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Old 06-20-2012, 10:50 PM
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Default Re: [AI][RP]Perfectworld Phase One

(OOC: It's a free-run, so I assume that it's alright if I go ahead and post?)

Aarilyn & Windflower

With the testing complete, Aarilyn found herself walking down a rather bland passageway to some unknown destination. Her paws kept twitching towards her shells, anxious for some action. The test had been interesting enough, but she was glad it was over. Now, she wanted answers. Why the heck was she here, exactly? How could she get her memories back?

Finally, she emerged into a wide, cavernous room where the other recruits were slowly spilling in. She regarded the humans and half-humans with a distasteful scowl, but immediately zeroed in on the source of all her problems. Sarah. She sat in a chair sipping wine as if she didn’t have a care in the world. That in and of itself was disgusting, but the thing that really irked Aarilyn was the fact that a Flareon was chained to her chair like a prisoner.

If that was how this freak treated Pokemon… then she and Aarilyn were really going to have some problems.

The silver-haired-crazy-woman stood as the recruits approached. For some reason, a podium was set up in this room, and the woman approached it like she was the President of the United States. Whatever that was.

"We've assessed your performance in your own test chamber, and we have results. You all did great,” she addressed them from her high-horse. “Except” Her eyes shot towards one of the half-humans with mild irritation. “You failed and passed at the same time. I would say that was awesome of you, but to be frank, we just threw a random test at you. You don't have many memories to begin with."

A crooked smile crossed Aarilyn’s face as she glanced towards the scyther-bladed hybrid, gaining new respect for her (at least). Heck, anyone who gave these SOAR folks some trouble was praiseworthy in her book. She appreciated that there was still a little rebellion in these recruits—they could show Sarah that they weren’t completely willing to submit to her wild whims.

The ‘President’ continued her little speech, announcing, "Now, the rest of you, you have the remainder of the day to yourself. There's a map behind you. And training is that a way, straight ahead. As for accommodations, you're going to be sleeping on the floor, sadly we don't have much housing here."

The silver-haired woman burst out laughing at some inside-joke, Donny Osmond-style. Yet Aarilyn failed to see any humor in that. With her arms still crossed, the Dewott cocked an unamused eyebrow at the leader of SOAR, even while one of the ditzier recruits laughed along with Sarah. Windflower, however, cocked her head, rather confused. What was so funny about sleeping on the floor? She did it all the time…

At any rate, Sarah continued, ensuring them that there was actually plenty of housing, then gave them the time of the day. When she concluded, she stared at the recruits expectantly. "That means go. As in, get out. Scram. Buzz off. Get the hell out. Oh yeah, if you want to try and harm me, I would advise against trying. You know, force-fields and the sort.”

Aarilyn snorted. As much as she would take pleasure in an attempt at Sarah’s life, she knew that the strange woman was the only link she had to her memories. No, she needed something from her, and apparently, the woman needed something from them. As long as she didn’t prove to be a total nutcase, Aarilyn would go along with this. Whatever this was.

But she hoped Sarah realized something. She did not own her. Not in anyway.

Aarilyn watched as the silver-haired woman released the Flareon, then decided to follow it. She wasn’t sure if she could confront Sarah right now without strangling the woman, but perhaps she could get answers from this Flareon—she seemed to know Sarah. But how?

“Hey, Flareon,” Aarilyn called out to her as soon as they were out of Sarah’s range of hearing. “Give me the lowdown here—is that human insane, or what? What have I signed up for?”

Meanwhile, Windflower was taking her sweet time exploring her unusual surrounds with wide eyes. Everything felt surreal—sharp, clean, and unnatural. The walls were as white as snow, yet without impurity or coldness. Her talon-feet sank into the plush gray carpet, feeling soft but so aberrant compared to grass. She felt rather out of place in this strange, sterile surrounding. She had to wonder if she had crossed over into some strange sector within the Spirit World.

And then she walked into the Rec room. Her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets as she beheld the arcade games, tv, and other such atrocities within the room, flashing lights and pining with obnoxious cries. Instincts told her to run away from such bizarre artifacts, but her curiosity was stronger than all other impulses. She warily approached one of the arcade games, using her tomahawk to prod an analog stick cautiously.

“What sorcery is this?” she wondered out loud, not knowing whether or not anyone would hear or respond.

(OOC: YES!! The moment i've been waiting for... Windflower meeting technology for the first time! :O)

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Old 06-26-2012, 05:42 AM
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Default Re: [AI][RP]Perfectworld Phase One

OOC: Okay, now I'm mad. Freakin' page refreshed itself and I lost everything I was working on...

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen, Shenz, and Anna Atoli
Testing Area-SOAR HQ

They all seemed to come out right next to each other, at almost the same time. Sky spotted Shenz first this time, however, and was tackling him out of relief the moment she could get to him. A similar scene played out between Anna and Hook, the Krookodile stomping over to his still shivering trainer and searching her over, looking her over and sniffing her as though to make sure no harm had come to the girl before fretting over her coldness. This was solved by the Krookodile blowing hot, dry puffs of air on her from, awkwardly enough, his nose, while Sara rambled on about rooms and things like that. Anna listened with a fairly blank face, noting the idiotic reactions of some--such as the one swinging around a rapier that trailed rainbows and the one who burst out when Sara said they didn't have much housing and then claimed it was a joke. It wasn't very funny to her.

Sky and Shenz clung together as they listened, not wanting to be separated again. For Shenz, it was the memories of what had happened when "testing" was announced in their cell block--more than one often didn't come back. For Sky it was the unconscious fear of being alone in a place as large and white-walled as this, as well as the faintly-remembered connection between herself and the Luxray in human form. When room arrangements were announced, the pair just looked at each other and nodded, as though a decision had been made between them--and it had. They would most likely be found curled up on the floor together in whichever room they ended up in, her using him, in Luxray form, like a pillow. It had been that way for a long time, both felt. And then came the mention of drugs, which brought another, rather loud snarl from Shenz and a grimace from Sky at faint memories of blurry vision and voices heard as though through water. When Sara finally dismissed them, Anna left wordlessly, first thinking to pick out a room, to see what they were like and maybe rest, but the moment she was there, she picked up a kind of card that looked like it might be important and headed towards the rec room she had seen on the map to find another already there.

"What sorcery is this?" the strange-looking girl asked as Anna breezed past her with Hook in tow, heading to one of the couches. The girl glanced back and shook her head.

"Not sorcery." The girl's soft voice sounded faintly amused. "Technology."

Meanwhile, Sky and Shenz didn't get much further than out the door and into the hall, where Sky promptly locked up. "I know, Sky, I know..." Shenz sighed, patting the girl's shoulder gently. "This isn't there, though."

"How do we know that? It sure seems like it so far, from what I can remember," Sky countered sharply, Shenz sighed.

"No kids, not enough people trying to stab you with needles, no real taunting..." He could have continued the list for quite awhile, but Sky was shaking her head. It seemed they would be stuck there for awhile. "Well, look on the bright side--these aren't as narrow."

Testing Area-SOAR HQ

The pair walked in once many of the others had left, and approached Sara quickly. The one leading looked rather unhappy, walk somewhere between a walk and a jog, really,that set her mass of red curls bouncing against her shoulders. The anger in her eyes was hidden by a pair of what looked like wraparound sunglasses, but was really a computer screen. About halfway to Sarah, she practically ripped them off her face and hung them from the rounded collar of her black t-shirt before stuffing her hands into the pockets of her jeans. Following quickly behind her was a young woman a few inches taller than her, long blonde hair flowing behind her as she scurried to catch up. "Why did you let her go?" the redhead asked Sara angrily, the blonde cringed.

"Miss Ashley, I do not believe--" she started, but she was silenced when the redhead turned her head and glanced back at her, as though something had gone between the two.

"She wasn't supposed to be in the system--she slips through the cracks and you let her go?!" the woman hissed. "That's the last time I take five minutes to finish up my current project before getting back to you on something!" she snapped, removing a hand from her pocket to facepalm. Behind her, the blonde tilted her head and sighed.

"It seems you've really gotten her up in arms this time, Miss Sara," she said, frowning at the silver-haired woman.

OOC: And enter, Ashley Vanden and Doll! Max, if you've got any issues with their part of the post, lemme know.

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