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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 03-27-2004, 11:12 PM
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Default The Adventures of Harison

Chapter 1: Enter the Hoenn Region

Harison sat in the back of a moving van, defending himself from flying cardboard boxes. "Gee, hope we get there soon," Harison growled under his breath as he was knocked against the door that suddenly swung open. "Are you ok, Harison?" Harison mother asked as she helped her son up. Harison rubbed a sore spot on his head. "Yeah, I'm ok," he said.

Harison looked up at the two-story house in Littleroot Town they had just moved to. They moved to the Hoenn Region because Harison's father got the job as Petalburg Gym leader. Harison also had an interest in checking out the newly discovered Pokemon that are only found in the Hoenn Region so he was going to become a Pokemon Trainer.

"Well, what do you think?" Harison's mother asked. Harison admired the well-constructed house and the beautiful shade of yellow that shined in the sunlight. The neighborhood was very wide and houses seemed scarce in Littleroot. It was a quiet little town, just like the one in Pallet Town. Pallet Town was where Harison used to live. It was in the Kanto Region where Pokemon were first discovered.

"It's nice," Harison answered. "I'll enjoy this town immensely." His mother turned the door nob on the front door. "Let's check out the inside of our new home, Harison," she said. Harison followed her into the house. A couple Machoke were still moving boxes around. "We're almost moved in, Harison," Harison's mother said. "Go check out your room."

Harison walked up the staircase to the second floor. He looked around, finding a PC, his bed, a Gamecube, and some posters positioned on a specific spot on the wall. By his bed, Harison found a clock that was very off. It had been turned off during the move so Harison set the clock as his mother called him down for dinner.

As they ate, the two of them were watching the news channel. Suddenly, a report about the Petalburg Gym flashed on. "This is live in front of the Petalburg Gym where we are interviewing the new gym leader, Norman," the announcer said. They began to chat about stuff that had to do with himself and why he got interested in becoming a gym leader. "And that was our interview with Norman," the announcer concluded. "And now back to Jack with the weather."

Harison walked over to the doorway and slipped his shoes on. "Thanks for dinner, mom," he called. "I'm going to the neighbors!" His mother was in the kitchen doing dishes. "Be back by 8 o'clock, Harison!" she replied. Harison checked the wristwatch he had pulled out of his pocket. It read 6 o'clock which gave him a couple hours to get accuanted and maybe make friends.

The first house down the starlit block was painted bright pink. He knocked on the door. The door was answered by a young woman. "Hello, there!" she said. "You must be out new neighbor, Norman's kid." Harison nodded and the woman's face seemed to brighten. "My daughter, May is very interested in Pokemon," she said. "She might be pleased to meet the son of a gym leader."

Harison decided to check her daughter out and walked up the staircase to the second floor. A young girl was on the PC. "Uh.. hi, I'm Harison!" Harison said. The girl, startled, jumped and fell over in the chair. She giggled as she got up. "Sorry," she said. "Hi, I'm May! Are you the new neighbor?" Harison nodded yet again. "I thought you would be a girl but I guess you'll do," she said. "You don't seem to be the trainer type."

Harison sighed. "I never really was interested in Pokemon but I'm starting a journey tomorrow," Harison said. May smiled and held her hand out. "So am I!" she said. "That means you and I are rivals!" Harison took May's hand and shook it. "You bet!" he said.

Suddenly, a scream for help could be heard throughout the town. "What was that!" Harison and May asked together. They decided to check it out. They searched the town for the scream's owner and found a little kid. He was panting. "Someone needs help over there!" he said out of breath. He was pointing to the exit of Littleroot Town.

The two ran to the exit and found Prof. Birch bein attacked by a wild Poochyena! "Prof. Birch!" Harison cried. "Dad!" May cried. Prof. Birch looked at the two kids. "May, you and that boy get a PokeBall from my bag!" he cried. Harison and May both took a ball from the bag and threw them. A Treecko appeared from Harison's ball and a Torchic appeared from May's ball.

"Ready, Harison?" May asked. "Right," Harison said, nodding. "Treecko, use Absorb!" Treecko's and Poochyena's body began to glow with a green light. Poochyena looked weaker while Treecko looked stronger. "Use Flamethrower, Torchic!" May cried. Torchic opened its mouth and shot a blast of fire toward Poochyena. As soon as the flame hit Poochyena, it ran off.

"Thanks, kids," Prof. Birch said, returning the Pokemon. "You're Harison, aren't you?" Harison nodded his head. "Are you guys ready for your first Pokemon?" he asked. He picked up his bag and led the kids to his lab.

At the lab, Prof. Birch opened the three Pokeballs from his bag. Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip appeared. "I think I'll stick with Treecko," Harison said and picked up the grass Pokemon. May picked up Torchic. "And I'll take this little cutie," she said. Prof. Birch walked over to a table and picked up some items. He handed each of them a small miniature device. "This is your Pokedex," he said. "Use it to find out info on Pokemon you don't know about." He then handed them each 5 red-and-white balls. "And these are Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon with," he said. "I wish you luck on your journeys."

After saying goodbye to Prof. Birch, Harison headed home. "I shouldn't leave like this," he said. "I'll spend the night at home." After walking up to his room, Harison placed his supplies on the desk and released his Treecko. "Goodnight, Treecko," he said. "Tomorrow, we set out on our Pokemon Journey." Treecko leaped up on the foot of the bed. It curled up into a ball and fell to sleep while Harison walked over to the window and looked out at the exit of Littleroot Town. 'Tomorrow, my journey finally begins!' he thought.

To Be Continued...
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Old 03-28-2004, 02:47 PM
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Default Re: The Adventures of Harison

Chapter 2: The Setting Off of the New Trainer

The sun rose high and began to brighten the sky. Harison was peacefully sleeping in his bed when he suddenly heard a loud scream. He leaped out of bed, startled. "What was that?" he asked and noticed that Treecko was gone. Harison dashed down the stairs to find his mother shaking scared in the corner. At the other side of the room, Treecko stood.

"Harison," his mother stammered. "How'd this, this thing get in here?" Harison walked over and picked up his Treecko. "Sorry, mom," he said. "I just got it from Prof. Birch last night. But we've lived with Pokemon ever since dad got his first one and you've been fine." His mother slowly walked away from the corner. "I was acting," she said. "I've always been frightened of Pokemon. Please, put it back in the Poke Ball."

Harison took Treecko back up into his room and took out its Poke Ball from his bag. "Sorry, Treecko," he said. "You shouldn't have scared mom like that. Return!" The red-and-white ball opened up and Treecko disappeared into it with a flash of red light. Harison placed the ball on his belt along with the other empty ones. He tossed his bag over his back and walked back down the stairs.

"You aren't leaving already, are you, Harison?" his mother asked when she noticed the bag. "No," Harison answered. "I'm just bringing the stuff down." Harison placed the bag by the front door and went into the kitchen were he began to cook some eggs.

"Bye, mom!" Harison cried, two hours later after finishing his breakfast and took a shower. "Call me when you have the chance," his mother replied. "And visit when you come back to Littleroot." Harison turned around and took Treecko's ball off his belt. "Okay, I'm not around my mom now," he said. "Come on out, Treecko!"

In a flash of white light, Treecko appeared. After a couple hours of walking, Harison and Treecko decided to take a rest under the shade of a tree. But they didn't know that it was already taken.

"Taillow!" a shriek of pain entered Harison's ears. He leaped up in surprise to find that he had sat on a Taillow's tail feathers. Suddenly, sounds of a dozen flapping wings could be heard throughout the field and a huge group of Taillow appeared. The whole group dived toward Harison and Treecko with Quick Attacks and Pecks.

"Aww!" Harison cried, holding his hands on his head to defend from their beaks. The two ran to escape the angry mob. Harison was pretty far from the Taillow but Treecko's tiny legs wouldn't carry it far. In a couple minutes flat, Treecko was weak and on the ground with dozens of flying Pokemon pecking at its body.

"Treecko!" Harison cried, pushing his way through the Taillow and picking up his fainted Pokemon. "Are you okay?" Treecko didn't say a thing. Harison took out its ball and returned it. "You'll be safe in there," he said and began running from the Taillow again. "How will I get away from these guys?"

Harison ran and ran but he soon came to a dead end. It was a field filled with vines and thick trees! "No!" he cried. The Taillow were closing in on him. 'It can't be over already,' Harison thought. 'Maybe I just don't have what it takes to be a Pokemon Trainer.' He took out Treecko's ball and stared at it.

"I know you're weak," he said. "But you'll have to do!" He threw the ball. "Go, Treecko!" he cried. The Taillow zoomed in for the first strike with a Wing Attack. It was a critical hit that knocked Treecko to the ground. "What can I do to regain Treecko's energy?" Harison wondered. "I got it! Treecko, use Giga Drain!"

Treecko and the Taillow began to glow with green light. Treecko began to become very powerful while everyone of the Taillow began to get very weak. Because Treecko drained power from every Taillow, it had ten times the strength it began with!

One of the Taillow was still ready to fight but the others were too weak. "Alright, Treecko," harison cried. "Finish it off with Dragon Claw!" Dragon Claw was Treecko's ultimate attack. Its fist began to flow with energy and unleashed a powerful punch at the Taillow. The attack left Treecko weak but the Taillow was knocked out.

Harison took an empty Poke Ball from his vest and threw it. "Poke Ball, go!" he cried. "Taillow, you're mine!" The red-and-white ball hit Taillow and opened up. In a flash of red light, Taillow disappeared inside the ball. "Alright!" Harison cheered. "I caught a Taillow!" Treecko weakly cheered along with its trainer.

After curing Treecko with a Super Potion, the two stood on the outskirts of Oldale Town. Harison opened Taillow's ball and stood proudly beside his two Pokemon. 'I have just captured my first Pokemon and made it to Oldale Town,' Harison thought. 'But the journey... is just beginning!'

To Be Continued...
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