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Old 02-19-2006, 06:41 AM
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Default The Three Amigoes

The Three Amigoes


Kari look at at river. She saw is a 5'6" girl with brown and long hair and blue eyes. Her pokemon, Scyther, which she always call Ace. Kari was born in Viridian forest where a myth was you can heal and read pokemon mind. Kari was one of them. She tried it once on a wild Scyther. The wounded are healed and the myth is true. After the healing, Scyther become friends with Kari and now her first pokemon. Along the way, they caught a Weedle. Kari's first catch. But She was the only girl who was born in the forest. There was someone too. If you want to know, just read the Story below.

~*Chapter 1*~
~*The Training*~
Part 1

Day 1
9.30 a.m

Kari was in a desert place. She's there to train her Pokemon. A falling boulder fall above Kari. She took out her Pokeball and the blouder cut into pieces. Scyther cuts the boulder with Slash. While Scyther was training, Kari trained Weedle with it's String Shot. Kari threw a stone at Weedle and Weedle opened it's mouth. A sticky white thread substance came out from Weedle's mouth and spun around the stone. the string tightens the stone and beaks into pieces. Weedle was good enough to evolve after their training.

At somewhere else but near to Kari, Sam trained it's Gloom. Sam caught a Sandshrew while he was training. He showed Kari that he a caught a different colour from some common Sandshrew.

~*The Training*~
Part 2

12.30 a.m

Kari thought of something. Kari was in a place where a factory was built but cancelled.

"Just as i thought... The Erosion of the land is severe here... This place had some plant life, at least, the last time i passed through.."She thinks"Did the industrial pollution from the factory region spread this far..!?"

The a presence came from behind.

"Uh-oh...... We've got company....." said Sam with fear.

A Pack of Mankeys surrounded them.

"Mankeys..... When they stalk like this... It usually means they're very hungry.."Said Kari

"Hungry!? I'm young to die"Sam said.

Kari took out her pokemon, Scyther and Weedle. On the Other hand, Sam took out his Gloom and Sandshrew.

"Sandy,Use Fury Swipes. Gloom use Sleep Powder."Sam said.

"Ace, use Wing attack. Dice, use String shot"Kari said.

Scyther and Weedle hit one or two pokemon while Sam hits one per attack.

"Look, Sam! Do you see that Primeape sitting alone, away from the battle? Can you lure it away from the group?"Kari asked.

"What!?"Sam replied.

"That's the Pack leader! I'll take the rest!!"Sam Yelled.

Sam ran towards the Pack leader and without warning, Sandshrew leaped to Primeape and scratch it's face with Fury swipes. It left with with*scars in it's face and making it mad. Sam runs for himself and Primeape gives chase. All of the Mankeys are confused after that.

"I was Right... Without the Primeape's commands The pack is confused"Kari said,"Ace, save Sam using Agility"

Scyther disapeared into thin air. Sam was stil running. The Primeape leaps and it hit the ground with Mega punch. It looked around and saw Sam was besides Kari.

"Ace, use Slash to stop the Primaepe"Kari said.

Scyther runs with lighting speed and slashes the primeape on it's abdomen. Primeape fainted and the pack ran to their safety.

"With its leader deafeated, The pack can only Flee.."Sam said.

"But they'll regroup if i didn't deliver a critical hit"Kari said.

"You moved pretty well. Real battle is definitely the best Training. !?"Sam said.

Kari heals the Primeape and read it's thoughts.

"She too came from Viridian"Sam thought.

"You had to find food for all of your pack, did you not, poor thing?"Kari asked.

"Man lives by destroying. This wasteland is another reminder of that.."Sam continues,"But you, Kari.. You have the power to heal!! There are a myriad of special talents among the many trainers skill in controling Pokemon and knowledge of attacks.. But yours...May be one that surpasses them all.."

"Let's go on to the next town"Kari said.

"The best way to get anywhere from here is by the sea"Sam explained.

"Well, i don't have any Pokemon that can Surf"Kari replied.

"Me neither"Sam said.

There were training near a the sea. Then, A ship called the S. S. Anne passed in front of them. They both board the ship and went to the next city.

~To be continued~

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Default Re: The Three Amigoes

~*Chapter 2*~
~*The Great Search*~

Day 2
10 a.m

"Welcome to Azelea town. A common place to find Slowpokes"a boy said.

"We heard there's a famous Pokeball Meister here in this town."Sam said.

"Oh.... The great Kurt"The boy said,"Yeah, he lives here."

He left the town and Sam asked me.

"Is that a new pokemon?"Sam asked.

"A Pokeball Meister! Miester means Master!"Kari said.

"Kurt's Pokeball are specially Hand-made, according to the diffrent types of Pokemon. Each ball has a much Higher chance of catching Pokemon than the ones sold on the Market!"The boy said.

"Wow.. Custom-made Pokeballs?! With these, I'll be able to catch Powerful Pokemon!"Yelled Sam.

"Ummm...."cough Kari.

"Ohh... We, We... hehe"Sam said with nervous.

"He's a real Obstinate bone-head. However, he really likes good food, so it might be a good idea to bring him a dessert"The boy said.

"Thanks, boy! Let's go and visit Kurt"Sam said.

They both run in the middle of the town and stopped.

"SLOWPOKE!"Sam yelled to call a slowpoke.

"That's strange.. Not so long ago, This town is full of Slowpokes."Kari said

All of the town's people are searching for the Pokemon.

"What are you looking for, Young girl"a voice said.

"Huh?!"Sam asked.

A old man appeared from no where.

"Sir.. Who are you?Kari asked

"Doesn't sound too friendly"Sam whispered.

What kind of an answer is that?!"the old man yelled.

He was about 60 years old, white hair old man. He carried a basket full of Pokeballs.

"The Slowpokes have disappeared from this town!!"He yelled.

"Yes"Sam and Kari both said with fear.

"I saw you walking around with your Pokemon, so i called out to you, thinking that that*you might be a trainer. OI! do you know what happened to the slowpokes"He said unfriendly.

"Erm. No, we don't"they both said.

"Hump!! Listen up, Youngster! This is the first time Slowpokes have disappeared from this town!! It's a very Serious Problem! Well, I'll just settle this all by myself! It is my destiny to live in this town together with Slowpokes. I don't need the help of a little brats!"He yelled.

"A little brat.. Why is this strange old man insulting me.."Kari said, "He makes my blood boil! That's it. I'm going to prove him wrong by solving the problem myself!!"

"Ummm.."Sam said.

"Let's go.."Kari said with anger.

Kari and Sam search everywhere in the town.

"I can't just search for them without any help at all though.. A map would help"Kari said.

"Delicious!!"A voice said form a restaurant.

"Huh? I wonder who's yelling in there..

They both went inside to see who it was.

"This new sweet bean jelly is the ulitimate dessert!!"The old man yelled.

"You said that you were going to solve the problem!! Greedy old man!!"Sam yelled

"The brats i met a while ago!"The old man said.

"That's because the Master really likes his food."A servant said.

"Shut up! It's none of your business!!"The old man yelled to the Servant.

He took out his map of the town and marked.

"Oh, a map!"Kari said.

"They wants a map?! Are they worried about the Slowpokes?"He thought.
"I told you I'll settle it by myself."He said

"No! I'll settle it before you do!"Kari said.

"Well, then. It'll be faster if we split the work. Make your way there, boy!"He said.

He pointed a place in the map and he said this..

"Search the home of the Slwpokes called the Slowpokes' well.. I'll search else-where"He said.

"I'll Show you! I'll find them before you do!!Kari said.

Kari and Sam reach the well.

"So this is the Slowpokes' well. Somehow i get the feeling the old fogy is just making use of us"Sam said.

"I can't see anything inside"Kari said as she looked inside the well.

Kari threw a stone inside the well and heard it's shallow and there's no water. Sam tied a rope around a tree nearby and Kari tug it to make sure it secured. Kari went down and start to complain.

"Slowpokes are water and psychic type Pokemon.It's strange that they're living in a place with no water"Kari said.

"What? This is actually a cave"Kari continued.

Sam went down too and saw a rock blocked a tunnel.

"What's this? Someone has blocked off the water flow!!"Sam said.

"Sandshrew"said Sandshrew.

"Over there! There's a light source inside the well!!"Sam yelled.

"There's definitely something wrong with this well! Will i be the first to solve the Mystery?!"Kari asked.

Sam saw a Gardener's knife.

"Clear up the place. This will be our new hideout."A man said.

Sam saw all the slowpokes near the mens.

"Are you ready?"One man said.

"Yup!"Another man said.

The man pulled at a Slowpokes tail and the other man hold it tight. The Slowpoke's tail came out loose. He threw the tail at another man and put it in a container. He put the Slowpoke at the other Slowpokes that had been pulled.

"The tails will grow back soon."A man said.

"What a cruel thing to do.."Kari said with anger, "They're the Culprits! Everyone rescue the Slowpokes"

Kari called out her pokemon and Sam too.

"Ohh, some brats"A man said. He called out a Murkrow and told it to tie them up.
The Murkrow tied Sam and Kari up.

"Let us go!"Kari yelled.

"After we finish, we'll let you go"The man said."The Slowpokes tail is the world's Greatest Delicacy! There are food lovers who would pay a million dollars per tail!"He said.

"A million dollars?!"Kari said with surprised.

"Exactly.. We'll sell these for huge sums of money. Then we'll use the money to get Powerful Pokemon so that we can make a comeback!"said the man.

"What do you mean by that?!"Sam said.

"We're called the Evil Team Rocket!!"The man said.

"Team Rocket?!"Kari said.

"So you're the ones behind this"A voice said.

The old man punch the Team rocket.

"That... that's Kurt. That old man is really cranky"a member said.

"Kurt?!"Kari and Sam said together.

He pushed a button on the wall and the boulder block the water exploded. The water was coming.

"The Slowpokes.. They can't swim because their tails had been cut off and their are weak too. When this place gets flooded, they're going to drown!!"Kurt explained, "Go! escape to the ground's surface, you brat!!"Kurt yelled.

"There are to many or them! It's impossible to save them all!!"Kari explained.

Then, Scyther pointed at my bag where i put my Pokeballs.

"Ohh, yeah"Kari said.

Kari threw Pokeball at the Slowpokes but Kari couldn't reached it.

"Brat.. Use these balls to capture them. These are the Pokeballs that I've made! Lure balls are very effective for catching water type Pokemon!!"Kurt explained.

"It's one of Kurt's handmade balls"Kari said.

Kari and Sam caught the Slowpokes with the Lure balls. Kari and Sam caught bunches of Slowpokes.

"The current is getting stronger!"Kurt said, "Use this Fast ball as well!!"

"OKAY!!"Kari yelled.

Kari caught and caught more of the Slowpokes.

"That huge Slowpokes is being swept away!!"Sam yelled

"At times like this.. you have to use a Heavy ball, little brat"Kurt said.

"Okay, old man"Sam said.

After 5 minutes, they came out from the Well.

"I loved chewing on the tails of Slowpokes when i was a kid. I just couldn't help drooling when ever i see a Slowpoke's tail"Kurt explained.

"You care a lot about Pokemon too, you little brats."Kurt continued.

"You're really an expert on Pokeballs, Old man!"Kari said.

"You're a cheeky little brats"Kurt continued.

"You're a cranky old man!"Sam said.

~To be continued to a new chapter~

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Default Re: The Three Amigoes

~*Chapter 3*~
~*It's a Shocking Day*~

Day 3
11 a.m

Yesterday, Kari and Sam help Kurt With the Slowpokes. Kurt gave them a Level ball. It was made from a fruit called an Apriconn. Now, she's in town full with Wild pokemon. They reached a park called Safari park. They went in and hunt for Pokemon. Kari went in a diffrent direction and Sam went the other. After 1 1/2 hours of searching for pokemon, Kari caught a Flygon and a Lapras.

"Well, there's a Pokemon"Kari said.

Kari opened her Pokedex and it said it was a Elekid. Elekid was practicing it's new move, Thunderpunch. Elekid jumped up high and unleashed a mass of electricity in his arm into a figure like dragon.

"Wow.. An electric type"Kari said softly.

"Go Ace"Kari said.

Elekid looked at Scyther and silence. Elekid start with some dancing and Use Leer Scyther to scared her.

"Ace, use Quick attack!"Kari exclaimned.

Just then, Scyther dissappread and Elekid too. Kari was shocked that Elekid dissappread too. Kari look around to see both of them. Kari looked up at the sky and saw them. They fought viciously. They fall to the ground hard like a big stone.

"Ace, use Slash"Kari said.

Scyther use Slash but Elekid blocked the attack using Light Screen. Scyther pushes hes scythes to break the Light Screen and soon breks it's second slash attack. Elekid wasn't giving up. He is serious about his battle. Elekid tried his new move and jumped high. Elekid stored a Mass full of electricity in his arm ad targets Scyther.

"Use Double Team to Dodge it, Ace!"Kari explained.

Scyther made clones of her and wait for the attack. Elekid concentrate and focus on scyther while he's storing the Eletricity. Elekid found the Real Scyther and punch the air and unleashed it's electricity. Scyther was scared and run away.

"Use Agility, Ace"Kari yelled.

Kari was too late. The electricity hit Scyther just before Kari could launch an attack. She put back Scyther and called out her new Pokemon, Flygon and Lapras.

"Kiki, lift that Elekid up to the Sky and let go. Lapy, use body slam after it hits the ground. It's payback time. No one hurts my Pokemon"Kari said.

Flygon pick elekid up and toss it to the ground after lifting it up for a few meters. As Elekid hits the ground, Lapry ram Elekid to a nearby lake. elekid swanm to shore and was really mad. Elekid screech as loud as he could but Lapras save Kari with Safeguard.

"Let's freeze that Elekid... Lapy, use Ice beam"

A ray of ice came out from Lapras's mouth and shoot at Elekid's feet. Elekid got nowhere to go. Elekid tried to freed himself but the ice is hard as steel.

"Kiki, use Hyper Beam"Kari said to Flygon.

Flygon collect as much of energy into it's mouth and a huge yellow beam hits Elekid's body. Elekid screamed as the hits it's body. As the smokes settle, Elekid was still alive. Kari was shocked.

"Elekid is still alive after that blast"Kari said with shock.

"Elekid!"Elekid exclaimed.

The ice from it's feet breaks. The sky turned black as he approched Kari. Elekid was frustrated. A lighting flew up to the sky from Elekid's head and hits lapras and Flygon. Lapras was eletricuted badly but nothing did to Flygon. Kari called back Lapras and use Flygon instead. Elekid used all electric attack on Flygon but nothing work.

"Use sandstorm, Kiki"Kari said.

Kari took out her googles and Flygon puch on the ground and make sand and a sandstrom brewed. Elekid couldn't saw a thing. Suddenly, Elekid saw a yellow beam again and dodge it. The followed it no matter what. Elekid destroyed the beam with Thunderpunch. As the sandstorm and smoke settle, Elekid saw Flygon and Kari. Flygon was using Hyper beam again. Elekid made the Light Screen again but the beam was so powerful and smashed the screen. In addition, that Hyper Beam cause Elekid to flew back into the lake. Kari called out Lapras back and Elekid and back onshore.

"Now, it's time for you sleep"Kari said with a sinister laugh, "Lapy, use Sing"

Lapras with with her beautiful voice and caused Elekid into a deep sleep. Kari took out a Pokeball from her backpack and threw as hard as she could at Elekid. Kari hit Elekid's body and suck in the sleepy elekid. The Pokeball started to glow and wiggles. 1... 2...

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Default Re: The Three Amigoes

Now it's time to Grade my story... be nice, ok?
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