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Old 08-18-2004, 05:07 AM
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Default Re: WAR SEASON III - Debate Section

Background info/Synopsis: Really this is the same as creation versus evolution. The topic means how much you feel is actually evolution and how much is creation.

Currently there are 3 standings:

1. Everything is evolution. That means your basis is that we all evolved from the same species of archaebacteria billions of years ago. This does go through the "mass destructions" of Earth since we know these can possibly be fromrandom incidents. Those that survived would have to adapt and split off into other species (when they are isolated) as time passes. Microevolution also is highly supported in this arguement from genetics. However, this has led to 3 problems: where did the first archaebacteria come from, why are there no evidences that we have an ancestor through fossils like what we've dug up from dinos, and why so short of the time of evolution?
The first problem is "solved" from the creation of amino acids through lightning. However, how these amino acids chain to create protein AND join with floating nucleic acids to create a bacteria is a mystery. The timing of evolution problem also has a weak explaination: rapid genetic evolution. When a certain gene is "fighting" against another gene for superiority, then possibly rapid evolution exists. Again, it is weak. Lastly, there is NOTHING to counter the fossil arguement against it.

2. Creation is all. It means that some Superior being (NOT NECESSARILY GOD) created the world and all its creatures. It argues that every "mass destruction" on Earth is due to the superior being wishing to "start over". It also argues that we are the latest of the creation. However, this does NOT take MICROEVOLUTION into consideration (and has nothing to support it).

3. A combination of both. This is the stand where they argue that microevolution exists as genetic variations, BUT the genetics of the creatures were created by a superior being. This suits all facts we know of, but remains as shaky as the other two due to its assumption of a superior being that we cannot see/contact (well it's as shaky as stand #1 and less shaky than stand #2).
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