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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-10-2008, 11:45 AM
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Exclamation The Spanish Pokemon League


This is the story of a young man named Javier; he was born in a small(ish) town near Spain’s eastern coastline called Girona. It was a peaceful place, and home to Spain’s strongest ever Pokemon trainer Nando and an official pokemon gym. Javier’s dream was to travel through Spain and compete in the Spanish league after he had acquired the 12 gym badges you needed.

“According to guidelines” Javier read out “you must obtain 12 gym badges by defeating 12 different gym leaders, there is 18 gyms throughout Spain though it is highly unlikely that all will be active at the same time” this pumped Javier up, he was eager to begin his journey, which would start today as soon as he reached the pokemon centre in Girona. Unlike in regions of Japan, in Spain you got your trainers license at 14, and today was the always anticipated 14 birthday of Javier. Girona was mostly surrounded by forest areas, which is why there were many forest pokemon trainers in Girona. Though when Javier was 12 he managed to be-friend a rare pokemon around those parts called Bagon which usually resided in the Mountains. They had done almost everything together through the past year and today when Javier would be given a pokeball he could officially catch Bagon and start battling and training with Bagon.

“Well Bagon we’re here you ready?” the pokemon responded in with a cheerful tone, Javier took one step forward and as the automatic doors opened Javier saw a wonderful sight of Pokemon and trainers everywhere, he smiled to himself and continued walking up to the counter

“Hello can I help you?” said a cheerful woman from behind the counter
“Yes I am here to put in my registration for the league”
“Yes of course, Name?” said the woman
“Javier Gonzalez”
“Thankyou” said the woman “and please come over here for your photo” she took Javier’s photo and with a minute his license was printed out and his registration complete, this gave Javier a rush of feelings, Happiness, nervousness and excitement though he also felt a little bit hungry
“Excuse me miss” Javier asked the nurse again
“Yes” she responded “and please call me Nurse Maria”
“Oh okay Nurse Maria, do you know where I could find a dining place around here”
“Yes Pokemon Centres all have Cafeterias and motel rooms for overnight stays”. Javier went to the Cafeteria and bought some lunch for himself and Bagon.

Later on he left the Centre and started walking east towards some forest area, where he hoped to begin training Bagon by battling other trainers and pokemon, and maybe improve his skills to face the first and closest gym the Girona gym which specialized in the training of Bird pokemon, its leader David was well known throughout Girona. He Continued walking for nearly an hour without seeing much or anything at all until he came across a small hut, he walked up to it and had a peep inside the window, there were several in fact dozens of people in side, he didn’t know what they were doing there and didn’t want to intrude so he continued walking, though only for a few second before he heard people coming out of the cabin talking about was going on
“Excuse me” said Javier “could you tell what’s going on inside there?”
“Yeah the people in there are giving away free pokemon eggs”
“What really?” Javier was getting really excited
“You’d better hurry up if you want one, they don’t have many left” Javier looked up he saw dozens of people walking his way from the same way he had came, thinking they were probably coming for an egg too he decided to quickly go inside and get himself one, there was a rather large line, but eventually after 15 minutes or so it was his turn to get one.
“Well your in luck” said the person giving them away “you’ve got the last one”
“Wow, really thanks a lot” said Javier, he was so excited by all this that once he got out of the house he began to run and he ran for a while before he remembered he was running in the wrong direction
“Hey you there” yelled a voice from somewhere
“Yes” said Javier
“You a trainer?” Javier was unsure about this guys straight to the point attitude but he responded with a polite “yes I am”
“Well then I guess you know what’s coming” Javier felt stupid he didn’t know what to say, the other trainer seemed to sense this “lets battle” he said
“Oh, right yes lets” said Javier
“Is a 1 on 1 fine with you”, Javier felt relieved of this as he only had one pokemon him self he didn’t know how many pokemon his opponent had “yes that sounds good”
“Okay then” said the trainer “by the way just so you know to tell people when I win my name is Roberto, okay lets go Staravia”, Roberto threw his poke ball and the Staravia popped out “Staravia” said the pokemon it was a bird pokemon with eyes bent inward which made it look very intimidating, “lets go Bagon”
“You can go first” said Roberto
“Okay let’s go leer” Bagon gave Staravia and intimidating stare, Staravia seemed a little scared
“Staravia Tackle” but Staravia was frozen to the spot
“great one Bagon, attack it with Bite” Bagon ran up to the Staravia and bit Staravia on its tail”, it gave out a high pitched squeal, and almost instantly got over its fear.
“now Staravia use Wing attack”, Staravia flew in the air and quickly changed direction and starting coming down at Bagon
“Bagon stay were you are” this seemed to confuse Roberto though he continued with his attack, Staravia started to close in on Bagon “now Bagon jump and use headbutt full force” Bagon and Staravia hit each other with a headbutt and Wing Attack at full force, Staravia went flying through the air and Bagon went hurdling towards the ground. Both Pokemon landed with a large thump and both Javier and Roberto were unsure if either pokemon would be able to get up there was a lot of anticipation and at almost the same time Staravia and Bagon both very injured, seemed determined to out-stand the other, it was clear neither pokemon would be able to attack again but both had a small amount of energy left. “Call it a draw shall we?” asked Roberto, this being Javier’s first battle he didn’t want to be the one to ask that in case it wasn’t normal procedure.
“Yes” said Javier, both trainers quickly recalled their pokemon to their pokeballs and whispered words of encouragement to them. “Great match” said Roberto
“Yes thankyou for that”, after saying their goodbyes to each other the trainers went there different ways, Javier was going to go back to Girona to the Pokemon centre to heal Bagon back to full health and when he was there he though he might have a look at the Girona Centre for Beginner Trainers, a meeting place for beginner trainers to arrange battles and there was always people to get advice from on other places to go to find trainers and catch new pokemon.

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Default Re: A Pokemon Journey through... somewhere different

Javier was walking back to Girona when he saw the same trainer that had told him about the eggs, he decided to go over and properly say thankyou, but he seemed quite pre-occupied with his little pokemon that he was carrying in his arms.
“Hi, I just wanted to say thankyou for telling me about the eggs”
“Yes, yes, no problem” the trainer didn’t look up, from his pokemon
“Okay, what kind of pokemon is that?”
“This is Smoochum, it just hatched, and it’s great because I love ice pokemon”
“What really” Javier was amazed “are all the eggs Smoochum’s?”
“No, my friend who got an egg as well” said the trainer “his egg hatched into an Elekid”
“Wow” remarked Javier; this had further excited Javier, as he started to explore the possibilities of what his egg might hatch into, he didn’t understand everything to do with pokemon breeding, he didn’t pretend to. He put his ear close up against the egg to see if he could hear if the egg was close to hatching and he heard light sounds coming from the egg, little noises of movement, he figured the egg must be somewhere near hatching. He then decided to get a better idea of what kind of pokemon may be in the egg, he got out his ‘Pokemon Trainers Beginner Hand Guide’ “lets see” Javier said talking out loud “eggs, chapter 22, there are many pokemon types and it is more common than not, that the colour representation of a pokemon’s type will be displayed on the egg” Javier thought that was simple enough, well this egg is blue, okay” he said still out loud “colour representations, chapter 3, there are many pokemon types with colour representations:

• Fighting type – Maroon/dark brown
• Flying Type – Light Purple
• Poison Type – Purple
• Ground Type – Light Brown
• Rock Type – Dark Brown/black
• Bug Type – Lime/Green
• Ghost Type – Dark Purple
• Steel Type – Grey
• Grass Type – Green
• Fire Type – Orange
• Water Type – Blue
• Electric Type – Yellow
• Psychic Type – Light Purple/Pink
• Ice Type – Light Blue/Aqua
• Dragon Type – Dark Blue/Purple
• Dark Type - Light Black
• Normal Type – White
• ??? Type – Black

“I see in likelihood it is going to be a water type pokemon”. Tired of thinking about the egg, Javier decided to continue walking thinking that Bagon might need to go to the pokemon centre. He walked for about 15 minutes before looking at his watch and realising that it was already 8.00 in the evening, he could se the sun about to go down, he didn’t really fancy being alone in the forest at night, so he started jogging at a faster pace, though it didn’t take long for another distraction, Javier saw a wild pokemon, realising that this was the first wild pokemon he had seen on his journey he decided to try and get close to it and see what type of wild pokemon it was, though the pokemon had spot him and was backing up cautiously, it was a small pokemon blue face, body and legs but at the top of its head sprouted some green leaves.
“Oddish” said the pokemon, Javier took when step closer cautiously, though the Oddish got startled and run way. Javier disappointed but glad to be clear of distractions, walked straight and quickly back to the pokemon centre. Nothing of particular interest happened on his way back to Girona Pokemon Centre, he asked for a key to a room to stay the night and went up to his room, which was unimaginably small, there was bed, barely big enough to fit himself in and there was a small shelf to put his belongings on. He wasn’t disappointed with the room considering it was free, so he went to bed and fell asleep sooner that he could count a Mareep.

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Default Re: A Pokemon Journey through... somewhere different

In the morning Javier was forced with decision of what to do, he didn’t want to get ahead of him self by going to the Girona gym but he couldn’t think of much else to do. He decided to quickly go by the Girona Centre for Beginner Trainers, he arrived there very quickly in fact Javier was surprised in how fast he managed to navigate himself there, he felt giving himself a pat on the back or a clap, but he didn’t want to draw attention to himself so he opted not to. Javier had high expectations for the centre but he felt a little bit let down as there was only one other trainer, a woman, in there, that was checking a bulletin board on the other side of the room, Javier casually walked up to where the woman was standing, she turned around and got a bit of fright at seeing Javier there.
“Hi there” she said, Javier had really no idea what to say, he figured he’d say his intentions of being there, though he felt stupid thinking that this place would be lively.
“Yes hi, no offence but when I decided to come here, I thought there’d be more people here”
“yes, sadly” she said we have not had much business here for a long time”
“Why is that?” asked Javier
“Well, people aren’t coming to the Girona gym much any more so trainers don’t pass through the city as often” Javier was shocked, he had thought the Girona gym was open and getting lots of trainers through it.
“Why what’s wrong with the Girona Gym?”
“Well the problem is another bird Pokemon gym opened up in Seville and now the bird trainers have all migrated over to there” Javier wasn’t sure if the woman had intended for the pun to be there, so he smiled politely but didn’t laugh.
“Do you think they are going to keep the gym open?”
“Well in all honesty I think there will have to be a new type of gym here, if bird trainers don’t want to come here anymore, we need to find some people who will”.
Javier started to sense that instead of everything pumping him up like it did the day before, today things would make him miserable. Javier thought that it would be unusual for a trainer on the second day of their journey to be so stumped on where to go. He wondered through town with Bagon looking at shop windows, , selling all sorts of extravagant pokemon items and he came across a store with a sign reading ‘poke mart’ ‘ all basic pokemon needs here’, interested he went to have a look, 25 minutes later, he took a step outside with his money bag half as heavy as it was when he went in but his bag, filled with all sorts of different poke balls and medicines for pokemon when they’re sick or injured. With his mood lifted, Javier decided to make his way toward the Girona gym and see just how dead it is in there. As he was walking he felt his bag starting to vigorously move, he thought they may be something wrong with one of the things he bought, but to Javier’s surprise his egg wads the thing moving he quickly got it out and lay it on the floor, in practically no time it all it hatched

“WOW” said Javier, the pokemon happily said its name

Will you find out what hatched from the egg next time?


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Default Re: A Pokemon Journey through... somewhere different

After a while of playing with his new baby pokemon, he though it could probably use some food, so he decide to head towards the closest pokemon restaurant “I should probably go budget” thought Javier “I just spent all heaps of money at the Poke Mart”, he finally came to one and ordered some Poke treats for Bagon and his new Baby Pokemon. Javier wasn’t an expert on baby pokemon; he didn’t how long it would be before he could put in its pokeball or do anything like battling. So he decided that he should head to the ‘Infant Pokemon Research Centre’ in Barcelona not to far south of Girona and if he wanted to that, he should quickly take care of all the business left that he had to do in Girona; which as far as Javier could see was the battle he wanted to have at the gym though with only one pokemon battle in his career and that one only being a draw, he hardly felt capable of doing so. But he felt he would check it out anyway, so he made his way as fast as he could, Bagon by his side, carrying his baby pokemon his arms, Javier had been worried that the Baby Pokemon would take up a lot of his time but he had impressed with how little the pokemon was bothering him, he continued walking for a while until he came across a big sign saying

‘POKEMON GYM, FLYING TYPE TRAINER FOR RECRUITMENT’, Javier stepped inside of the gym and saw a tall man, with dark brown hair, sitting on a chair, head resting on his chin, Javier felt rather awkward, but stepped inside the mans view and said hello. The man jumped up immediately at the sight of him “Oh hello there” he said “are you here to challenge the gym leader”
“Yes I guess I am” replied Javier
“Well that’s me” said the gym leader “my name is David”
“If you don’t mind me asking” said Javier “you seemed rather depressed when I walked in”
“Yes well today is my last day as gym leader, you see a gym leaders job is more than just battling I have to get more people in the gym but unfortunately ever since the new flying type gym opened up in Seville everyone has gone over there, there is a big sign outside advertising a replacement job”
“So what are you going to do” said Javier who was getting concerned
“Don’t know, but I don’t want to get you down with my personal problems, if you’re here for a badge lets battle” Javier was impressed with David’s attitude,
“Okay lets battle I guess” said Javier
“You don’t sound too confident”, Javier decided not to answer this comment and felt more determined than before”

“OFFICIAL GIRONA GYM RULES” said the announcer “ALL BATTLES ARE TWO ON TWO” this scared Javier, he new he probably couldn’t use his new baby pokemon, “CHALLENGER CAN CHANGE POKEMON DURING BATTLE”

“You can start if you like” said David
“Let’s go Bagon”
“Pidgeotto go”
“Bagon headbutt”
“Pidgeotto use Gust” a huge cyclone covered the field and headed straight for Bagon
“Bagon stay still” the cyclone approached closer “now Bagon quickly dive through the Gust and use headbutt” Bagon followed orders and struggled through the wind but managed to headbutt the Pidgeotto and Pidgeotto went flying into a wall
“Pidgeotto get up” “now use Wing Attack” Javier decided to use a tactic from his last battle hoping Bagon would have learned to do it even better this time “stay still” Pidgeotto was gaining speed and approaching quickly “Now use headbutt full force”, in a huge explosion the two pokemon collided though in the short time it took to be able to see everything again it was clear Pidgeotto had fainted from exhaustion and Bagon was standing confidently yet tiredly “Pidgeotto can no longer battle, Bagon is the winner”
“YES, well done Bagon, keep it up”
“Ok it’s not over yet let’s go Swellow” “use quick attack!”
“Bagon endure the hit and use bite” Swellow, was moving at an incredible pace, and slammed into Bagon quickly though Bagon as commanded did well to catch Swellow as it attempted to leave with a big bite attack “now swing it and throw it” Swellow through the air this time un-intentionally and slammed into a side wall “Swellow use Gust then quick attack” A big gust of wind move towards Bagon and Swellow dived quickly through the wind and attacked Bagon with a critical hit
“Bagon is unable to battle, Swellow Wins”
“Well I guess that’s it” said Javier
“No you still have that other Pokemon” said David
“Yeah, but I don’t think its up to battling at the moment so..” but he was cut off the pokemon that seemed eager to give it a go “a you sure?” said Javier “you just hatched, well if you insist, go for it Mantyke use bubble” a spray of endless bubbles sprayed at Swellow “use gust and send them back”
“Dodge them Mantyke now use Supersonic” Javier covered his ears as a terrible sound screeched from his pokemon and he yelled over it “ now use Bubblebeam” Colourful bubbles sprayed at the Swellow knocking it up against the same wall that had proved so useful for Javier in this battle.

“Swellow is unable to Battle, Javier wins”
“YES!!!!!!!!” Javier couldn’t control his joy,
“Congratulations” said David, “here take this the air badge”
“Thank you so much”
“Take this too, this is TM 40, its aerial ace, put it to good use”

Javier walked out of the gym feeling so good about him, Bagon and Mantyke and felt he was on top of the world and he felt a lot more comfortable with Mantyke and battling with it so he decided getting to the ‘Infant Pokemon Research Centre’ wouldn’t be so important for the time being.
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Default Re: A Pokemon Journey through... somewhere different

Does anyone like it??
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Exclamation Re: A Pokemon Journey through... somewhere different

I like it, and the idea is very good.
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Old 02-17-2008, 06:19 AM
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Exclamation Re: A Pokemon Journey through... somewhere different

Originally Posted by Jer49 View Post
I like it, and the idea is very good.
Thanks, though im not sure if i am going to do anymore it doesnt seem to popular enough.
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