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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen and Shenz
Forest Town

“Plllease tell me that you’re not locals,” both heads turned from where their attention had been focused on the other to look at the odd pokemon that had just spoken to them.

"It's nice to see you again too, Shenz," Sky whispered, though she wasn't exactly sure why she knew the odd boy's name or him to be totally honest, but she felt as though she both knew and could trust him. "However, there seems to be a fair bit of commotion going on. We should probably figure out who is and isn't going to potentially try to kill us," the failed Gardevoir pokemorph said before shouting back to the odd blue pokemon (why she assumed it was a pokemon, she had no idea) "Nah, we're not the locals, and apparently neither are you."

Shenz sighed and let the girl go so they could both stand from where he had knocked Sky to the ground with his tackle. Looking around, Sky noted that most of the group assembled appeared to be only partly human, more like Shenz and herself. It was then that she also noticed that there seemed to be several somewhat hostile beings among their group. "Hey, you guys start trying to tear each other to pieces and I'll break up the fight myself, I could use the action. And if you just happen to be thinking that there's no way I could do it, please go ahead, I'll prove you wrong." She growled towards the congregated group of nutjobs threatening to cut each other open and/or placing bets or whatever they were doing, but it would surely create a headache if it kept up much longer.

Shenz shook his head at the girl, yet he said nothing, considering the fact Sky actually wanted to break up fighting or once.

However, a very loud, unpleasant sound from above turned their attention from the fighting to the silver-haired woman standing on the roof, who began to speak about their situation and what might have been a bit about why they were there. Finally she took a sword from her side (how many swords did this lady need, Sky wondered briefly, considering that was now two) and cut two portals in the air and gave them a choice. Shenz chuckled at the line about killing whoever went through the black portal the moment she saw them again. "She's got a sense of humor like you, it seems," he told Sky, who snorted in response.

"The sad thing is, I think she's rather serious, Shenz."

"Exactly. She's got one of those twisted sense of humor like you," the Luxray morph responded.

"Yeah, yeah, okay," Sky sighed before looking over the portals once again. "Well, it's not like she really gave us much of a choice if we wanna live, even if I wouldn't mind the challenge. Shiny portal it is." Sky had just barely gotten the words out of her mouth when the woman tossed something into the group which flashed when it hit the ground. Sky cringed away from the light, just barely hearing Sara's remark that it would restore memories as images and words flashed through her mind.

She stood in the back corner of her cell, listening to the commotion from down the hall and approaching footsteps. Those footsteps stopped at her cell door, where an oddly blue tinted face framed by wild black hair and almost glowing yellow eyes gazed in at her. "You" the boy that would become Shenz said sadly--

She was sitting next to a solemn-faced teenaged girl who laughed as she coughed from the carbonation of the first soda she had had in years, in spite of all the sadness on her face because she was finally talking about--

“Hello? Do you talk?” Beautiful. Like the piano--

"They’re all kids! I was six!” She finally yells, bringing both to a total stop--

She didn't think she was strong, why did everyone else think so?

The soft, piano-tone laugh and the flash of silver hair--

Sky blinked, shaking her head in attempt to clear the flash of memories away. "Sky?"

She turned her head and smiled at Shenz. "Like I said, shiny portal it is, since she didn't really give us much of a choice," she said before walking over the building the portals were located atop of and made the jump with ease while Shenz scrambled after her. Sky entered the portal without a backward glance, and Shenz tailed her worriedly.

Anna Atoli
Forest Town

Within the space of a blink, Anna suddenly found herself standing in a village, surrounded by strange people rather than in the forest, where she had been searching for the source of the voice. She hoped that maybe it was possible that the source of the voice had ended up there with her as well, but with all the other strange beings here, she had no idea who the voice might have belonged to. Then again, maybe it had been her imagination.

Of course, that was when a small and rather odd-feeling pair of hands grabbed her by her upper arms from behind and spun her around awkwardly in a circle, snorting as it did. Something in the back of her mind clicked at this, and the image of a great red, tan, and black creature watching her silently wherever she went. "...Hook...?" She asked softly, turning around to face the Krookodile before a loud and rather annoying sound brought their attention forward, to the silver-haired woman and her speech. Anna listened quietly and attentively as the woman explained their situation and gave them the option of going through a portal to the "good guys" or going through a portal that lead straight to the "bad guys." Then there was the matter of the device flung by the silver-haired woman into the crowd of those assembled that she claimed brought back memories if any had been lost. She stiffened as she was suddenly struck with the urge to move her feet in oddly graceful steps and patterns that she only half remembered. It brought to mind the memory of staring quietly up and the both tall and overly thin woman her parents had hired to teach her to dance for the parties that they threw.

Parties that she hated.

The Krookodile leaned down beside his trainer's face and blew a small puff of hot, dry air at the side, of her face, visibly startling the girl before she shook her head and reached up to rub the pokemon's snout. "C'mon, Hook. Let's go." She had no desire for the return of her missing memories, but she didn't want to die, either. As quietly and gracefully as possible, Anna and Hook moved together towards the bright portal that another pair was entering already as well. Her mind was made up, there would be no changing it now.

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


Aarilyn XD4002
Forest Town

The two huggers turned their heads the moment Aarilyn spoke out to them. They seemed a bit surprised at the interruption—or so the Dewott guessed—but after a quiet exchange the super-thin creature turned and replied, “Nah, we’re not the locals, and apparently neither are you.”

The Pokémon scowled distastefully. “’Course not. Why would I want to live in such a…”

She let her words trail off as the couple were distracted by a commotion elsewhere in the abandoned village. Other people had materialized from the forest, and some of them apparently weren’t getting along. Aarilyn considered them a moment, then blew them off as morons. Whatever. These people obviously weren’t going to help her at all.

Before she could turn to leave, however, a raucous rasp split the air—the harsh sound of metal scraping against metal. Ears flat against her head, Aarilyn sharply glanced up to the source and found a silver-haired woman she had not noticed before standing on the roof of one of the houses.

“Welcome,” her voice carried through the air with grace, “and please, save your questions.”

Aarilyn grudgingly gave the human her attention, but only because she spoke with authority. Whoever this chick was, she apparently knew something about the simultaneous appearance of several stragglers in a seemingly abandoned village stuck in the middle of nowhere. Still, she couldn’t help but balk at the woman’s audacity as she continued on to some long speech that made no sense to the Dewott whatsoever.

Soar? World Zero? Something about punctuality Nazis? What was all that about? But more importantly, what did Aarilyn have to do with all this? A frown was firmly planted on the Dewott’s face the longer she listened.

Finally, this mystery person used her sword to carve out two portals in the air. Aarilyn was surprised by the sudden display of power, but some corner of her brain was trying to process out a way that such a feat was possible. Were the swords she used actually some kind of device that manipulated space? Such a thing seemed far-fetched, but for some reason Aarilyn didn’t completely throw it out as an outlandish idea. For all she knew, it could be possible. At any rate, the mystery gal explained where each portal went, and challenged the others to pick one.

Aarilyn took it all in with a grain of salt. It sounded ridiculous to her, and she failed to see why she should care. She looked at the portals doubtfully, wondering if she could chose neither one. Who said she wanted to get involved with any of this? Factions were for pot-headed cretins. They could go ahead and play their little games for all she cared—just leave her out of it.

“Step up and choose,” the silver-haired human finished, flashing her sword around like a true show-off. “Keep in mind that Soar has the technology to help you remember your past.”

That derailed Aarilyn’s thought train. They could do what? Why those dirty… So they did know something about her missing memory! The Dewott’s paws twitched towards her weapons as she contemplated confronting the stranger with a more aggressive approach. Still, even she knew that this wasn’t the moment to be rash. Apparently, there was more going on than she could understand. As much as she hated to admit it, she might actually need their help. Whoever these SOAR people were…

She hated not being able to remember anything, and if there was a chance she could get it restored… Well, she might just have to take it.

…Then again, what if this woman was just fibbing to get them on her side? What proof did she have?

As if hearing her thoughts, the woman turned and tossed a sphere into their midst. Aarilyn jumped back in surprised, eyeing the device suspiciously.

“That thing will restore a little bitty part of your memories,” the woman explained. “That is, if you lost any memories at all. I have more, if you can earn them.”

Aarilyn shot a glare back towards the woman, but… she was gone. Only the portals hinted that she had been there at all. Now, it was just her and the group of complete misfits.

“Didn’t leave us much of a choice, did she?” the Dewott muttered mostly to herself. Her gaze returned to the metal device. Could it really do what the woman said it would? What if it was a trap? It looked a lot like a bomb or a grenade to her…. But what did she have to lose? Without her memories, she felt like she had no true identity. Guess there was only one way to find out, the Dewott thought glumly to herself before reaching up and scooping up the object.

She turned it over in her paws, examining it closely. For a few seconds, nothing happened.

“Well, this is dumb,” the Pokémon growled. She was about to toss it when…

<ERROR CODE: 549978.09.5>

“Specimen XD4002... Ah, I see you are finally awake,” a flimsy human examined her from behind a set of thick lenses. He cradled a clipboard in one arm, while the other was busily scratching down notes with the other. Like all other humans she had encountered thus far, he wore the blindingly white lab-coat of a scientist.

She glanced up at him, disappointed. “XD4002? What kind of name is that?”

“Fascinating! You are responding!” he ignored her comment and scratched his notes with more enthusiasm.

“… Yeah, but obviously you’re not. Seriously, what is this? Who are you? What am I doing here?”

“How exciting! The high-ups will be ecstatic to know that the program operates with amazing efficiency. Just look at how quickly you have mastered the language!”

She scowled in frustration. Was this guy for real? “Hey, you. Yeah, you. LISTEN ALREADY! I demand to know the meaning of all this!”

“Subject is showing slight aggression… This could be a negative side-effect…”


“Hubert,” a soothing, feminine voice broke through the tension, directing its focus to the nerdy scientist. “Try to show some decorum; she is a person, you know.”

Hubert’s shoulders drooped at the reprimand. “My apologies, Dr. Rowland... I’m just… so excited!”

XD4002 sharply whirled about to face the voice’s owner, nearly knocking over the equipment she was attached to. She barely caught a glimpse of a tall, dark-haired woman before—

<ERROR CODE: 999990.3442.78>


The sphere rolled out of Aarilyn’s hands and dropped to the ground morosely. The Dewott slowly returned to herself, but brought with her a storm of befuddling emotions. She was hurt. She was distressed. She was absolutely angry. But… for some reason, she was mostly sad…

She couldn’t understand any of it.

With paws clenched in fists of frustration, Aarilyn abruptly turned towards the portals. How dare she! That silver-haired woman, taunting them by dangling this single piece of memory before them. That was her little ploy, wasn’t it? Lure them all in with promises she probably wouldn’t keep until she sucked them all dry of all their energies, using them as pawns for her little game of factions and destruction.

If there was anything that Aarilyn could clearly remember now, it was this: she did not trust humans. Not. At. All. And that mistrust was lingering on the edge of utter hatred.

Only one thing held her back from that bitter precipice, but what it was… she couldn’t remember.

She knew what her choice was, even though she didn’t like it. She stormed towards SOAR’s portal, knowing that that was the only path where she would find answers… even if it meant playing into the human’s hands. She had to know who she was… what that laboratory was…

Who Dr. Rowland was…


Forest Town

“Hey you!”

Windflower calmly slowly turned her beaked face towards the speaker, seemingly unaffected by the new-comer’s harsh tone. The speaker was a creature not unlike herself; however, she seemed to be a different type of Calatuwa, one who had not embraced the Spirit of the Sky. Her arms had been formed into long, sharp blades shinier then any Windflower could recall being crafted by her own people.

“Tell me,” the strange Calatuwa demanded from her, “where am I? And don’t you dare try any funny stuff… Or I’ll gut you like a fish and string you up to dry! My patience is short, and I’m tired of walking!”

Windflower blinked, considering this stranger for a moment. Her manner of speech was very… peculiar. The Braviary Calatuwa was considering a reply when someone else joined them: a very normal looking human. Windflower knew there was a name for his kind—those who did not embrace the Spirits—but she could not quite recall the actual name. At any rate, he suddenly appeared next to them brandishing a knife just as shiny and sharp as the strange Calatuwa’s arms.

“I don’t know who or what you are, and I frankly don’t care. If you want to pick a fight with someone, try me.”

And soon after another face appeared on the scene—this time, another earth-bound Calatuwa of very different sorts. He let out an unnerving chuckle as he put his bit in:

“Do you really intend to fight her off with that little knife? You don’t stand a chance, no matter how skilled or unskilled she may be. I suppose I could get some amusement out of your blood being spilled, but people are no fun to talk to when they’re dead.”

Things were clearly getting out of hand, and Windflower knew she had to step in.

“Peace,” she stepped forward, reaching her arms out in a gesture of amity (mostly to get between the knife-wielder and the sword-arm Calatuwa). “There is no need for bloodshed, for it seems that we are all strangers to this land.” Turning to the sword-arm Calatuwa, she added, “I wish that I could answer your questions, sharp-one, but I, like you, have little familiarity with this land.”

Someone shouted something from the main plaza of the village—one of the first people who had arrived—and though her language was puzzling to Windflower, she guessed that she too was looking to end the conflict. The Braviary morph was glad to have support, but before much else could be said, someone caught their attentions.

A silver-haired woman—one who had not embraced the Spirits—was atop one of the buildings, and immediately began to address them. Windflower listened politely, though she was confused by many of the things the woman said. Still, the woman must have been a shaman—for she made strange, glowing circles materialize out of the air. Windflower was startled by this display of magic, but she felt more respect for the woman.

And apparently, the woman could help them get their memories back. When the sword-bearer left, Windflower paused a moment to consider her options. The wisest path seemed to follow SOAR—seeing as there was no one to represent this Gameover tribe. From the sounds of it, however, the opposing tribe sounded violent and destructive—certainly not the sort Windflower wanted to associate with. No, she would stick with SOAR, and perhaps she would learn more about this confusing circumstance from the shaman.

When others began approaching the brighter portal, Windflower detached herself from the others and began following them. She only stopped to consider the sphere that the otter-creature had left behind. Curious, the Braviary morph bent over and timidly traced a finger over its smooth surface…


“I am proud of you, my daughter,” the chief said to her, his wrinkled eyes smiling at her. “Today, you have come of age, and you have gained your place among our people. You are a true Calatuwa warrior now.”

He clasped her shoulders in an outward show of his affection, while she smiled back at him with a proud tilt to her chin.

In a gentler voice, he continued, “I feel greatly comforted in knowing that one day, you shall take my place as a righteous chieftain of our tribe. The Mother Spirit must surely have graced you with her blessings, and our future is bright.”

“Your words mean much to me, Father,” she beamed up at him, even as her eyes welled up with grateful tears…


Yes, Windflower thought to herself as she returned to reality. This is the right choice. Then, she stepped into the magic window of light.


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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Outside Forest Town

By the time the village’s particularities could be distinguished, Leander was all but drained. Physically speaking, that was, legs shaking and almost sickly pale. Each step was becoming a mountainous effort, yet, the light-haired teenager kept going, however slow.

Saying that optimism was his drive would be a lie, in all honestly, it was the tugging fear of collapsing among the oaks and birches (or whatever trees those were) that keep him moving along.

Actually, the distance hadn’t appeared to be that far, Leander figured all that trekking in the woods was probably to blame. Maybe next time, he’d take a rest when signs of fatigue started to manifest instead of pushing. Yeah, that was something to commit to memory.

However, the experience did reveal one thing; the boy was of weak and/or frail constitution. Somehow, being this winded after said (granted long) walk didn’t strike him as a normal attribute. Could there be something wrong with him? Yet, the obvious answer seemed to elude him. Was it truly out of forgetfulness or was Leander simply hiding the truth from himself..?

“****” the teenager cursed, although in a more monotone voice then one might expect. He staggered forward, a few more steps, rather pathetically in fashion. He released a heavy sigh before stopping flat; wondering if that would help, if only a little. Despite the move, Leander remained sceptical, he couldn’t be that lucky…

“You okay?”

The sound of a sudden upbeat voice startled the miserable cat-teen, who swiftly turned to see who had addressed him…

Outside Forest Town

Even from afar, it wasn’t the boy’s feline features, pale hair or pitch black clothing that first struck Lorenzo. No, that had to be his inconsistent steps, each slower than the last. They gave the air of struggle… was he tired, or hurt even? Well, one thing was for sure, standing around here wasn’t going to answer any questions (there seemed to be a lot of that going around today), so like before, the blonde went onward in search of answers. Heck, it might even be nothing!

“You okay?” he asked, cheerful as ever. No point in assuming something was wrong without distinct proof.

He stayed blissfully unaware when the stranger faced him, wearing an unfriendly glare. A few moments passed, Lorenzo waiting for a reply while the other teenager just kept staring. Finally, he broke the silence.

“D’you hear me?”

“Why else would I have turned?” his response was quiet, not as condensing as one might have imagined.

“Oh, I thought you… nevermind.” Not searching for conflict, the blonde simply dropped the topic in favour of the original inquiry. “So, are you okay?”

The unfamiliar person sighed softly before speaking, “I guess not,”

His expression never changed, although that fact went right over Lorenzo’s head. Instead, he asked a question that would alter the other’s features.

“Can I help you then?”


For just a split second, Leander’s face softened. Not into a smile or anything, but the rigid expression he’d been wearing had broken. Being asked if assistance was necessary didn’t feel odd in the slightest; actually, the opposite rang true. However it was the tone that was bizarre. Innocent, not forced.

If not for that, he would have simply dismissed the naïve optimist, but for a small lapse in time, the white-haired teenager was without words. Instead, in his weak moment, he nodded shyly. Something that felt most out of character…

… of course, even if it hadn’t taken long to reach to settlement, Leander had resumed normal composure. If the sunny boy hadn’t been so helpful, he’d have been dismissed. It wasn’t so much having needed the aide that bothered him, no, that task fell to his consistent nattering. Lorenzo talked and talked, seemingly about nothing important. That was until…

“Actually, I don’t remember much about myself. Sounds pretty strange, but its true! I think things’ll be okay though,” he sounded pretty confident in his last statement, although that was of little interest.”

“Strange indeed,” Leander stated, more interested then he sounded. Before he could ask for further details, however, an obnoxious cry interrupted.

“PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!” a character exclaimed, throwing shining particles all over the town square. The white haired boy just watched him, swinging a weapon around and making more loud noises. With all that, however, he did notice Lorenzo give him thumbs up. He didn’t join this new face though, the chance never arose. A female standing on one of the rooftops didn’t allow it…

Forest Town

It seemed those amassed here weren’t locals, judging from the limited interactions she’d witnessed. Had they found their way here too? Little did she know her questions would be one step closer to being answered…

A woman’s presence was soon made known; the echoing of her sword making contact with the building made sure none could miss her. Once the group’s attention was commanded, she started with a “welcome”. Nothing else made very much sense to her, despite paying close attention. Zero and Gameover stood out as important, forces she emphasised as being destructive. That’s exactly why her next move seemed so… weird to put it bluntly.
Using what had to be magic, the silver-haired woman created two distinct portals. One lead to her base of operations and the other was a gate to the “Gameover”. They were given a choice? Well… that was nice, although her words did detract from selecting Gameover, no doubt about that one. Likewise, there was quite an incentive to go along with the SAOR. Memories were a powerful thing…

… and tempting as no heck. One of the portals flashed with a brilliant brightness, mightier than even the sun itself. The other was a world of never-ending darkness in which no light could escape.

Unsurprisingly, the others started to gather around the metallic orb she left behind. Despite being a little doubtful, the blunette stepped forward, approaching the object, determined to find out about herself. If only a name…

_ - _

The soothing sound of crashing waves meets her ears; a beach stretches endlessly, isolating the sea from land. A full moon stands out among a sky littered with shining dots, countless in number. Its reflection is distinct, easy to find in the calm waters so far below it. A mysterious, almost magical quality could be attributed to the scene.

The sand is soft although cool, each step barley sinking among the grains. Soon, the water erodes the mark, erasing all traces of her presence there. Clutched gently in her tanned hands are a pair of simple shoes, which are obviously well used. They match the state of her clothing, tattered, worn and even torn in places.

After a while, image not changing, the girl finally breaks down, collapsing to her knees. Her messy hair drops over her face, hiding the tears slowly forming. Now, Aqua’s skin is visibly scratched and scared, evidence of damage taken. The warm liquid gently moves from blue eyes to the base of her cheeks before falling into the ocean, never to be seen again. She begins to mutter incoherent words before sobbing, allowing her emotions to consume composure….



He wasn’t expecting that of all things. Despite the lead it could present, Leander remained a sceptic. For all he knew, this could be a trap with memories as the bait. This needed some thought…

… which Lorenzo didn’t seem to consider in the least.

“C’mon, let’s go see,” he exclaimed, shooting the other teenager an expectant look.

“Don’t be rash,” was the response he was given.

“We don’t have to make a choice or anything right away, let’s just give it a whirl,” the optimistic block persisted, now throwing “we” around. Although it did prove to some annoyance, Leander remained silent about this. Instead, he resumed his intended plan of action, but was again interrupted.

“What do we really have to lose?”

Good question, really. Apart from their lives, which honestly were meaningless at the moment, they’re didn’t seem to be much at stake. Or, at least not in testing the woman’s device that was. Somehow, Lorenzo’s demanding and his complying seemed to be turning into an disturbing trend….

“Fine,” was all Leander said, allowing the blonde to aide his movement once again. The rest had helped a bit, but weakness still ruled supreme.

As they neared the sphere, he was instantly struck by important images…


Three children are sitting at a rounded table, each with an open lunch in front of them.

The first is an Asian girl, black hair short and clothes light in colour. She clings gently onto a half eaten sandwich, taking slow bits and occasionally talking. Izumi

Beside her is a boy with navy hair and golden eyes. He wears a worried look on his young face, along unfittingly. Quill

Finally there’s another boy opposing them in seating, chestnut hair an absolute mess. Beside him rests a manga, the cover depicting a yellow mouse, tail shaped like a lightning bolt. He speaks often, voice indicating involvement and passion. Blair

Approaching them is another child, although everything is seen through his eyes and thus, none of his physical features are distinguishable.

“I hope they let us outside for recess,” Blair states, now holding an apple.

“It’s too cold,” Izumi protested, eyes wondering over to the window. Overcast, it’s grey and dull outside the building.

“I want to finish the fort,” the brunette retorts, fruit still untouched.

“Do you think daddy will be okay,” Quill interjects; expression doubtful. The group eyes him carefully before Blair finally shatters the quiet.

“Yeah! It must be awesome to be in the war,” it’s hard to tell if he’s serious or if he’s just making it up.

“Momma says it’s dangerous,” Leander finally speaks
“All mommies say that,” Blair argues, making a gesture for emphasis.

“The bombs do make scary noises,” Izumi remarked, taking another bite of her sandwich. Quill nodes and…

And, just then, the misplaced sound of a bomb goes off, followed by the screaming of a crowd. Sight is lost, it’s really cold, and nothing is moving. The smell of decaying flesh lingers faintly in the air…

_ -_

“So, d’you see anything interesting?” Lorenzo asked as Leander blinked, thoroughly horrified by what he’d just experienced.


“Cool! My dad and I were building a tree house, and then I met some lady I couldn’t place,” the blonde went on, started to grow more excited by the word. He didn’t seem to notice Leander wasn’t paying him too much attention, instead trying to make sense of the scene.

It was that last part that was most troubling. By far.

“You okay, you’re a little pale,” Lorenzo finally remarked, although his pitch barely changed.

A simple nod, a simple lie.

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Village Full of Freaks

As she pointed, her scythe directly locked onto the other Pokemorph's throat, someone else appeared behind her...Brandishing a knife. “I don’t know who or what you are, and I frankly don’t care." He started, pointing it at the faulty Ditto. "If you want to pick a fight with someone, try me.” She nearly laughed. She nearly laughed very hard at the man's audacity. He was pointing a little knife at someone who would have fit in very well at a Grim Reaper contest, and he expected her to be scared? It was...Hilarious, to be put mildly.

As she glanced behind to deliver a retort, yet another appeared, this time giving a rather chilling chuckle to boot, added with his appearance...She pondered, briefly, if he was a ghost. “Do you really intend to fight her off with that little knife? You don’t stand a chance, no matter how skilled or unskilled she may be. I suppose I could get some amusement out of your blood being spilled, but people are no fun to talk to when they’re dead.” Her mouth twitched slightly as she nearly grinned. She liked the way he thought, and couldn't agree more with the statement.

Before they had a chance to reply, the one she had confronted before stepped between herself and Mr. Knife Boy. “Peace,” she stated calmly. “There is no need for bloodshed, for it seems that we are all strangers to this land.” She looked at Experiment. “I wish that I could answer your questions, sharp-one, but I, like you, have little familiarity with this land.”

"...You speak weird." Experiment stated, although she did, at least, lower her weapons. While she did not trust any of them, there was no hint of deceit in this one's voice...And to be honest, from the way the others were acting, it seemed like none of them had a clue either. "So that's it? We all just met here by some unknown-" A horrible screech filled the air, causing her to spin around to observe a woman on top of a hut, having dragged a sword across it.

She then proceeded to explain the three groups, why they were here, yadda yadda...Experiment zoned out, up until she opened two rifts. One was for the group that wanted to kill everything (an idea she found amusing, but...If everyone and everything was dead, there would be no one left to fight!), the other to stop "World Zero"...Or whatever it had been called. She threatened to kill anyone who entered the GameOver portal, although only once they met again - while stating she could help restore memories for those who joined Soar.

Holding our memories for ransom to make us do her dirty work...Like animals! I bet she doesn't even have a way to back up her claim! As if in response to her thoughts, the woman threw down a little metal sphere before disappearing. She didn't even give us her name. As everyone clamored carefully around the sphere, Experiment walked forward far less cautiously. While the Dewott handled the device, she merely looked at it, noticing the flashing light. Looks like a bomb. Would have been funny if it'd blown up while someone - like the water otter - had been holding it, but it remained rather...Immobile.

But as she watched the flashing, a sense of drifting, of losing herself, overtook her.

The bull charged forward, three tails lashing the air with each stride as its horns promised a lethal blow. Its brown pelt blended in with the arena around them - rocks, from the tiniest pebble to the biggest boulder, strewn haphazardly around them. As the Tauros moved, she ducked around it, watching it strike its hooves on the ground to make a sharp turn.

"Attack it!" A voice rang out over an intercom, and she brought her scythes forward, white energy gathering on the blades. As the bull lunged in a Take Down, her Slash met its skull, making a sound impact as it buried itself into bone. However, it kept coming, smashing into her and launching her into a rock which crumbled, like a desert before a flood. The wind was knocked out of her, and worse, it was mad.


Its head gleamed white as it prepared Iron Head, the blood in its eyes whipping it into a blind rage. She began to panic, her leg being wedged beneath a portion of the destroyed stone. Before her terror could completely overwhelm her, the intercom spoke out another order, one which made her focus with unnerving clarity.

"Remember that the price of failure is death, one way or another."

She focused, and her body began to change beneath the arms as another set began to take shape. It was fast, about five seconds, but in battle it took far too long...Although in this case, there had been just enough time. Raising the new set of arms, her muscles became more defined as she bolstered her Attack and Defense with Bulk Up. The Tauros closed in, horns lowered...

Only to be stopped as she gripped it by them, both locked in mortal combat as it tried to break through to impale her. It was difficult, as it was a very heavy and powerful creature...And she was barely anything. But her boost helped greatly, lending her more strength. She raised her scythes up, battering the Pokemon with multiple blows which cut into its thick hide, but it showed no sign of relenting and...She was beginning to tire.

"Finish it."

A wicked grin crossed her face as she brought her scythes up higher than before, the white blades stained red, as they began to gather a pale green energy.

With barely an "As you wish", the blades came down.

She blinked, trying to clear her mind. The battle, the image...She had felt such power then. She felt it now, recalling it...But she had a hint of guilt too. Who was that voice? Why was she fighting? She still didn't recall. The image of a Machamp, however, stuck firmly in her mind, but she paid it no heed. She knew what power she got from it, and had no desire to show the others what she could really do. It was best to let them think she could only use the blades from a Scyther. That way, if any tried to turn on her, she could easily surprise them.

Glancing at the glowing, light portal to Soar, she made her choice. Weapons raised to be ready, she charged through the portal, ready to defend herself if need be, but equally as ready to attack should the opportunity arise and warrant the action.

Now was not a time to hesitate, as it led to death.

And she, from nature and a few scant memories, was not the type to die.
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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Vincent Gunhold

Maybe it was because he looked normal. Or maybe it was because he didn't look dangerous. Either way, no one seemed to take him seriously. First, a teenager with crimson eyes and blades for an arm came up behind him, and whispered something about him being an idiot, and blood, and that kind of stuff. Then the bad-mannered, freaky... thing almost laughed at him. He almost groaned. He supposed that in a world of... people with weapons for arms, a two-feet-long dagger didn't look even remotely threatening.

But before he had a chance to start a real fight, the bird-human hybrid girl stepped in between them. “Peace,” she stated calmly. “There is no need for bloodshed, for it seems that we are all strangers to this land. I wish that I could answer your questions, sharp-one, but I, like you, have little familiarity with this land.”

"...You speak weird," was the reply. But the weird thing did lower her (his? Her? Its?) weapons. Feeling that this probably wasn't a great time to kill each other- for now- Vincent followed suit, putting the knife into his attaché case. But before he could start talking to others for some idea of where they were, there was a loud screech. Vincent turned, and saw a woman, stabbing her gigantic sword into a roof.

She gave them a welcome explanation, about where they were and how there were three groups. “The choice is yours,” she claimed. But from the way she worded it, there didn’t seem to be much of a choice at all. One side was trying to control everything, the other was trying to destroy everything, and hers was going to make this world full of rainbows and ponies, if what she said was true. She opened up two portals, one leading to her side’s base and the other leading to her enemy’s. It was silly to think that she was giving them a choice in the first place- she stated that she would cut off their heads, and the gigantic sword was certainly backing that up. Vincent snorted. She was probably just trying to take advantage of them being vulnerable and having amnesia. But before she left, she left a small device- a metal ball, to be exact, that will apparently ‘restore a little bitty part of your memories’. He watched it carefully. It wouldn’t be much of a shock if it exploded or something, given how untrustworthy the woman was.

After watching a few… beings touch them, he begrudgingly admitted that it was probably fine. The otter-creature seemed to be a bit dazed after touching it, which was admittedly what would happen if you regained your memories. But it was crazy to think that what this woman was saying was true- the speech was totally one-sided, and- well, it couldn’t be true! It was crazy, but what was crazier was the way everyone was charging into the supposed portal. Already the bird-girl and the scythes-for-arms went in, and others looked pretty convinced by the speech. Was everyone just really gullible, or was he too suspecting? By now nearly everyone seemed set about going through the portal, and Vincent just gave up. Hopefully she won’t lead everyone here to death, at least.

Before going into the bright portal, he decided against seeing what his past had in store for him- if it worked, of course. He wasn’t that afraid, or anything. But if it did show a memory, it probably showed one that would lead them to go through the portal. He didn’t want to be influenced by anything, when his neck could be on the line.

Slowly walking up to the portal, he went through.


Why was this forest so endless? She was a slow walker, but it seemed a lot closer when she started walking thirty minutes ago. Or was it? The forest made it impossible to tell time as well. But as soon as she thought that she was certain the distance was something she imagined. The village was only a few meters away, suddenly appearing to be closer. Cautiously she walked into the town, where there were a group of humans, morphs and some Pokemon as well. Almost every one of them seemed dangerous; one had a knife in his hand, for example. She decided to walk in quietly, not allowing anyone to notice her presence.

And right along with her arrival was the appearance of a woman, stabbing her sword down and making a huge screeching noise. Lisa winced, along with a few others. But everyone listened attentively when she started talking about why they were here, and how they could get their memories back. The woman stated that there were three factions, and hers was the good one. Opening up two portals, she said the evil-looking one lead to her enemy’s base. Lisa involuntarily shivered- the portal just didn’t feel right, and she would rather take the one beside it, which looked a lot more welcoming. She left, leaving a metal sphere that would help them restore their memories.

Lisa wanted to believe what she said. She didn’t feel like someone to downright lie- twist the facts, maybe, but not lie. And besides, there was no other choice but to believe her. The only way out of the village was the two portals, and the other one just felt wrong. It was a bit unfair of the woman to force them into this, but at least she didn’t look like someone that would lead them to death.

Trying to stay unnoticed, she walked through the portal.
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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

00C: Thought I’d written and added this a while ago, but looks like I did neither. Since it’s been so long, I decided to just give the choices their separate post.

Lorenzo and Leander
Zee town

People were starting to make their choices, which happened to sway heavily in the light side’s favour. In fact, after a little while, they were among the only ones left as Leander insisted on “thinking it through” before making a selection. Lorenzo was now starting to grow impatient, and it was showing.

“If you’re so antsy, why don’t you just go already,” the cat-boy shot his companion a cold glare but didn’t raise his voice any.

“Because…” Lorenzo started, but really didn’t know how to continue. It might be a little early to consider the stranger a friend, but explaining that he was closest thing the blond had to the term wasn’t the easiest thing to do. “The light seems to be the more popular option,” he decided to switch the topic instead.

“That means nothing,” Leander retorted bluntly, the bait appeared taken. To the optimist, it seemed he would add more, a few moments went by and not another word was spoken. Without the others’ voices, the area had grown shockingly quiet. Too much so for comfort.

“It does give us something to go off of,” Lorenzo tried to fill the void and would hopefully speed things up a notch.

“No, it doesn’t. Following others blindly does not seem like a good course of action,” his answer wasn’t what the dark haired teenager had wanted to hear, although he wasn’t too surprised.

“Well, the light does seem a little friendlier,” being rebuffed didn’t take much of a toll on Lorenzo’s blazing enthusiasm as he once again tried to get a positive response out of the smaller boy.

“You’re not that naïve I hope,” Leander was clearly not impressed.

“What are you basing your choice on then?” he asked, surprisingly still cheerful. The morph tilted his head, royal blue eyes fixed on Lorenzo. He seemed to hesitate, although that was only momentary.

“Representation and lack thereof on Gameover’s part. Of course the memory aspect is a factor, although that can easily be a trap.” It seemed more was running though his head, which made his sudden stop odd.

“It’s all we got though, not like Gameover gave us any reason to join them,” Lorenzo said innocently, now giving the two portals a good looking over.

“Either choice will yield allies and enemies,” Leander mumbled, and the other boy was happy he finally spoke unprovoked.

“We can’t stay here forever,” he whined, delight unable to mask impatience. The light haired teenager sighed fiercely but took a few moments to add anything constructive.

“That I can agree with. I don’t have much to go on, but seeing that SAOR did provide an incentive and did send a representative…” he paused abruptly, seemingly interrupted by another thought. Lorenzo, however, didn’t seem to care and gladly dragged his acquaintance (with surprising ease) toward the brighter portal. Oddly enough Leander really didn’t seem to notice until brightness struck his eyes.

“Wait!” the morph finally exclaimed, with more passion then he’d expressed to date (which really isn’t saying much, but still), however, it was too late. In the bat of an eye, the boys were consumed by the intense light, all traces of their presence in the village completely erased.

Also in zee town

Choosing, in all honesty, wasn’t that hard. Actually committing to said selection was proving to be the tougher task. Everything seemed to point in favour of SAOR, and yet, unlike the others, she wasn’t moving. The group had definitely been in favour of the light portal, which wasn’t much of a shocker. Using them as a gage wasn’t the best option, but every single individual couldn’t really be wrong.

Staying put was a fair option in its own, but it didn’t seem productive. Nothing in those endless woods seemed to explain what was going on and being in a foreign land with no support was probably dangerous. That last feeling, she couldn’t explain why it was felt, it just was…

Without warning, the blunette slowly started towards the bright light, praying her choice was the right one…

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


Sevv was uncomfortable. There were too many people around, too quickly. They seemed to appear, rapid-fire, right after another, too many that could be important, too many to observe. He preferred to observe people before trying to torment them, or take advantage of a situation, but now there were too many in the social scene. So, he took the most reliable route, escape. Standing on top of a roof gave him a much better vantage point to view what was going on around him, so with a quick teleport, Sevv was once again in his comfort zone.

Apparently, Sevv was not the only one who liked the roofs more than the ground. A woman appeared on a roof near the center of the town and the crowd. She identified herself as the leader of Soar, a group that only wanted to save all the worlds from a future of tyranny. Or so she said. Sevv couldn't help but smirk as she talked, making herself sound like the sole good sent from whatever gods there were out there. He had learned long ago that there really was no such thing as good and evil, only chaos and order, either of which can be made by someone "good" or "evil."

Then, when the portals were open, Sevv almost lunged into the dark portal without a second thought. After all, mindless destruction was what he preferred, and he preferred that the company he kept didn't care about petty morals. But something held him back, a nagging feeling in the back of his head. He should think about this, try and discover a reason to go towards either side. So, Sevv sat down on the edge of the roof and began to delve into his mind, trying to discover a reason to fight for either side.

He was running through the forest. They were taking her! He couldn't let that happen, couldn't let the only good thing in his miserable ten years of life be stolen away in the middle of the night. And as if the blow wasn't enough, the person stealing her was the only other person he trusted in the world. Or thought he trusted. How could his caretaker do this?

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He had to get her back, had to catch up to the form quickly disappearing into the mist. Putting on a burst of speed, he managed to catch a glimpse of her black hair draped over her captors shoulder, the faint glow of her pale blue eyes, identical to his own. However, that burst of speed only lasted a moment, and once again he began to fall behind. If only V would arrive sooner!

Sev's faithful Gallade protector arrived not a moment to late, his strength was failing him. He spoke in ragged bursts to his silent companion. "V, hurry up and get her... I'm right behind you."

The Gallade nodded once, and then blinked forward, teleporting in front of the one standing between him and his goal, the girl. The man had a look of panic as he scrabbled backwards, away from the intimidating pokemon, but it was too late, the plan had worked. A ghostly hand shot out of the shadows and grabbed the man's foot, throwing him off balance, and in a flash the Gallade had snatched the limp girl from his arms. The man was lying on the ground shaking in fear now, with the blade-armed pokemon standing above him, and another pokemon materializing from the shadows, it's gem like eyes staring unblinkingly. However, he had forgotten about the boy.

Sev was on top of the man in a flash, a black dagger pressed against the man's throat. You could see the betrayal in Sev's clear blue eyes, and well as the fury. "Why would you betray us like that! You were supposed to be our teacher, guiding and helping us where our pokemon protectors couldn't! Instead, you kidnapped my sister! Why, for who?"

You could hear the fear in the man's shaky voice, in his trembling. He had taught the boy how to use those daggers, and he knew how unmerciful the young master could be. "Y-young prince, you know as well as I-I do that I serve only one person, and he is a much more frightening man than you. It was the King the ordered me to kidnap your twin.

The boy reeled back in disbelief, but then brought the dagger back to the man's throat, harsher this time, drawing blood. "You're lying. I don't think anyone will mind when a dirty liar like you is dead!"

However, as Sev was about to finish the fatal cut, his twin, who had remained motionless until then, said a few faint words. "Sev, don't kill him, it isn't right. Remember when you promised me you'd always do the right thing, just because I asked you too? Prove it."

Sevv's eyes opened with a start. His trip into his past had been... disturbing, but at least now he had his answer. He hopped down from the roof-top, muttering to himself all the while. "Ves, you must have known I was never a good being at heart. Look at where I am now, having to choose the side of "good" because of an idle promise. If only I was like you."

Sevv looked around. He was almost the last one in the clearing. Besides a few people crowded around the metallic sphere, trying to relive their past, everyone had chosen a portal. Before entering the portal, Sevv made a slight detour, walking straight past those few trying to get more memories out of the ball than could be taken. He crouched down to examine the sphere, ignoring the muttering of a man next to him, continually chanting the word "More." After he deemed his examination complete, Sevv stood up, and then kicked the sphere as hard as he could into the trees, smirking at the pained expressions of those around him, cruelty showing in his red eyes. With that, he teleported up to the portal heading to Soar, and stepped through.
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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


Sara Aurion
???? ????-Soar HQ
“Look at how many we have!” Sara exclaimed, levitating slightly off of the floor. She set to counting out the recruits, sprawled across the spotless white floor. It looked like every last one went through the white portal, which led to here.

“Okay boys, hoist ‘em up.” She said happily, like a 5 year-old girl playing with her Barbies. One by one, the limp recruits were lifted up and dropped carefully into their own personal giant hamster balls. They were completely see-through, almost to the point of not looking like they were there. Sara took a moment to look over her collection. Now comes the fun part, she thought to herself. She silently took out a microphone, and flicked the small switch on it upwards.

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” Sara yelled, surely waking up the recruits simultaneously. She knew some, if not most, would panic and possibly break their enclosures, so she had only a small amount of time.

“Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?” Sara risked a small bit of laughter at her own unintended pun, and then continued on. “Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…” The spheres dropped all at the same time, vanishing in only a few seconds.

???? ????-Soar HQ

White. It was all white. He thought he heard a few voices, whispers and conversations in the white space. And then the white faded, slowly. From white to silver, to grey, and eventually…black. He felt around, still not sure he could move. He was sitting upright, at least he felt like he was, his spear preventing him from falling down. But if that was the case-

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” burst into his mind, flinging him upright and alert. Did she trick him? His thoughts became more and more frantic as his eyes sped around, looking at everything. He was trapped, the others lined up along with him like some sort of sick trophy case. He figured it best to listen to the woman, no matter how crazy she was. Tests? He wasn’t any good at math, he’d just hoped that wasn’t the type of test it was. His stomach lurched as he fell into darkness, the tunnel weaving around in loops and blurring lights. He couldn’t do math normally, and now he felt like hurling. It stopped within a nanosecond, the ‘ride’ ending and sending him flying and flailing until he hit the ground.

“Now what kinda welcome was that?!”
Raio yelled after he got his voice back.

In his defence, he didn’t know the tests were voice-activated.

“WELCOME” emitted from one of the speakers in the corners of the room.

“Thanks, I feel so welcome now. Are we gonna get the math stuff over and done with already?” Raio tapped his foot impatiently, holding his hands out for a paper and pencil. He got the led, but not the wood or paper when three weird-looking turrets were lifted from under the room and started firing a flurry of bullets. He could’ve reacted better, but his first instinct was to run straight at them. He readied his spear, and-

Not a good idea. A bullet hit his left forearm, almost making him drop his spear.

“You like to play rough, huh?”
Again Raio’s seriousness just ran out, as he threw what seemed like another bucketload of streamers into the air. The turrets kept shooting, piercing and ripping up the ribbons into a dust. The lasers on the turrets whipped around frantically, looking for their target. He felled all three with a quick one-handed swing, their insides; which seemed to be comprised of simply just bullets, spilled on the floor.

“Next!” Raio wooped, smiling at the rest of the floor he needed to cover. At the end, a checkered wall.

“REACH THE EXIT.” the voice said again.

No turrets. They would probably come out if he went ahead. He put his spear away slowly, holding both hands by his sides. He knew he could do this, something was just telling him to do…something. 'Go.' the voice whispered in his head, and he opened his eyes just to see the checkered wall, up close. Very close.


???? ????-Soar HQ
He walked through the white portal, only to feel tricked as the white turned to black. He tried to move a little bit at a time, but his limbs didn’t obey as he felt…sleep?

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” In quite an amazing display of reaction time, Zwelit sprung up and sprinted straight into the glass. He bounced backwards, rubbing his head from the impact. ’I guess it works better than coffee…’ he thought quietly, almost wincing in pain. He had no time to rest, however, as he dropped straight down without stopping. It was all black, but a light quickly appeared growing closer and closer. Then he left his sphere behind, falling into a shallow pool of water. Zwelit paddled upwards frantically, reaching the surface quickly. He climbed out of the pool, hitting himself on the side of the head to try and unplug his ears. He shook the water off his fur and clothes, a pair of baggy black slacks and a brown hoodie that matched his fur.

“Nice dip, but what am I here for, exactly?”
Zwelit said, looking around the room. He felt silly once he noticed he was the only one here, in what seemed like a very tall room.

“HURRY UPWARDS.” a voice blared, which almost shocked him as much as the platforms that extended from the wall closest to him, or the fact that the pool water was rising. Quickly. He sprinted towards the platforms, seeing nowhere else to go. He could swim, but not very much with the heavy rapier stuck to his side, not enough to float on the top of the water to the top. He noticed then that the floor was an incline, and he soon reached the wall. He scampered onto the first platform, staring at the next. Too late for any do-overs, the water was soon to reach the bottom of the platform. Not that it was thin, but it was him enough to spur him into flinging himself across the gap. He made it, barely, sliding across the platform and just stopping at the edge. He stood up, shook again, then looked for another platform.

He figured a ladder was better, and that’s just what he found stuck against the wall. He scaled it quickly, only to find himself faced with another problem; he had to jump to another platform from the ladder. It would be easier if he didn’t have the stupid rapier that weighed 200 pounds; he just wished it were lighter. His feet slowly lifted off the ground, and he felt himself being dragged up by his waist. ‘Not that light!’ he thought, but nothing slowed the rapid lift of the blade on his waist. He kept floating up, until…


???? ????-Soar HQ
“Wake up, you interloper.” Raine slowly regained her senses. Her paws slowly got feeling, and she dragged herself to her feet.

“I…I don’t know what you’re…talking about…”

“Open your eyes, you’re in no position to lie.” Raine listened, opening her eyes to what seemed like a glass box.

“Hey, let me out!” Raine cried, while pawing at the glass between her and the woman.

“Umm…nah. Tell me your name first. Then maybe.”

“Raine-Now let me out!”

“Yeah, you’re a spy.”


“You heard me. We need to reach an agreement here, little Flareon.”

“What kind of agreement? I’m not a spy, mind you.”

“Sure you aren’t. Look; the thing is…I need to keep an eye on you. I don’t know how you tripped up our security, because you’re an extra.”

“Fine. Whatever. Just get me out of here.”

The System

Nothing to report.


”I’ll KILL that pipsqueak! She lied!”

”Have you thought of the remote possibility that…all picked Soar?”

”Never thought I’d say this, but Athos is right. We need a couple days to prepare, however. Pack your bags, boys.”


Too many characters x.x but here you go. What you need to do for your exactly what I did for mine. Make a test chamber that suits their unique abilities and run them through it :3 Raio's text colour still hurts my eyes :l maybe I should change it.


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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen, Shenz, and Anna Atoli

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” It seemed that the voice made everyone jump awake simultaneously. Sky nearly slammed her head on the side of her ball-like enclosure. Everything about this was rubbing her the wrong way. Something told her that she didn't like being in an enclosed space like this.

“Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?” Something told her that she really didn't like tests or the way the woman was talking, either. Once glance at Shenz showed her he didn't like a single bit of it either--his body trembled and a soft snarl escaped his lips. He's trying to stay human, she thought, yet she didn't quite understand how she knew that was why his body was trembling.

"Shenz," She warned, struggling to sound calm. Somehow she also knew that if she let him know how much this bothered her, he would only get worse. In a ball just behind Shenz, Sky noticed a girl with wild blonde hair, pink ribbon hanging halfway out of it looking at her blankly, as though the girl saw something beyond the odd girl's appearance. To be totally honest, it kind of creeped her out.

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…” The apparent leader's words drew Sky's attention back to her like a slingshot being released. They were going to be tested apart? Oh--

Then the floor dropped out from under her and she had other things to worry about.


She stopped herself from hitting the ground without thinking--well, apart from I really don't want to hit the ground, anyway. She lowered herself to the floor gently, aware that there were no strings attached to her body. This is what they made me, this is what I can do, she though as she sat up and looked around the room the now found herself in. Suddenly a sharp curse flew from her lips. "Those dirty, underhanded, low-life..." the list of insults carried on, but they were not so important as the reasons for them were--Sky found herself in a windowless, metal-walled cell.

She hated cells, but this thought was interrupted by the crackle of a speaker in one corner of the room's ceiling. "ESCAPE THE CELL AND EXIT." Sky glared at the corner the sound came from.

"And how do you propose I do that?" She snapped in growing aggravation.

"USE YOUR BRAIN." Immediately at at end of it's sentence, that speaker gave a screeching feedback before falling silent and dropping out of it's slot in the ceiling, overhead wires sparking on occasion as Sky moved about the room, knocking on the walls and listening. After making two full rounds, the failed Gardevoir morph promptly sat down and stripped off one of her shoes before retreating to the opposite side of the room and cocking back her arm, shoe in hand, like a baseball pitcher and reaching for the power she had reached once before to keep herself from hitting the floor. However, this time she packed psychic power behind the flying shoe as she hurled the thing at the wall with as much force behind it as she could possibly put behind it.

There was an earth-shattering bang as the shoe collided with the wall, and then the wall tilted and fell backward...

Sky had her hands over her ears for the bang that created, and she was glad she did, as the floor shook under her feet and she heard a bit of the sound even though her hands blocked out a good bit of it. The fallen bit of wall had a decent sized dent in in, at least as wide as a basketball and pushed back a bit from the rest of the metal, Sky guessed the dent was about a half inch deep at the deepest point. "Huh, cheap, break-away wall rather than a real one...dang, did they think I wasn't worthy of a real wall or something?" she asked aloud as she edged her way around the downed wall.

Walking a little further along, she found herself staring at a pane of glass that blocked off the entire hallway. "Oh, come on, you have got to be kidding me," she muttered, looking for a way around it. Sky knew she could hit the wall and shatter the glass, but she really didn't feel like getting herself cut up in the process. However, another solution presented itself in the form of a thought that was so fleeting she wasn't sure where it came from. She looked at the area beyond the glass, focused on it so hard the images seemed to blur before her…that was when she closed her eyes and took a step forward, then another, and another after that. After she’d taken enough steps that she was sure she should have run into the glass by now, Sky opened her eyes and turned around. The glass wall blocking the hallway was behind her, fallen wall on the other side. “I can really teleport…or walk through walls…that’s pretty awesome…” she found herself admitting with a sly smile. Turning back around, she found herself standing in front of a door.


He wanted to rip something to shreds when he heard the word 'tests' combined with the fact they were confined in what was basically a glorified cage. He didn't like being confined, and he knew her fear of confinement was worse. He knew a lot more about her now, he remembered the kids. She was nice to the kids, them and a few others, but she was kindest to the kids. Her hair was a bit longer then, almost clinging to her chin in slight curls from where it hadn't been cut in a while, and she smiled more now than she did then, but they had been living a rough life and she was the brave one of them. Of course she didn't smile often back then. He knew about how she had managed to pull the strings with her friend at the top to get the two of them together, how she taught him to speak in English in the same manner he thought in English. He knew she was important to him--very, very important, and she hated being confined and white halls. He had to tear into something before he went insane after she tried to calm him down, and the room he had been dropped into would do just that.

Electricity. He suddenly found himself surrounded by electricity as he came to the end of his fall, letting his body feel the charge and respond, morphing as he took the floors impact by rolling. In a matter of moments, Shenz found himself in the body of a normal, if slightly larger than average Luxray. He glanced around, catching the sight of what appeared to be lasers crisscrossing the room, and he could feel the electricity pulsing in the walls, running to all the lasers. Padding towards one and poking one of his oversized paws under one, Shenz jumped back as a loud bang sounded off and a hole was left where his paw had been just before.

“CROSS THE ROOM.” Shenz cringed, lowering his ears towards his head as the speaker blared above his head. Without a doubt, Shenz thought this would be fairly easy, he took his time concentrating on the electricity flowing through the walls, then focused on backing the electricity up and then overloading the lasers and everything the electricity was connected to in those walls. Static pop after static pop filled the room and the lights from the lasers went out like blown-out candles, leaving the room free for him to walk across.

As he trotted across, Shenz seemed to smile to himself. Parking himself at the end of the room, he cringed again as the speaker blared “COMPLETE,” upon which, he returned to human form.

“Well, that was easy.” The human-formed Luxray murmured.

Anna's expression remained blank as the woman cued their dropping through the floor. In fact, the only thing that seemed to bother her at all was the fact that she and Hook had been parted again. When the floor dropped out from under her and sent Anna into free fall, she did not make a sound, just looked down as though it were a minor and slightly intriguing development. When she hit the room's floor, she again didn't make a sound aside from a soft "oof" as she landed. The rush of memories she had had from earlier had left her almost subdued, she didn't feel like doing much anymore, let alone dance, however the urge almost returned when she realized that she was in a room filled with ice. Slowly the cold seeped into her, and Anna finally stood. "...What is it that I'm supposed to do here...?" The words were barely there, but it seemed that they were heard.

"CLEAR THE PATH TO THE DOOR." Anna jumped at the sound from the ceiling speaker, but also stopped to look around--what door?

Then she saw it, trapped behind a decent-sized sheet of ice. She just barely stopped herself from asking just how the heck she was supposed to clear the ice away--unlike seemingly most of the others, she knew she was totally human. Anna looked at the door and sighed, trying to figure out how she was supposed to get to the door through all that ice. She was still getting colder, it had felt nice at first, but she had begun to shiver now. The room was cold, so cold, and she was only getting colder thanks to it. Her frustration had begun to mount as well, why could she not complete a task that the woman claimed to be easy? She stared at the ice, rubbing her arms through her sleeves, frustrating hersekf even more as she continued to try and puzzle out the answer when something seemed to click in her head.

Concentrate, it said. Tell the ice you want it to move, make it do what you want it to. Make it listen to you, you can do this--she said it would be easy, remember? She didn't know why she thought this, but it was worth a try. She concentrated on the ice, biting her lip and thinking hard about how much she wanted to pull away from the door.

Amazingly, after a minute or so of concentration, the ice began to move. Anna was floored by this discovery, but kept concentrating on how much she wanted the ice tomove, dangit! She wanted out, she wanted to be back with Hook where she felt safe, where she felt the most content, if not happy. That thought seemed to speed the slow peeling back of the ice from the door. After a few minutes of concentration, the ice was curled into pillars away from the door, which was now clear.


OOC: Ugh, this took forever, but it's done! Hopefully it's okay.

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Aarilyn XD4002

Aarilyn took one step into the portal of light, and her world instantly went black. Next thing she was aware of, an annoyingly loud voice was blasting in her ears.


The Dewott leapt to her feet, paws flying to her weapons. She glanced around tensely, ready to fight her way out, yet she found herself trapped within an orb-like cage.

“Ah, great,” the otter Pokémon growled. “I should’ve known…” She got the peculiar feeling that she had been in a situation like this before—and hated it. An insect in a cage, being scrutinized under a microscope… Boy, they were going to learn quickly that she was not to be trifled with.

Just as she was breaking out her laser scallchops, the voice of the impudent silver-haired woman started addressing them. “Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?”

Though she couldn’t see the speaker, Aarilyn stared towards the source of the voice incredulously. Was this woman insane? What the heck?! She didn’t sign up for—

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…”

With that, the ground suddenly dropped out beneath the Dewott. She fell through the air, screaming at the top of her lungs a series of curses that would be inappropriate to include within this post. Darkness engulfed her for a brief moment, broken by occasional flash of lights. Aarilyn was tossed to and fro within her hamster ball as it took sharp turns around unseen corners. Eventually, the ball slowed its crazy journey, and as it did so, a curious sensation tickled at Aarilyn. Strange, yet familiar. Her body was becoming weightless.

The orb-cage-thing opened up, letting the Dewott drift out into a vast, empty white room. There seemed to be no doors or windows—in fact, the only entrance into the room was a hole in the ceiling where the orb had released her. In a moment, however, a white plate of metal covered even that up, leaving her trapped inside.

It took her a few minutes to drift down to the bottom of the cavernous room in zero gravity, which gave her plenty of time to take in her new surroundings. Not that there was much to take in. Each wall was exactly the same: utterly featureless, save for the faint grey lines where the plates of metal met with one another. If this was the testing room, then what kind of a test was she going to take? Wary, Aarilyn braced herself for whatever might happen.

Her paws softly lit on the ground, and the room came alive.

Platforms of all shapes and sizes jumped from the walls, floor, and ceiling of the room, hissing in a harsh choir of machinery. Aarilyn darted her gaze left and right, but soon lost herself in a forest of beams, pillars, and pipe-covered blocks. In a simple reflex, Aarilyn grabbed her laser and shot at the nearest thing that moved. Her efforts left a black singe mark on the side of a wall.


She let out a pained hiss as something buzzed in her ear. Out of instinct, her hand lifted to her earpiece and turned down a dial. Only after she had done so did she wonder what she had done.

“Kkkkrrrrt…. Incom…ng transmissssssssion,” a nasally, electronic voice spoke into her ear.

“What the…?” the Dewott’s eyes widened. She glanced around for the source, but as far as she could tell, she was alone.

“New objectives received, kkkrt!” the voice continued, regardless. “Destroy the targets.”

“Who the heck is this?” Aarilyn demanded. Was the silver-haired woman playing another trick on her? No way was she falling for this one!

“KKKKKKKrrrt! Proggggggram still….kkkkkkkkrt! Unable to acccccccccccccesssesssessss….”

Aarilyn winced again at the shrillness of the message, but she lifted her hand again to her ear. The piece of metal she had discovered earlier was still there… Was that what was speaking to her now? What was it? She hesitated a moment, recalling her first few seconds in this strange new world. Cautiously, she asked, “Tick?”

“Current objective: DESTROY THE TARGETS, kkkkkrt!”

Something abruptly flew past her, flashing a tempting set of red and white lights. Jumping in surprise, the trigger-happy Dewott subconsciously lifted her weapons and shot a charge of energy at the thing before she even got a good look at it. Whatever it was sparked and crashed into the ground in a crisp heap.

“DING!” a sound echoed through the cavernous room, just as the device in Aarilyn’s ear spoke, “1 Target destroyed. 9 more to find.”

A small smile crawled its way into Aarilyn’s face as she finally understood. Her test was to shoot down these red-and-white spheres with flashing lights. Simple enough, but the design of the room would make it somewhat challenging. But only just, in her case. With new confidence and a curious sense of power pumping through her veins, the Dewott kicked off the ground. In this arena, gravity couldn’t hold her back. She twirled through the air with practiced, aerobatic flips, effectively landing on a raised platform.

“Alrighty, crazy lady,” she yelled out into the room with a cocky grin. “If you’re watching me now, I hope you’re taking notes. You better believe that I’m going to give you a run for your money.”

The action that followed after flowed from Aarilyn with natural ease. She hunted for the other 9 targets, leaping, darting, and dodging her way through the room. All the maneuvers she pulled seemed drilled into her instincts—she hardly had to think about what she was doing as she kept her eyes peeled for those red-and-white flashing targets. For most she encountered, she would fry them up with a laser beam from her Scallchops—but for a few that were close enough, she sliced through with one of her special moves: Razor Shell, or Night Slash.

For each target she destroyed, the gravity seemed to increase. After about 7 targets, it had returned to normal. The advantage of weightlessness was lost, but her efficiency wasn’t diminished in anyway. When confronted with a wall higher than she could jump, she found ways to propel her agile body upward. She could run straight up a wall for a short distance, or use her Aqua Jet move for incredible distances.

Finally, only one target remained.

And gravity had intensified.

Aarilyn struggled to keep herself erect. She felt like a waterfall was crashing down on her head, trying to force her into the floor. Setting her teeth as she resisted, the Dewott glanced around for her last target. There! The target was practically taunting her, drifting just over her head. She tried firing her weapons, but the Scallchops were suddenly unresponsive. How utterly convenient. Staring the target down, the Pokémon assessed her situation. With gravity this intense, she wouldn’t be able to gain much altitude by jumping. No, she would need an extra push.

“Argh,” she gritted her teeth as she realized what she could do. “This is going to hurt…”

Taking a deep breath, the Dewott threw her hands down to her side, and summoned forth her Pokémon Power. Water gathered beneath her, spewing forth with sudden, incredible pressure. The Aqua Jet was slow at first, and strained every muscle in her body. However, once it got going, it rocketed Aarilyn towards the target. She could have sworn that the force was peeling the skin off her bones, but fighting against the pain she reached out a single fist…


“Targets cleared!” Tick buzzed in her ear. “TEST COMPLETE.”



The next few minutes were very confusing for Windflower—even though she seemed to be unconscious for most of it. One minute, she was stepping into a portal; in another, she was listening to a very baffling address from the shaman women’s disembodied voice. But in the last few minutes, she was being transported somewhere in a shell of curious construction.

Magic, indeed.

When the strange orb-hut-tent finally pulled to a stop, Windflower stepped out into what looked like a limestone cave—mixed with blocky, silver contraptions she could not identify. Buzzing orange lights dotted the walls, though their warm rays hovered close to the ground as if too heavy to lift their gaze upwards. The air coursed with the smell of earth and water, and dripping noises could be heard from a distance. She couldn’t see too far ahead, since the tendon-like stalagmites and stalactites formed a natural maze within the cavern.

“Hello?” Windflower parted her beak, unsure if she was truly alone in this cavern.

“WELCOME,” a disembodied feminine voice suddenly echoed through the room with amazing power and force. Windflower jumped, wondering if a deity was trying to speak with her. She spun around in wild circles, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from—but it sounded as if the speaker was all around her.

“RECLAIM THE TREASURE,” the voice spoke again.

“Treasure?” Windflower frowned. What kind of a request was this?

Before she could ask another question, a panel on one of the strange silver boxes opened up. An odd creature darted out, resembling a white, metal skeleton of a Rattata. Whatever it was, it took one look at Windflower and scurried away with incredible speed. The Calatuwa barely caught a glimpse of the green-glowing orb on its back before it disappeared around the corner.

This whole situation was odd, but Windflower thought she understood what was expected of her. With a flick of her wrist, her arms morphed into a pair of powerful wings. She kicked off of the floor with her talons and took to the air.

Windflower deftly carved her way through the cavern, dodging stalactites as her sharp eyes scanned the crevices of the cave below her. She kept decently close to the ground, wanting to stay in the light of the mysterious orbs of fire, but far enough that she could keep an eye out for the robotic rat. She lit on top of a stalagmite once, scanning the cavern floor like a hawk seeking out its prey. When she finally caught sight of the glowing orb, she launched herself off and dived towards the unsuspecting machine.

A shrill squeak echoed against the columns of limestone once the rat discovered that it was being followed. It picked up its pace, though Windflower didn’t let it out of her sights. Once the opportunity was right, she called upon the Energy of the Wind; wings glowing, the Calatuwa sent a blade of air sailing towards the rat.

The creature jumped at the last second, narrowly dodging Windflower’s attack—yet he did not escape unscathed. A good chunk of its tail fell to the ground, throwing it off balance. The creature continued running, though quite clumsily. This had its advantages and disadvantages to Windflower. Though it was moving more slowly than before, its zigzagging pattern would make it difficult to attack. Luckily, she had an idea.

Pulling back, Windflower flew to the top of the nearest stalagmite. The cavern had many twists and turns, but she could study the patterns of the creature’s movements. Amazingly, the rat hadn’t shown any signs of exhaustion. The Braviary morph had to wonder if it could keep running as long as it would take for her to chase it down. Had the shaman enchanted it with magic?

Eventually, Windflower saw where she could head the creature off, and she took off from her lofty perch. Skirting her way around a column of limestone, she raced towards the robot with total confidence. The creature didn’t realize that it was racing towards her instead of away from her until it was too late. Just as it dug its paws into the stone, Windflower’s second attack consumed it; the rat was ensnared in a swirling vortex of air, inevitably crashing itself into the wall.

Moments later, Windflower dug her talons into its metal hide, effectively breaking it in half with a forceful Crush Claw. The robot clattered to the ground, utterly lifeless as Windflower scooped up the orb in her now-human hands.

“I have reclaimed the treasure!” the Braviary Pokémorph lifted it above her head, addressing whatever deity was observing.

Yet the cavern remained silent. Nothing happened.

Frowning, Windflower asked, “Is this not the treasure?”

Remaining unanswered, Windflower studied the orb more closely. If this wasn’t the treasure, then what could it be? A decoy? No, it had to be important somehow—why else would the skeleton rat try to protect it so closely? Perhaps the orb was meant to guide her to the treasure? Did it have some magical property could point her in the right direction.

“Tell me your secrets, curious jewel,” she muttered under her beak, but the orb gave no response. Well, she could not see any wisdom in standing here any longer. Though she couldn’t immediately guess the orb’s function, she thought it might react to something if she got close to the actual treasure. The cavern was vast, and it might still hold secrets of its own. Placing the orb under her foot, Windflower summoned forth her wings and carried the jewel away in her talon.

She followed the direction the robot had been heading, and it wasn’t long before she noticed something odd about one of the stalagmites. A silver door had been hammered into its surface, with a curious indent at its center. The Braviary morph halted abruptly, realizing that the indent was the perfect size for the orb she carried.

Of course! The orb wasn’t the treasure—it was the key to the actual treasure!

With cunning dexterity, the Braviary morph placed the orb into the indent with her talon-feet. Just as she suspected, the orb brightened, and the doors slid back to reveal a chamber. She headed in, but was stopped at the threshold.

A pack of metal-skeleton-rat-creatures ambushed her, leaping from the inner darkness. They pulled her to the ground, digging their claws into her clothing. Windflower quickly kicked off most of them and reached for her weapons. The stubborn few that clung to her arms where soon beaten back by a pair of dual tomahawks.

Without skipping a beat Windflower charged into the plague of robotic rats, letting out an eagle-like screech as she twirled her tomahawks to and fro. Though these seemed to have more courage than the one she had chased down, they were soon intimidated by her ferocity. When two-thirds of their numbers had been smashed to pieces by her weapons, the others turned tail and fled, squealing mechanically.

Catching her breath, Windflower calmly replaced her tomahawks. As she gazed about the wreckage wrought by her hand, she hoped that the shaman now had a good idea of what she was capable of. She wanted her to understand that she was a true warrior—one who would face her trials bravely and fight with ferocity until the battle was decided. Yet, she was merciful as well—which is why she let the other creatures get away. She would fight only when needful, with honor and dignity.

Turning her attention back to the cavern, Windflower strolled inside with satisfaction. It was dark for only a brief moment, then she came into a room illuminated by a single beam of light that shone on what appeared to be a wooden mask.

“TEST COMPLETE,” the disembodied voice happily announced.

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


SOAR Base...Yes, all their base are belong to them. Stop asking.

The light lurched as she stepped through. Her legs became unsteady, and her head swam as white blinded her. A trap...? She raised her weapons but they hovered, deforming and losing shape...Becoming softer and more dexterous as they returned to normal shape. But I...Didn't...Te..Turn...Mal... Her eyes couldn't stay open as she began to collapse, her consciousness snuffed out like a candle in hurricane.

Darkness rolled on top of her.

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” She was jolted out of her forced sleep by a loud, obnoxious voice that she dimly connected to the leader of SOAR. Growling, she pressed her hands to the floor, getting up...Only to discover she was trapped in a ball. It was an utter slap to her dignity, and only served to enrage her more. “Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?”

Oh, that was pushing it. Her hands instantly began to change into scythes, and she readied herself to rip out of the bubble and tear her apart limb from limb. She relished the thought, unaware of the countdown she had started. By the time she had finished thinking and decided to act on her desire, the floor opened up and - with an unceremonious yelp - she fell through the floor. Due to the total darkness of the tunnel, she had no idea where she was going or how long it took...

And then she found herself rolling out of the ball and into a mound of thick, mostly opaque...Liquid? She glared at the mound, which was slightly taller than herself, growling. Using her scythes, she steadied her wobbling legs, glancing around at her enclosure. It was a white room, and as she examined a wall up close, she could see no cracks in which to shove her weapons and pry them open. Her entrance had been obscured by a plate, and the only other exit was...Beneath the mound of jelly, as she called it.

So...I just push it off the exit. No problem with my new ability. Experiment thought smugly, stepping forward before she noticed a small orb within the center of the substance, which suddenly revealed a single eye - a camera - and sparked to life. Then, all of a sudden, she noticed something that set her hair on end and made her raise her weapons in response.

The jelly mound.

Was moving.

"ESCAPE." A hidden speaker blurted out, and she blinked in dismay. "Escape" was something she did not do, for it would cost her, well, her life. Fighting was what she was created to do, and winning was her purpose. Running away was a cowardly thing to do. She was certain if she hit it hard enough, it would break down. Of course, it just so happened that after she thought that, Jelly Blob of Doom shot forth a thick tentacle to attack her.

Scrambling, she dodged to the side and brought her weapon down on it, but it got stuck halfway through. It was very viscous, and even her sharp blades could not do anything. She was yanked forward as it retracted, bringing her in a...For lack of a better term, faceplant into its chest. She was acutely aware of it beginning to wrap its body around her, and new that if that happened she would die. Easy test my ass. Her gem switched, first a goldenrod color appearing before it mixed with the yellow-green to create a...More brown looking yellow-green. As that happened, two muscular arms formed beneath her initial set, taking on a grey color.

Slamming her fists against it, she pushed herself away with ease, grinning at her strength. She ducked as two more tentacles whipped towards her, taking a deep breath as she became a little muscular, due to Bulk Up. She swung her scythe at a tentacle, slicing through it and letting the liquid fall to the floor, where it solidified. As it squirmed, noting the loss of mass - however slight - she charged it, ramming into it with as much force as she could muster. She aimed near the top, and the momentum of her run combined with the shift in mass to the top caused it to topple over, where it would roll and reform to fight again.

The tunnel was free, and she glanced at it. Her objective was to escape, and she could do that right now...

No. I will not run. I was bred to fight...And I will do exactly that! She glared at the jelly blob again, her scythes glowing green. She jumped and brought them down in a criss-cross motion, slicing into its hide...But to her dissatisfaction, she came nowhere near the orb that controlled it. Her fists glowed brown as she unleashed a barrage of Dynamic Punch attacks, but they were even less successful as they bounced off its thick hide. It twisted around, spitting her out into the wall before launching more attacks. As boring as tentacles were, they were very effective.

Having just been thrown, she barely scrambled to her feet. She threw her scythes up as a defense for her head, and managed to grab one with her hands, which started to become enveloped. It pulled, and caused her to become off balance, forcing her into one that smacked into her weapons...Completely breaking through one while being halted by the other. However, the sound of it being shattered - a horrible cacophony of grinding calcium - stunned her long enough for one to glance her leg, drawing blood from the force of impact and how sharp the tip of each tentacle was.

...It...Hurt me... Weren't these supposed to be easy? But...Then again, she was only supposed to knock it away to run. She wasn't supposed to beat it. It hurt me. It had drawn her blood. She now demanded the satisfaction of breaking SOAR's little toy. IT HURT ME! With a frenzied cry, she launched, using Bulk Up once more - as it had worn off - to attack the vines of liquid launched at her. As she cut them off left and right, they solidified and fell to the floor. Her plan was woefully simple but terribly destructive; the more it attacked her, the more mass it lost. Eventually there would not be enough liquid left, and she could yank the core straight from its center.

She got a few more cuts - one even glancing her cheek, but eventually her goal was met. The floor was precarious in its own right at this point, as the strange of solid liquid formed ridges on the floor that could trip without even trying. The blob monster had grown considerably smaller, however, and she sliced the top part of it off, sending the sphere rolling in what little remained of its composition. Reaching in with one arm, she yanked the fist sized contraption from the source, staring hard into its camera. Turning it over, she grinned as she saw a small red button situated on the opposite side of the camera, and to which the branching lights (they went off in all four directions from the camera, with a total of three before reaching the button), which she pressed. The lens over the camera closed and the lights powered off, and she sniffed.

"Hmph. This will make a good trophy...And might come in use later." Clutching it careful, she hopped down the hole, which acted like a slide. She felt no pain from her broken scythe, and the various cuts she had, while bleeding slightly, did nothing more than sting slightly. Her Bulk Up wore off once more, but she didn't bother using the move again. She had a feeling it wouldn't be needed, and as the dark tunnel popped her out into a smaller, dimly lit grey room with no exit, she wondered just what else could happen, if there was another test perhaps.

"TEST COMPLETED. TEST FAILED." She smirked. Her objective had been to escape. Apparently beating their little toy and keeping it for herself hadn't been counted as a possibility. Whatever. She had won, and that was all that mattered to her. Her next goal was to skin that silver haired woman alive the next time they met for putting her through such a ridiculous trial. And that, she surmised, would give her great joy. She giggled slightly at the very thought...Although to anyone that was listening, it sounded far from innocent.

Judging from her character though, that probably would not be a surprise.

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Vincent Gunhold

When he woke up, he was inside a ball. And a loud, annoying voice was blaring through his eardrums. “HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!" It yelled, waking everyone nearby. As Vincent touched the transparent surface carefully, a single thought flashed inside his head- he'd been betrayed, along with everyone else. Recruits? Did that mean they were to be like her pawns, mindlessly charging into battle against the so-called 'Gameover'?

Well, to heck with that. Without hesitation, he ignored the rest of the woman's speech and took out his knife, stabbing it into the surface of the orb. Surprisingly enough, it did go through. He grinned. A little more and he could be free, and he could help everyone else be, too. He slowly worked the shape into a circle-

Then the ball dropped. "What the he-" The orb began its descent, rushing down a sort of a tunnel. The route had sharp turns and Vincent felt his head banging against his briefcase more than once. His head began to spin uncontrollably and he felt dizzy, as the ball went further and further down. This whole situation was so, completely and inexplicably insane. Why was he stuck here in this weird hamster ball, rolling through some kind of tunnel without any idea what the heck he was doing here anyways? And all this was without his memories. He swore to get out of this place as soon as he retrieved his memories and learned why he was here.

A flash of light rushed inside the orb, and it opened up slowly. Was this supposed to happen? Looking back, it was probably a bad idea to not listen to the mad woman's speech. Sure, she seemed like a complete nut, but it would have given him at least an idea of what was about to happen. He rose, groggily, with his briefcase in hand. He had no idea what he was supposed to do in this room. It was large but empty, besides himself and the orb. Whoever designed the room must have been a minimalist, because there was a complete lack of decorations or furniture or anything, really, except for the gigantic, 10-foot-tall white door and the contrasting black speaker above it. It was almost too obviously foreboding- so he prepared himself, examining the contents of his briefcase. There were mostly cooking tools, like pots and pans and measuring cups, but there was a match inside, too.

Just then, a one-eyed camera popped out of the wall. Looking at his eyes, it lingered for a few moments before announcing "TESTEE COMFIRMED." Vincent frowned. What test? Was he to be subject to some kind of human experiment? The speaker soon gave the answer.

"SURVIVE FOR FIVE MINUTES" it spoke. A thousand questions rushed in and out of his mind- from what, how, why- but they were soon cast aside when he saw the 8-feet-tall monstrosity walking out the white door.

Vincent's first impression was that it could've passed for a wrestler if it weren't for its four arms. It was eight feet of sheer, brute muscle. It wore nothing but a triangular underwear and a champion's belt around its waist. Its face was also almost humanoid- thick lips and small eyes, sure, but they wouldn't be that weird on an angry shopkeeper. But its four, muscular and devastating arms captured his attention the most, with all of them sporting big hands that were size of a trashcan bin. It turned its eyes on him and gave a half-snarl, half-scream. Vincent smiled, confidently. Size didn't matter, as long as you had speed- and he was going to teach this monster a lesson.

He lit a match and in one sweeping motion threw it at the huge humanoid, hoping to create a smokescreen. Without looking to see if it connected, he rushed forward, knife in hand. He knew its most vulnerable point, its face, would be out of his reach. He instead went for the next best thing- the point around 4 inches left to its belly button, which can impact both the lungs and the heart. He lunged forward with his dagger, a sure kill-

-For him, that is.

A single uppercut from the lower left arm sent him flying, literally. He crashed into the wall, almost fainting. Cursing, he slowly worked himself up- only to find himself on the dodging end of a smashing punch, sure to finish him off. His slight stumble was the only thing that kept him alive. But the thing had four arms- what the heck, this was insane! He rolled through its legs, avoding death by pummeling. But without even looking at him the thing did a heel kick, very nearly catching him off guard. He moved away at the last moment- but he realized, this was a truly curb-stomping battle and he was lucky to be alive.

The monster proceeded to wreck most of the room, punching and jumping and kicking at Vincent whenever it got the chance. Vincent for his part did his best to do some sort of a counter but the thing had four arms and he'd be dead before it gave an opening. "THREE MINUTES LEFT" blared the speaker. So this was to be his test- surviving from a rampaging war god? But he wasn't good at running away, especially when your opponent had more leg muscle than Usain Bolt. It gave a war cry, jumping at him-

-Gotcha. The opening he had been looking for had come, and he'd be dead to miss it. Instead of jumping away, he jumped towards the towering monstrosity with his knife. He jumped above the monster as it landed, and for a moment they were face-to-face, staring at each other, but the reverie was broken by Vincent stabbing through the left temple.

Or so he tried- at the last moment it turned away, instead leaving a deep gash across its left cheek. It screeched angrily, blindly waving its arms. One did connect, but the flailing arm did little compared to the previous uppercut. The arm did more damage than that though; caught off guard, he dropped his knife, his sole weapon. Both of them saw it, and both went for it- but the brute picked it up, pushing him away. Vincent gulped. If he was this good without any weapons... He had to take it away.

The monster looked towards him, and grinned. You're dead, it seemed to say. Vincent had no time to make a snide reply as it decided to throw the knife instead. He had to jump aside to dodge the incoming projectile, but left himself vulnerable as he moved. Dam- He got kicked, from the opposite direction from where he came from. This time he could barely move- his pain sensors were exploding, screaming. He probably had a few bones broken, a few of his ribs at least. "ONE MINUTE LEFT" called the speaker. Just a minute... He could live through this. He had to. Was everyone going through this? This was just insane, wasn't it?

He couldn't think straight, and his body just moved along, dodging and staying alive. The brute didn't seem to be getting confident- in fact, hitting him with that kick just raised his determination to kill him, utterly. Gasping for air, he ran, jumping for his knife with his assailant in tow. Suddenly he came up with an idea- crazy, but he would be dead within the minute if this keeped up. He turned, turning his back against the wall and looking at the monster defiantly. The monster looked questioningly for a moment, then went for the final strike with his right. Vincent concentrated, reading the movements...

Then it was done. The knife pierced his stomach, going through. The brute sat still, as if it were some kind of a grotesque statue. The look of shock would never leave its face as it fell slowly, but surely. Vincent fell along with it. As consciousness left him, he heard a faint "COMPLETE" going in the background.

OOC: Mind if I edit this post later with Lisa in it? I'm not sure if I'm late or not, I did plan to finish this post during the weekends but this turned out to be a lot longer than I planned. Writing this was quite fun though, hope Lisa ends up as fun as this... I do have it planned out, now I just have to write it up. It'll be up- hopefully by Monday, if not Wednesday.

Also, did anyone notice the Machamp?
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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Leander’s POV

The light is fading, being consumed by a black void. He couldn’t see anything, hear anything, Lorenzo’s clammy hands the only reminder he still existed. This… was…a… b…a…d….

Then, suddenly, it all went dull and Leander slipped into a state of unconsciousness.


The expected shouting snapped Leander out of his slumber, though he did stay drowsy for a few seconds. It shortly lived; though, as it didn’t take him long to realise he was trapped. He was locked in some sort of glass enclosure, like a lab rat. Not good. Really not good. However, he wasn’t given the time to act on this, as the feminine voice added to her message.

“Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it”

Tests, that word stuck out. What kind of tests? Leander immediately gave his arm a looking at, somehow expecting a needle to be involved. They… did they want to draw blood… again?

Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?”

Now, he doubted his original conclusion, although he also doubted this woman was stable. Somehow, she’d made a better first impression back in the village, which wasn’t saying much at this point. What kind of trouble had that black-haired kid pulled them into? Them…
He wasn’t inside the “cage”, which was both a concern and a relief. Leander didn’t have to deal with his cock-eyed optimism anymore, but where was he?

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…”

“This can’t be good…”

And, indeed, Leander was right. The ride to wherever he was going, alone, was wild, crazy and gave him a massive case of nausea. The scenery around him reminded him of a drug overdose, all sorts of bizarre images, colours and noises, making no sense at all. It was bad. Really bad. He wanted it to stop, but it didn’t.

When it finally did, he would soon regret it.

The space was barren, quiet and endless. Horizon to horizon, there was nothing but a perfect grey coat, lifeless as could be. The silence was nice, although Leander didn’t like the uneasy feeling this place gave him. Like something unpleasant was about to happen…

“I…” he started to murmur, scanning the area for anything suspicious.

And then came the regret, instantly cutting him off in a single word.

“WELCOME” a strange voice greeted, but didn’t continue.

Leander was confused, and feeling especially pessimistic and sour. Not to mention raddled up from the trip here.

“You have a poor way of being welcoming,” he stated, eying the speaker he’d located just moments prior.

If a machine of that kind could smirk, it probably would have.

The test had begun, and the white-haired boy would soon realise it.

“IDENTIFY AND DESTROY THE ONE REAL MONSTER” the voice ordered robotically, leaving Leander even more confused. Where was the monster? What did it mean by “real”?
Sometimes, it’s best not to ask questions, even if only mental ones.

With no further warning, dozens of black creatures began to swarm him, coming out of thin air. They were small enough, bipedal with oversized glowing eyes. Their legs were short, and feet completely flat. Unfortunately, Leander knew these things were dangerous, despite the less then intimidating first impression. A second glance would reveal distinctive fangs, resembling a vampire’s, poking from their large mouths. Being at the receiving end of those claws probably wasn’t a pleasant experience either.

These monsters had him surrounded before he could even begin devising a response. Judging from the speaker’s words, they were all fake, baring one. Problem was, each was identical to the next…

It was simply impossible to tell them apart, simply impossible…

And now, almost if tired of waiting, they began to pounce, one by one. There was no weapon, no escape route, no shield, he felt completely helpless. Helpless to their painful scratches, coming from almost every possible angle. It didn’t help they were almost impossibly soundless, making it that much harder to gage their movement. Leander managed to swat a few away, but with each strike he landed, three managed a successful assault.

It didn’t take long for the damage to rack up. In less than the five minutes that had passed, countless scratch lines scared his body. He could feel streams of blood run down his legs, back and arms, an alarming sense of dizziness slowly consuming him.

Leander knew this couldn’t keep going on for much longer; he had to find a way to get away or a (far) more efficient way to fight back. The problem was finding a way of accomplishing said solutions. He simply had no time to search for an escape route; it was hard to concentrate on the creatures alone. Fighting was the only option left to him…

“I can’t do this” he whispered, whole heartedly believing his words. The army of black monsters were simply too much for him to handle like this. Each attempt to fight back ended with the teenager sustaining more damage than he was able to dish out He was moving as fast as his body would allow, the speed quickly dwindling as the attacks kept piling on.

Now, the cat-boy had dropped on his knees, unable to keep himself standing any longer. He felt light headed, dizzy and very weak, which was most likely attributed to the intensive loss of blood. The red fluid had probably accumulated on the floor in alarmingly large pools, although Leander didn’t brave a look.

He was toast, finished for good. There was no way he could turn this around…

Almost every part of his body stung, the worst was when one of the creatures would slash an existing wound. That area would radiate with pain, almost like the shock wave of a bomb.

Bomb. The second that word entered his mind, he remembered the explosion, the nauseating stench of rotting flesh that had engulfed the memory. It was overpowering, so very overpowering, but in the end, despite being realistic in every regard, wasn’t.

“IDENTIFY AND DESTROY THE ONE REAL MONSTER” the command was replayed mentally. He’d simply concluded it was impossible… especially when they started attacking. Their strikes felt real, the blood pouring from the wounds, the pain they emitted, just like the memory. Could there really be something more to this?

Suddenly, Leander felt a little better. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow, the dizziness and light-headedness softened. Of course, the black creatures were still attacking, and he was still in danger, but at least now, the boy had an angle.

“Are you all illusions?” he mouthed, although doubtfully. It couldn’t be that easy, could it?
Maybe it was. The monsters froze in place, although they now eyed him wearily, as if afraid.

Their barrage being broken gave the teenager ample time to pick himself up, though each movement still brought excessive amounts of pain. He groaned, looking at all the lost fluids pooled on the floor below him, although his focus returned to the dark creatures.
Now, Leander knew he could simply start attacking them all, to take advantage of their statue-like state. But, at the same time, maybe it would be best to conserve that energy for the real one among them.

“You are an illusion,” he stated, trying his best to actually believe his claim. Though, it wasn’t as farfetched as it could seem, mouthing the question had frozen them, after all.
And, like broken glass, they started to shatter. Black shards flew in every possible direction, although they never once struck Leander, who watched in shock. This was impossible… but yet, it was unfolding before his very eyes.

He could feel the cuts on his body heal, the trickling blood slowly evaporating into the abyss. The pain simply disappeared, as did the adverse feelings.

It had all been an illusion. A distraction to keep him from finding the real monster among them…

… but now, where was it?

Quickly darting his eyes around the open space, Leander noticed the black shards dancing behind him. At first, the movement was slow, but it soon began to speed up, pieces fusing together in the process. Slowly, something started to take shape, the true test unfolding…
A black humanoid, eyes glowing like the creatures before it, stood facing him. However, distinctive features could be distinguished. It was masculine, had hair resembling Leander’s, but was a little taller. In fact, this figure felt eerily familiar…

It unleashed a vicious cry before charging the teenager. Leander knew he could never outrun it, fighting would have to suffice. But how?

The shadow lunged at him, claws drawn, ready strike. In response, the teenager only punched, and while it landed dead on, only detracted the enemy. Watching the way it shrugged the blow, it didn’t appear to have caused any sort of damage.


Pissed off, the monster charged again, much faster this time. Leander, in vain, tried to kick, but missed entirely. Having lost his footing, he was left open for the blow, which came to his face. Running along his left cheek was a sizable slash, which immediately began to bleed.

This was too familiar, and if it picked up, he knew it would play out like it had before. And this time, illusion wouldn’t save him.

Satisfied, the shadow went at him again, moving faster than ever.

And struck time after time. Leander was either too slow or missed entirely. New marks began appearing, although not with the rapidity as when he was swarmed. Yet, the boy knew it wouldn’t take long until his body took that kind level of damage. He was running out of time and options.

In a last attempt, Leander, imitating the animal whose features he possessed, tried to scratch his foe.

And it worked. Five impressive claws were drawn and each left a white mark on the shadow’s body. Almost in surprise, the creature took a few steps backward. This allowed Leander to jump and deliver addition damage.

The monster was far from down, however, and the fight continued for a little while. The former had switched to punches and kicks, while Leander had his newfound claws.
Finally, the cat-boy had the shadow pinned down. Having tripped it with his tail had been an error, but one he would gladly take. It was struggling and the boy was having a hard time keeping him from breaking free. He needed to get a few blows in, at least, so Leander released his grip for a second, allowing his dominant hand to go for the face. However, in the loss of control, the enemy was able to land a solid punch. Right in the eye.

Leander hissed in pain, although his own strike managed to land despite the distraction. The aim had been for the face, but the humanoid’s movements had altered the striking location. The shadow had sealed its own fate, really, as the teenager’s claws dug deep into its neck. Flailing about only made them shake around, which served to complicate its situation.

Catching on to the importance of the creature’s neck, Leander impaled it with his other hand, using his weak legs to keep it pinned. It wasn’t working well, but the damage was already done. Like the form it had taken, the neck was a vital area, and having ten claws driven into it was fatal.

A horrible screech echoed throughout the room before the shadow started fading into darkness. The solid form turned into a thick mist before finally consuming itself.
After that, Leander’s loud panting was the only sound. Unlike last time, evidence of the battle scarred his body, bruises, cuts, bleeding, it all remained. This made trying to stand up a terrible chore.

And yet, the boy was focused on the joy and terror playing out in his head. He’d managed to win, but killing was wrong and losing had been so near. Could this really count as killing though?

He didn’t bother replying, as he finally stood; although his legs could barley tolerate the burden asked of them. They trembled like a frightened girl, but refused to give. Not yet.

“COMPLETE” blared the speaker, and for the first time, Leander was glad to hear its message. Now, this was officially over. Finally, he allowed himself to fall back, taking the stress off his aching legs. It felt good to sit there in solitude, until that hopeless optimist came to mind.

What kind of torture had they put him through?

00C: Like Lati, I'll edit in the others later. Leander=4 pages in Word...

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Soar HQ


Sevv’s eyes opened in a flash and he appraised his surroundings. Or at least he tried to, standing for a brief moment before falling back down, unbalanced and hazy from whatever sedatives he had been given. He sat there, trying to become aware of his surroundings, when the voice spoke again.

“Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?” Sevv’s eyes narrowed as he heard these words. He didn’t like being trapped in a bubble, but he decided to listen a little bit longer before he teleported out and thrashed the lady.

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…” Sevv was unprepared, and he lurched forward, trying to get a running start on his teleport. Unfortunately, his mind was not aware enough to do something so complex, and he smashed into the side of his bubble as it fell through the floor.

He was had never experienced anything like this. He tried to stabilize himself with his psychic powers as the ball tossed and turned, but all he managed to do was make his headache worse, and so he stopped trying, staying as still as possible as it fell. And then, he saw a light down beneath him, and prepared himself for landing.

The room Sevv was in looked almost as if the walls were composed of hundreds of mirrors. Upon closer examination, that appeared to be the case. However, every other mirror was black, barely reflecting anything. He approached one of them, curiosity filling his eyes. And as he touched it, it flickered for half a second, and each dark “mirror” like it suddenly became lit with a bright light from within. He stepped back, startled. What were these things?

Then, a loud noise filled the room, monotone, and Sevv whirled around, discovering the source to be a strange white box in one of the corners of the room. A look of fierce determination showed on his face. This must be his test. Then, it spoke. “Last through the entire sequence without destroying anything.”

Sequence? What sequence? Sevv whirled around the room, staring at white screens and reflections, when a face appeared on the screens, reflected around the room, covering every wall. Sevv's eyes widened and he released a curse from his mouth. He had no where to run, and the face of the man he most hated and feared was all around him, and slowly, scene's from his life began to play out on the screens.

... a flash of dark brown hair whirling across the screen, across his memories. His sister's laughing face, then flash at a new screen a new memory to torture him. He was standing in the woods, blade poised to kill the man who took his sister. Then, the scene around him shifted, his sister, bleeding from her wounds... And on and on the painful memories flashed across the screen, and inside his head. Each being drawn from just beneath the surface of his subconscious.

The camera silently observing the room focused solely on the Gallade morph standing in the center of the room, it's line of sight not focusing on the screens all around the room. It watched as the face morphed from happiness to despair to anger, from joy to anguish, twisting his face as the emotions came and went. He simply stood there, surrounded by his memories. And then he began to thrash. The technician behind the camera noted that each time a specific face was shown, suddenly Sevv would beginning lashing out at the surrounding room, never quite hitting one of the screens, but always close. The morph would never last through the remaining three minutes.

Sevv twirled around, thrashing his arms in a blood rage, trying to get close to the phantom figure in the screen. His eyes were clouded over in a blood red haze. Sevv had to destroy the man, kill him before and more damage could be done. He swore occasionally as he continued to miss his target, no matter how had he seemed to try.

Then, a little voice whispered in the back of his rage fueled mind. The test! This was a part of it!

Sevv's eyes slowly turned back to normal, the bloody haze diffusing. The test had ended. He had passed. His fist a mere inch away from an image of his father, with dark energies pouring off the body of the man he once loved. He turned and stalked out the door that had appeared, along with a loud and obnoxious "TEST COMPLETE!"

He was going to kill them all for forcing him to relive his pain. He would have been better off without the memories.

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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Sara Aurion & Raine
Test Area-Soar HQ
Sara sat on a simple chair to the left of the circular room, leaning back a bit and sipping on a glass of wine. "I've had a long day, maybe I should take a nap. What do you think, Raine?" she said to the fire pokemon, chained to one of her chair legs with a simple pale chain and a pure white leather collar. "No answer? Damn. You really have to lighten up sometimes, you know that?"

"Maybe I would be happier if I wasn't chained up like a feral animal. This is animal abuse." Raine barked back, sitting up and staring fiercely at Sara.

"Oh look, the recruits!" Sara said, quickly changing the subject and pointing to her left, where the recruits walked from different passages into the room she was sitting in. She calmly stood up, set her wine on the ground under her chair, and walked to a podium she set up to address the recruits.

"We've assessed your performance in your own test chamber, and we have results. You all did great. Except" she said, shooting Experiment a glare, "You failed and passed at the same time. I would say that was awesome of you, but to be frank, we just threw a random test at you. You don't have many memories to begin with." Sara said, shrugging at the last few words off as if they were no big deal. "Now, the rest of you, you have the remainder of the day to yourself. There's a map behind you, Sara said, pointing to behind the crowd, where a map had appeared on a large screen. "And training is that a way, straight ahead. As for accommodations, you're going to be sleeping on the floor, sadly we don't have much housing here." Sara suddenly exploded with laughter and draped herself over her podium to not fall down, then regained her composure and turned back to the small crowd.

"Very funny, Sara..." Raine said unenthusiastically from behind Sara, sighing deeply after her comment. Sara ignored her, and carried on with her speech.

"No, but seriously, we have rooms out there for you. Just check the map and go there when you want to sleep. If you're wondering about time, it's... Sara quickly checked the watch on her right wrist "It's 1 PM. Don't stay up too late, or we might have to drug you again." Sara stood staring at the unmoving crowd for a few seconds, saying nothing, then continued. "That means go. As in, get out. Scram. Buzz off. Get the hell out. Oh yeah, if you want to try and harm me, I would advise against trying. You know, force-fields and the sort." she said, then turned around and sat in her chair again. Without moving the rest of her body, she grabbed her short sword and cut the chain holding Raine back in half. "I'm letting you be a part of the group. Don't make me regret my decision. You will, however, have...special accommodations. Come see me when you’re ready for bed.

Raine looked in bewilderment as she was set free, followed by a moment of composure before she said "I won't." and walked away from the chair with a few lengths of chain dragging behind her. She stopped, lifted a paw to her heck, and the collar fell off, clanking to the ground. She then walked out of the room, taking a moment to glance at the map before she walked off to the left.
Test Area-Soar HQ
Raio walked out of a door that seemed to come out of nowhere when he finished the test, and found himself in a circular room with Sara on the other side of it, standing behind a podium. He sat down against a wall, and ignored the whole speech, instead finding it fun to see if he could find a single imperfection on the walls and floor that were practically sparkling, even where the group had walked. One time he swore he saw one, but it was just the bright, pure white lights hitting the wall weird. He then tried to look past the light to find an imperfection, but that also seemed impossible since the lights looked like they were rectangular, pressed up against the "glass" of the roof.

"...As for accommodations, you're going to be sleeping on the floor, sadly we don't have much housing here." Sara and Raio laughed out loud at the same time, Raio stopping sooner than Sara. "She's hilarious!" he exclaimed, standing up quickly. He then listened to the rest of the speech, a bit sad that there were no more jokes. He hung around a bit, leaning against the wall where the corridor he walked from used to be.
Test Area-Soar HQ
Zwelit floated tot he top of the test room, spotting a square opening that was large enough to scramble over to and enter. He floated along the top for a while, pushing himself with his arms. His arms got tired, and he wished he could just fall.

And he fell hard, bumping his head on the ground so hard his ears rang. 'So it's this thing doing all this? he said, unsheathing his rapier. It felt heavy again, weighing his arm down. "Okay, I wish the blade to be on fire!" he yelled in the dark corridor. He yelped as the blade of the rapier exploded in flames, lighting the corridor in white light. "Okay, stop! Just glow!" he yelled at the sword, and sure eough, it cooled down and cast a perfect white light, which was almost blinding. "Now greatsword!" he said again, staring at the blade for a few seconds. "Damnit..." he wispered to himself, before getting another idea. "Light as a feather?" he said, the blade almost feeling like air in his hand. "Sweet!" he said, walking down the rest of the corridor with a glowing rapier extend in front of him for the rest of his journey. "Rainbow." he whispered to it before he came out in the circular room, the blade now leaving a rainbow trail wherever it used to be.

He took full advantage of this, spinning the sword in front of him for the whole lecture. 'Think what else I could do with this...I could make it whatever I want!' he pondered, paying no mind to anything Sara said. He just stood there, spinning rainbows in front of him while the rest cleared out or stayed behind.

I’ll ask this one more time; Do we have a plan?

”Do we need one? They’re all weak.”

”We should get them...*wisper wisper*”

”You’re kidding, right? That’s the stupidest plan in the world!”

”I think it’ll work.”

*sigh* "You're both idiots..."

Okay, now some important notes;


All of the hallways are standard, blank white rectangular hollow prisms. They're square, and quite...large.
Rooms are a bit on the large side, with a bed against the back wall and a bathroom to the left of the room. A dresser is to the left of the bed and in the corner, and a nightstand with a simple cube alarm clock set on it. A TV is hung against the wall opposite of the bathroom, 20" with a white frame. The walls and roof are beige, a nice escape from the cold white metal used everywhere else. The ground is grey fluffy carpet.
Rec Room
The rec room is rectangular room, adorned with standard-issue white walls and roof. The only thing that sets it apart is the black floors, and four pool tables set up in a corner opposite and right from the entrance, a bunch of couches to the right of the entrance, a few arcade games to the left of the entrance, and a small weight room opposite and left of the entrance.
You aren't allowed to use this yet, so no explanation is needed. The door is locked.
Emergency Exit
The Emergency Exit is locked. How...un-emergency of it.
The library is rows upon rows of books. Books about nature, books about history, books about other might even find a book about your world! In the furthest corner from the entrance, an organized square of computers sits, 12 of them in all.
Dining Room
Come in here if you want a snack, no food will be served tonight. A huge table takes up most of the room, chairs set neatly around it. The Kitchen door is locked.
Every door is automated, and slightly darker than the walls, and "pushed in" unless you lock it. Keycards are in your room on the nightstand. In the Rec Room, the floor glows where you step, and it glows white, unless you request for that to change. The arcade games in the Rec Room are as follows(and very punny.):
Super Road Fighter V
Kingdom Spades II
Pokemon: 01000110011011000110000101110010011001010110111101 101110 Version
Future Warfare 3
The World Starts With Thee
(Each game has four stations, and your keycard functions as a Memory Card)

|||||||||||||||Enjoy the moment!
|||||||||||||||I take requests...if you want stuff, I mean...
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