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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 02-16-2008, 12:22 AM
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Default How He Likes It [PG-13 for Suggestive Themes]

How He Likes It is a romance story about a nerd girl and a popular boy, who meet unexpectedly. Like the usual, the two meet and romance together, but then she finds out things that would unattract each other, making the girl sad, but then she finds out his passion for a popular video game that she likes, and they both find out the world of Pokemon together.

Yah, the plot is still working. Anyway, it debuts Saturday February 16th, so graders can get dibs.

And I would suggest the grader to be a girl, unless there is a boy grader that likes goo-goo-ga-ga stories. :)
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Old 02-16-2008, 08:40 PM
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Default Re: How He Likes It [PG-13 for Suggestive Themes]

Characters Needed for Complex Pokemon (haven’t chosen yet): 30-40 K
Characters So Far: 4.5 K

Chapter One:
The Encounter

As the aqua blue waters swayed and created low and soft sounds, a plump old lady in overalls sat down on the chair by her table, sewing a magenta pink colored sweater for her granddaughter. She was known internationally for sewing sweaters for her major company.

This seems like a nice grandmother to live with? I thought so. Here’s the side-story. A fourteen year old teenager with strawberry blond hair lived with her fat-ass mean grandmother who embarrassed her on a daily basis.

In the morning on a sunny September day, this specific teenager woke up at four-o-clock in the morning for her daily karate lessons. Her sensei demanded a ridiculously early schedule for this girl, and her grandmother couldn’t help but support her karate teacher.

Now, by now you would have noticed that the main character of this story is her. See, you’re wrong. She is one of the two main characters of this story, so keep reading.

The clock struck six and a blond haired fourteen year old woke up, tired. Getting up casually, he brushed his teeth until they were pearly white and got dressed. He lived with his rich parents in the same town of Malibu, California as the other girl, and attended the same school as her. However, he didn’t know this as the girl was brand-new.

By now you should recognize that it’s the first day of high school for these two different students. Congrats, you finally guessed right!

* * * *

“Angelina, your bus has arrived!” The girl’s grandmother muttered. Angelina trudged down her dirty carpet stairs holding a bundle of extremely heavy books.

Angelina’s overweight grandmother scoffed when she saw the amount of books she had to carry, and said, “High school doesn’t require that much books to be read.”

Angelina made a cross face and set down her books. “I’m in Advanced Math and Advanced Science.”

“Well get a backpack!” Her grandmother turned back to her sewing. Angelina sighed and continued to slump to her waiting bus, where she spotted a boy her age.

Aqua blue eyes, and wavy blond hair, this kid was totally cute in Angelina’s perspective. She pushed away her reddish-blond hair and walked toward the dirty and smelly yellow school bus.

Angelina scoffed when she saw everyone in the bus fooling around and throwing badly-made paper airplanes. She sat down in an empty seat close to the love of her life, J.

“Hey, J, we share four classes!” Angelina heard a dorky girl say as she twitched her glasses. J looked stressed at the popularity and didn’t reply. Angelina smiled.

* * * *

J continued being crowded around the halls and was followed about everywhere. “Why did I have to be chosen popular?” he said in his mind.

At ten, the kids finally headed to different classes, and there was no one behind J. In fact, almost everyone wasn’t near him. Angelina walked over to the door to Advanced Math without looking the way, and fell on her butt, letting books scatter everywhere.

“Great,” Angelina muttered.

J heard a crash nearby and looked behind him, seeing Angelina on the floor scattering around trying to find her books. Advanced Math required tons of different textbooks, so J knew what Angelina just went through.

“Wow, cute and smart, he’s going to Advanced Math!” Angelina said to herself in a cheery voice.

After J helped Angelina up, he looked into her natural and forest green eyes and made a surprised face. Angelina smiled, which woke J up from his brief day-dreaming moment.

“Thanks,” Angelina muttered and J held her hand to pick her up. She grinned in nervousness and received her books. The two chatted pointlessly until the bell made an earsplitting noise, indicating that class started. The two both said “late” at the same time and giggled as they entered the classroom.

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