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ASB: Trainer Stats Place all your trainer stats here.

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Old 11-08-2011, 10:32 PM
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Default Dachampster's Stats

I'm still building a team, but here are my stats so far.

DQs: 1

Currently battling:
3D Thinker: Using Fang against his Abra. Not sure how this will turn out.
Pokemon Elite 2000: Battle has started. My original plan failed, so I'm going to switch to Blade.


Treecko (m)

My favorite Pokemon ever. However, I'm hesitant about using him anytime soon, since he's indeed a Grass type- one of the most short-changed types in the game. I'm about to use him now.

Gliscor (f)
Hyper Cutter

She's my first fully evolved Pokemon- I evolved her first so she can access the elemental fang moves. I'm confident in using her because of her high defense and wide range of moves.

Buizel (m)
Swift Swim

He's my third starter Pokemon. Jet's tough, with his Bulk Up + Waterfall/Ice Punch combo. Jet managed to beat White Knight's Litwick and Dratini by himself. I'm confident in his ability.

Sawk (m)
Inner Focus

I bought him not too long ago. I haven't used him yet, but I'm confident he'll do well.

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