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Default The Chronicles of the Ocean

Banner by Yami Zidane

Book I : Land of the Past


Middle of the ocean, 6:30 P.M.

"Just a few strokes more. I will reach the bottom, I know I will."

I had my tri-spiked spear in my right hand, ready to stab the target with it. I pulled the spear back a bit and threw it quickly towards the bottom of the sea. It hit the sand with an outstanding speed, but apparently it lacked accuracy, for it was meant to hit the soft, red, plastic box instead of the sand next to it.

"Oh, man! Not again! How hard is it to aim at the box!" I thought and made my way quickly up to the surface since I was starting to loose my breath. I'd been underwater for a while. Although my lungs were trained to handle the pressure of the underwater, I was not inhuman, I had to breath sometimes. My arms were aching because of the swimming, I had swam about 3 miles to reach the very place that the box was at.

Right when I got at the surface, a huge wave splashed at me, introducing the taste of salty water to my mouth again. I spat the water out for a while for it tasted disgusting. After the taste was fully gone, I started swimming for the nearest shore because I was so tired of today's training, the agony of the son of the Great Diver himself.


Now, my name is Joel. I was named after my grandfather who was also named Joel, and my father is named Joel as well. So that basically makes me Joel III. I know that's a bit awkward nowadays to be called Joel III. I can't recall my last name, I've been always been called by the name of Joel or Joel III. But I do remember that the name had something to do with heavy rainfalls.

Now, you would run screaming if you ever saw me after I come from my training. My long, blond hair would be stiff from the salty ocean water, my tanned hands would be scarred and you'd see bruises all over my average size feet. My blue eyes would be sleepy-looking and my pretty-boy face would be ruined. Don't bump into me when I look like that.

I was born here, raised here, thought how to battle here and told how to dive. Pacifidlog Town is my home. The beaches of the city stretch long cutting the ocean into halves. The town stands on Corsola, as some may already know. The climate here is mild, perfect for living outdoors and great for swimming. The water temperature isn't too cold, so swimming is more of a pleasure than a must. I live in a cottage with my family. The cottage is located in the South-West corner of the town.

At the moment, I'm in training because I will swim one day to Mossdeep City, all on my own, but it will require help from the Great Diver, my father. He has already made me a skilled swimmer and strategical battler. But my diving lessons just don't pay off. I need to focus more on the bottom than the surface.

Since I live in a place surrounded by water, you can propably guess what types of Pokemon I use, or I'd like to use. Yes, correct, the water and ice types. That's why my father caught me Spheal from the Shoal Cave, North from Mossdeep City. He said it was actually hard to catch because it's relatives, Walreins, would do anything to save it. I know my geography well too which is important since I need to know the way to Mossdeep City so that I won't get lost.

Also, I own a Swinub which was my first pokemon, I caught him on a trip to Johto with my family. The poor Swinub was just asking for trouble from my father. So my father battled it and I threw the ball at it. Nobody messes around with my father, for he is the Great Diver of Pacifidlog Town.



A random shore at the oceanic scenery, 8:05 P.M.

As I said, I swam for the shore as tired as I was because I felt that all the possible places in my body ached. I fell on the shore, tired and weak. Easy pray. I lay there with my arms streched out. I closed my eyes and began to fall into the world of dreams. I laid there for minutes, maybe hours, still tired of the training.

I woke up. It was already darkening and i couldn't see the horizon anymore. Father always told me to look at the horizon to tell the time. So my wild guess of the time was about 8 or 9 P.M. I started walking slowly on the beach. I concentrated on my feet, so that I wouldn't trip and get hurt. I was already hurt enough for today.

Suddenly, I felt a cold, hard and slimy figure at my toes. First I thought it was only seaweed, but then I opened my eyes and saw a Clamperl trying to pinch my foot.

"Hey, let go, you little..." I stopped.

I noticed that the little Clamperl was not on her own, an enormous Huntail was swimming back and forth in the shallow water near the shore. With those huge, pointed teeth and that long tail, I thought it would be for my own good to leave right away. Clamperl apparently didn't want me to leave because it clamped my feet and I tripped on the wet sand. That angered me for my body had just dried.

"Now, I've had it with you! Either you go back to the water with your Huntail or you take a quick match with me!" I shouted at the Clamperl like it would understand my speech.

The Clamperl kept his grip on my feet. And I was left with only one option. To fight.

"Go Swinub!" I screamed because the Clamperl was now pinching painfully and my feet were already aching from the swimming.

A white light came out of my Pokeball and appeared in the form of a Swinub. My Swinub took his battle position and curled up as a ball.

"Charge at that Clamperl with a full-power Take Down!" I told Swinub.

Clamperl did what it had to do and protected itself by retreing back to it's shell and the Take Down caused no damage to the shell.
Clamperl was now ready for a fight, it started out with a Clamp attack. Swinub countered it with a fully charged Tackle which hit the Clamperl hard.

"Swinub, use Blizzard!" I shouted.

A furious blizzard started raging at the beach, which was not at Pacifidlog Town, Joel was lost now. Clamperl got hit by the raging blizzard and dived back to the water. I was astounded that it had escaped, so was my Swinub for it was just starting to have fun with the battle.

Just when I was about to leave the shore, refreshed and recovered, I heard a huge splash from the water and the Clamperl had used Dive attack to refresh itself in the warm water and now it pounded itself against Swinub. Clamperl took a good grip from Swinub who was fighting the pain.

"Swinub, shake that thing off! And use your Powder Snow attack!" I told Swinub. But Clamperl wouldn't let go. So I told Swinub to Endure the clamping for as long as the Clamperl managed to do them.

Swinub started losing it's focus because the Clamperl had a very firm grip from Swinub's back. All of a sudden, Clamperl let go of Swinub and Protected itself.

"Why on Earth did it do that?" I wondered. "Now, Swinub, attack it with Powder Snow attack!"

Swinub charged at the Clamperl with a furious rampage, jumped about 3 feet in the air and let out a freezing fall of snow. The snowy wind hit Clamperl, but caused no harm because Clamperl had protected itself. And now, the Clamperl countered the attack with a Water Gun. Water Gun splashed against the weak body of Swinub and made Swinub to give up. Swinub fell on the wet sand of the foreign shore.

"Come back to your Pokeball, Swinub", I said. "Enough fooling around, go Spheal!"

The Pokeball flew in the air and opened to reveal the newly-caught Spheal. Spheal curled up into a ball and, without Joel saying a word, it rolled at the Clamperl with a great speed. The rolling body of Spheal flew through the air.

Clamperl got hit and fell on the ground, tired and weak, just like I did when I fell on this very shore. Easy prey.

"Hmm, could this be the key to my diving practices?" I thought. "It's worth a try, I guess."

I threw the Pokeball at Clamperl who was still practically fainted from the battle with my true fighters, Swinub and Spheal, they weren't in such a good condition either. Clamperl disappeared inside the ball and the Pokeball started shaking wildly and mysteriosly...I didn't know what to expect.

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Default Re: Lost My Pearls

Story- eh boy finds pokemon, boy fights pokemon, boy beats pokemon. The prologue was pretty good tough and well written, I just wish you would've written more.

Realism- in the pokemon world this is as real as you get.

Grammar/spelling- ok, no problems here, a couple of misspellings, but those are just simple mistakes.

Details- not enough detail. the story is just too short for there to be enough.

Battle- Good battle, very descriptive, but too short. You need to lengthen this out and you'll be better off.

Outcome-clamperl Not captured. Give me about another post or half a post of information. lenghten the story and expand the battle and clamperl will be yours.
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Default Re: Lost My Pearls

The story continues...


The very same beach, 9:30 P.M.

When I was ready with the Clamperl, I noticed that there were no houses,cottages or even the slightest sign of civilization. I started wandering around, trying to find living(or dead) signs of human beings or Pokemon or houses, or whatever I was trying to find. No success. I still had my spear in my left hand, ready to stab anything. With the etched and pointy spikes of the trident, there was no enemy that could have a match with me, without loosing. The problem was that I was too tired to think clearly and my muscles were aching, so I could be beaten easily in any battle.

This shore was different from all the other shores near Pacifidlog Town. It was filled with trees that had beards of lichen, the shallow water had pebbles and there was a forest nearby. The sand was more rough than in the homebeaches, it was rocky and had pieces of driftwood on it. The huge waves were splashing at the rocky walls of the shore like tomorrow would never come again. It would've been a hard fall from some of the cliffs near the very place where Joel stood at. The forest was rather intimidating. The trees looked like they could wake up from their ancient dreams and attack any strangers that posed threat to them. Their branches were hidden for the amount of lichen and moss on them was enormous. There was no grass in the forest, moss made a soft floor, filled with green rugs. It was dark. Dark.

It was Joel's mind as well that was dark. He knew that he couldn't swim anymore, and if he could, it wouldn't be smart to go swimming in those tides. Besides it was too dark to see the next shore. The forest seemed to come nearer every blink of his eye. It was almost over, or at least he felt like it.


I was at the boundaries of crying and not crying. I was so scared that no words are there in this world to describe the awful fear that filled the inner me. There was no way off this shore. I couldn't go to the water and not to the forest. I couldn't stay at the beach, the waves would crash at me soon. I noticed the spear on my hand...

"What if...What use am I to this world? What difference does it make whether I live or whether I die?" I noticed I had started talking to myself.

"My father and mother never cared about me, or at least they never showed it. They wouldn't miss me. I have no friends, I've been concentrating on the training too much."

A furious blast of anger could be heard all over the seas.

I fell on the shore.

"Why? Why me?...I never did anything wrong..."

The spear was waiting. Should I do or should I not. I hesitated for a moment. Should my Pokemon go down with me? they couldn't live without, but they can die with me. The choice has been made.

Before the stab was done, I heard a freezing cry, deep from the forest. The cry filled me with an unspeakable fear. My heart stopped, my hand stopped, the trident fell on the ground. My eyes closed, my feet stood still. It looked like even the waves stopped from moving.

Everything was still....

To be continued...
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Default Re: Lost My Pearls

The story continues...


The same unkown beach, 10:00 P.M.

Nothing was moving, not even a breeze of wind was blowing, the branches or the trees didn't shake, the waves slowed their speed down. A silent fog laid itself on top of the solemn beach. The fog was thick, Joel could see only a few feet forward on the beach.

Another cry...It filled Joel with fear again. He was so horrified now that he forgot about the trident he had in his hand. Now it was clear that the cry was from the forest. He dared not to move.

"Would be madness to go to the forest..." I thought. "But it would be plain stupidity to stay here."

With long steps I started to head for the borders of the forest. The forest looked gloomy and dark in the fog. At the spot where the sand of the shore and the moss of the forest met, I stopped. I hesitated for a moment.

"Well, I have nothing to loose", I said to myself and kept going towards the forest.

The mossy floor of the forest was comfortable to walk on, even barefoot. I tried not to look up, so that I wouldn't see the branches that leaned intimidatingly towards me. The forest was quietly stalking me. Time went by and I heard no cries again. Sometimes a twig or a branch made cracking sound under my feet but nothing more. So I kept on walking and walking. There was no sign of Pokemon or any sort of living plants except for lichen and moss. The trees looked like they had died centuries ago with their grey bark and crumbling branches.

Suddenly I heard a small sound, different from the twigs and branches, right behind me.It sounded like a high-pitched cry, only very weak. I barely had heard it. I looked back and saw a shape, dark and foggy, behind me. Looked like the moss had done it's job well camofoulaging the creature. Its arms seemed to be branch-like and nose as well. Random leaves could been seen on it too. Its eyes were dark, dark as the night sky with no light from the bright stars. So dark they were, that I could already assume the creature was Dark type Pokemon who had dwelled in this very forest for ages.

It moved. Just a little bit towards me. I noticed that none of my Pokemon were able to fight. So I stabbed my spear at the ground to make the Pokemon to show itself. The Pokemon made no sign of movement. It stared me and I stared back. And everything was silent.

"Shall I guide you through the Forest of Silence, fellow stranger?"

The voice was heard inside my head, for the Pokemon didn't move any part of its body. Telepathy. I had heard that some very intelligent Pokemon could use it as a battle technique, but I never would have guessed that they could use it outside of battle. I focused my mind on my thoughts and tried to think about this sentence.

"Who are you?"

At the same moment the Pokemon answered me.

"I am the guardian and master of this forest, my name shall remain a mystery until the time has come for me to tell it."

I focused again.

"Fine. What was the cry I heard earlier? was it you?"

No answer now. I waited and asked again, focusing even harder. The reply came.

"No, it came from the Cave of Glaciers. The cave's guardian is trapped. The method of the trapping remains a mystery for I do not know it."

I tried to focus once again, and I made sure the focus was hard enough this time.

"Then can you guide me through the forest to that cave?"

The Pokemon answered.

"Yes, I shall lead you to the cave. There you shall meet my acquaintance, another guardian of this forest. Though I shall not tell his name either."

The Pokemon started walking past me and I followed it.

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Default Re: Lost My Pearls

The story continues...


The Forest of Silence, 11:12 P.M.

After a few miles of uncomfortable walking, I heard the voice in my head again.

"Shall we rest, my fellow companion?"

The Pokemon halted and I bumped into it. It's body was furry and thorny, not comfortable to bump in. The dark Pokemon fell on the ground because I walked at it pretty hard. I focused my mind on my thoughts again to ask him whether he got hurt.

"Are you all right? Did you hurt yourself?" I asked it in my head.

"Would you be kind and be careful for the next time we stop?" he replied.

I said:"Do you understand me when I speak normally?"

He answered telepathically:"I do indeed. If it comforts you to speak in that manner, you may do so."

I sat down next to a tree, tired and sleepy. I was sweaty because we had walked with a great speed. My legs were starting to feel numb. My eyes started closing, but I knew that I fell asleep, there was no knowing what would happen. With those thoughts I fell fast asleep.


the Forest of Silence, 02:43 A.M.

The Shiftry was becoming restless, it had followed how the human was sleeping and took notice of what a terrible noice the humans made asleep.

"Maybe I should start carrying him. We are in a hurry and we must proceed our journey with haste", the Pokemon thought.

Shiftry easily lifted Joel from the ground, put him on his back and started walking. Joel showed no signs of waking up and Shiftry was getting tired so it dropped Joel back to the ground, relieved.

"What the...?" Joel said suprised. "Where are we now ?"

"We are getting close to the Cave of Glaciers. Do your Pokemon need any sort of healing to get well?" it asked in my head.

"Well, they are pretty much fainted...Could you help me?" I asked.

A light-green light came from the Shiftry's out-streched hands and hit Joel. His Pokeballs were shaking wildly.

"There, I have healed them. And now for the time has come, I shall tell you my name and identity." the Pokemon said. "I am the greatest Guardian and Warden of the Forest of Silence, the Master of Healing, the Leader of the Forest's Pokemon. My powers cannot be matched by any other Pokemon. I command an army of Nuzleafs and my sight is keener than a hawk's. My eyes see wide beyond this land, this forest. I see the future, the past and what already has come. I can camofoulage into the forest so that no living being can see me with their bare eyes. I am the Shiftry."

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Default Re: Lost My Pearls

The story continues...


In front of the Secret Entrance of the Cave of Glaciers, 4:03 A.M.

"The Shiftry?" I asked. "You're a special Shiftry, I get it now..."

"Correct, I am the Shiftry, you may call me Dremlor as well. Dremlor translated into your speech means Thornyleaf. So you may call me that also. Now, we must enter the cave", the Shiftry said in my head.

"Cave? I see no cave here!" I laughed. "Or can you make it appear somewhere with your 'magical powers'?"

"Quite correct again. You are a smart man, Joel." could be heard in my head. " But I did sense some sarcasm in your manner of speaking."

"Oh really...How come, you're so strong and all?" I wondered astounded from the information that he could make the entrance appear.

"Strong? I am not strong", Shiftry said telepathically.

"But then, how did you...can you....possible...never mind!" I said frustrated.

The Shiftry raised his hands up in the air and mumbled "a few" unkown words to the human kind. The sun started shining up at the sky. Suddenly an intensive sun ray hit the ground about 10 feet in front of us. And to my surprise it revealed a magnificent entrance gate to a cave. The gate was huge! I had never seen anything that big in my life. Not even the largest tidal waves that hit Pacifidlog Town's beaches are that humongous. I was stunned. The outlines of the gate were carved with beautiful patterns of different runes and unkown letters to human kind. Some ice stalactites were hanging from the top of the gate. The gate had no doors, but I doubted that you would get in easily.

"This is so freaking awesome!" I shouted with joy and at the same time thought how I just had ruined this whole moment with "freaking awesomeness"...

"Proceed with me inside the cave. There you shall meet one of my friends. A Warden." the Shiftry talked inside my head.

We walked through the gate slowly. It felt like the gate slowed us down to check whether we are friends or foes. After we got through it, everything went dark. And by everything, I mean everything. I couldn't see even my bruised hands.

Suddenly I started to feel hungry. I hadn't eaten anything for almost 13 hours.

"How can I think about food at a moment like this?" I thought.

I was starving and these wardens propably didn't like fish and chips...

"How on Earth could I get food. Well, time will tell. Let's meet the other Warden first." I thought gloomily.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

The story continues...

(I will try to catch a Pokemon in this story, so I'll be needing a grader.)


The Cave of Glaciers, 5:23 A.M.

All of a sudden, a whistling noise sped right behind my head.

"Wow, what was that?" I asked Shiftry surprised.

"That was the Warden I have been talikng about, dear friend." the Shiftry answered. "Show yourself, Grimdon!"

The dark shadow of the creature stopped and landed on the ground with a hustle. Its wings were widly spread and I could see two long, sharp fangs sticking intimidatingly out of its ferocious mouth. It looked like the Pokemon had four wings, two in the normal places and two in the palces where feet should be. The Pokemon wasn't really that big, fairly not as big as the Shiftry, but it wasn't small either. I bet it could knock down a couple of the boulders near the cliffs at the seashore. The speed it flew past me was outrageous. I wonder whether it was visible to the human eye while flying at the maximum speed. The wings looked so strong that I could guess it could stay up in the air for a long time.

"Greetings, my fellow friend!" the Pokemon hissed at Dremlor.

"Indeed...How do you do, Grimdon?" Thornyleaf asked politely.

"I am doing fine, thank you. Now enough of these formalities, Quuenagh is in danger, we must help her immediately!" Grimdon said.

"Sorry to interrupt or whatever, but who is this Grimdon and who is Quuenagh?" I interrupted rudely.

"Oh my...You should've taught the boy some manners, Dremlor!" Grimdon said offended.

"Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything, but this day has been pretty confusing for me..." I said.

"I am Grimdon, the Warden who guards the entrances of the Cave of Glaciers, I am the Master of Flying and Poison techniques, the Leader of this cave's army, consisting of Zubats and Golbats, my flight speed isn't visible to a bare human eye and I am the Crobat." Grimdon answered.

"That format is apparenlty popular around here...Anyways, who is Quuenagh?" I asked.

Dremlor spoke this time:" You shall have an answer to your question when you see her royalness."

The Warden duo started walking towards the deeps of the cavern. And I followed eagerly them. What a mistake I might have done...


Deeper in the Cave of Glaciers, 5:47 A.M.

They had walked for miles now and the end didn't seem to be closer. I was getting tired and requested for a stop. They agreed and we paused the long-lasting march.

Suddenly I saw a white blink of light in a corner of this pathway's stopping place. It disappered quickly but I decided to find out what it was.

"Eh...I gotta go to do my 'toilet job'..." I said rather embarassed, well I faked the embarresement pretty fine.

"Humans, they have these weird traditions no one knows of", Dremlor said to Grimdon.

I walked out of their sight, so that they thought I'd be just doing my 'traditions'...So there, I saw the blink of the bright light again. It now moved switfly away from me. I started chasing it. But it disappeared again.

"Kiiiyaaa!" screamed something.

I felt a painful whack on my head and fell to the ground.

"God, damn it....What was that?" I said frustratingly.

It was now right in front of me. It's body was smooth and icy. The black suited it well for it lived in the dark. It had extremely long claws that I bet could do a lot of damage if they had to. Its eyes were almost piercing through my body, so deep was its glare.

"Now wait a minute...You're a Sneasel, aren't you? Ice types are my favorites among water types, so Sneasel, get ready for the battle of a lifetime!" I shouted at it with excitement.

Sneasel took its battle position and we began the fight.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

Deep inside the Cave of Glaciers, 6:08 A.M., the sun was rising outside

"Now, what to use, well then, go Spheal!" I shouted and threw the ball high in the air with my left hand, yes, I haven't told this before, I am left-handed.

The Pokeball flew almost as high as the roof of the cave and opened, blasting a bright, white light from inside it and revealed the cute, little Spheal. Spheal was ready for a fight against a tougher foe than it imagined.

The swift Sneasel didn't waste any time to hesitate or do any formalities, like those weird Wardens, and charged at Spheal with its pointy claws streched back a little bit, ready to slash the poor, little Spheal.

"Spheal, roll out at him so that he'll stop the charge!" I ordered Spheal to do.

Spheal now charged at Sneasel with full speed and vice versa. The outcome would be more than disastrous.

The hit came and both of the battling Pokemon slammed on the ground, hard on their backs. They laid there still for a while until I shouted at Spheal to get back up and hit the Sneasel with a Body Slam.

So, Spheal almost flew at Sneasel who was still a little bit confused from the crash and now it got another one, even harder than the last one. Spheal slammed itself against Sneasel. They smashed against the cave's rocky walls and caused some of the stalactites in the ceiling to fall off, one almost sliced me into two halves.

Now Sneasel apparently got extremely furious. It started slashing Spheal with sharp claws and no idea of what it was doing. It looked like the Sneasel had divided into four Sneasels and all of them were hacking the poor thing which was my Spheal.

"Come back to your Pokeball, Spheal!" I shouted and pulled out my Pokeball and tried to aim it at Spheal.

The Sneasels blocked the ray of the Pokeball and I couldn't call Spheal back. They would slash him to death! So I decided to make a smart move.

"Go Swinub!"I yelled.

Another white and red Pokeball flew out of my hands and opened to free Swinub from the ball.

Swinub landed safely on the cavefloor and was ready to help Spheal. To my surprise, it didn't move.

"Now, Swinub, use your Powder Snow attack!" I commanded Swinub.

It still didn't move a muscle.

"What's wrong with you, Swinub? Are you hurt?" I asked him.

Suddenly, Swinub burst into icy flames that glowed brightly white in this dark dungeon. Swinub started changing its form and grew triple its size in height,width and length. It had grown mighty tusks next to its bushy whiskers. Fur had appeared on its large body. It had evolved.

"Nice! Good job, Piloswine! Now, let's beat those slashing Sneasels! Ancient Power attack!" I shouted with joy.

The floor of the cave started crumbling and shaking and large boulders were lifted two feet up in the air, the sight was incredible. The boulders were held in the air by my Piloswine, they were ready to get blasted at any foes that threatened Piloswine.

"Release the attack!" I told Piloswine.

The stones flew against the Sneasel quartet and made the other three illusionary copies disappear. The real Sneasel hit the cave's rough wall and fell on the hard, rocky ground. It stood back up and glared at Piloswine.

Sneasel started running in a rampage and disappeared for a little while.

"Where did it go? Stay ready Piloswine!" I said.

Sneasel appeared and hit Piloswine with a Faint Attack. Piloswine didn't even move.

"Now do your mighty Blizzard!" I commanded.

This was new to me, the blizzard was just unspeakable. The coldness was almost unbearable and I started almost freezing. The raging snow storm whipped itself against Sneasel and Sneasel flew around with the blizzard, slamming itself accidentally towards the ceiling.

The blizzard stopped and Sneasel fell on the ground. Tired, weak, defenseless and easy to catch. Sneasel made his last effort to hurt Piloswine with its Fury Swipes attack, but caused no harm because it was too weak.

"Now, make sure it stays on the ground! Horn Attack!" I told my Piloswine.

Piloswine hit the tired Sneasel with its sharp tusks. Sneasel flew a few feet backwards and didn't move a bit.

"Now for the Pokeball!" I said.

Suddenly a moonlight started gleaming inside the cave.

"What devilry is this ?" I wondered.

The shining moonlight hit Sneasel and recovered it to almost full health. Sneasel was back in the game with new powers.

"Oh, great... Piloswine, we have work to do. Take it down!" I shouted, with slight anger in my voice. It was a bummer it had recovered without me noticing it. This could have been a strategical error in a real match.

Sneasel was easily faster and hit Piloswine with a Slash. Piloswine actually took damage from the hit, but took down Sneasel quickly before another hit was laid. Sneasel struggled to get my Piloswine off him. Its claws started shining in a silver color and suddenly it swiped Piloswine with a Metal Claw attack.

"Wroooaaar!" Piloswine roared, the claw had done a long bleeding cut in Piloswine skin and blood was dripping down his light brown fur.

"Keep it down for as long as needed!" I told my Piloswine who was struggling now.

Piloswine stomped Sneasel on the ground and kept motionless standing on top of the fragile body of the Sneasel. Finally Sneasel fainted. Piloswine stepped out of the way slowly as tired as it was.

"Now, let's do this! Go Pokeball!" I shouted with excitement.

The ball flew at Sneasel and trapped its weak and tired body inside it. The Pokeball started shaking and rolling, glowing and darkening...Will it stay inside?...

Still deep inside the Cave of Glaciers, 7:00 A.M.

It broke out from the ball! I was astounded that it had escaped from there with its current powers. This Sneasel was somehow special, maybe even one of the Wardens.

"Fine, Piloswine, tackle the thing hard!" I shouted.

Sneasel dodged smoothly the attack of the slow Piloswine and countered it with furious Beat Up attack. It started slamming its sharp claws against Piloswine's back. Not knowing what else to do. It was already a bit confused from being hit so hard and being kept inside a Pokeball, struggling to get out from there.

"Endure the attacks Piloswine! After that do your mighty Take Down!" I told Piloswine.

It took up my orders immediately and starts raising its defenses. Sneasel kept on slamming Piloswine.

"Release Take Down!" I shouted over the noise of the slams.

Piloswine shook Sneasel off, jumped(as amazing as it sounds) in the air and stomped the Sneasel on the ground.

Piloswine stood on Sneasel, motionless, for a little while. Just to make sure that it wouldn't recover anymore or escape from the Pokeball.

"Fine, Piloswine, get off of him. Enough for now." I said calmly to Piloswine who moved aside.

Sneasel didn't move again. So I went to check whether it was for real this time, and yes it was. Its eyes were closed and its breath was slow, almost as it were asleep. It looked so peaceful and calm now. I couldn't even resemble this one to the one that beat up my Spheal with those sharp and pointy claws... There went the Pokeball again, I only opened the ball because Sneasel was so near. It went inside and the ball started shaking again...

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

This will be a joint grade since no-one ever finished your first one.

Story- I like it alot, very intriguing. I've never read a pokemon story like this before.

Grammar/Spelling/Detail- Everything is very well done, as you probally know i love lots of details in stories I read, and you did a great job at it.

Realism- Yup, very pokemon like.

Battle- First one was short, but the sneasle one was great! I like how you had yourself not cacth it at first.

Legnth- Very long, goo on that.

Outcome- 95/100 = Clampearl and Sneasle captured! This was one of the best stories I've read. I also love the first person style.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

On top of the Underground Lake, 7:28 A.M.

The Pokeball stopped from shaking.

"Nice! I got a Sneasel! Good job, Piloswine!" I shouted with extreme happiness.

"Mroarr!" Piloswine mumbled back.

"Oh, I see, the wound...I'll try to put little bandage around it."

So, I tore my T-shirt apart from the sleeves, tied them together and wrapped them around Piloswine's furry leg.

"Now, there, all better?" I asked it.

"Wroaaarr!" Piloswine roared with gratitude.

Suddenly the floor started crumbling underneath us.

"Come back to your ball, Piloswine!" I shouted and pulled out my Pokeball and sucked Piloswine inside.

There appeared a huge hole right under my feet and I fell down it. I hit myself on the edge of the hole, basically I tried to grap the edge but instead banged my head on it. So I had fainted.

After a minor fall down the hole, I splashed into water, I wasn't conscious at the moment, so I could've drowned easily. But today was apparently my lucky day, something lifted me up.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

The story continues...


Underground Lake, floating on the water, 10:04 A.M.

I woke up and coughed for some minutes. The water had invaded my mouth and lungs. So I spat on the hard surface under me. I wasn't sure though, what I spat on. It moved.

"Are you Joel III?" I heard in my head. Another telepathic talker.

"Yes, I am. Who are you?" I thought.

"Me? I am the Huntail you saw at the beach. Good work on catching one of my Clamperl friends. They need to be caught by trainers sometimes. Apparently you have already met Dremlor the Shiftry and Grimdon the Crobat. Grimdon is flying right above us if you didn't notice. Dremlor in the other hand is waiting for us at the Western shore of the Underground Lake." the Huntail said calmly in my head.

"Are you by any chances the Guardian of the Cave of Glaciers?" I asked the Huntail, now I was speaking in a normal manner, because I was pretty sure it could understand my speech as well.

"Why, yes, I am. Dremlor told you that, didn't he?" Huntail apparently understood human speech as well.

"Yeah, he also told me that you were in trouble of sorts..." I said.

"True, unfortunately I must drop you now." the Huntail said.

"What,no, the water's freezing! Blurp...pulp....blops...cough cough" I didn't even get to finish my sentence before I dived.

It felt like the water was running through my veins now. So cold it was, it felt like my heart was pierced my freezing needles. My heart practically stopped and I couldn't breath properly. Luckily I was thinking clearly.

I sent out Clamperl to keep on the surface. I grabbed the shell and started swimming with Clamperl.

"Thanks, Clamperl, you're a great help!" I told Clamperl. "Let's try to hit the shore now."

My feet hit the bottom of the freezing water. I started running for the shore when I saw Dremlor. I put the exhausted Clamperl back into the red and white Pokeball. When I reached the rocky shore of the lake, Dremlor made the sun shine inside the cave, apparently using the Sunny Day technique and it made me feel warm. My feet were practically numb from the water, but now because of the shine, they started unfreezing.

"So, you have met the Guardian of the Cave of Glaciers. How did he appeal to you?" Dremlor asked in my head.

"Oh, he was cool. Calm and collected. Anyways, where are we now?" I asked.

Grimdon answered in my head with his sly voice: " We are on the great shores of the hidden Underground Lake. You shall soon see what the trouble is here, for now it cannot be seen. By the way, the Huntail you met, she has a name also, Queenagh, she is also a Warden."

"Yeah, I knew he was a Warden. Eh, Dremlor, could you heal my Pokemon again?..." I asked the Shiftry.

"Again? How did they get hurt? Did you do your traditions on them?" Dremlor asked sarcastically.

"No...That's disgusting, dude. I battled a Sneasel and caught it in a fierce battle, so would you?" I told him.

"Oh, fine, I'll do it!" Dremlor said.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

The story continues....


Western Shore of the Underground Lake, 9:21 A.M.

Dremlor arrived at the shore. He had sent Grimdon to look out for Joel, who had apparently lost himself in the darkness of the cave. Slowly he moved closer to the water, closer and closer. His feet now almost touched the small waves that splattered against the little pebbles on the shore.

"Queenagh!" Dremlor roared with an outstanding voice that could be heard echoing through the whole lake. " I see Joel falling soon to the Northern corners of the lake, make sure you save him!"

The Western shore of the Underground Lake, 10:39 A.M.

Once again the magnificent green light hit my Pokeballs on my wet belt. The belt was made of leather. My father had had it made just for me. Suddenly, I remembered mother and father, they must be so worried! I almost started crying, but then I noticed that Dremlor and Grimdon were looking at me. The green light had already stopped.

"Thank you, Dremlor!" I said politely.

"You're welcome. But now, Joel, I will be the one to tell you the truth, which we have kept hidden all this time," Dremlor said mystically.

"What?! You still haven't told me everything? Oh, fine, go on..." I said rather surprised.

"Yes...The cave you see here does not exist. It is a hallusination that our magical powers have made you to believe in. The real cave is inside this unreal cave. Now, we must be able to tell that you are the one to help Quuenagh on her mission, so, I and Grimdon have made a little test for you." Dremlor said. "You have already passed two thirds of the test; you have made it here, kept up with me and Grimdon, you have swum through the cold waters of this fake lake and you have successfully captured the Sneasel, who is our friend by the way. He had to sacrifice himself to be caught and to test whether you are a decent battler. He has informed us that you did well on the task."

Grimdon spoke:" But, the last third is ahead, the hardest and the most complicate third yet. This will test your skills as a trainer, a battler and how trustworthy you are. You must battle me or Dremlor."

"Whatta?! But you two are like unbeatable, you both have powers that nobody knows of and I assume that you aren't bad battlers either. I have no chances of winning!" I said to them.

"If you really think so, that you have no chances against us, then why are you here? Something led you here, a greater power than you know of, something that will lead you to great powers someday. Your determination. It has led you this far, and to prove that your determination is first class, you shall choose now, who you want to battle." Dremlor said in my head.

"My determination...Hmm...Fine! I will battle and I will win! Dremlor, I shall battle you as a token of our shortly formed friendship. Be ready for a battle of a lifetime!" I said, now I just got excited.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

The story continues...


A little walk away from the Western shore of the Underground Lake, 10:54 A.M.

"Hah, you think I am an easy opponent? Then, you shall see the my fierce and unmerciful side!" Dremlor almost shouted in my head.

"Eh...Before we battle, could I have something to eat?...I mean, I haven't eaten anything for over half a day and I might faint anytime soon. So what do you eat here?" I asked.

"What do you desire? Some maggots from the tree bark or cave mice perhaps?" Dremlor asked telepathically.

"Well, those sound pretty gross to me...You have something that humans eat as well?" I asked the Wardens.

Grimdon answered this time: "Do you like fish and chips?"

I was stunned:" How on Earth would you get those for me?! We're in the middle of nowhere!"

Grimdon flew with an incredible speed right past me. I almost tripped down because its right wing hit me hard.

"Where did he go?" I asked Dremlor.

"Did you not listen, he went for the fish and chips!" Dremlor answered with slight annoyance in his voice which was probably caused by my 'stupidity'.

Suddenly a brownish paper bag fell at my feet. It felt warm inside the cave, all around was frozen. I opened the bag and drooled. The food looked real and delicious. I started eating right away with even more speed than Grimdon had while flying.

" fast...yam, you...oh my god, they're so" I asked Grimdon with my mouth full of food.

"Well, if you happen to know how fast Pidgeots fly, my speed is even greater than theirs. As I said you can't see me flying with bare eyes." Grimdon said in my head.

"Okay, I'm done with my lunch! Let's begin!" I said with my stomach full and I felt now so refreshed that I could even beat up the League champion.

"As you wish, Joel III, we shall begin." Dremlor roared in a mighty voice.

Dremlor glared at me intimidatingly. It's staring was piercing through my red eyes. It walked slowly in to the middle of the open space that laid solemnly between us, almost as the Wardens had made a battleground for us. It raised it's hands high up in the air and roared so that the rocks of the fake cave crumbled and shattered in front of me.

"Hah, are you ready?" Dremlor said in my head and winked.

"Well, hah to you! You think I'm not worthy for battling, you're wrong! Sneasel, let's show Dremlor what your claws can do!" I shouted at the Shiftry and threw a Pokeball high up in the air.

The ball blasted an icy spray of white light from the inside. The light took a shape of the newly caught Sneasel. Sneasel stood on the rocky ground, staring back at Dremlor, who was at least twice his size.

"Sneasel, let's strategize this match! Taunt the Shiftry!" I shouted.

Sneasel tried to taunt Dremlor and poor Shiftry fell for the Taunt.

"Now what's this? Taunt...You are quite smart, Joel III..." I heard in my head, the voice was Grimdon's.

"Silence, Grimdon. I will have to concentrate more. I will use Extrasensory now." Dremlor said publicly in our heads.

Dremlor focused his thoughts and it could be seen than he started moving more swiftly than normal and almost flew at Sneasel.

Sneasel took the hit and flew against the stone walls of the cave. It fell down on the ground, badly hurt.

"How's that possible?! Psychic type moves should have no effect on Dark type Pokemon!" I screamed with anger. "Fine, use Moonlight to heal yourself!"

"I told you before that my powers are formidable, don't play games with me. This is serious battling, get used to it." Dremlor said in my head sounding more serious than ever.

"I shall counter your Moonlight with my Sunny Day attack for the Taunt apparently already wore off." Dremlor said.

Both, sun and moon started gleaming gloomily in the cave. Slowly they moved towards each other, as if they had were magnetized or attracted to each other. Suddenly, they crashed. A huge, fiery and rocky explosion shattered the battle arena with a booming noise...

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

The story continues...


The Cave of Glaciers, 1:12 P.M.

A steady, grey curtain of thick smoke and fog laid itself on top of the arena. The explosion had caused the battleground to crumble and the cold walls of the cave almost shattered in pieces. The moment was silent and melancholin. Nobody knew what had happened to Sneasel or Dremlor because the fog denied the access of vision to the battleground.

"Sneasel! Are you allright?" Joel shouted through the smog with an unsure voice.

There was no reply.

"Dremlor? Do you hear me?" I focused my thoughts on the sentence and waited for a reply.

There was no answer.

"Grimdon? Are you still there?" I tried to say inside my aching head.

This time, I heard something inside my head.

"Yes, I am here. Dremlor is trapped inside some enormous stalactites and can't get out. Your Sneasel slammed against the wall and fell to the ground, fragile and weak. We must proceed to help them with haste!" Grimdon answered.

"Where are you right now? Are you trapped too?" I asked Grimdon in my head.

"No, I am free. I cannot see you though. Do you have anything that you can give a sign with? I mean something that I can see." Grimdon answered.

"Well, I'll send out Piloswine and the white blast from the Pokeball should give you enough light." I said in my head at the same time as I opened the Pokeball to free Piloswine from it.

Piloswine landed safely on the ground, but had a little of moving space around him and it started to push the boulders and rocks around wildly.

"Ok, I have freed Piloswine now! Did you see the light from the ball?" I asked the bat inside my head.

"Yes, I did. Wait, now quickly look behind!" Grimdon shouted telepathically.

I turned around swiftly to see what Grimdon said to check out. You never know what lurks in these dark caves.

"AAAHHH!" I screamed. There was a black creature behind me, hanging from the ceiling.

"Calm down, it's me, Grimdon. No need to panic." Grimdon spoke calmly to me inside my head.

"Damn you! Was that necessary?! Man, seriously! Think before acting, dude!" I said to Grimdon while I was furious and embarassed at the same time. I shouldn't have got scared.

"Hah hah! Now, let's leave this foolishness and save our friends!" Grimdon said to me without its mouth moving.

"Fine, but no more of that. Dremlor or Sneasel first? I say Sneasel because it's weaker." I said to Grimdon.

"I would've said Dremlor but, yes, Sneasel is weaker. Let us haste!" Grimdon said and flew higher trying to relocate the poor Sneasel.

"Piloswine, push those boulders aside and we'll get on moving!" I told Piloswine who was already pushing the huge rocks away.

Piloswine slammed its mighty body against the hard rocks which rolled aside from the strength of those tackles. After a little while, there was clear path in front of me.

"I found your Sneasel. It is breathing. Just come here to call it back to it's Pokeball." Grimdon told me in my head.

I started running towards the way Grimdon had gone and soon after I found Grimdon over Sneasel's nearly dead body.

"Come back to your ball, Sneasel. This fight is over for now." I said and recalled Sneasel. "Now, we must find Dremlor."

"Or, what if we don't! Then I'll gain more power among the Wardens and you'll be off to your home! Dremlor isn't necessary to save, is he?... I don't have anything against that idea..." Grimdon said, now sounding like a pure maniac.

"What the hell are you talking about?! Of course we'll save him, if you're not coming, I'll save him by myself! What's gone into you?!" I said frustrated.

"Oh, no you will not! I'll stop you before you can take a step!" Grimdon said insanely.

"What in the world... I'll leave and you go whereever you desire, but I will save Dremlor!"

"No, I don't think so!" Grimdon said telepathically and started flying.

Grimdon took up some speed and slammed against Piloswine with a speedy Aerial Ace. Piloswine fell down from the hit, but got back up, silently and slowly. It almost looked as it took no harm from the attack. Of course, he took damage, but he didn't show it to intimidate the opponent.

"Ah, then I'll have to beat you to save Dremlor. You'll be an easy win!" I shouted at Grimdon, knowing that this battle would be hopeless. Grimdon's speed was too great. "Piloswine, to beat his speed, we must strategize! Use Odor Sleuth attack to eliminate the chances of evasion!"

Piloswine did its best and succeeded, now Crobat couldn't be as fast as usually.

"Hah, my speed will still outwit your behemoth Piloswine!" Grimdon said apparently a bit mad from the Odor Sleuth tactic.

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Default Re: Chronicles of the Ocean

The story continues...


The Cave of Glaciers, 1:59 P.M.

Dremlor slowly opened his eyes. He felt numb. He could not move. He was stuck. Under a huge rock.

"Grimdon, Quuenagh, do you hear me?" Dremlor said telepathically.

Unfortunately for Dremlor, no answer.

"Hmm, now, how to get this rock off me... I wonder whether Grimdon and Joel are fine. Joel has to be, without him, my reign is over."

Dremlor tried to push the rock aside, but with slim chances of success, the rock did not even move. He was trapped until his powers were restored.


Grimdon charged at Piloswine, wings spread wide. They looked as if they could slice something into pieces.

"Hah, Air Cutter will finish your Piloswine!" Grimdon shouted at me inside my head.

"Piloswine, Endure the attack!" I commanded swiftly.

Piloswine toughened its body to endure the furious Ait Cutter attack. Grimdon tried pathetically to cut Piloswine with its sharp wings, but because of the Endure, no harm was done at all to Piloswine.

"Now Piloswine, hit it with a Powder Snow!" I said to Piloswine.

A freezing fall of snow hit Grimdon and it fell to the ground for a while, looked as it were frozen.Piloswine quit the snowfall and stared at Grimdon frozen body.


Under the very same rock, 2:46 P.M.

Dremlor focused his mind to every last drop of telepathical and kinetic power he had still left.

"Garash Âmon Éliah!"

His body started glowing in different colors, from silver to green. The enormous rock flew in the mid-air and crashed at the stone walls making the cavern crumble.

"Ah hah haa! I am free once again! Now, I will need to find Grimdon and Joel, hopefully they survived the explosion.


Grimdon still didn't move. Piloswine was getting now impatient and wanted to attack the Crobat right away.

"Okay then. Piloswine, full-charge Take Down!" I said like a strict navy commander.

Piloswine's heavy and furry body slammed against the icy one of Grimdon. Grimdon took the hit and flew against some of the grey stalactites from the cave's roof. The light blue ice around him cracked and freed him, but damage from the Take Down had been notified.

"What in the name of Zubat was that? That was freezing!" Grimdon said sounding furious.

"Hah, you underestimated my calm Piloswine! You are seriously an easy-win!" I told Grimdon grinning.

"You brat. I'll hammer you in the darkness where you shall live the rest of your miserable life!" Grimdon talked to me inside my head and revealed its venomous, sharp teeth. It was ready to stab something or someone with them.

"Poison Fang attack, eh? Piloswine, you have to take this hit and counter it with a Horn Attack, okay?

The Pokemon nodded slowly and made sure that it understood.

With an incredible speed Crobat bit viciously Piloswine in the forehead.

"Now, release the Horn Attack!"

Piloswine, who was suffering from the toxic poison, slammed its gigantic tusks against Grimdon who hit the hard rocks once again.

"How the Hell is that possible?! It's not supposed to be that fast!" Grimdon shouted in my head with a furious anger.

He got back up in the air by flapping his wide-spread wings. The Crobat was tired, I could see it. He couls soon take no more hits, but my Pokemon was tired too. It was poisoned, badly, it had suffered big attacks from Grimdon and had done big counters to the attacks. The battle was nearly in the end.

"Do not underestimate the son of the Great Diver!" I shouted back at him and remembered my father. "I will win honoring his name!"

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