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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-22-2008, 07:12 PM
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Default Army From The Underground Depths

Army From The Underground Depths

For many years has the world of Onkoa been shrouded by darkness. It is forever watched by the demons of the underground depths of the Onkoa, there they live in the core. As other cores, it is extremely hot. The Demons are filled with evil, yet they are only pawns. The leader of the hideous creatures is more terrible than the evil, red, craggy, two horned beasts. He plans on using these “pawns” for his own... “ruling” purposes. Slowly, parts of Onkoa have been stormed by the demons and taken over as their land. People tried to fight back but the demon's strength are too much for the occupants of the land.
People began praying, praying and hoping that a saviour would come down and help them. They wished for an angel to come and save them from the darkness the Demon army had cast over them. Why the Demons had to try and rule, people do not know. Their prayer, their message was sent up to above the clouds. The villagers did not know that a saviour would soon be coming... a saviour whose name was...

Chapter I

Xiac looked at the book with a puzzled look. It seemed to have ended there, the historical book on Onkoa. It seemed as if the writer forgot that he needed to end it, as if he had forgotten the ending. Xiac sighed. He was interested on the Demon part, was it Fiction or the truth? It floated around Xiac's mind for a long time. Why does it have no ending? Who is this saviour? This is all too confusing. He sighed yet again and went to put the book back. The 14 year-old was in the library, he had been looking at the book for a long time. He found the book enticing as he was eager to know what secrets his home planet, Onkoa, had kept hidden and secret for so many years. Many people did not believe the book as they think it's only a fictional story. Xiac, however, didn't think so. He somehow believed it was true, but how was it? All these questions went through his mind. Soon he was having a headache, from all his thoughts and questions on the book. He stared at the book as he put it back, imagining what it would be like if it were real. It seemed... unrealistic. He sighed.
“Maybe it isn't real after all... what am I thinking? Of course it isn't real.”
“SHHHH!” Came a hiss from the librarian. Xiac scowled and left the library.
It was a beautiful Summer's day. The sun was out, there were no clouds and in the sky all he could see up there was a big blanket of blue. He smiled. He hadn't seen a day like this in ages. Xiac had mostly seen days with black clouds and rain. Not to mention the thunder and lightning that had come along with it.
Ever since exiting the Library he hadn't taken his mind off of the book he had just read. He couldn't deny that the book was fictional. Xiac didn't know whether it really had happened, if it was happening right now. If it was, why wasn't his village under threat already? This now was changing his mind. His village was quite weak, it didn't have anybody to defend it. Why hadn't they been attacked? Xiac now faced facts, it was fictional, nothing real about it. If it was real, it would put some excitement into everybody's lives... well not all of them.
Xiac's thoughts were soon disrupted by the caws of birds overhead. He looked up and something had fell down and splatted on his head. He heard some snivelling behind him and turned around to see Odon and his two gang members; Joko and Lux. They were soon laughing and pointing at Xiac and most people around the area began laughing. A bird had done his “business” on Xiac while he had looked at it fly away. Xiac sighed, this wasn't new at all. He had always been picked on by Odon and his gang. They made every excuse to pick on him. They were roughly the same age as him, 14. Xiac huffed and walked away, this caused Odon to get angry.
“Hey! Don't walk away from me when I'm laughing at you!” He shouted at him, expecting Xiac to be afraid. Odon's buddies were snivelling and saying things like “yeah, you tell him Odon” and “you better listen to him.” Xiac however didn't reply.
“Hey! I was speaking to you!” Odon shouted.
“Shut up will you.” Xiac said calmly. Joko and Lux echoed an “oooooooooh.” Odon's anger flared.
“Excuse me?! What did you say?!” Odon now approached Xiac, readying his fist for a punch. Then, as if out of no where, Susara came out of the Library and approached Odon. Susara and Odon had been going out lately, Xiac was pretty jealous. He had had a crush on Susara for years, now that she was with some lowlife he felt as if he should have acted sooner instead of admiring from afar. She approached Odon and stopped in front of him.
“Odon, just leave him alone. Leave it for another time okay?” She asked, her voice light and gentle. Odon smirked and nodded.
“Okay, but next time he's toast.” He exclaimed.
“I bet you wouldn't even know how to spell the word toast...” Xiac said quietly.
“What?!” Odon shouted, again anger flaring.
“Oh, nothing.” He said. “Deafo.” He spoke quietly again. Odon got his fist ready again when Susara placed her hand on her fist.
“Please?” Odon sighed.
“Fine.” He said, displeased with not having the pleasure of causing Xiac some pain. Susara turned to Xiac. Wait... what? Why is she looking at me? I think I'm going to blush. He tried not to make eye contact wit Susara as she approached him.
“The book?” She asked. Xiac looked up at her, puzzled.
“The book.” She said pointing to his hand which had held a book, the one he had read earlier. “You took it from the Library.” He explained. Xiac looked down and found that the book was in his hand. I must've not let go of the book when I left.
“I'm sorry.” He explained. “I didn't know I took it.” Susara also worked in the Library, she made sure everything was okay and nothing was stolen. She smiled.
“Don't worry about it.” Xiac handed her the book.
“Thank you.” She said and Xiac turned away, making sure she wouldn't see him blush.
“I've gotta go.” He said as he heard her giggle about what was on his head. He headed straight home to go and wash it off.

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Old 10-25-2008, 08:31 PM
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Default Re: Army From The Underground Depths

ooh, i like the sounds of this story, keep it up!
WOW! I haven't been on in ages! Oh well, I am back for (hopefully) good now. :D

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Old 10-26-2008, 11:14 AM
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Default Re: Army From The Underground Depths

Chapter II

The blonde boy stood in his bathroom, washing out his hair thoroughly in the shower. The 14 year-old was also talking to his Dad, with the shower curtains shut tight.
“So you say they laughed at you when you got pooped on by a bird?” His father asked.
“Yep.” Xiac answered back his father chuckled.
“What would you do if someone got pooped on by a bird? Someone other than you?” He asked. Xiac knew what his father was saying.
“I would laugh...”
“Exactly. Now you say these boys pick on you?” Came another question.
“Yeah.” Xiac replied,
“Well you must be doing something to antagonise them most probably. Are you picking on them?” This was typical coming from any parent. They refuse that their son or daughter had ever been bullied and try and make out that it's their faults than the bullies. Xiac stayed quiet, waiting for his Dad to leave. He heard a sigh and then footsteps out of the bathroom.
Xiac turned off the shower and pulled back the shower curtain. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around himself. He walked to his bedroom and sat down on his bed. He sighed as he remembered what his father had said.
“People just don't understand me.” He sighed again and lay down on his bed.
Xiac was running, running away from something... but what? He looked behind him, something was chasing him, axe in hand. Xiac ran faster. He glanced back to see that it was big, tall and red. It had horns and seemed... fiery of some sort. It began shouting at Xiac in another language. Xiac felt as if his heart was beating in his ears. He kept on running until he fell, he had tripped over something. He looked up to find the creature towering over him, claws tightly clasped on the axes hilt. Xiac couldn't shout, he couldn't even scream. It was if the air was taking out of him. He looked at the beast in horror as the axe was brought down towards him.
Xiac sat bolt upright, screaming. He glanced around to find he was in his bedroom. He sighed. Xiac expected someone to come up but noticed that the clock beside him read 18:30. He had been asleep for a few hours. His parents would be at work by now so he was home alone. He glanced downwards to find he still had the towel wrapped around him. He got changed and looked out of the window. The sun would be setting soon so he got out of the house and made his way to his favourite place, the Onkoa Plains.
Xiac sat on the grassy hill and looked at the setting sun. The sky had turned Orange and the stars began to come out. Then he heard a familiar voice.
“So, you like coming here to huh?” Xiac turned to find Susara. She walked over and sat next to him.
“Uh... y-y-yeah.” He said, stuttering. She giggled. Why is she here? Sitting next to me? Hang on a minute... this isn't some kind of prank is it?
“So... did Odon send you here? To humiliate me in some way?” He asked as he looked back up at the sky. Susara looked at him with a puzzled look.
“No. Why?” She asked,
“Oh... no reason. Just seems like something he would do.”
“Oh...” Xiac sighed.
“Sorry. I shouldn't speak of your boyfriend like that.”
“Boyfriend?” She asked, as if she had no idea she was going out with Odon.
“Yeah. Odon says your his “girl”.” Susara was now agitated.
“Why the little...”
“Wait, it's not true?” Xiac asked.
“No. He made it up.”
“Oh...” Xiac seemed... happy in some way. This meant he still had a chance. He smiled faintly, faint enough so she wouldn't see. The sun had now set and the stars had come out. Xiac now began stargazing, looking at all the constellations and what not.
“I've... got to go.” She said, standing up and walking away. Xiac watched her leave.
“I'll see you later.” He called out to her.
“Yeah...” She said walking away. One thing Xiac didn't see was that Susara was blushing as she walked away.

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Old 11-01-2008, 06:55 PM
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Default Re: Army From The Underground Depths

Nice, well written! Its better than mine ,LOL
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Old 11-09-2008, 06:56 PM
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Default Re: Army From The Underground Depths

Chapter III

The alarm clock began to beep and Xiac groaned.
“Why can't my parents let me sleep until I want to get up?” He moaned as he pushed the button on top of the digital clock. He smirked and pulled the covers over him, hoping to get some more sleep. Then the beeping started again. Xiac got up and stared at his alarm clock.
“What the...?” He pushed the button on top of it again and it stopped. He fell back down and, yet again, the alarm clock began to beep again.
“Fine, fine! I'll get up!” He got up and put a T-shirt on. He pushed the button again and glared at it.
“Happy now?!” He asked, the alarm clock didn't make a sound. He stared at it for a few moments.
“Okay... strange...” He walked out and it stayed quiet.
“Yup. Definitely strange...” Xiac made his way downstairs and opened up a cupboard door.
“Cereal, cereal, cereal... Oh here it is!” He exclaimed, taking out a box of Sugar Puffs. He got a bowl out of another cupboard and began to pour the cereal in.
“Hm... Mum and Dad have been quiet... Mum?! Dad?!” He called as he got the milk out from the fridge.
“Oh... they must've taken new job times or something...” He shrugged his shoulders and dipped a spoon into his bowl full of milk and cereal.
Xiac sat down at the empty table. It seemed... too quiet for him. Normally he'd hear people running about outside and playing, but it wasn't happening. He began crunching down onto the Sugar Puffs and in a few minutes they were all eaten. Xiac put his empty bow and spoon into the Kitchen sink and went upstairs to have a shower. The water was warm, just how he liked it. Every now and then he'd turn it to icy cold, it was a nice feeling and it made him hard to breath. He smiled as he turned the knob and the water went cold. Xiac yelped out when it began to pour all over him. He quickly turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around him.
Xiac opened his bedroom curtain and found the streets deserted.
“What?” He quickly got changed and walked outside.
“There's no one here? Strange... what's going on?” He walked about, searching to see if anybody was outside.

Then a scream.

Xiac turned in the direction of the cry.
“Susara?” He said, puzzled. It came again, this time more urgent.
“Susara!” He ran in the direction he could hear her. He could see burning houses, people crying out for help, bodies on the ground. Xiac froze. The dead bodies on the ground were his parents.
“No...” The scream came again and he pulled himself together, running back towards the screaming. He could see something holding Susara up by the neck.
“Susara!” He ran as fast as he could.


Kayden, watching from a rooftop, looked upon all the pain and suffering he had just caused. He saw a boy run to save some girl but was hit in the face by a fist of one of his henchmen. He smirked as the boy fell down towards the ground, dead. No one could survive a punch from a Demon from the Underworld, it was impossible. The girl lost consciousness, or had fainted, and the Demon that had held her now chucked her onto his shoulder.
“This village is ours for the taking.” Called Kayden. “Do as you wish to the buildings and what not.” He had brought an army of 20. He didn't need much for such a small village. The Demons began to pummel the buildings and set them afire. Soon the village was ablaze and Kayden just stood there, smiling at all the chaos.
“Let us leave.” He called down as he jumped. He landed gracefully, not making a sound. They left the burning village.

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Old 12-13-2008, 01:22 PM
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Default Re: Army From The Underground Depths

I take it nobody likes this Fic then eh? *sigh*

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