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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-03-2007, 02:30 AM
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Talking Queens Anger: Look Into My Eyes

from the author

hey ya'll. this is my first pokémon story... i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it please comment, review...

oh and keep in mind my first language is french, my second is english, so when critisising, use basic english so i can understand what you have typed. THANKS LOADS!!!!

by the way, it is rated G as in all ages

“Look into my eyes,” he said. She could do nothing but obey. He controlled her; he could do whatever he wished with her… Yet that must not be so! She was a queen, the queen of the forest; he was nothing but a commoner, a very powerful commoner! She had to do something.

She could feel her mind sinking into numbness; she needed help, quickly. She had to learn to dance in tune to his hypnotic mind games. She wriggled her tail in a vain attempt to loosen the chains that hung her. Her long, agile blue body danced in the moonlight. He was going to win!

He smiled, she could sense it, even though he had no mouth, and it sickened her. Why was no one here to help her? She needed to be strong. She closed her sweet eyes; even if it was his wish they remained open. He had not won yet. She could sense something, a little bit of energy, the difference between life and death. She felt it flow through her snake-like body and come out from the horn at the tip of her forehead. A thundershock. This was no ordinary thundershock though; it was very powerful, as powerful as only a queen can do.

As the energy escaped through her, she felt the blood circulation start to include her tail again: the chains had been shattered. She opened her eyes, hoping the same thing had happened to him. She lost hope at the sight of his face and the speed at which it was flying towards her. She ducked; he hit the wall at full speed, breaking through it. She breathed a sigh of relief. The tackle had missed.

The relief was short lived however because he came right back. He floated there, glaring at her. She glared back at him. It was time for a battle. She waited for him to go first; she needed all the energy she could muster. He understood this and so just floated there, patiently waiting to destroy her.

She was getting angry. The weather changed from pouring rain to a lightning storm, suddenly he was fearful. She smiled confidently. She was queen of this desolate area after all. She lay there patiently. He was going to make the first move, she was sure of it. Unfortunately, she kept forgetting he had four brains.

He looked down upon the “queen”. She had to die, he was the rightful king! He wanted the power of the Arm?*nhãn forest, her forest. It was the most powerful ruby in the world, and it was in her heart. He glared at her, fury consuming one of his four brains. The other three were thinking of possible attacks she would be too weak to counterattack.

She could not stand the tension anymore. She could feel the weather worsening with her mood. She could feel the gales coming together to form her next attack, twister. He looked behind him, it was too late. He slammed against the ground and screamed in agony.

Suddenly, in-between all the debris, a punch flew out; nearly hitting her if her reflexes had not been at full working capacity. Quickly, she did some calculations to determine the angle at which he lay and the most effective attack to use: rage.

The weather was getting worse. Hail was now included in the torture. Lightning bolts kept aiming towards him, due to his metallic structure. The blue pearls on her tail were glowing furiously, her self-conscious slipped away, allowing the anger and hatred to take control.

After what seemed like ages, she regained control over her body. The temple was wrecked and he was no where to be seen, but she sensed his presence. He was alive, and waiting. She looked around, she was scared, dead scared. Suddenly she felt something slam into her, taking her breath away, and knocking her out, completely.

“I win,” he rasped. He turned to look at the beautiful forest, half destroyed by her rage; he looked at its citizens, the pokémon of Arm?*nhãn and raised his hands. No one cheered, they all just stared in disappointment, he did not care. He clapped his claws together twice, creatures that looked exactly like his legs rained from the sky. There was a faint drum beat as the invasion began.

“Sorry celebi,” the queen whispered. Suddenly she heard something; apparently he had noticed it too. A pink creature floated up to her and touched her, she felt healed, this same pink creature looked at him, and suddenly he was enveloped in a pink bubble. He beat against it but to no avail.

Every beldum that had rained from the sky was teleported back to wherever they came from, as for him, their leader; she had a score to settle.

“No Airy, please!” He looked scared. She smiled sadistically as her horn glowed. She could feel the rush of energy go through her bones, through her blood, through her soul. This was a move she saved for the worst of villains, and he was the worst of villains. Her eyes turned red with the power going through her before changing to a bright light. Her mind was numb, her breathing was deeper, her skin started to glow, then the energy was released. There was a powerful explosion and with it, a piece of her soul burned. When the dust cleared, she turned towards the pink pokémon.

“Thank-you Mew,” she whispered, the weather had changed, and it was bright and sunny. The people cheered, but she looked at them, disappointed.

“Why is it none of you came to help me?” she boomed. They all looked at her, shocked at her question, one of them pointed to the rule tree (a tree engraved with every law they possessed).

The queen or king must battle alone if the offender is alone, thus shows she/he is the true queen/king.

Lightning struck the tree, setting it on fire.

“Oops,” was all she said, and slithered back in with all the dignity of the queen dragon, suddenly her heart felt pain, poor Cross de MT, he was an enemy but a fellow pokémon as well. She looked at her nervous people, they had seen her anger and now they were scared, she needed to go away from here, from these uncaring pokémon, all they wanted was her power, nothing more. She felt feelings she had never felt before: anger, hatred, fatigue. They were unrelenting with their day-to-day hassles. She slowly slithered into a stream of water gushing nearby.


“Mama, what happened to the queen after that?” T.G. asked, her boundless curiosity was aroused. Her mother simply shook her head.

“Ok, what happened to the people?” she asked.

“They got a new queen, a milotic this time, they were scared of dragons,”

“Goodnight mama,” T.G. whispered.

“Goodnight my beautiful togepi,” she then floated out of the room.
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