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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 05-06-2007, 08:39 PM
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Default Leo's Stats

Made by: EeveeDude! Thankies =]

AIM: jkgaia3
Money: $6,500
Complete Skirmishes: 118
Victory/Defeat/Indecisive: o50/o67/oo2
FFAs: 13
Items Used:
Spirit Stone - Eevee
TM Solarbeam - Houndoom
TM Sunny Day - Houndoom
TM toxic - Persian
TM Water Pulse - Persian
TM Attract - Persian
TM Thunderbolt - Persian
TM -Substitute - Persian
TM Aerial Ace - Persian
TM Protect - Persian
TM Dark Pulse - Persian
Soothe Bell - Golbat
TM Sludge Bomb - Crobat
TM Sword's Dance - Sceptile
Heart Scale - Sceptile
TM Roost - Starly
SHiny Stone - Togetic

Unused Items:
HM Fly
TM Stealth Rock
Sun Stone
Occupation(s): Trainer
Party Pokemon:

[Dodger][Male][Early Bird || Flash Fire]
Battles- o40][OT: leo][Obtained- Starter]

Level-Up Moves:
Leer, Ember, Roar, Smog, Howl, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Crunch, Beat Up, Fire Fang, Embargo, Nasty Plot, Thunder Fang
Tms/Hms: TM Solarbeam, TM Sunny Day

Battles- oo1][OT: leo][Obtained- PokeMart]

Level-Up Moves:
Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore, Fake Tears, Charge, Thunder, Baton Pass, Agility, Copycat, Swift, Last Resort, Nasty Plot
Temp. traded to MK.

[Junior][Male][Hustle || Serene Grace]
Battles- oo5][OT: GoGeta][Obtained- Trade with GoGeta for Umbreon]

Level-Up Moves:
Charm, Growl, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Ancientpower, Follow Me, Wish, Safeguard, Double Edge, Baton Pass, Last Resort, Magical Leaf, Sky Attack, Extremespeed, Aura Sphere, Air Slash
Tms/Hms: HM Fly

Battles- oo7][OT: The Jr. Trainer][Obtained- Trade with Jr.]

Level-Up Moves:
Growl, Peck, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor, Aerial Ace, Agility, Air Slash
Tms/Hms: TM Hidden Power [Ghost], TM U-Turn, HM Fly

[Feather][Male][Keen Eye || Tangled Feet]
Battles- oo5][OT: leo][Obtained- Story]

Level-Up Moves:
Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Featherdance, Agility, Mirror Move, Twister, Roost, Tailwind, Air Slash
Tms/Hms: HM Fly

Battles- oo0][OT: Emma][Obtained- Winter Giveaway from Emma. <3 Thankies.]

Level-Up Moves:
Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap, Water Gun, Bide, Foresight, Mud Sport, Take Down, Whirlpool, Protect, Hydro Pump, Endeavor, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Earthquake, Mud Bomb, Hammer Arm
Tms/Hms: TM Rest, Roar, TM Ice Beam, TM Brick Break, HM Surf, Hm Waterfall

[Ester][Female][Keen Eye]
Battles- oo5][OT: -Pichu Boy-][Obtained- Spring Gift from MK! =D Thanks.]

Level-Up Moves:
Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor, Whirlwind, Aerial Ace, Take Down, Agility, Brave Bird
Tms/Hms: TM Roost, HM Fly

Battles- oo2 FFAs- oo1][OT: -Pichu Boy-][Obtained- Trade with Mk for Apollo the Minun. =]]

Level-Up Moves:
Leer, Bite, Sandstorm, Screech, Rock Slide, Thrash, Scary Face, Crunch, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse, Payback, Stone Edge

[Thayet][Female][Vital Spirit || Hustle]
Battles- oo0][OT: leo][Obtained- hatched from my Easter Egg 8o]

Level-Up Moves:
Tms/Hms: HM Fly

[Neal][Male][Swift Swim]
Battles- oo2][OT: leo][Obtained- Story "An Underwater Attack!"]

Level-Up Moves:
Splash, Tackle, Flail

Temporarily Owning:

Delibird [F, Vital Spirit/Hustle]
9 battles, 3 FFAs, 0 WAR Battles, 0 OHKOs, 0 Gym Battles, 0 Tourney Battles, 0 Mahogany Battles
TMs/HMs: Avalanche(GYM)
BMs/MTs/SMs: Gunk Shot
Obtained: Story - Santa's Little Helper
No Longer the ONLY Delibird in existence in the URPG

Future Targets:

Table Of Contents:
o1. URPG Statistics, Pokemon, and Future Targets
o3. Story/Battle Links
o4. Hall of Badges, Objectives, and Credits
mkxleo.bffs. my.links.

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Old 05-15-2008, 10:36 PM
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Default Re: Leo's Stats

Story Links:

An Unbelievable Happening - This is my first story. Pokemon; Snover - Caught! :3

An Escapee in the Zoo Flying Area?! - Second story =D Pokemon; Pidgey - Caught! :3

An Underwater Attack! - Third Story. Pokemon; Magikarp - Caught! :3

Battle Links:


mkxleo.bffs. my.links.

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Old 05-15-2008, 10:46 PM
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 867
Default Re: Leo's Stats

Hall Of Badges:

Kanto: oo0
Johto: oo0
Hoenn: oo1 {~Rustboro - Leader MagicKid - ~}
Shinnoh: oo0


o1. Become a Grader
o2. Become a Ref
o3. Capture ten Pokemon all together.
o4. Catch an Eevee and name it Luna.
o5. Capture all Flying-type Mons. ( 6/34 )


Banner - EeveeDude
Leo's Sprite - Deoxys Ribonuke
Pokemon Sprites - Pokesho
Layout - Myself
Base Layout (The one I got the idea for my layout from) - Jr.
mkxleo.bffs. my.links.

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