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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 12-05-2010, 09:13 PM
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Default Embers and Sparks

I'm trying to catch a Shinx!

Kasuna's fiery mane rustled in the brisk autumn wind as she galloped along the sandy dirt path of route 202.
"Faster Kasuna, we have to get help!" the young Ponyta's rider and trainer commanded, kicking the flanks. Her rider was Mizaki Mihura, a eleven year old girl from Japan. The eleven year old had black hair, and was wearing a blue and white stripy tank top. Flaming tail swishing, Kasuna galloped as fast as she could in the direction of Sandgem Town. Kasuna flashed back to why she and Mizaki were doing this.

Kasuna, Mizaki and her friend, Ichigo Kiylo, had been walking along the path to Sandgem Town when a wild Shinx leapt out of the tall grass. Ichigo, being a kind person, tried to stroke the Shinx. Just before she could run her fingers through the fur of the little blue electric type, a black and blue Pokemon jumped out of the grass behind Ichigo. The black tailed Pokemon, which was a Luxio, growled at Ichigo. It was probably trying to protect the Shinx. The evolved Pokemon made a fizzling noise. It was surely charging up electricity. Ichigo didn't notice, but Mizaki did.

"Watch out! There's a Luxio behind you! And it's charging up electricity!" Mizaki shouted, but Ichigo continued stroking the Shinx. Eventually, the Luxio let out the stored electricity at Ichigo, before running back into the grass. The jolt of electrity hit Ichigo on the leg, hurting her a lot and making her fall onto her back. Ichigo couldn't move, and was severely hurt. Mizaki jumped on Kasuna while holding the reins, and kicked her flanks, saying "Gallop Kasuna, gallop!"
Kasuna burst into gallop at command.

Kasuna gallopped along the dirt path, kicking up dirt with her hooves. Mizaki nudged her flanks every now and then, to encourage her to keep up the gallop. Soon, there was a path ahead. Not like the dirt paths of the routes, but a paved path, one of the ones that indicated civilisation. That could mean one thing; Sandgem Town was ahead! Filled with inspiration, the beige pony gallopped ahead, despite her tiredness. When Kasuna and Mizaki arrived, they instantly looked for the Pokemon Center.

Returning Kasuna to her Pokeball, Mizaki walked into the building with the orange roof which was empty, apart from the Sandgem Town Nurse Joy.
"Nurse Joy, I need your help! My friend has been hurt by a Luxio's electric attack, and she needs your help! Come quick!" Mizaki frantically stuttered.
"OK. Just show me where your friend is, and I'll help her," Nurse Joy calmly replied.
"Just follow me!" Mizaki replied, before running out of the Pokemon center. Nurse Joy grabbed her emergency kit, which was a pink box that was roughly the size of a sheet of A4 paper, and a width the size of a plug, not including the bits you plug into the socket.

When outside, Nurse Joy and Mizaki threw their red and white spheres. Nurse Joy's Pokeball was revealed to contain a brown Pokemon with three heads and three beaks, and Mizaki let out her trusty Ponyta, Kasuna. Nurse Joy hopped onto her Dodrio, who was nicknamed 'Trio', while Mizaki clambered onto her beige pony with a fiery mane and tail.
With a "Go!", both Pokemon were rocketing up Route 202; their riders were racing against time to help Ichigo.

After quite a bit of fast running, they came to where Ichijo was lying. The two girls hopped off their Pokemon, and returned them to their Pokeballs. Then, Nurse Joy opened her emergency kit. She took out a Paralyze Heal and used it on Ichigo. It healed her by letting her move, but she still was quite hurt. Nurse Joy pulled out a Wacan Berry and fed it to Ichijo. Beginning to come around from the shock, Ichijo slowly sat up.
"What... What happened?" Ichigo said, confused.
"You fell unconscious from a Luxio attack, so I went to get Nurse Joy to help you," Mizaki replied.
"Thanks. Only a true friend would do that," Ichigo replied. Then, Nurse Joy headed back to the Pokemon Center. As soon as she had turned her back to the two friends, two small creatures with star-tipped tails wandered out of the grass. They were followed by a black and blue creature, with a star tipped tail. They were two Shinxs and a Luxio. Ichigo recognised one of the Shinxs, it was the one she had tried to stroke before she was taken out by the Luxio. The Luxio was the one that had Thundershocked Ichigo, too.

When the Shinxs started charging up electric energy, it was clear they wanted to battle.

"If you want to battle, we'll battle you!" Ichigo and Mizaki said in unison, Ichigo holding up a blue variaton of the Pokeball, with red markings on. Ichigo hurled her Great Ball onto the ground, revealing a blue quadrupel Pokemon with a mermaid like tail. It had a fin around its neck, as well as two fins on its head.
"Vaporeon, Rain Dance!" Ichigo commanded, her Water Type spinning around. Soon, grey clouds appeared in the once cloudless sky, and they let down lots of rain. Kasuna's mane was soaked, making it tougher for the little Ponyta.
"Vaporeon, Dig now!" Ichigo commanded. Her water type dug a hole, while the Luxio fired off a Thunderbolt at Kasuna. Then, Vaporeon came out of Dig, striking the Luxio from below. The electric type was forced upwards, while Kasuna Embered it. The little fire balls struck Luxio, forcing it out of mid-air. The Shinxs used Thundershock on Kasuna too, but not before Vaporeon Bubbled them.

Strained from her wet mane and the electric type attacks, Kasuna fell. Mizaki returned her to her Pokeball, before holding up another Pokeball.

"Where Ponyta fails, Torterra excels!" Mizaki said, holding up a Pokeball with a leaf mark on it. She hurled the Pokeball onto the battle field. The Pokeball let out a bright beam of light, which materialized into a giant Pokemon, with what looked like a mini eco-system on its back.

"Terra!" it roared, ready for battle.
"Turty, Earthquake with all your might!" Mizaki called. The Grass/Ground type lifted one of its feet, and stomped it onto the ground, sending vibrations through it. The Shinx managed to survive it, but only because of the Focus Bands they were wearing on their necks. However, the Luxio collapsed to the floor.
"Turty, Leaf Storm that Shinx! Now!" Mizaki commanded. The Torterra shook the tree on its back, sending out leaves that hit one of the Shinxs. The Shinx that it hit fainted, but after being knocked back into a tree. There was only one Pokemon left. The Shinx that Ichigo had tried to stroke.

Lets hope this works. Mizaki thought, before unclipping an empty Pokeball from her belt.
"Pokeball, go!" Mizaki yelled, hurling the red and white sphere at the already weakened Shinx. The little blue mouse was absorbed into the Pokeball, which shook once... Which shook twice... Which shook thrice... And released the Shinx! The Pokeball then broke, unclipping the two sides.
Oh man! Well, Shinx capture, take two! Mizaki thought. Taking a Great Ball from her bag, she desperately hoped for the next throw to be the final one.

"Great Ball go!" she yelled, hurling the blue ball at the Shinx. It shook once.. It shook twice... It shook three times...

Mizaki hoped that the Great Ball would capture the Shinx this time.
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Am I the only person on PE2K who likes Inazuma Eleven?

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Default Re: Embers and Sparks

BUMPing for a grade.
VPP: Eevee~<3
Hatches @ 84
Flareon @ 189
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Am I the only person on PE2K who likes Inazuma Eleven?
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Old 02-04-2011, 10:21 PM
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Default Re: Embers and Sparks

Bumping a grade isn't necessary. I'm pretty sure Graders (other than me, who I'm sure does this unless requested to grade) look at the Story List to grade their stories.

I might grade this too if I find time after my current claims. After all, I'm entirely free today and tomorrow, so it might not be long before I finish the grades.
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