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View Poll Results: Would you change how sleep talk works
I like it the way it is 4 30.77%
I think it should change 9 69.23%
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Old 06-21-2004, 01:52 AM
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Default Re: Sleep Talk TM

Where did real life come from? Pokemon is a game. I was suggesting Sleep talk's change because I was told the URPG wanted to be similar, if not almost exactly, the same as the game.

And you really don't have to apologize for disagreeing.

I would then suggest the following:

1) Make a thread in the General part and in big bold letters (and sticky), Emphasize that the URPG has no intention of following the game.
2) In that same thread, point out EVERY single move that does not operate as it does in game.
3) Beneath each move, explain the differences between the move's operation in game and the move's operation in URPG.

Thank you.

(Also, I couldn't give a damn if you guys change it or not, but don't say the URPG is a valid battling tool if you don't change the moves. Because that was the problem with getting Netbattle into the war, and todd knows I've fought hard against that and got Netbattle into the war, hrhr.)

Also, I would like the following:

A declaration that Protect/Detect/Endure works MY way in game. I don't give a flying damn if you guys keep it different in the URPG, but you guys are so wrong it's not funny about its operation in game, and you guys need to recognize that, and admit that you are wrong about its operation in game.
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Old 06-21-2004, 02:27 AM
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Default Re: Sleep Talk TM

"...and since URPG has no PP limit..."
all moves have PP limits and all refs should know this.

-protect/detect/endure: these are all the same moves and will decrease in accuracy when used consectutively. i don't know why this is being brought up now, as i thought everyone knew that already 'cause it was discussed before the move to forums and once at the last forum. end discussion here.

-mlugia/curtis: the way you two are arguing looks like a presidential race, mud-slinging everywhere. calm down. i want each of you to look at the opposing view, find ONE action that you can agree with. if you can't do that, you shouldn't be arguing.

-mlugia: watch the swearing that one time up there. pe2k doesn't appreciate that stuff anywhere, even if he doesn't always check the URPG. and please, try to respect a mod, no matter how you feel.

-curtis: yes, you are mod but that doesn't mean you can say what you want when you want. even the president must watch what he says 'cause it might come back at him later.

-everyone: if you are angry, upset, whatever towards another person, don't take arguments to the forum (as stated in the RULES). go to a mod/leader or argue it on messenger but do not use messenger chats to blackmail or prove cases. URPG is a fun place and we don't need that stuff posted here.

i did have a long discussion here but lost it all when the forum asked me to log in again......................................... dang it! glad i CTRL-C that part up there. so instead of trying to resay what i had written, here's my summary.

The URPG follows the game as best as it can and there are only some minor changes. While we try to copy everything, there are some things URPG related that conflict the game. Sleep Talk is one of them. Sleep Talk uses 3 moves while in URPG it can do 20+ moves. the real question is: is this fair? well, for as long as the URPG has been running, this moved hasn't been questioned until now. does that mean it won't change? .....
there are 4 ways to deal with sleeping: wait to wake up, Snore, Sleep Talk, and Pokeflute. most people don't want to wait and most battle w/o items, so we are left with Snore and Sleep Talk. Snore is an attack that always hits and can flinch, while Sleep Talk is a random attack which could be better or worse than Snore. If Sleep Talk chooses 3-4 moves in the URPG, then it will always, in most situations, be better than Snore. Snore can't be ignored.

Sleep Talk is a gamble move here at the URPG. everyone takes the same gamble when using this attack, doesn't matter what Pokemon. Sleep Talk will randomly select any one of the Pokemon's moves here at the URPG.

this is not netbattles, far from it. while the URPG is game related, a few parts can't transfer here. there are also different strats for the game than the URPG, you just have to find them.

i have gone back and edited some things out. there will be no more personal arguments against people here, the thread can be locked. if anyone has anything to say about the issue at hand, go ahead.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Old 06-21-2004, 02:30 AM
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Default Re: Sleep Talk TM

Thank you very much Jack.

First off, I'd like to apologize to Magare and Curtis if my words have offended or hurt you in any way. I will admit my conduct was questionable when I was uh... pissed off. That's the word.

Also, thank you Jack for the clarification on the issues at hand. And I promise I won't bring up these things again... until I see something else :p

But out of curiosity, what do you think of the idea to let the user of sleep talk to choose 2-3 moves that he or she does NOT want to sleep talk? Eg: tackle, explosion out of like a repetoire of 20 moves?
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Old 06-21-2004, 02:43 AM
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Default Re: Sleep Talk TM


We're stopped beating the dead horse. Let it rest and go back home.

Titanic Panda: well, glad to see the whole issue is resolved

even though my speechs are never as long as your lep, good summary. The words ULTRA IS A VALID BATTLE SYSTEM have NEVER been spoken from my mouth.

Thank you good night


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