble, and the prairie

disappeared as the Unown and its captive continued for the auditorium.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (mild language)

I wish this would get more feedback.

But nevertheless, I keep writing.

Hope you enjoy the next chapter.

WARNING: mild sexual themes.

Chapter 9: Wallace Vs. Y

“How did you get here!??” was the first thing Wallace said, or shouted, to the girl in the


“Normal people actually say ‘Hi’ when meeting a new hum- I mean person,” the girl shot


Straightforward attitude, thought Wallace, as he took notes in his mind. And real smart.

“Oh. Sorry,” said Wallace.

“Yeah, you should be.”

“Uh huh. So let me start again..”

“No. Say hi first.”

Wallace squinted at the girl, who looked about 16. She was wearing a blue and white

striped twopiece and purple sunglasses. Her strawberry-blond hair just reached her

shoulders, glinting in the blazing sunlight, and her skin was moderately tanned.

Nice insisting personality, he thought. I’ll play along.

“Okay. HI,” grinned Wallace. She’s hot, said a random thought in his head.

“There you go. Impolite hum - I mean CHEEKY DUDE.”

“Right. So why are you here?” Wallace finally got the chance to ask.

“Here?” said the girl. “Of course. I’m on vacation.” The moment it escaped her lips, she

knew it was lame. Goddammit, P, you didn’t give me a good reason, she thought.

“Uh. But it’s just you and me.”

“Oh.” The girl smiled sheepishly. “Well, this is my secluded tanning spot, if you must

know,” she replied after a pause.

Wallace stepped back. “Sorry if I’m ‘trespassing’, or whatever,” he said. This is the “threat

to leave” part, he thought. Just say it, and she’ll want you here.

“Nah,” said the girl. “You can stay here. I’m a bit lonely sitting here all alone.”

And so Wallace sat down.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Me?” said the girl. “I’m Yvonne.” (Ladies and gentlemen, guess which Unown this is.)

“I’m Wallace,” said Wallace. “Nice to meet you, Yvonne.”

Yea yea yea, thought Y to herself. Why the f*** do I have to be a hoe??

“You too, Wally,” smiled Yvonne with a wink. “It’s really nice to have some company.”

Hot, thought Wallace. This girl’s definitely the flirty type. Perfectly compatible, he thought


But I still have to find out what’s up with this whole place, he continued thinking. Well,

maybe I’ll ask more astute questions.

“So...” he began. “How do you come here, usually? I don’t see any real entrance.”

“See that staircase over there?” said Yvonne, gesturing to the right. “I go down there from

my house and come here.” Wallace looked to the right. In the far distance, he could see

something that looked like a staircase. He realized that he couldn’t be bothered to distract

her and go over and try to escape.

“You know anything about a crystal fortress?” he asked. Great, said his inner voice. Not

too astute, is it?

“No,” said Yvonne. “Why?”


Since I’ve blown it already, thought Wallace, I guess I’ll just keep asking.

“You know anything about Unowns?”

Sure do, thought Yvonne. What’s more, I am one. “No,” she said. “Why’re you asking

these weird questions?” She took off her sunglasses. Her bright blue eyes matched her

swimwear nicely.

She’s right, Wallace thought. I’d better forget the whole thing and concentrate on

impressing. “So… you single?”

Aw great, thought Yvonne. Now he’s trying to flirt with me. Hey, I wonder what will happen

if I suddenly turn back into an Unown. One, he’d freak out. Two, P would murder me.

Better not try it.

“Sure am,” said Yvonne. “You?” She winked mischievously.

“Nice going, Y,” said P through the transmitter. “Do you have a degree in drama or

something? I love your acting.”

“Yeah, I’m single,” said Wallace. “What, you actually think I’d have a girl?”

“I would think so,” replied Yvonne.

Oh yeah, she’s definitely hot for me, thought Wallace.

“So…” He continued. “What do you like doing?” Don't be shy, he thought.

As he said this, he caught his gaze shifting down unconsiously. He blinked and shook his


“You know, Wallace,” said Yvonne, tilting her head seductively. “You’re not exactly subtle.”

She was actually starting to have fun, watching this helplessly lovestruck human.

Wallace felt his ears burning like they were being flamethrower’ed. “Uh…” He stopped

when he saw Yvonne’s gaze shifting downward and he felt his ears on fire again. The fire

was quickly extinguished, however, when he saw that Yvonne was actually looking at the

pokeballs on his belt.

“So, you’re a trainer?”

“Yeah, I’m a gym - ” He stopped. Bragging was bad. “Yeah, I’m a trainer,” he said.

“Fancy a quick battle?” asked Yvonne. “Just for fun.”

“Sure, girl,” said Wallace. You ain’t too subtle either, he thought.

Yvonne stood up and raised her arms. As Wallace watched, the water rose with her arms

until it washed over the land. It didn’t stop there though – it kept rising, and soon the two

people were underwater, and there was no trace of the beach they were on a few seconds


GAHHHH! I’m gonna die, screamed Wallace’s inner voice. But then he found that there

was no strain to his lungs and that he didn’t feel the urge to breathe.

“Woah,” said Wallace, both in awe and suspicion. His voice sounded normal under

water. “Are you SURE you don’t know anything about Unowns?”

“I’m telling you, no,” said Yvonne, slightly annoyed. (You can probably guess why.) “So

how about two pokemon each?”

“Sure. Fair enough.”

5 second pause.

“I don’t really think this swimsuit is suitable for a battle,” said Yvonne. “I need to change…

could you turn around, please?” Y laughed on the inside. This is pretty fun, she thought, as

Wallace flushed a deep red.

“Just joking,” she said. “Though you might want to change… It IS an underwater battle

after all.” After a short pause, she added, “Thought I can’t be bothered to turn around.”

Wallace flushed again. He had never met a girl this straightforward. Maybe even more

than straightforward. She’s going a bit… fast.

“Sorry if I’m going a bit fast,” whispered Yvonne as she swam closer to him. “You’re just

so – ”

“All right, Y,” snapped P into the walkie. “You’re pushing it a bit far. Get back into

storyline. Though I have to say, I’ve never seen such an actor. Actress, in this case.”

“Right. Never mind,” said Yvonne as she pulled away. “So two pokemon each.”

“Go, Milotic!” said Wallace. He threw the premier ball to the ground (because unlike on dry

land, pokeballs actually float through water) and in a flash of bright green light, Milotic

flew out. This is my best pokemon, he thought smugly. Maybe I’ll be easy on her…

“Right,” said Yvonne through her walkie. “He’s probably going to lose on purpose. So what

pokemon do I use?”

“Cradily,” said P. “I told you he specialized in water pokemon. So use grass. And by the

way, Cradily is the only grass pokemon that can exist underwater, it’s a barnacle. Oh, it’s

the green pokeball to the left.”

“Cute pokemon,” said Yvonne. “Just like you,” she continued, winking.

“Go, Cradily!” she shouted, throwing the green pokeball to the left.

“Crap,” muttered Wallace.

A towering sorta-plant burst out of the ball. Cradily had 8 suction tentacles that rooted to

the floor the moment they touched. The pink petals surrounding its head bore a particular

sinister look.

“Wha…? Isn’t that a fossil pokemon?”

“Us Unow - I mean elite trainers have our sources,” said Yvonne, even more smug than


It’s Grass and Rock type, remembered Wallace. That’s 4x weakness to Ice Beam. He


“Milotic!” shouted Wallace. “Ice Beam!”

Milotic whipped its tail. A blizzard of ice crystals expelled from the open mouth and hit

Cradily square between its eyes.

“Goddammit, P!” whispered Yvonne. “Cradily’s dying over here!”

“Patience, Y,” said P. “I trained these pokemon. It’s impossible to lose.”

“There’s no time to brag, you idiot!”

“Use Giga Drain. It sucks HP out of pokemon, and adds it to your own.”

“Nice move,” said Yvonne. “Cradily, Giga Drain!”

Cradily raised its tentacles, and firmly suctioned it to Milotic’s long body. Yvonne watched

with a smile as Milotic slowly became weaker, its head drooping; while Cradily was back

to life again, roaring and once again rooting its suction cups to the floor.

“Crap,” said Wallace again as he watched the energy being sucked out of his prize

pokemon. His first thought was to give the evil plant another Ice Beam. Then he thought

of Milotic’s suffering and his promise to be easy on Yvonne…

“Come back, Milotic!” he shouted. “Go, Sealeo!”

Sealeo flipped through the water as the pokeball opened. Being Water and Ice, thought

Wallace, Giga Drain isn’t super effective.

“Red pokeball to the far right,” said P. “That’s Electrode. Watch out, it’s prone to explosion

in water. Normal humans faint at full exposure, but you’ll turn back into an Unown,

blowing your damn cover.”

“Affirmative,” said Yvonne.

“Who’re you talking to?” asked Wallace.

“Dammit, Y, a bit loud,” whispered P.

“No one,” said Yvonne hurriedly. “Go, Electrode!” she shouted.

It seemed like she was throwing a normal pokeball – then Wallace realized that the

pokeball had a face. 2 seconds were spent to trying to make sense of it, then he saw it

was coming in his direction and dodged the crackling Electrode just in time. here was a

loud spitting noise, but luckily Electrode did not explode.

“Electrode, Rollout!” commanded Yvonne.

Electrode recoiled, aimed, and rolled towards Sealeo forcefully. The impact sent Sealeo

reeling onto its back.

“Nooo!” shouted P. “Use Thunderbolt. That’s super effective. Nice going, you just lost a


“There’s always someone who’s never pleased,” grumbled Yvonne. “Electrode,


At the same time, Wallace shouted, “Sealeo, Ice Beam!”

But Electrode was faster than Sealeo. Sparks flew out from the now furiously vibrating

pokemon, and they formed together to make a bolt which flew at Sealeo. Just then,

Sealeo let out an Ice Beam from its mouth…

The two attacks slammed into each other, fusing rapidly…

If it had waited another minute, Yvonne would have won. If it had waited for the whole

battle, at least no one would be hurt. But it was right at that moment when Electrode


“AW GODDDDDDAMMMMMMMMMMMITTTTTTTT!” screamed both Wallace and Yvonne, as

Electrode burst into electricity, which conducted through the water…

And suddenly, they were back on land. Electrode was all right, grinning cheerily at the two

people lying on the white beach. Wallace, however, was knocked out and Yvonne was 2

hp away from turning back into an Unown.

“Nice work, Yvonne,” said P. “Abduct him, now.”

But Yvonne seemed to have something else on her mind – she was staring blankly into

the distance. Then, on impulse, she bent over and pressed her lips to Wallace's in a passionate kiss.

“Wtf….” sputtered P, staring in disbelief into the screen.

“Thanks,” Yvonne whispered. “That battle was the most fun I ever had in my whole boring

life.” Then in a flash of pink light, the girl and the beach were seen no more – Y the Unown

was back, and this time with a light-blue bubble.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (mild language)

this fanfic is cool!too much "mild language" though.P.S.With the Unown's names in capital,it looks like a script.

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Default Re: Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (PG...?)

Chapter 10: Truth Unveiled? Almost.

“Got him,” said A triumphantly as it entered the doors of the auditorium.

“YES!” the Unowns shouted.

“Nice work, Allen,” said P. “But EVERYONE knows you wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t

for that spiffy human look.” The Unowns laughed.

“AND it was ME who actually trained that Tropius.”

“Okay, enough of your bragging,” said A. “We succeeded. I’ll go put him in the hostage


“Do you really think this is gonna work?” asked G. “Will they give back the item?”

“I think so,” said P. Then it took on an evil glint. “But now, it isn’t about the Restoring

anymore. We need to do something to punish those humans. For treating us like this. Like

outcasts. We need to punish.”

The Unowns waited patiently for a plan.

“What the hell? What’s with the bubble?” asked Wallace angrily to the Unown floating

easily above the shield. Y had obviously had more training in abduction than A – this was

an 18 year old, and it didn’t feel a bit tired. Nevertheless it answered in a bored tone

through the translating machine.

“What’s with the bubble? The bubble is what keeps you above the ground,” said Y. “Sure, I

can get rid of it. But only if you want 206 broken bones. We’re on very high altitude,” it

added scientifically.

“Dammit, no,” shouted Wallace in frustration. “I mean WHY THE F*** AM I IN THIS


“Wouldn’t you like to know,” replied Y in an ‘Yvonne’ voice.

“Ohhhh…” said Wallace in realization. “You were Yvonne on the beach…” Then he switched

back to anger. “What, you think this is funny? You b**ch! Let me outta here. RIGHT

NOW.” Those same words reflected a much more enraged mood than Brendan had said it.

Still, Y wasn’t intimidated. I am, after all, an Unown, it thought.

“Patience, dude,” it said calmly. “We’ll get there. Any day now.”

They headed on to the auditorium.

“Dude, don’t you think that’s a little harsh?” asked L.

“Nothing’s harsh enough,” replied P coldly. “We have to make them realize that they’re

not the police of the world.”

“But we’re killing innocent humans!” said F.

“No human is innocent. Every one of them has done at least one thing to harm us or our

existence,” said P.

“We’re not participating in this,” shouted the Unowns.

“Too late,” said P lightly. “I believe Y has already taken action into my plan.”

The Unowns groaned. “How will we live with ourselves?” cried L.

“A normal life, my friend,” said P. “Just day after day.” It paused. “Let’s go check on the

hostages, kay?”

The Unowns reluctantly followed P into the hostage room.

“Oh, so THAT explains that screeching-radio voice coming from here,” commented E.

Brendan was furiously kicking at the ropes and screaming. His eyes were even redder

than Z’s, who had just finished crying after a scolding from Y. “Bad Unown!” he was

screaming. “Let me outta here. NOW! I WANT MY MOMMY!”

“Sigh. I pity the poor thing,” said P. “NOT.”

“Oh, for one split second I actually thought you had a heart,” snapped A.

“And who said you did?” retorted P.

“Geez louise, at least let me understand what you’re saying!” yelled Brendan. “Or LET ME


“Not a chance, girlfriend,” replied P through its machine.

Suddenly the Unowns heard a slamming of the door to the auditorium.

“They’re back!”


“Y and the blue-haired guy.”

Brendan sat up abruptly. “You mean Wallace?”

P snickered. “Thanks for telling me his name, kid.”

Brendan winced. “Argh…”

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?” said B.

“You shut up about my mommy!” said Brendan angrily.

“Or you’ll do what?” asked A.

2 second silence.

“See?” laughed A. “He aint got an answer. Okay, let’s go congratulate Y!” The Unowns,

happy again, chirped in agreement and flew out the hostage room.

“Nice work, Yvonne!” shouted A, slapping Y on the back. “I never thought you’d actually


“To be quite honest, I thought it was an awesome experience,” Y said with a smile on its

face. “I’d never battled before, not even as an Unown, and I thought it was a twist on my

usually boring life.” Y turned and shot P a ‘you-shut-up-about-it’ glare, that which only

lasted for a second.

“Let’s take a look at the hostage,” exclaimed the Unowns, excited.

All the Unowns crowded around the bubble, and oohed and ahhed. Wallace was obviously

more interesting than Brendan. (Author’s note: That I can’t

understand. I know Wallace has blue hair, but doesn’t Brendan have white hair? Which is more interesting, blue or


“Looks like he’s scared,” said P.

“First time he’s seen us all together,” said J, who’s eye was also red.

Wallace was pretty awed all right. It WAS the first time he’d seen all of the Unowns, all 26

letters, together. But about 10 seconds later, the awe wore off and back came frustration

and anger.

“DAMMIT! Stupid unowns!!! Let me outta here!” He turned and saw Y laughing, and flipped

it off. That only made the Unowns laugh harder.

“Don’t you feel dumb flipping off an Unown?” said P.

“You’re pretty cheeky, Wallace, eh?” said B.

“How the f*** do you know my name?” shouted Wallace. Then he turned in his bubble.

Glared at Brendan. Brendan winced again.

Nice work, jackass, thought Wallace. If I was anonymous it’ll be easier to get outta here.

“Well, it wasn’t my fault!” cried Brendan. “We’d still have a chance.”

To Wallace, it sounded like he was actually answering to his thoughts. Crazy idea, he

thought. He shook it off.

“Okay, Unowns, time to let me out of this bubble,” he said.

“Sure, man,” said Y. “It’s not like it’ll actually HELP you or anything.”

The bubble disappeared and Wallace fell onto the ground with a thump.

“Why are you doing this to us?” he demanded. “What exactly did we do to you?”

“Ah,” said P calmly. “I guess it’s time for you ‘rescuers’ to know the truth.”

“Kay, we’re ready,” said Wallace.

“Nope, not in here,” said X. “Hostage room.”

“Take ’em, fellas!” cackled P.


And that's it for the 10th chapter. I almost made it to 3 pages. If you ask me, this chapter is like a bridge between two stories. There's not much to write...

But anyways, keep reading, I'll be back with a more exciting story in Chapter 11.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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