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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-19-2009, 08:38 PM
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Default The Ivory Bridge - Chapter 1 In Progress

The world is a dark place these days. Seems like everything changed, all overnight, those ten years ago.

See, when two pokemon of different species breed together, their children come out....strange. Different colors, different sizes, and even different stats. All together, they look primarily like the mother's species with some of the father's traits. These hybrids were ignored at first, as it was a rare occurrence. Oh sure, some old fashioned places like Kanto outright forbid them to be used in Gyms, but there were no laws, no controversy....

Until a Tyranitar/Metagross hybrid appeared one day and destroyed Lilycove. Wiped it straight off the map. The mall, the contest hall, the port, everything. It was in a frenzy, killing all that got in its way. No one knew a hybrid like that was even possible, let alone so powerful...By the time they brought it down, Lilycove was little more than dust.

Immediately, the United Leagues of the Pokemon World, comprised of all the various League leaders and champions, got together.

Kanto's reaction was unanimous and immediate. Not only were hybrids flat-out banned from all gyms, and hybrids caught in Kanto would be killed. No big surprise there.

Johto, having been "absorbed peacefully" more or less into the Kanto League about 30 years ago, had no choice but to place the same restrictions as their rulers. Most of the locals refused to follow these laws, although more to spite Kanto than anything. Within a few months of the new laws, Johto had become one giant underground railroad for hybrid trainers attempting to escape Kanto.

People predicted that the league of Hoen would react the same as Kanto, if not more extreme, since it was Lilycove that the hybrid attacked. However, just like the populace of Hoen, the league found itself split right down the middle, and couldn't come to a conclusion to make any laws past banning hybrids from gyms.

Sinnoh remained more or less neutral, with not many hybrid trainers and bigger problems to worry about, primarily Team Galactic. Each gym leader was left to make their own rule about their gyms; the question of contests remained largely unanswered.

With each of the leagues making their own decisions for the land, the "rough, uncivilized" world of Orre was left to their own devices, making it a real hot spot for hybrid refugees. Hybrid markets, competitions, sprang up everywhere that wasn't the "civilized" Phenac. A former Team Snagem Member and a young girl had defeated Cipher 5 years ago, with no signs of ever returning again....

10 years after Lilycove's destruction, the conflict is starting once more. Movements all over the world will shake the foundation of all, and the smallest, most insignificant forces with shape the destiny of this torn world.



Route 103, Hoen

Running. Trees and bushes blowing past, brushing against his fur. Prey just up ahead. This was it, his first big hunt as an evolved adult. His first big hunt for the pack. Slow, prey near. Hide among the bushes, wait, wait, wait.....strike! Teeth digging into screaming flesh, blood flowing into his mouth, tasting red. Hands reaching out to grab his fur....hands???

His mind pulled back, although his teeth keep digging. It was like he was seeing himself from above, and the sight horrified him. Him, the mighty son of the alpha, ripping through the guts of some poor human...enjoying every moment of it. He could see the mad glint in his own eyes, which took pleasure from the screaming, ecstasy in all the pain. Behind him, another human, just standing there, ordering him to move slower, to prolong the moment of death....and he obeyed.

Where was his pack? Why was this all happening? How could he go against the ancient pact, the treaty passed down from generation after generation...and why were his eyes smiling at it all?

The view slowly faded, changing, darkness enveloping him. In the deep distance, far beyond the moment of death, a shining light. He pulled away from himself, looking to that faint light. Jirachi......

Nerr shot up with a start, the young Poochyena's fur bristling all over. His breath was shaky, and he sniffed around wildly in the dark. The scent of his father, his pack, everyone accounted for. No humans in scent range, and no blood either.

So then what was that dream? Attack of the mind? No, the mind probers could never reach into the dark. A vision? That only happened to the mind probers…right? Never before had one of their kind received anything sort of thing. If so, then why choose him? And why Jirachi? He did not have a wish strong enough to call upon the Legendary, and what he saw in that dream was no wish of his.

The alpha Hei stirred in his sleep, growling at bit, and breaking Nerr’s train of thought. Large muscles and thick fur, his father was the perfect leader. Nerr wanted to make Hei proud to have him as a son, but it wasn’t all that easy. He was more like his mother, lithe, thin fur, even when bristled, and while his father stood proud and demanded respect, he was often pushed around, unsure of which way to go.
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