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Old 07-27-2010, 07:16 PM
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Default Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Rebirth: Legendary War



Everything that lives must one day die. When a human dies, their soul is either reborn as another human, as a pokemon, or rests in the realm of heaven should they have earned their place. When a Pokemon dies, it becomes a ghost until it can be reborn again. But what happens when a Legendary dies?

Under normal circumstances, Legendaries reincarnate themselves, retaining their memories, powers, everything. But all that changed when Cyrus and Team Galactic attempted to remake the world. While they failed to destroy the old world, a new universe was created and enclosed. In this act, all of the legendaries were tied to this new world, and when they die, this dimension would lose the Legendaries forever. Should that happen, the universe would go into a state of destructive chaos until all becomes nothing. And that tie to the new universe is quickly sapping the life energies of the Legendaries away.

To prevent this, the Legendaries must apply a new tactic. New legendaries must take their place. However, the imbalance caused by Cyrus has left Arceus powerless to simply create new entities. Instead, these new beings would have to be made by altering a select few of the living beings of the world. Primarily humans.

In order to ensure that those chosen would be suitable to become the next legendary Pokemon, each Legendary would personally choose their successor. Those chosen would start to develop powers related to their companion legendary. Over the next few months, their bodies would begin to change. The process itself would normally take a full year before the human became a permanent Legendary Pokemon, but if the human uses their powers often enough, then this process would be certainly sped up.

But some Johto scientists have caught glimpses of this occurring. Eager to capture the would-be Legendaries and bring them under his command, the president of Johto has set his military and secret service at high alert. Their orders: to capture these humans and have them brought into his custody where they can be subjected to experiments and brainwashing in order to bring the world under his command.

The Story Thus Far:

A large group of Legends and their chosen replacements met deep inside the ruins of Alph. There, the great Pokemon god Arceus explained the dire situation and events which were rapidly leading the originals to their demise and displacement into Cyrus's dimension.

The Johto president saw the satellite videos of legendary Pokemon all gathering into the ruins with one human each. For him, this would be a chance like no other, for in order to subject the world to his whim, he intended to capture all of the legendary Pokemon so that he could control every aspect of the world.

The Johto military moved in and the legendary Pokemon rose from the ruins to fight them, working to buy their human compatriots time to escape. When all types of Pokeballs seemed ineffective, it was judged by the president that those legends were fakes and ordered their execution. Due to their weakened state, the Legendary Pokemon fell, their bodies and souls sent off into Cyrus's world to be reborn.

Many of the Legend Humans that were there managed to escape, but several were caught. Those that were captured were tortured for information. The president learned that these humans were to be the replacements of the legendaries, which was further proved when the Lugia legend human transformed to escape Violet City.

The remaining free legend humans escaped into Kanto by climbing over and through Mount Silver. The Johto government attempted to capture them there, but the Elite Four lead by Champion Lillian, aided the Legend Humans and drove Johto back.

Several months have passed. Johto has accused Kanto of housing terrorists and have opened war upon the neighboring region. Meanwhile, natural disasters have started to cause havok worldwide. And what's worse, the Johto government has a new weapon up their sleeves: Shadow Legends. Those that were captured were put into experiments led by former Cipher researchers who created Project XD001 Shadow Lugia many years ago. Unable to disobey orders and full of rage and darkness, the Shadow Legends are almost ready to be unleashed upon the world.

As of right now, The Shadow Legends have been gathered in New Bark Town along with Johto's Special Ops to plan thier invasion of Viridian City. On the other side, the Human Legends have been training and preparing themselves to take on their new roles and tackling the various natural disturbances caused by the loss of the Originals, unaware of what fate befell the other Legends or of the impending attack on Kanto.

The Legends
Robert Masters (Mewcario)
Seth Micheals & Riika Amano (Winter Cherry)
Taranis Dalca (Giratina)
Michael Bulberry (Hitmonfighter)
Matt LeClair (Puh-tree-cee-oh)
Anaka Andrews (AshleyWorld)
Thomas Finnegan (Valid)
Diego Walker (Neo Pikachu)
Furaha Jinan Ta'anari (Chocolate Crisis)
Lillith Ryuzaki (Lasyle)
Mike 'Ranger' Dawson (Kamikaze)
Vesta (Light-chan)
Jaden Wolfe (IchigoTorisuna)
Grey (Giratina)
Midori (Charizard_Michelle)
James Bevacizumab (Lusankya)
Elina Cassopher (Draconic_Espeon)
Lunar Luna (Tokyokit)
"Dante"(Draconic Espeon)


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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Robert Masters
Mewtwo Transformations: 4
Indigo Plateau

I could tell Lilliandra had done her own practicing since the last time I fought her. Of course, back then, I was just a trainer who won the Indigo League tournament, defeated the Elite Four only to lose to her, the Kanto champ. I was much better myself, but this time I was battling her AS a Pokemon, not with a team of them. My Pokemon were still with me, all of them freed from their Pokeballs, all of them remaining with me by their own choices.

I reeled from Lilliandra's Dragonite's Hyper Beam as my Protect attack wore off. Channeling my energy into frigid energy, I unleashed my own attack; a fierce, fast Ice Beam. The Dragonite tried to use Agility to dodge, but the beam was too fast, hammering home on its weakness.

Lilliandra recalled her Dragonite as she looked upon my legendary form. "I can see why Mewtwo is regarded as the most powerful of all. Of course I wouldn't have been able to say that after our first month of training, but now, you've been able to defeat my most powerful Pokemon, and you look like you could still keep going." she replied before walking over to the bleachers and taking a seat.

"Still though, I don't think you, me or anyone could have thought that you would actually become a legendary Pokemon. This whole business with Cyrus and now the Johto government. I'm still reeling from it all." She added as I landed beside her, my purple tail swaying behind me.

<Still, it troubles me that with everything that has happened, Johto has been relatively quiet. Almost like the calm before the storm. They want to catch all of us, and I worry they may have caught some and no one knows what they're doing.> I replied telepathically. I found it rather difficult to physically talk in this form, but I found it much easier to speak telepathically. Lately, my mouth has been used mostly for food and water consumption. Even in my human form, I seem to take more to telepathic conversations than to spoken. <I should check on the progress of the others that made it into Kanto.>

No sooner had I spoke, Lilliandra placed her hand upon my shoulder. "Promise me you'll come back soon. I...I want to be here to see you before you lose your humanity forever." she spoke. I could sense the sorrow in her mind and her voice. She and I had been friends ever since I battled her for the title of Kanto champion, but I never thought she cared that deeply about me.

<I promise. I will spend my last moments of humanity with you.> I replied to her before vanishing, using Teleport to travel to where Seth and Riika were.
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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Diego Walker
Latios Transformations: 5
Pewter City, Kanto

I had reached the point in time where I was no longer human…

…Sadly, the entire whole of Johto’s government and military had reached that point as well…

I now found myself able to stay as Latios for as long as I liked now, left with a mere two transformations left to only become semi-human, or moreover as a hybrid of a Latios and the shadows of my former human self. As time went on, I found it increasingly harder to even take on this form for the small amount of worth that it had. And even when I could, the time I was allowed to use it grew shorter and shorter. The only time I used it was when there was only something I could do in the hybrid form that I couldn’t do in the pure Latios form. And it had to be pretty direly important. Considering how many months had passed, turning back into this semi-human form felt like a weakening, and became more and more unnatural.

While I had been training, Johto had declared war on Kanto for harboring the legendaries. President Lanlark had grown from being an egocentric politician to become a maniacal tyrant hell-bent on acquiring power for only himself and the rest of the dictatorship that he had created from what was supposed to be a democracy. But no one opposed him when he rewrote the rules, the laws, and the standards. Any public outcry on Johto’s behalf was swiftly silenced to a whimper, and politically correct tolerance for this atrocity had become acceptance, norm, and was then even defended by the people of Johto as being a “proactive step toward unity.” And all throughout the day and night, the phase “Johto prevails” had been recited again and again like some diabolical chant.

For the world’s sake, we could no longer tolerate evil.

Meanwhile, natural disasters had begun to take effect as a result of some of the legendary Pokémon missing from their posts. I already knew that several of them had been turned into the same XD Shadow Legends that the disbanded Cipher organization had created from Lugia many years ago. President Lanlark was using them to further strengthen his army and his influence, trying to drive fear into everyone that opposed him. What was worse was the fact these Shadow Legends were more powerful than the normal, untainted legends. Still, it was question as to whether it was possible to purify these deeply tainted legendaries. If it was impossible, we were looking at the swiftly approaching doom of a planet. Lanlark would find himself as the ruler of a world that could no longer support life, and hence he would die along with the rest of us.

At first, it was difficult to tell which legendaries were missing from the equation, but I felt the imbalance the more and more I stayed as Latios. It didn’t take long before I was able to pinpoint it, and I could even feel how deeply some of them had been corrupted and plagued.

We carried the future of the world on our backs. If we fell, it would all come crumbling down…

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Elina Cassopher
Latias Transformations: 3
Outside Mt. Moon, Pewter Side, Kanto

For the last several weeks, Elina had been avoiding as much human contact as she could. She wasn't taking the the telepathy very well, and in spite of the fact that her powers had grown considerably since she first took up the job of becoming Latias, they were beginning to get a little hard to control. She wasn't affected by the direct thoughts of the people about her, but the general feelings of fear and anger seemed to permeate the air. It certainly brought down her own mood, and she didn't have enough to look forward to as it was.

She had decided to take a little training trip through Mt. Moon, going through her third transformation and using it to the best of her advantage. She flew through the cave, occasionally transforming into her silent human form to avoid the attention of other humans. She was getting pretty good at lapsing into that secondary human form in short notice, and that was really what she was training. She already knew most of her attacks well enough that she would be alright if she got into a real fight. She wanted to make sure that when she finally decided to go completely Latias, she could hide herself in plain sight, if need be. And, of course, there was no one better to imitate than herself.

She'd stayed in Mt. Moon until her transformation finally wore out, and even then camped out for a while. She talked to no one except for Infinity and Zero. That was the only upside to these cursed powers--she could now speak directly to her Pokemon.

Something, though, had drawn her out. A familiar feeling, and yet one she didn't recognize. It was almost a feeling of kinship, like it was someone she should know but didn't. She was currently outside Mt. Moon, debating whether or not she should actually go into Pewter City.

<Could it be another Legend?> Infinity asked.

"That's all I can think of," Elina replied as she sat on a ledge, her two Pokemon on either side of her. "I thought they might have fled into Kanto. It's too much of a coincidence that Johto decided to declare war on us now. It must be over the Legends."

<The real question,> Zero piped in, <is which of the other Legends are you sensing?> She had been wondering that herself. Would she really feel this close to just any Legend that was milling about? Or could it actually be Latios?

Ever since she had first transformed, Elina had been hoping in the back of her mind to somehow meet Latios. It was strange that she would feel that way, especially when she was so loath to make friends or grow close to anyone. Somehow, though, this was different. She felt like she had to meet him, that she had to work together with him, for the sake of the world.

She didn't really like the feeling. She hated being told what to do.

"I guess I should check,"
she said, finally. "We're supposed to be working together, anyway, regardless of what Legend it is." Both her Pokemon sensed that there was something else on her mind, but both knew her well enough to stay silent about it.

Elina returned them both to their Pokeballs for the first time in several days. It would be awkward to walk around in a town with two fairly large Pokemon out at her side. That done, she quickly went on her way into Pewter City, half hoping she wouldn't actually find what she was looking for.

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

James Bevacizumab
Palkia Transformation: 0
Pewter City, Kanto

There once was a man named Joe,
who cheerfully entered a wormhole.
He went in last May,
and hasn’t come out to this day.
Perhaps vacuum flux destroyed the poor soul.

Humming so quietly to himself that the sound wasn’t even audible to anyone but the one humming it, James walked down the street in a small commercial district on the outskirts of Pewter City, looking in the windows of the local small businesses for any “Help Needed” signs.

After being told by Palkia his destiny to become a legend, James had got to learning as much about space and time as he possibly could. Space, because it was his associated power, and he needed to learn about his power. Time, because it was inseparable from space. After all, that was why they called it spacetime. Palkia, of course, was one of the more powerful legendaries, and James didn’t want to do something like blow a hole in the fabric of space because he had no idea what he was doing.

Still, his experience in the department was decidedly limited. Having never transformed into Palkia even a single time, he was limited by the power he could use as a human. Which naturally, wasn’t much. Although it would be quite impressive for any everyday, human viewer, and probably strong enough for James to beat down most normal people with it, his power was nothing compared to what he supposedly could use as Palkia.

But James was content as a human. Then again, he was content as just about anything. When Palkia told him of his fate, he merely shrugged it off, knowing he could get used to being a Pokemon. He knew himself well enough for that. He simply didn’t want to make the effort to turn into Palkia unless the situation really demanded it. And so far, it hadn’t.

He considered himself lucky in that regard. The Johto government, for some reason, had simply missed him. He hadn’t had to fight or run from any agents of that tyrant so far. Even so, James was logical enough to realize that staying in Johto as its dictator expanded further and further, looking for power, was pushing his luck too far. So, even though he showed no signs of a Legendary transformation, he still packed up and left for Kanto.

So here he was, looking for a job so he could stop burning up his meager savings renting an apartment in the poor part of town. He hadn’t met any other Legendaries on his short hop. Probably he’d see one eventually if he hung around enough. He realized he probably should help them in their efforts to stay alive and fight against Johto, but, well, there wasn’t really any way for him to find them.

Besides, if James could stay as a human and live quietly for the rest of his life, that was enough for him.

He saw a store with a "Hiring Waiter" sign in the window, and walked in.

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Moltres Transformations: 5
Ilex Forest, Johto

Vesta sat under the low shade of a great, twisted tree in the deepest part of Ilex Forest. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, and her long, flowing orange dress cascaded around her bare feet, buried into the cool grass. Her slender arms wrapped around her legs, pale and soft-skinned as they had always been... Her bright blue eyes swam with tears.

It had been so hard to change back into her human form this time; she almost couldn't do it and that had sent a horrible stab of panic through her heart. She had managed it though, but now... Vesta arched her flame-coloured wings over her body, as if to hide herself from the outside world; her waterfall of red hair also formed a curtain over her face.

Vesta was facing the end of her humanity. It was that thought that had driven her back to Azalea... her home. Her mother was safe; looked after by Alpha and Nana... but Vesta would never be able to see her again, talk to her again; hug her again. No. Vesta would become the Flame-Goddess of the skies-- an awed entity, not what she had always wanted to be.

A mother.

Her pretty face crumpled and she began to cry, quietly but sorrowfully; in the deepest part of the Forest where no-one but the Bug Pokemon would hear her. This was her most defenseless time, and she would never let a soul see her this way. She was confident, she was sure of herself; unshakeable, dependable and brave... And here she wept like a little girl, unwilling to take up the mantle Fate had brought her, but unable to back down.

Vesta knew that she would have to meet with the other Legends eventually; as she had heard the tales of Shadow Legendaries causing havoc for everyone... The legends that the Governent had captured. When she did meet the other, pure-hearted Legends, she would throw her whole heart into it, but for the moment, her heart was too troubled. All she could do was hide herself away from the world as she waited and hoped for Resolve.

Whoever said Phoenix tears could heal?

Pearl FC: 4211-8757-5615
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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Taranis Dalca | Zapdos Transformations: 5
Deep, deep in Mt. Moon

Sitting somewhere in Mt. Moon was a… thing.

It was kind of creepy, frankly; by anatomical definitions it appeared to be human, not taking into account the fact that there were random spurts of feathers strewn around his body, or the appearance of one arm as a large finger-feathered wing, or perhaps the wild hairspikes which were, by this point, evenly divided in color between black and yellow. Perhaps it was the orangish tinge to his face, or the generally faded and ripped clothing that he sported.

Whichever way you sliced it, it was clear that the celestial attempt to take the jungle out of the boy had failed.

Almost immediately after reaching the region of Kanto, it was proposed that everyone still in decent mental condition should split up once again, all to find their own path in the world until they became complete. The new Legendary Court, the new deities of the world. Naturally, Taranis had been among those to skitter off into the dark immediately. On the other hand, he hadn’t immediately set his sights back on Vermilion City and eventually the Power Plant – instead he found himself inside Clefairyland.

He had, for the most part, reverted back to feral mode. Even if the feeling of discomfort had disintegrated slightly with the generally benevolent presence of Anaka, the girl whose name he wouldn’t really be able to place right now, there was still a whole background to deal with. And so he ran, heeding the advice of the others, stay and train in a place where nobody will see. This he did, for deeper in Mt. Moon there were stronger Pokémon, those who really knew what they were doing and would by happy to fight - if only for the sole reason that Taranis was in essence Zapdos the Thunder God, and what shameful Pokémon would turn down the wishes of a god?

Maybe it had seemed silly, for an Electric-type of unusual size to be stalking around for the moment inside a place full of Geodudes, those who nullified his powers. Yes, for the most part he had stayed in there as a Zapdos; it was indeed becoming harder and harder to retain human form, just as he had been told, but to be entirely honest this wasn’t entirely traumatizing on the young man. This place was a big old mountain, and to be entirely honest, he didn’t trust himself and the skies enough to merely take a journey over them without getting shot down and captured.

Because eventually he would return to the Power Plant, but he couldn’t get there immediately.

So instead he went to a dark, cold place, very much akin to the mechanical marvel itself, and decided to take that route through. It seemed to head in the general direction of the cluster of cities Vermilion was part of. He didn't exactly know the route back to the general equivalent of his home from Mt. Silver, you'll understand, he never really did. So he was taking a detour through here.

But for now, here would have to do.

Taranis looked up slightly; he was positioned in an empty cavern, a very large one, with lots of hidey-holes and other assorted passages. There was nobody to see him here in the demented, half-human body he took up after his fourth transformation. He felt the now-familiar tugging and shortness of breath that suggested he had expended his time as a human for now. Standing up, Taranis brought himself to his feet and told himself to return to the other form. The one that now felt more normal, less intrusive.

It was true, Taranis Dalca had never been particularly attached to his status as a human being as opposed to, say, an electricity-pumping Magneton or Pikachu, but initially it had been slightly unnerving to see his body in this condition. Feathers spurting everywhere, legs gradually turning dry and scaly and extraordinarily sharp. But that discomfort had worn off quickly. He had informed himself that this was just his being, that he would be only closer to most of his kin by now.

And so, deep in a side cavern, stood a Thing. A few seconds later, the Thing graduated to a Zapdos.
And that’s Taranis for you. In case you’re wondering, the ‘taking the jungle out of the boy’ comment was a nod to The Jungle Book 2.

I don’t know what to do with Grey. One statement from you, Mewcario, states that all Shadow Legendaries start off in Johto, while another one says that they are to start off in Littleroot Town, Hoenn, for attack planning. So I guess I’ll put both of their interactions in one post tomorrow.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Jaden Wolfe
Shaymin Transformations: 0
Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh

Jaden wondered around Sunnyshore City, talking to local boat owners. She needed to find a boat to get back to Pewter City. She had heard most of the other like her were there. So far, nobody went out that far. She sighed. She noticed an old man with a Floatzel at his side. He was sitting on a speed boat, looking at the sunset. She gave a weak smile and walked over. The Floatzel looked up at her and wagged his tail. The old man looked up at her from under his fishing hat. He smiled at Jaden. "Well, hello there young lady. Is there something you need?" She was hesitant to ask. She sighed, "Could you take me to Pewter City? I need to get back to the Kanto Region. I was visiting my family here. I'll gladly pay you whatever you need to get there, sir."

The old man smiled at Jaden. "Actually, we live there." Jaden looked up at him, "Really?" He nodded his head, "Yes. Mizu and I come here to watch the sunset every day and get him some Taiyaki, White Buns, and Rice Balls." He motioned for Jaden to get on the boat. She climbed up the ramp and stood by the old man. "After the sunset is over, We'll take you back, right Mizu?" The pokemon nodded his head, walking over to Jaden and the man.
"By the way, I'm Senshi Gogatsu. What's yours?"

She looked down at him. He was looking back at the sunset, sitting comfortably in a lawn chair. "I'm Jaden Wolfe. Nice to meet you, Senshi." Mizu purched himself against Jaden's legs, eating a Taiyaki a with plum filling. Jaden smiled at the Pokemon. The sunset slowly went down. 'Whoa, I've never noticed how pretty the sunset was before.' She thought, watching it with the Senshi, the old man.

Jaden looked at Senshi, "So, how many years have you been watching the sunset?" He smiled and looked up at Jaden, "You wouldn't be interested." Jaden looked slightly offended. "I'm not really like others. I like hearing about that stuff." He smiled at her, Mizu picking up a Rice Ball this time. "Well, the first time I ever came to this city, I sat here on the dock and watched the sunset, it reminded me of watching the sunset on the military boat I worked on 20 years ago." Jaden stared wide eyed at him, "You were a soldier then? On a boat?" He smiled, "Yes, for 16 years." Jaden sat down beside him, the Floatzel still leaning against her. "What kind of soldier were you then?" He chuckled, "I was what they called a 'Ghost Soldier'.

Jaden looked ocnfused, "What on earth is a Ghost Soldier?" Senshi continued, "It's kind of like a military ninja. I went places that other soldiers couldn't, because I was gifted with special skills." Jaden sighed, thinking about it. "So, why are you here? Living on Iron Island and coming to Sunnyshore City to watch the sunset?" Senshi chuckled, "Interested are we?" Jaden smiled up at him, "It's interesting. And it passes the time." He chuckled again, "True. Peace can only be found when one learns how to be a ghost in the fog." She smiled, "Oh."

The sunset had finally gone down. Senshi got up and walked to the boats wheel. "We're ready to head off to Iron Island now." He starte the boat and they were on their way off. The ride there was silent. Not an awkard silent, but calming silent. Mizu was still munching on his treats. Senshi steered the boat, watching the ocean ahead. Jaden walked over to the side, looking at the ocean. 'I wonder how much farther it'll be till we get to Pewter City?' She thought to herself.

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

OOC: I am going to wing this at the moment

Celebi Transformations: 3
New Bark Town, Johto

A body flew though the air and hit the cement wall. A small crunch could be heard and a loud thud was made once the body fell to the ground. The person was in a black solider outfit with his face covered by a glass. Soon a shadowy purple outline appeared around him and screams of pain was being heard. The outline seem to become smaller and smaller as the mask popped off and shatter. The man's face was revealed as his pain looked appeared on his face.

"Shadow Hold," said a small floating figure above it. A pair of red eyes could be seen as the figure move closer to the man. Soon the details of the figure was seen to reveal what was sickly greyish purple figure of a celebi. It's eyes looked upset as it raised a hand and then said, "How dare you speak to me in such a disrespectful tone."

Green sparks were being formed in the raised hand as energy from nature was being gathered. The energy was being focused into a ball but now there were also sparks of purple. The figure then dropped the hand and threw the shadow infused Energy Ball at the man. After that, the celebi turned around and missed the watching the impact of her attack. A scream from another person came but nobody dare to say anything.

"XD^2 452," said a man in a lab coat. "You shouldn't be handling our soldiers like that so soon before the battle. They are needed."

"Midori." said the celebi. Soon the celebi began to grow bigger and bigger and it's features began to look more human-like. Dark colored orange hair on top of a female body that had purpleish gray skin. Red ovals were on the nude body of the girl while red rings were around the eyes of the girl. She just simple walked down the hallway with a displeased look on her face.

"Oh yeah....Umm...Midori." said the man as he walked next to her. "Would you please wait until you are in a more private setting before transforming back."

"It matters not to me," said Midori as she walks on nude though the hallway. Some of the men in the hallway timidly looked over at the Shadow Infused girl but dare not let her know. Midori noticed it and knew that she should embrace them in a Shadow Hold right now though now wasn't the moment. She let them have a small moment of perfection before dying in the upcoming battle. "They deserve to see perfection before their deaths."

"Umm...Well...." said the man who was surprise by the response from Midori. "Well that is nice?"

Midori suddenly stopped. She slowly turned to the man that was at her side and had a look of disgust on her face. She raised an eyebrow and then raised her hand up. It was infused with Shadow Energy and then quickly brought it down to hit the man square on the shoulders. "I tire of you."

Midori watch the man fall to the ground and winced. Midori at once turned around and pushed the door. "I be at the meeting."

The girl soon enter the locker room. There seem to be a few other female soldiers there and all of them stare at Midori before looking away to grabbed their belongings to run out. Midori just walked to her locker and pulled out a pair of sweats and began to change. She huffed at the other girls. She had just gotten done with a mandatory practice that the Johto Military wanted her to do. She knew it was because they consider her inexperience due to her joining later compare to the other Shadow Legendaries but she had the stuff. Midori proved it today once again.

Midori put on her gray hoodie and just stood in place to stare at her face in the mirror that hung on the locker door. The door the slammed closed.
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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Diego Walker
Latios Transformations: 5
Pewter City, Kanto

I had seen amassing presence of the Kanto Marines, as well as multiple armored military vehicles surrounding the perimeter, including two M1A2 Abrams tanks, three Bradley M6 Linebackers, and two Avenger Humvees. I had also seen multiple Pokémon trainers offering their help in defending Kanto, but the Marines told them to stand down and head east. No civilian trainer, no matter how much they argued their Pokémon were strong and could help defend Kanto, was allowed to join the Marine presence in the area. The Marines assured them that their own Pokémon could handle the job. I was really hoping they wouldn’t be regretting turning down the additional help later.

In truth, the city was in the early stages of evacuation, but it was moving slowly and it seemed most civilians either underestimated Kanto’s ability to fight off Johto, or underestimated Johto’s power. Or they were simply not taking the threat seriously. It had been a long time since Kanto had gone to war, and it was clear that many decades of peace left a diminishing effect on the local townspeople.

And I was left unstable myself, feeling the last remnants of my humanity rapidly diminishing. It wasn’t as I originally thought it would be. We weren’t going to be on the run this time, trying to hide and protect ourselves while the good people of Kanto spilt their blood to defend us. I didn’t need bodyguards, I needed dependable allies. To me, hopeful ideology wasn’t as important as the trust I could get from comrades. In the meantime, I knew I would look like a phony if I sat back and watched the combat to try and save myself in self-preservation. Any legend that did that wasn’t worthy of being called one, and I sincerely hoping the others would be out there fighting alongside their Kanto comrades when the time came.

The problems weren’t going to solve themselves.

Meanwhile, I focused my attention, and over the past few months, I could tell she had been out there. She had been searching for me, and I for her. And for the first time, it felt like she was coming closer, and I knew that once that bond had been established, it would be extremely difficult to separate us…


She was younger than I was, that much I knew. But in time, that would mean nothing as time rolled on and we still lived. I could look at any of these soldiers and I knew the reality of the situation was that I would still be living even after their great-grandchildren had long passed on.

“You’re not going to be that way for long, are you?” One of the Kanto Army privates had asked me. “They’ve been telling me you don’t have that much time left.”

“You’re right, it won’t be long now,” I told him, already feeling that my control over this hybrid form was slowly ebbing away. “Half of me is doing this to remind everyone here that we were just like you once, and in a way, still are. For most of us, our humanity is almost gone.”

And the more minutes that passed, the harder it became to hold onto the hybrid form. I knew this would be the second to last time I would be able to do this, and a part of me was just urging to take the final plunge and make it permanent this time. For many months, these same Kanto army soldiers had been helping me train, and I felt more than ready.

Inside… I was hoping she would be ready too…

And it was then that I sensed her in Pewter City. I had turned around to see her walking alongside her Togekiss and her Crobat, and I knew she was the one. A name came to me when I focused my mind on her. Elina Cassopher, the name of her root of humanity that was rapidly drying up. She would probably be surprised to see me, but that wouldn’t be for long. Without hesitation, I approached her, and I was definitely sure she would recognize me, even though she had never personally met me before. I figured I could use the last moments of this hybrid form to at least introduce myself to her.

“Hello, Elina,” I told her, introducing myself to her. “I think its safe to say that even though we’ve never met before, it feels like we’ve known each other our entire lives. Truthfully, I’m glad you’re finally here.”

I let out a small sigh of relief, glad to have finally gotten the chance to meet who would be the next Latias. Already, I felt bonded to her, whether I wanted it or not. Still, she seemed like a decent person to me.

“As you may already know, I’m Latios,” I told her, figuring I might as well discard the human name I once had. “I’ve been training with the Kanto military to help defend Pewter City from Johto invasion. Considering the recent Johto activity… they’re saying we’re going to be facing an attack very soon…”

I closed my eyes, shaking my head while wondering why this all had to happen. Still, I knew nothing about the past could be changed as I opened my eyes and looked back to her.

“Well, welcome to the resistance,” I told her, showing a slight smile as I looked into her eyes. “Its great to have you with us.”

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Seth Micheals and Riika Amano
Number of Entei Transformations: 4
Mt. Ember(One Island), Kanto

Riika turned as there was a loud thud behind her, and an eardrum-shattering roar somewhere between a victory cheer and a warning. Some of the townspeople moved away from them, but Riika smiled as Celio and Aiden came forward. "Thanks for averting a near-disaster...again." Celio told her, Seth snorted, and she laughed, Riika now pretty much understood what he said, whether it be in real words or not.

"Seth's not stupid, Celio, he can understand you just fine. But to make things easier, why don't you join us normal mortals, Seth?" She asked, allowing Sasu to spring back onto his position on her shoulder while Seth's size shinked quickly, and then he became himself again...well, as much as he could. Riika stared back at Seth with wide eyes as she noticed they were'n't grey anymore, and his hair was longer, all of it falling somewhere between his shoulders and his chin, layered back in waves, and his bangs didn't hang in his face anymore, a spash of yellow and red that looked somewhat like a dye job, but she knew what it was--the crest on Entei head.

"Riika, what's wrong?" Seth asked slowly, not liking the way she was staring back at him, it seemed her brother had the answer for this, and he spoke quietly.

"Seth, that was number four." Aiden's blue eyes flickered over him in a state of awe behind his glasses as well, and then they flickered worriedly to his younger sister. Seth reached up and felt his hair, where Riika's eyes seemed to be glued, and frowned. He'd have to check out the full extent of the damage later, right now he was worried about two things, really: how long his most recent fix job on Mt. Ember would hold, and Riika. Right now Riika had all his attention.

"I can't believe I was't counting... Sorry, it just... Took me a bit off guard." Riika muttered quickly, over her shoulder, Seth caught Aiden jerk his head to her and make hand motions--make her feel better!!! He seemed to be saying.

"Riika, don't feel bad, it's all good, I haven't been counting either, I mean, I knew it was getting a little harder, but..." Ugh, why do I have to suck so bad at this!?!? Seth wondered, though he didn't have to worry much longer, as there was what he felt and heard to be a disturbance in the air, and then someone else joined them. It took Riika's attention immediately.

"Oh, Robert? Is something wrong?" She asked, almost immediately jumping to the next big thing, Seth's changing appearance pushed to the back of her thoughts for now. He turned to face Robert, and nodded.

"What Riika said." He muttered, bothered slightly, but pushing it back to face what could be much more important matters. Aiden could be heard behind them, shooing off the townspeople before calling "I'll be at the pokemon center when you guys are done!" behind him. Riika was lucky to have a brother like that, he thought absently.

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Elina Cassopher
Latias Transformations: 3
Pewter City, Kanto

She felt him before she saw him. He was like a beacon on her telepathic radar, pulsing a brilliant blue in her mind's eye. He was still some distance away, but it was almost like he was right next to her.


For a moment, she panicked. Half of her still wanted to meet him, desperately, but the other half, the half that seemed to dominate her mind, was utterly terrified by him, and by what he meant. When she saw him, there was no turning back. She would be tied to him for all eternity. After all, she was Latias, and he was Latios. And that fact scared her beyond all logical reason. She was afraid, afraid that something would happen to him, afraid that he would die. And again, she would be left alone.

"Hello, Elina.” During her mental ramblings, she hadn't realized that he had come up practically behind her. She turned, without thinking, though that terrified part of her mind still screamed.

It seemed that he was pretty far gone. Even in his human form, he looked like Latios now. She realized he was still talking.

“I think its safe to say that even though we’ve never met before, it feels like we’ve known each other our entire lives. Truthfully, I’m glad you’re finally here.” And with that, the fear was gone. The icy wall around her heart melted, and she was ready to let someone in again. Most importantly, the bond had been made. Now they would never truly be separated, ever again. And Elina was absolutely fine with that.

"Yeah," she replied. "I wasn't sure, when I first came into town, whether it was really you I felt, but I knew you were... familiar." She smiled, something she hadn't done in a long time, not with as much feeling as she did now. She knew her fear was irrational. Even if Latios died, he would be reborn. They would work together to protect the world for as long as they existed, which would be a very, very long time.

“As you may already know, I’m Latios,” he went on, stating the obvious, but she simply nodded. “I’ve been training with the Kanto military to help defend Pewter City from Johto invasion. Considering the recent Johto activity… they’re saying we’re going to be facing an attack very soon…” He closed his eyes for a moment, suddenly looking very sad. Elina understood his feelings. All this violence was so pointless. There was no reason, really, for Johto to be starting this war. No logical reason that warranted the actions that were being taken. That was why they had to stop this as quickly as possible and save as many lives as they could.

“Well, welcome to the resistance,” he said after opening his eyes, flashing her a smile. “Its great to have you with us.” Her smile only widened.

"It's great to be here," she replied. "Anything I can do, just ask. I've transformed three times already, so I'm fairly comfortable with my abilities. And, well, I'm ready to change for good. I've been prolonging things long enough. I'm not going to hold on to my humanity if my powers as a Legend are needed."

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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Robert Masters
Mewtwo Transformations: 4
Island One, Kanto

I was still in Mewtwo form when I appeared before them. <Yeah. Johto's getting ready to make their move form the looks of things. Kanto is preparing their defenses in Virdian City. If you're both ready, I can teleport you both there.> I telepathically spoke into their minds. I could see that my appearance was drawing a crowd, but Seth seemed able to shoo them away. Now was not the time for secrecy, though chances were quite high no one knew what I was. After all, Mewtwo was a creation of Team Rocket, and only a handful of humans had ever seen him, and none of them spread any tales about him to anyone that could not be trusted.

I wasn't sure how much time we had really. It could be happening now, or it might not happen for a few days. Still, it was best that I got to every normal Legend and brought them to Viridian. I didn't know what Johto had planned outside of invading Kanto and capturing us, but we had to be ready for anything.
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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Anaka Andrews
Arceus Transformations: 3
Skies above Viridian Forest, Kanto

Artemis glided over the top of the forest. Anaka reached her hand down, touching the top of the trees. Zeus followed Artemis, flying along side Artemis while her Pokémon who could not fly ran along through the trees, trying to keep up. It was almost like a race, just without a finish line, and Anaka loved it. Her Pokémon hadn’t played together since their battle with Arceus. Ever since then, things just got weirder and weirder as well as more serious. They had no time to just fly with her Pokémon.

“Do you want to go higher, Anaka?” Artemis questioned, turning her slightly to make eye contact with her trainer.

“Yeah, but don’t forget to go faster.” Anaka said. “What about you Zeus, do you think you can keep up?”

“Please, I’m the fastest Pokémon alive. No Pokémon can escape me.” Zeus boldly stated.

“You heard Zeus.” Anaka spoke. Artemis nodded and turned her attention back to the sky. Almost instantly, Artemis began to fly faster. With a few strong flaps of his tiny wings, Zeus caught up, hovering along side the Garchomp. Anaka’s hair billowed in the breeze, as did her clothes.

“Hold on now, things are about to get rocky.” Artemis let out. Anaka held on for dear life, wrapping her hands around her neck. Artemis began barrel rolling and doing loops in the sky as her trainer clanged to her body. A normal person would’ve been screaming for their life, but Anaka was screaming from excitement. If Athena could fly, Anaka would be getting the lecture of a lifetime right now, her being the mother of the group. Luckily, Athena is an Arcanine so she couldn’t. With Artemis being just as much as daredevil as her trainer that meant in the sky anything goes.

“Hey Artemis, I got an idea. I’m gonna let go, and I’m going to fall all the way down. Everybody is gonna be freaking out, then right at the last moment, you catch me. That will scare the whole team.” Anaka announced, releasing her grip on Artemis’ neck. Artemis stayed silent, not giving an answer to her question. Anaka gave a questioning look and almost spoke again before Artemis rolled over in the sky, dropping her trainer. She was in freefall, screaming at the top of her longs because she was having the time of her life. She could make out Athena running around in a circle, obviously freaking out. Zeus still managed to keep up with Anaka flying beside her as if he was trying to stop her, though he couldn’t if he wanted too. Anaka was honing in on the ground, and by now, all of her Pokémon couldn’t watch choosing to turn their heads to not witness the impact. Athena opened her eyes at the last moment, just as Artemis swooped in under Anaka to catch her. She brought her trainer down lightly to the ground.

“Are you crazy? What if Artemis’ timing was off? What would’ve happened then?” Athena frantically inquired. Anaka had no answer besides a laugh and Athena turned her attention to Artemis. “And you, why would you even agree to do that. What if you would’ve got distracted by some other Pokémon that you thought was cute or something? You might’ve missed Anaka and then she’d be all over this ground.”

“Distracted by a cute Pokémon? I’m not the one who has a crush on Alpha, Athena.” Artemis shot back, approaching the Arcanine.

“Aw, both of you calm down. Athena don’t be mad at her, be mad at me. It was my idea. I’m sorry. See, no harm done.” Anaka said, taking a seat to rest.

“No harm done? You had little Apollo over here crying.” Athena said, stepping back to reveal the newest addition to Anaka’s team. A young Bastiodon whom she had traded for her Snorlax stood behind Athena, tears in its eyes. Bastiodon, though fully evolved, was still pretty much a baby. She scared easy, she was gullible, but was easily excited. Despite all that, she was still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

“Aw I’m sorry Apollo. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just having some fun.” Anaka spoke in a calm, soothing voice. She stood up once more, approaching her Pokémon slowly not to frighten her anymore.

“Really?” Apollo asked. Anaka nodded, petting the Bastiodon on her back. “Well okay then. As long as you’re not hurt.”

“I’ve never felt better.” Anaka said, flexing her muscles. Apollo was amused, and laughed the tears away. “Now, why don’t you go play? Athena will come with you, and so will Dite, Ares, and Zeus.” Apollo nodded and Anaka gave her a kiss on the top of her head. Apollo ran off into the grass of the forest. She stopped, waiting for Athena to come. Athena gave Artemis and Anaka a stern look, but said nothing.

“That was great Artemis, I told you it would work. Now, I need you to do something else. I want you to use Slash when I tell you to.” Anaka said.

“On what?” Artemis asked.

“Just slash the air in front of you.” Anaka replied.

“But you’re in front of me.” Artemis shot back.

“I know that, but this is important so just do it. Slash.” Anaka spoke. Artemis’s claw was enveloped in a white glow. She hesitated for a second, but then, as her trainer told her, she slashed the air in front of her leaving a trail of white energy. Anaka ducked, her body dodging the attack, but not her hair. In one swipe, most of it was gone, only leaving enough hair to reach her shoulders. Anaka ran her fingers through it and played with it for a second. “Alright, that’s good. Thanks Artemis.” Anaka said.

“That’s all you wanted, a haircut? You could’ve been killed. If you would’ve asked me to cut your hair, I would’ve cut your hair.” Artemis stated, now taking on the frantic speaking Athena used earlier.

“You sound like Athena,” Anaka started, “besides, where’s the fun in asking.” Artemis only could stand there with her mouth wide open. She couldn’t find anymore words to say to her trainer, and she was starting to realize why Athena was so strict with her daredevil ways. Anaka returned her Pokémon to their Pokeballs, besides Apollo and Aphrodite then turned her attention to the exit. “Alright girls, lets go. We’ve got work to do.”
Give it a read and a critique please
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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]

Seth Micheals and Riika Amano
Number of Entei Transformations: 4
Mt. Ember(One Island), Kanto

"Oh, that's not good... But my brother's here, he helped get us here, but we shouldn't have a problem getting a boat to Vermillion that's fast, and then we should be able to fly from there. Aiden wants to help us anyway, we'll show up there with him as soon as we can, okay? And if we can't get a boat, he's got a Gallade and I have a Gardevoir that both know how to get to Viridian, so arranging a teleport lift from Rose and Hibi won't be very hard." Riika said, Seth just nodded.

"Aiden's been a big help, and I'm sure Ericka and Kelly won't want to miss out on the action. We'll be there, and probably with reinforcements by the time you get back, something tells me you're trying to round up the crew?" He asked, smiling. "I hear alot of them are hanging around up to the northwest of here, but we've been busy with keeping Mt. Ember from blowing and Cinnabar in check, and if we're not there, we're usually back in Pallet at Riika's house, surrounded by the chaos that she calls her family. You don't have to waste time on us, we'll get there." He assured before nodding to Riika, who turned and ran in the direction Aiden had left to go forewarn him about their quick leave.

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