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Individual Pokemon RP This is where you'll find both the Main RP and the Individual RPs. Come on in and see what kind of Pokemon you can catch!

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Old 04-13-2010, 12:38 AM
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Default Individual RP: Haze


Ranger Jax
Outside the Abandoned Power Plant

"He should be here by now."


I looked down at Jasper and smiled half-heartedly. I tried not to let him see, but I was absolutely exhausted and ready to hit the hay right there and then. He could probably tell anyway - he knew me too well. It had been a long day by anybody's standards. I'd already taken three trainers through the Park today, four after this one. They'd all taken a lot longer than usual on their expeditions, making the next one delayed in one big domino thingy. I sighed heavily, and sat down on the grass. We'd been waiting here for half an hour for Tito to show up, to no avail. I hated it when trainers were late, but I was especially irritable at that moment due to lack of sleep.

Despite it being nice to just sit down and chill for a while, I was sick of waiting. "Right, Jasper, I'm just gonna call it a day and mark him off on the paperwork as a no-show." I beckoned for my Raichu to follow as I turned to leave, but then I saw a figure in the distance.


"Yeah, I see it too," I sighed. Part of me was relieved that he'd finally showed up, but the other part was gutted that I hadn't gotten to just leave and not guide him through. Still, he was here now and there wasn't anything I could about it. I'd take him through that derelict skanky powerplant and do whatever he wanted, so long as we got to leave as soon as possible.


Trainer Stats

Trainer: Tito
Location: Abandoned Powerplant
Area Effects: Grassy, slight breeze blowing (barely noticeable).
Encounters Remaining: 15

Current Wild Pokemon: N/A

Pokemon Encountered: N/A
Pokemon Captured: N/A

Items: Full Restore (x3), Parkball (x6), Hyperball (x2)

Pokemon Stats

Roserade ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Female / Natural Cure / Careful
TM: Energy Ball, Hidden Power[Water], Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk
BM: Sleep Powder, Spikes, Leaf Storm

Nidoking ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Male / Rivalry / Hardy
TM: Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Focus Punch, Roar, Toxic, Hidden Power[Ghost], Taunt, Protect, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Fire Blast, Avalanche, Stone Edge, Rock Tomb, Dragon Pulse, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Curse, Water Pulse, Double Team, Counter, Substitute, Sludge Bomb, Focus Blast, Stealth Rock, Rest, Sleep Talk, Sandstorm, Attract, Icy Wind, Water Gun, Mimic, Rage, Natural Gift, Pay Day, Defense Curl, Mud Slap, Fling, Reflect, Skull Bash, Seismic Toss, Return, Fury Cutter, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Frustration
BM: Morning Sun, Sucker Punch, Amnesia, Lovely Kiss

Alakazam ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Female / Synchronize / Quirky
TM: Hidden Power[Ground], Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Taunt, Light Screen, Shock Wave, Snatch, Charge Beam, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Thunder Wave, Counter, Trick Room, Torment, Protect, Skill Swap
BM: Encore, Barrier

Rhyperior ~ 100%
Currently In Pokeball
Male / Lightningrod / Brave
TM: Rock Polish, Sleep Talk, Surf, Iron Tail, Thunder, Rock Tomb, Substitute, Avalanche, Counter, Rest, Flash Cannon, Focus Punch, Roar, Toxic, Protect, Fire Blast, Sandstorm, Attract, Payback, Swords Dance, Curse, Stealth Rocks, Swagger, Double Team, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Water Gun
BM: Crunch, Dragon Rush, Ice Punch, Superpower
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