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Default Spring Break Vacation: Saving the Under Isle!

This'll be tough and hella long. In this, I'm going for two big catches. Therefore, I'm dividing in to two parts. First, it's a feebas, who is important in the second part of the story where I attempt to capture a dratini. Both a hard and demanding story capture in one big story. Give me patience with this as it's also my first story, but I'm fairly confident. If you're a grader and you're reading this and you see I'm not done with the story or part 1 or 2, please grade what I've already written and what hasn't been graded. It solves the problem of having to read through a huge piece of work to fix it up.
Part I: The Storm, the Rocket, and the Feebas

Chapter I: Start 'er Off!

Xue was pumped for the beginning of her pokemon journey. It was time to get her starter pokemon. All the way from her home town in Fallarbor Town, she took a train with her mom all the way down to Littleroot Town to get her starter from Professor Birch. Tomorrow was the day. The train departed yesterday afternoon, and is already a few miles southeast of Mauville City. It was night out. The moon shined brightly outside into the train windows, but made little effect inside, as the train's lights were all on. No sign of civilization was anywhere. Miles and miles of trees covered the landscape. A few hills could be seen all along the horizon, with the hills slightly taller to the north. Pokemon noises could be heard outside if you heard closely, such as hoothoot's hoot or houndours bark, or even poochyena's howl.

Most people were sleeping, including Xue. Her red locks covered her face as her hair was very long. Despite having freckles on her face, she was quite attractive for a 14 year old. Infact, the freckles were part of what made her so attractive in the first place. She is a bit taller than average for her age, about 5' 8". Her skin is lightly tanned. Like everyone else, she was dressed in normal clothes, as there were no bedrooms on the train. First off, her boots were made out of rubber much like rain boots extending up to the knees with an orange hue. Under her boots she wears black socks.

Her bottom-fold miniskirt is green with occasional blue stripes every few folds. Xue also wears trainer gripping gloves. The gloves are white with slots to fit the fingers through instead of being covered. On the back of the gloves are blue circles. Her shirt is light brown and sleeveless. The V-neck extends down to the bottom of the breasts, which are also quite large for her age, though a blue undershirt covers up all but the top 20%. Below near her waist is her black belt where her 6 pokeballs are held, 3 on each side.

Later, the sun begins to appear on the horizon as the moon shrinks below it. A small cluster of glowing lights can be seen in the distance to the south. Xue's mom wakes up first to the announcements.

"Passengers, we are now approaching Littleroot Town. Please wake your friends and prepare to exit if this is your stop, thank you," is heard over the speakers.

Her mom then proceeds to wake up Xue. Xue's eyes open slowly, revealing beautiful green eyes. Her mom's hand is on her shoulder, shaking her.

"We're almost there. Collect your things," her mom says.

Xue's eyes blink sleepily, she yawns, and stands up unaware of what was right in front of her, a long hard steel pole. Smack!

"OWCH!! WHAT THE FU-," shouted Xue after hitting the pole face first, but then was interrupted.

"What's your problem!? We're trying to sleep here!" scowled a man with brown hair at Xue.

Xue proceeded to stick her hand out and prepare to give the man a fitting finger gesture, but her mom grabbed her hand and put it down.

"None of that here. Get your backpack and bags, we're pulling in to the station now," her mom says.

Xue rubs her forehead from all of the pain the pole unleashed upon her. She picks up her backpack and her bags and the two walk out the train doors to the train station. The station is packed with people, old and young. Some even had pokemon with them or wore their pokeballs on their belt. Xue and her mother continued out of the station and towards Professor Birch's lab. Leaving the suburban portion of town, the two head up a hill in to a forested region with only a large sand path to guide them. Up ahead they see his large white lab.

"I'll wait here," her mom says. "You go get your pokemon. When you get back, I have a surprise for you."

"Alright mom, be back soon," replies Xue.

Xue drops off her backpack and bags by her mom and approaches the lab. She proceeds to knock on the door, but as she knocks, shouting is heard from inside. Footsteps are heard loud and fast. The door opens, revealing the professor, is lab coat torn up and a few holes are found in his shirt. He looks both exhausted and crazy. Xue raises her eyebrow.

"Finally, you're here! Take this damned pokeball, and never return it to me again!" shouts the professor, full of frustration.

The door slams in Xue's face. She begins to glare, and shout through the door.

"Hey! Don't I get a choice?"

She sighs, then looks at her pokeball. She notices the wierd gold and black style, the style of an ultraball. Why is a starter pokemon in an ultraball? Shouldn't just a regular pokeball be enough to contain a starter? Without even her command, the pokeball opens up and a pokemon comes out. The brown fluffy pokemon, an eevee, appears before her, its back turned towards her. Suddenly it turns toward Xue, its face snarling with anger and its eyes seemingly bent on killing.

"Uh...," ponders Xue as she prepares for what the eevee will do next.

"Grrrr... ERK ERK ERK! Eeveeeee!" growls the vicious eevee in a deep tone.

The mad pokemon leaps for her face and bites her nose. She squeals in pain, viciously trying to yank the eevee off. Prying the eevee from her nose, she throws it hard forcefully at the tree and sprints down the path like she literally saw a ghost. Feeling pain and a wierd ooze dripping from her nose, she whipes her fingers on her nose to reveal a thick red liquid, blood. The poor eevee hit face first in to the tree, but now it was even more angry. Growling with hate, it saw Xue flee the scene and pursues her, quickening up his speed in to a quick attack. SMASH! Xue is impaled on the back and falls fave first in to the sand. The eevee flies off her back but lands on its feet and turns towards Xue.

Now her nose was bleeding and her face was scarred. The eevee dashed for her head and tackled it fiercely, pushing Xue back and scraping her knees. She got up swiftly out of pain. Tears were now dripping down her face, but now her face was filled with anger, her eyebrows arched severely. She grabs the eevee by the neck and viciously throws him onto the ground. SMACK! Eevee is impaled by the force it went through, finally meeting the earth. However, the eevee got even angrier. It pushed itself up, now clearly filled with rage, and proceeds to tackle Xue. However, all eevee got was the boot. Xue viciously kicked the pokemon in to a tree. Now it was badly bruised, but so was Xue. Nevertheless, eevee gets up slowly, and limps toward Xue, still angry.

Xue grabbed for the pokeball, and the red glow siphoned eevee inside the ball. She sighed with relief, but tears of pain still streaked down her face. Just then, the ball pops open, and the red glow reveals the eevee once again, charging at Xue full of anger and hate. This time, Xue tackles the eevee, grabs him by the neck and harshly throws him at a nearby tree. It hits the tree head first and fell to the ground. She raced up to the tree, grabbed eevee again, and forcefully threw his beaten body to the ground. This time, the eevee made no reaction. It was far too bruised to continue fighting, and so Xue grabbed for the pokeball once again, and the beaten brown fluffball that was eevee was forcefully sucked in by the red light in to the pokeball. This time, thankfully, eevee did not exit its pokeball.

"Are you ok?" her mom asked rushing up to her.

Xue's face was bleeding, full of scars. Her knees too, unprotected due to her obviously shorter than the knee miniskirt, were bleeding.

"You're bleeding! All over! Here, I have some large bandages and antibiotics," her mom replies, opening up her large bag of supplies and pulls out a pack of bandaids and a bottle of antibiotic spray.

First the wounds are sprayed. Xue flinches in pain from the spray. Her mom then opens the pack of bandages and applies them to her wounds. Xue wobbles trying to stand up, but quickly catches her balance. She takes the pokeball containing the crazy eevee and attaches it to her belt.

"I think you went a little too harsh on that eevee," her mom says.

"Are you nuts? At the very least I wore him out!" replies Xue in a surprised tone.

Xue then looks down at her belt, at the pokeball containing the eevee. She sighs looking at it, then lifts her head and turns to her mom.

"I hope he doesn't stay like this. Hopefully the beating I gave him will teach him to respect me," said Xue.

"Yeah. Maybe he'll respect you after a good long rest. As for us, we're going to Cinnabar Island!"

"Why Cinnabar? Doesn't the Indigo League start in Pallet Town?" asks Xue curiously.

"It does, but we're going on a vacation to the Magmar Vacation Resort! This next week, sign-ups for the league are closed, and I thought a vacation would be a great way to start out your trainer career! We leave tomorrow morning, to the airport," her mom replies.

Surprised, Xue's eyes light up and she says, "Really? That's great! Thanks!"

Xue hugs her mom for a few seconds and then backs away.

"So... where are we staying?" asked Xue curiously.

"See that large building over there with the sign?" She pints to a bilboard far away in town with a pokeball on it and words that are too far away to read. The bricks on it are a vivid red and the decks are white.

"Guess we better get settled in then," responds Xue as she begins heading down the trail to Littleroot Town with her mom following close behind.

As she walks down the path, she looks back down at her pokeball once more. Lost in thought, her mom soon snaps her back to reality.


"Oh, sorry mom," replies Xue as she catches up to her mom.

I think I'm going to name you Rror, thought Xue to herself, looking at her pokeball.

To Be Continued...
Chapter 2 is a lot longer and I couldn't fit it in to this post, so I'm moving it to a new post.

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Default Re: Spring Break Vacation: Saving the Under Isle!

Here's chapter 2! Its much longer to make up for the shortness of the first chapter. Hope you like it!
Chapter II: Cinnabar, Ho!

It was the next day in Littleroot Town. Xue and her mom of course slept in seperate beds. The room was dark because the only window in the hotel room was covered by shades, giving the room a very dark look, though some light still squeezed its way inside through the window. Suddenly, a buzzing noise shot from a nearby box with glowing red numbers saying 6:00 am. A hand slapped the top of the box and stood up in bed. It was Xue's mom. She yawned, and then walked out of bed towards the bathroom. A few seconds later, Xue pulled herself out of bed and looked to the table with the alarm clock on it. Her belt was sitting there with the 5 other pokeballs, and the one ultraball containing the eevee. She looked at it for almost a whole minute, then turned away towards her bags at the foot of her bed to get dressed.

After taking off her sleeping clothes, she changes in to her normal clothes and heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she looks over to her right, the door is closed but a bright light shines from under the cracks and the loud sound of rushing water was heard. Xue turned to the mirror and the sink below her, grabbed her toothbrush and the toothpaste, and places a dot of it on her toothbrush. She looks in to the mirror above as she brushes her teeth thoroughly. After finishing, she rinses her mouth, and looks up at the mirror once more. She grabs for an orange comb and combes her hair neatly for about a minute. Setting the comb down, she began to move away, but quickly looked back.

She looks back at the mirror and notices the little scars all over her face and the bandaid on her nose. Her upper eyelids lower a small bit as Xue's hand reaches up to her nose bandaid. Slowly, she begins to peel off the bandaid. The bandaid sticks to her finger, which the covered side was covered in a dried dark red substance. She flicks the bandaid off with her onther fingers into the trash bin to her left and looks back at the mirror. The wound on her nose was now mostly pink, except a small jagged line on each side of the nose, which was now dark red. Despite all of the face bruisings, she still looked attractive. Xue smiles at herself in the mirror, and then finally turned away towards her bed and the alarm clock table where her pokeballs and her belt lie.

"Alright Rror, time for breakfast!" enthusiastically calls out as she grabs for the ultraball and presses the central button, letting out a bright red light that quickly takes the shape of an eevee.

The creature comes out lying down on Xue's bed, but opens one large left eye the biggest it could possibly be. Moments after both eyes are open and begin to glare at Xue. The eevee still is slightly bruised, but otherwise looks perfectly healthy, though the creature begins to growl and shakes rapidly. Xue returns the glare, but her eyes soon widen again as she notices the speed at which it was shaking. The poor creature was now terrified of Xue for so triumphantly beating him at his own game, so Xue thought. Last time he was just extremely angry and rebelious. Passing right by the shivering eevee, it keeps its eyes focused on Xue, but makes no sudden movements, only growls. Xue bends down in her bags and pulls out a large plastic container full of mahogany chunks and two small bowls, each about the length of a whole eevee.

The plastic container contained pokemon food, enhanced with many vitamins and minerals. On the front it fittingly had a picture of a happy eevee with a large bowl of the pokemon food below it. The background was orange with big green capitol letters on top saying, "PokeBreed Chow". Below that in black bold letters it said "For Small Pokemon". The bowls were colored a golden color. She grabbed one bowl, popped open the cap of the PokeBreed Chow and poured the brownish morsels into the bowl, filling it all the way up. She then placed the cap back on the PokeBreed Chow and placed it inside the bag. Xue then grabbed the other bowl and walked over to the sink, leaving the bowl with the food a foot away from eevee on her bed. There she turned the handle for cold water and place the bowl under the fosset. The water came pouring out until it was 3/4 full. She then turned the water off and walked back to her bed.

The bowl of water was placed right next to the bowl of food on the right side. Rror did not take a bite of the food though. Instead, the creature's growling stopped, and the creature relaxed its eyes. The eevee still shakes furiously but with no longer having an aggressive nature. Rror slowly approached the bowl of food, staring at it as if it was about to jump out and swallow him whole. Rror then swiftly turned his head, inspecting the crystal clear water. A moment later, its eyes shoot back up at Xue, who watches her cautiously.

"Go on and eat, Rror. You need the energy," encourages Xue to the seemingly paralyzed eevee.

The creature looks at her for a few more seconds, bows his head staring at the food, and opens its mouth. It grabs a morsel of food, and begins to chew it slowly. The creature is still shaking rapidly as it gobbles up the morsel. A swallowing noise is heard from Rror, who instantly began to shake much less. Rror looks at Xue for a few seconds, who begins to smile lightly. The pokemon sniffles and shifts his head down in to the bowl, now eating ravenously. Every now and then it turns its head toward the water bowl and drinks ravenously for the next few seconds, then goes back to the food. After a few minutes, the eevee was done eating. It licked its lips, trying to get the last bit of food crumbs in to its stomach, then looks up at Xue, who smiles lightly at Rror.

"Eeve," growled Rror cutely, staring at Xue, waiting for her to move.

Xue gets up and takes Rror's bowls. The pokemon's eyes stay locked on Xue, who walks to the sink, grabs 2 towels, and sets it aside the sink. Rror follows her off the bed and stands a few feet behind her. She turns the cold and hot water on, sprays soap in to one towel, and begins to wash the bowls. After half a minute, she rinses the bowls, then dries them off with the second towel. Turning around, she notices the eevee curiously looking at her with wide eyes. The eevee still shivers, but now it is barely noticable. Xue puts the bowls away and zips up the bag. She turns around to notice Rror sitting a few feet behind her. Very slowly she approaches, tapping the top of Rror's head. The eevee's head lowers until it feels the softness of the finger on its head. The eevee approaches Xue as she pets the top of its head.

Rror rubs its head against Xue's left knee and licks the large bandaid there. She rubs the eevee's back and lifts it up into her lap. The creature is then turned over on its back and Xue inspects its bottom.

"So you're a guy, huh?" Xue thinks out loud.

Suddenly, the sound of rushing water came to a halt. Rror began to growl viciously and his body began to shake madly again, but not at Xue. The pokemon jumps out of Xue's lap up on to her mother's bed and runs to the other edge. It growls by the door, waiting for her to come out.

"Rror, no! My mom is our friend, come back here!" commands Xue strongly towards the eevee.

Rror turns his head towards Xue, now completely calmed, yet looking somewhat disappointed. The creature slowly walks back to Xue across the bed, every second looking back at the door, ready to strike just in case.

"I think you should go back in to your pokeball now, Rror," confirms Xue.

As she reaches for Rror's pokeball, the poor animal whimpers as if he doesn't want to go back in.

"I'm sorry Rror, but you're too hostile to be out in public," states Xue as she grabs for the pokeball and opens the pokeball, taking in the whimpering eevee in with the red glowing light.

Xue puts the pokeball back down and attaches it to her belt, which she grabs and slips on over her miniskirt. Her mom opens the door and walks in to the room.

"Ah, good morning Xue," she greets her daughter.

"Hello, mom," replies Xue somewhat cheerfully.

Her mom was already dressed out of the shower now. She goes over to the shades darkening the room and opens them, letting in a blast of light enter the room and greatly brightening up the room, making the mahogany floor carpeting stand out and the light red walls and ceiling shine with color. Finishing this, her mom turns to Xue.

"So, are you ready to go to the airport? The plain leaves in about 35 minutes, at 7:05," informs her mom.

"It's 6:30 already?" Xue replies surprised as she turns to the clock, with it saying 6:31 am.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go, just let me get my bags," informs Xue as she walks over to the foot of her bed and picks up the bags.

Xue looks at her mom, who goes and picks up her bags. She heads out the door into the yellow walled orange carpeted hallways with her mom following a bit more slowly behind her. They lock the door and take the room keys out to the elevator, which they enter and takes them down to the main floor. As the elevator lowers, Xue notices the great woodwork of the elevator, the nice brown carpet below, and the black button pad with the buttons. All others are white, except for one with GF on it. That one glowed red. Up above the pad was a black screen with red numbers and letters. It said, "Ground Floor". The doors opened to the ground floor. There, they pay for the night stay and return the room keys to the front desk. As her mom does this, Xue looks around, and notices the large room behind her with a bunch of chairs, some sofas, and a television.

Across the main desk there was a room labeled "Library". Inside, she could see many aisles of neatly ordered books. Xue also noticed the light blue of the room, including the desk, tiled floor, walls, and ceiling. She then turned back to her mom, who was finishing up the nightly pay. Behind the service desk woman was a combuter and on the other side of the desk many droors. On top of the desk were many papers, cases for writing utencils, and all that stuff. Finally, her mom was done, and she turned to Xue.

"Lets go," she states as she grabs her bags and walks towards the door.

"Coming," replies Xue as she power walks to catch up with her mom.

From there, they depart the hotel and turn right towards the airport. Looking around, Xue notices all of the tall buildings on both sides of the street with typical colors, such as white, red, and gray. Some buildings had small parking lots next to them, some had larger ones, and others had none. The town seemed pretty clean and lively, with cars zooming past the two and many pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. After walking a few blocks, they find a taxi sign and wait there. When one pulls up, the taxi driver pulls over and lowers the window on the sidewalk side of the street. Like all taxis, this one was yellow, and on the side above a black and white checkered flag were the red words, "Ninetails Taxi Service".

"Where you headed?" the taxi driver asks in a feminine voice.

"To the airport, and how much would that be?" asks Xue's mom.

"$5.25, ma'am," she replies.

Xue's mom pays the driver and they both enter the taxi. Inside, the comfy leather seats and almost the whole interior was black. As they were driven to the airport, Xue noticed the buildings shrink as they entered the suburban part of Littleroot Town. The houses in this part were still pretty big, all varying in color, but almost all of them were 2 stories high with large yards and large trees growing in them. After a few minutes, the houses dissappear as right infront of them was the airport field. They drove up the road leading to the airport center and were parked in the airport parking lot. As Xue and her mom departed the car, the taxi began to pull out.

"Have a nice flight, you two," replies the taxi driver as she rolls up the window and begins to drive away.

Xue looks around, and notices planes everywhere. Some were parked, some were beginning to land, and others were beginning to ascend and depart. Other than that, and the large gray colored airport center, the plane field was huge and flat. The only thing that defied the flatness of the area were the large blinking poles coming out of the ground to help guide planes to a safe landing. Up above, the airport was labeled as, "Littleroot Airport Center". The two began to head towards the center and entered in inside. Like the outside, the inside was also very gray. Xue looked around the airport since she and her mother had to wait in line. Up above the main desk was a large panel of flight times. She scanned down the until she saw the one for Cinnabar Island, at 7:05 am. There was a current digital time clock above the panel, saying it was currently 6:44 am.

On the left and right of the large ticket table, there was two passage ways, both ways eventually leading to more hallways stairs, elevators, and escolaters. Waiting a few minutes more, the line moves down, and Xue and her mother are next in line. Xue looks up and the digital clock reads 6:49 am. Now it was their turn.

"Two tickets for the flight to Cinnabar Island at 7:05 please," asks Xue's mom.

"That'll be $1,700 please," the man says.

Xue's mother pulls out her wallet from her brown purse and in that wallet she pulls out a credit card. She hands it to the man, who takes it and scans it by sliding it through a machine.

"Alright. Your flight leaves in 15 minutes. Please take your belongings and send them down to the detector scanner, ma'am," replies the man.

Xue and her mom take a right to the scanner and place their bags on it. Another man sends the items through the scanner. One by one, each is checked and admitted through. The two take their bags and head up the escolators to the 3rd floor where they wait in line for the flight to Cinnabar. After waiting a few more minutes, Xue and her mom finally get their turn at the ticket booth, and they both give their tickets to the man.

"Go on in," says the man.

The two depart through the tunnel in to the plane and find seats next to a television and sit. Xue takes the seat closest to the window while her mob begins to store away their bags up top. Xue turns to her mom and stands up.

"Wait mom, keep that bag out," Xue says pointing to the pink bag with a pokeball on it.

"Alright, here it is," her mom says handing her the pink bag as her mom holds up the other luggage up in the storage space above.

Xue sits back down with the pink bag on her feet. Her mom finishes putting away the bags and sits down next to Xue.

"Hey mom, while you were in the shower, I think I got Rror to obey me, wanna see?" asks Xue.

"Sure, but if he starts to growl, you'll have to put him back," warns her mother.

Xue reaches down for her belt and grabs the ultraball that contains Rror. She pulls it out of her belt and presses the small white button that emits a bright red light that quickly takes the shape of an eevee. Rror cuddles up on Xue's lap but suddenly notices the woman sitting next to her and all of the people in the next aisle over and begins to growl. Xue reacts instantly, pulling Rror closer to her.

"Rror, stop it! They're not your enemy, and they're not going to hurt you, so leave them alone!" commands Xue.

Rror turns to Xue and begins to whimper, dissapointed that he couldn't try to defend his new master. The eevee instead turns his attention to Xue's mom and begins to glare angrily at her. Xue's mom looks back at him with a slightly worried face.

"Oh, and Rror, this is my mom. She's a friend, and she wont hurt you. Here, I'll show you," Xue tells Rror, then turns to her mom.

"Mom, try to pet Rror," she tells her.

Slowly but surely, her mom reaches out her head and starts to pat Rror, who shivered upon looking at her. Rror's shaking body began to calm down as it enjoyed the relaxing movements of Xue's mom's hand. Just then, an announcement comes on which jerks Rror's attention back to Xue as it cuddles up in a ball next to Xue and begins to shake and shiver while his eyes begin to glare as it looks around trying to find the noise. Xue pets Rror to try and calm him.

"We are about to depart. Please buckle up your seat belts and stay in your seat until it is safe to unbuckle, thank you."

The doors nearby close and Xue's mom grabs for her black seat belt and buckles in. Xue follows her mom's actions and buckles up also. She holds Rror tightly as there is no buckle for him. The plane begins to move. Rror's ears instantly perk up at the noise and it tries to look outside, but the window is too high for him to look through sitting the way he was. After a few moments, the plane begins to lift itself in to the air, beginning to ascend. After a minute or so, another announcement comes on.

"Thank you for listening to our safety procedures. You may now unbuckle and enjoy the rest of your flight. We will be arriving on Cinnabar Island in 5 hours, so please be patient during the flight," notifies the pilot through the speakers.

The two of them unbuckle and Xue releases her grip on Rror. Rror instant heads toward the window to see the ocean below and the land shrinking in the distance. Just then, he catches sight of a flock of wingull. He begins to bark and growl loudly.

"Rror, stop that now! There are old people on this plane!" Xue commands Rror.

Rror frowns at Xue, but still looks out the window, glaring fiercely at the flock and growling very lightly. Meanwhile, Xue's mom looks up at the television ahead of her and watches the featured movie. From her pink bag, Xue pulls out a Nintendo DS and turns it on. She begins to play. The pleasant music and colorful lights attract Rror as he turns his body toward Xue and watches her play a game. The flight continues on as Rror, Xue, and her mother head out to the Magmar Vacation Resort on Cinnabar Island, but will this vacation be the perfect start to a sure to be shining pokemon career? Find out!

To Be Continued...
Chapter 2 is DONE so feel free to grade it, unless you feel you need more chapters of the story. As you'll notice, its much larger. I plan to keep my other chapters lengthy so each post will equal a new chapter.

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Default Re: Spring Break Vacation: Saving the Under Isle!

Now its time for chapter 3! Now we get to the fun part where you'll all get to see a few pokemon battles, a clue as to what the rest of the story will be about, and the appearance of the pokemon I'll be attempting to capture. Enjoy!
Chapter III: Feebas at the Beach! Rivalry Ignites!

"Passengers, we are now preparing for landing. Please buckle up as we prepare to land on Cinnabar Island," alerts the pilot through the speakers.

By now, Rror had fallen asleep next to Xue. She continued to play her Nintendo DS game, but then looks up and quickly proceeds to saving her game. Her mom looks down at her watch. It reads 12:17 pm. Both Xue and her mom proceed to grab their seat belts and buckle up. Afterwards, Xue snaps for Rror, who is sleeping at her side, and moves him in to her lap and holds him tight. The plane begins to descend, and Xue looks out the window. Below and to the right was the ocean, but a small cluster of green, gray, and brown is seen straight ahead. Cinnabar Island is in site. The plane soon begins to fly over the island as it lowers to the ground. eventually, the plane path was in site and the plane reached the ground. Eventually, it came to a halt. Passengers soon began to exit the plane.

Xue and her mother gather their belongings and head out of the plane. There they enter the Cinnabar Airport Center. As they enter, Xue pulls a pokeball, Rror's ultraball off of her belt. She aims it at Rror.

"For now I think it's best you return to your ball, Rror. We can play later," she says.

Rror whimpers as the pokeball opens and with a flash of red light, he disappears into the pokeball. She inserts the belt back on her belt and the two proceed into the center. This center was much different from the one back in Littleroot Town, though. Here the colors were full of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Indoor grown tropical plants in pots were all over the place, giving the place a resort like look. Continuing, the two exited the building and gazed upon the huge parking lot full of cars. Walking through the lot, Xue began to look at the new surroundings and feel the tropical air. The trees here were much different, many being palm trees. The air here was also much hotter, and Xue began to sweat immediately. There were some regular trees and the grass was green as it normally was in Hoenn, though the trees all had leaves and were slightly shorter.

When they reached the end of the parking lot, a long road led into a heavely wooded thicket, but it wouldn't last long as about 5 miles down below in the west was the large city of Cinnabar. A few seconds go by as cars zoom up and down the road. Then, a red bus comes by and stops in front of Xue and her mom. The door opens and 5 people exit. Xue's mom walks in and pays the driver for both of them, and Xue follows. They sit next to eachother on the bus. The interior had black seats and the inside still looked much like the outside, only the red was a darker color inside. Settling in, the door begins to move and the motor begins to become louder as the bus begins to move down the road into the forest. Xue turns her head to the door to look into the forest. The woods were thick of trees, many appearing to be quite tropical.

After a few minutes, Xue began noticing some pokemon in the woods.

I started the first 'graph, but I got homework to do and then shows to watch on TV. Hopefully I can get this chapter done in the next few days. Grader or not, if you have any suggestions or comments on how good you think it is so far and what improvements I could make, let me know. I wanna hear 'em.

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