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Old 09-02-2006, 12:54 PM
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Default Pokemon Opaque

Welcome to the Pokemon Opaque topic.

A note from Wes

As you might know, it was originally intended to be a G/S/C remake. I rethought this, I wanted to be creative, make the world my own, so now it is an entirely new story, new teams, new E4, new Pokemon.


You start off in your hometown, Astrophyte City. You are a kid who aspires to be a Pokemon Master and Researcher. You often hear your parents and Prof. Fern talking about undiscovered Pokemon to the South of Orrun.

When you turn 14 your Pokemon trainers liscense is finally accepted. You are now ready to begin your dream after Prof. Fern gives you your first Pokemon, and you set out to conquer the Pokemon League with your rival, and Prof. Fern's daughter, Oni.

You set out with Oni to travel the world of Orrun, with both your new starter Pokemon.

You are no further than the outskirts of Astrophyte City when Oni turns on you, wanting to be in the spotlight as Champion, she tries (and fails) to steal your Pokemon.

You continue your quest alone, and reach Ivy Road, where you see two people in dark clothes harrasing an old man.

You fight off the people, who reveal themselves as Team Genesis, and you see the old man is actually Prof. Oak.

Thankful for your help, Prof. Oak gives you a PokeDex he was taking to Hue City.


*Currently 34 NEW Pokemon

*5 new ablities:
Is not affected by PHYSICAL attacks.

Is not affected by SPECIAL Attacks.

Is treated as a *Place type here* type when attacked for elemental weaknesses.

*Temperature System=95% complete.
The temprature affets the type of Pokemon and their frequency when it is raining, snowing, or there is a heatwave. The weather report is a radio channel on the Poke'Gear.

*Day/Night System
Complete. Features Night, Morning, Day, and Evening

Team System

This is available when you chose a side to fight for after beating the game.

You can fight for the E4 or Team Genesis. Either way, you can recruit certain people by pushing a different key to talk to them. If they are recruitable, they will join your team, and if not, nothing will happen.

There are different levels in your Team:
4 Grunts (No Recruit available)
4 Workers (4 Recruits available)
2 Officers (8 Recruits available)
2 Admins (10 Recruits available)
1 Leader ( 12 Recruits avaliable)

So basically your team can have 13 people all up.

But, what's the purpose?

Well every once in a while, a recruit may find an unusual Pokemon with different moves, etc. in the route they patrol. When this happens, you can go back to your base and fight the Pokemon, and catch it. However the Pokemon won't run away if you make it faint, but you will not be able to fight it for an hour.

The higher rank your recruits are, the better Pokemon they can find, so you would put your Admins near the high level areas, and your Grunts near the starting towns.



Age: 15
Role: Rival
Oni is an adolescent from the Orre region. She moved to Orrun with her mother, Prof. Fern, after her father died in unknown circumstances.

*Prof. Fern

Age: 37
Role: Pokemon Prof. of Research
Prof. Fern began researching Pokemon from school, though when she graduated she never took up the option of a Pokemon Prof., instead working as an authority on Pokemon healing, and was an emergency worker in the Phenac Pokemon center. After her husband died, however, she wasn't capable of working in the Pokemon Center, so took the job as a Prof. at Orrun.


Astrophyte City

This is the Poke'Lab

This is the underground pass used to exit the city

Your house



The Official Opaque Forums are located at:

That's all from me.
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Old 10-05-2006, 07:51 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Opaque

Hmm, this looks good. I hope to see more, and maybe you could use A Guide to Game-making to make your time while creating the game easier ;)

Can't wait to see the other starters ^_^

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Old 12-03-2007, 02:45 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Opaque

where to download?
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